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The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime

Features:- :- Has the "settle-for-less" financial plan become your plan for wealth? That plan sounds a little something like this:

"Graduate from college, get a good job, save 10% of your paycheck, buy a used car, cancel the movie channels, quit drinking expensive Starbucks mocha lattes, save and penny-pinch your life away, trust your life-savings to the stock market, and one day, when you are oh, say, 65 years old, you can retire rich."

Since you were old enough to hold a job, you've been hoodwinked to believe that wealth can be created by blindly trusting in the uncontrollable and unpredictable markets: the housing market, the stock market, and the job market. I call this soul-sucking, dream-stealing dogma "The Slowlane" - an impotent FINANCIAL GAMBLE that dubiously promises wealth in a wheelchair.

Accept the Slowlane as your financial roadmap and your financial future will blow carelessly asunder on a sailboat of HOPE: HOPE you can get a job and keep it, HOPE the stock market doesn't tank, HOPE the economy rebounds, HOPE, HOPE, and HOPE. Do you really want HOPE to be the centerpiece of your family's financial plan?

Drive the Slowlane road and you will find your life deteriorate into a miserable exhibition about what you cannot do, versus what you can. For those who don't want a lifetime subscription to "settle-for-less", there is an alternative; an expressway to extraordinary wealth capable of burning a trail to financial independence faster than any road out there. And shockingly, this road has nothing to do with jobs, 401(k), mutual funds, or a lifestyle of mediocrity.

Demand more. Change lanes and find your explosive wealth accelerator. Hit the Fastlane, crack the code to wealth, and find out how to live rich for a lifetime.

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity

Features:- :- Millionaire Success Habits is a book designed with one purpose in mind; and that is to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life, by using easy to implement "Success Habits" into your daily routine.

This book is not about adding more time to your day. It is about replacing those things that are not serving your future with success habits designs specifically to assist you on your journey to that better you.

This book has broken down the walls of complexity and created simple success recipes for you to quickly implement in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire.

"In this incredibly inspiring book, Dean Graziosi gives us the key to greater happiness, wealth and freedom. A must-read." - Brendon Burchard

"Dean Graziosi has the unique ability to take what others make so complicated and boil it down to a recipe for success that anyone can follow." - Larry King

"In this book there are amazing recipes to get the life you want faster, easier and with less stress. Read it and live rich!" - David Bach

Lesikars Business Communication: Connecting in a Digital World, 13th edition

Features:- :- This 13th edition of Lesikar's Business Communication: Connecting in a Digital World, by Kathryn Rentz, and Paula Lentz brings the contemporary perspective of two expert teachers to Ray Lesikar's classic textbook. Taking a unique problem-solving approach, it integrates current technologies and trends throughout, while maintaining an emphasis on the fundamentals: careful analysis of the communication problem, development of an audience-focused solution, and clear, correct use of language and visuals. Combined with abundant realistic examples, exercises, and cases, this approach makes Lesikar one of the most pedagogically effective books in the field.

Business Plan: How to Write a Business Plan - Business Plan Template and Examples Included! (Business Plan Writing, Business Planning, Book 1)

Features:- :-

Business Planning in Plain English!

Are you writing business plans willy nilly?

Yes? Want to learn how to write business plans properly and well?

Business Plan: How to Write a Business Plan will show you exactly how to write a business plan for whatever industry you're in. Discover the fundamental elements needed for any business plans. Here's a look at what you'll learn...

Book Reveals:

Ready to get going?

Good, click the buy button above and learn how to write a business plan for business success.

business success.

The One-Page Proposal: How to Get Your Business Pitch onto One Persuasive Page

Features:- :-

As clear, concise, and concrete as its subject, Patrick Riley‘s The One–Page Proposal promises to be the definitive business guide to getting your best ideas fully understood in the least amount of time.

Today more than ever, business decisions are made on the fly first impressions can make all the difference. Now, in the first book of its kind, successful entrepreneur Patrick Riley shows you how to boil all the elements of your business proposal into one persuasive page magnify your business potential in the process.

The Prosperous Author: How to Make a Living With Your Writing: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More (Prosperity for Authors Book 2)

Features:- :- Do Less, Achieve More: Master the Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Authors

Bestselling author, award-winning artist, holistic psychologist creativity expert Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) challenges the myth of the overworked, starving artist. In The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More Gaisford reveals dozens of insights based on survey research, her professional achievements and the success secrets of extraordinary artists, authors and creative entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, James Patterson, Paulo Coelho, Nora Roberts, Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Isabel Allende, and many more.

So many famous stories are about working smarter not harder and achieving your potential. But in many of us there is a hesitant skeptical part of ourselves that knows, “I probably should be more systematic and organized, but what if it cramps my creativity? What if this is the best that I can be?”

Perhaps you’ve bought into the myth that you can’t write faster, make money from your writing and produce excellent work. For years, the fallacy of the starving artist, working slavishly has pervaded our culture, leaching into the minds of creative people and stifling their dreams. But the evidence-based truth is that the world’s most successful authors and artists do not starve. In fact, they thrive by learning the tools of titans and leveraging off the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers.

The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More is a blueprint for mastering productivity, making money and having fun. By fuelling your desire, empowering your vision, slaying obstacles, mastering your subconscious mind, maintaining optimum health, empowering your relationships, making a commitment to turn pro, you’ll elevate your attitude to success itself and create the ultimate mindset.

In The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More Cassandra Gaisford answers the question: How can you thrive as an author, writer, artist, and entrepreneur, create success on your own terms, and live a happier life? Gaisford shows us that being prosperous and productive is not just about money. It’s also about health, happiness, close relationships, living a meaningful life, and enjoying life’s journey.

If you’d love to find a way to create a living from your writing, if you suffer from procrastination, fear of failure, self-doubt, disorganization, if you’re a perfectionist or find the challenges of creative life overwhelming…then The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More is exactly the right book for you—because it will show you that these challenges are a critical part of your success. The secret is knowing how to use them to your advantage, to turn your world around and achieve your goals.

In The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More Gaisford reveals:

✓How billionaires, icons, and world-class performers master productivity.
✓Simple strategies to accelerate your productivity
✓How to turn procrastination into your strength
✓How to fight through your blocks and win your inner creative battles
✓How to steal from your heroes (rather than waiting for inspiration)
✓How to overcome your fear of failure, criticism, and change
✓How to whip anxiety, despondency, and depression into shape
✓How to overcome inertia, writers block and the resistance of a blank page
✓How to identify real priorities that are central to your life and work’s true meaning
✓How to turn pro, tap your inner power and create your life's work
✓How to do less and earn more

If you’re short on time but high on motivation The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More will cheerlead, support, encourage and inspire you to move toward success.


Business Writing: What Works, What Won't

Features:- :- First published by Griffin in 1994, Wilma Davidson's clear, practical guide to business writing has established itself as a steady seller and an excellent primer for anyone who writes on the job. Newly revised to cover e-mail, texts, and the latest word social media technology, the book uses examples, charts, cartoons, and anecdotes to illustrate what makes memos, business letters, reports, selling copy, and other types of business writing work.

Secrets of the Six Figure Author: Mastering the Inner Game of Writing, Publishing and Marketing Books (Six-Figure Author Series Book 1)

Features:- :-

Secrets of the Six-Figure Author Reveals a Proven Plan for Achieving Success Today

I Believe Every Author Can Achieve Their Dreams Using These Principles for Success

If you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams as a writer and author, this book is for you. You're about to learn how to:

Demolish Every Obstacle In Your Way and Become a Bestselling Author

Whether you're a self-published author, traditionally published or just starting to write your first book, there are dozens of obstacles standing between you and six-figure success. Wouldn't it be helpful if you knew ahead of time what those obstacles were and how to overcome them quickly and easily?

In Secrets of the Six-Figure Author you will learn the 12 key obstacles every author must face and how to blast through them without breaking a sweat.

Riding the Wave of the Ebook Publishing Revolution

According to a recent study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, by 2016 readers in the United States will spend more dollars on ebooks than on physical books! From 2013 to 2016, ebook sales will grow from $4 billion to over $10 billion while physical book sales will actually decrease!

If you're not taking advantage of the huge opportunity of publishing ebooks and earning a six-figure income, you're missing out! Discover how you can best position yourself for this huge wave of ebook success so that you too can become a #1 bestselling author and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Never Before Seen Strategies for Success in the Ebook Publishing World

I'm going to share with you several brand new strategies for success that work like magic for ebook authors and publishers and how you can apply them tonight to start selling more books tomorrow!

The Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy for Selling Books

In this book, I reveal for the first time The Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy which virtually guarantees that your target readers and customers are buying your books and telling everyone they know about you. You'll learn how to become not only a bestselling author but a household name in your market, niche or genre by becoming the go-to author in your field with incredible online viral exposure and word of mouth marketing (and you don't need a big marketing budget to do it).

How To Improve Every Day and Create Long-Term Success

Can I be honest with you for a moment? Most authors never achieve the success they want in life because they let little things cheat them out of big opportunities. That's why you'll see authors today who complain about agents and publishers not responding to their queries while others are writing and publishing eBooks and making a small fortune!

When you buy this book, you're going to learn how to create your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) that will guarantee you get the most out of every single day so that you can write better books faster, get published quicker and start selling a lot more eBooks quickly.

After reading Secrets of the Six-Figure Author you'll never have an excuse again as to why you can't be the next great bestselling author in your field!

If you loved reading books like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you'll love this book.

About The Author

My poetry was first published at age 16 in Teen Ink magazine and I started writing books at age 19 but had no idea how to get my message out to anyone other than my friends and family. Finally, I discovered Amazon's Kindle Publishing platform and published my first book on Kindle on February 10, 2012.

Since then, I've sold over 100,000 eBooks on Kindle and now earn a full-time income as an author. If I can do it you can too!

Learn how to become a Six-Figure Author today. Scroll up and click the buy now button.

Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals, Second Edition (Perfect Phrases Series)

Features:- :-


Real success is about the future, not the past. As a supervisor, you'll be most effective if you concentrate on setting goals for your employees, rather than assessing past events and behaviors.

This completely revised and updated second edition of Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals provides hundreds of precisely worded performance goals you can put to use in virtually any situation. This handy, quick-reference guide provides effective language for:

Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print (Books for Writers 1)

Features:- :- Do you want to successfully self-publish?

There are thousands of new books being published every day, but many self-published books quickly sink to the bottom of the pile.

Many authors are frustrated because there are so many options for self-publishing, and they don't know which one to choose or what will be best for their book.

Others spend thousands of dollars to publish and end up broken-hearted with the result.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I've spent the last seven years self-publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a full-time author entrepreneur. I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but through the process of self-publishing 17 books, I've learned the most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I'll share everything with you.

The book includes:
- What you need to know before you self-publish
- Why self-publishing an ebook is a good idea
- How to format an ebook
- Exclusivity and going direct
- How to self-publish an ebook
- Why self-publish a print book
- Print-on-demand will change your life
- What you need to know before you print
- How to self-publish a print book
- What to do if you want help with the publishing process
- After self-publishing
- How much does it cost to self-publish?
- How do you get paid when you self-publish?
- Book marketing principles
- How to market fiction
- How to market non-fiction

Plus, links to more useful resources.

If you're ready to successfully self-publish, then download a sample or buy now.

Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience

Features:- :-

Are you afraid to hit publish?

Content marketing is how marketing happens today. You know you want to use it, but you're unsure about where to start. You may not feel confident about your writing abilities, either.

Master Content Marketing is a step-by-step guide through the content marketing process. Pamela Wilson's 30 years of marketing experience infuse the guidance in the book.

"Scores of people profess to be content marketing experts. Who can you trust? You can trust Pamela Wilson." – Brian Clark, CEO Rainmaker Digital and founder of Copyblogger (from the Foreword)

This book breaks down the content marketing process so you have what you need to create consistently excellent content that's effective and fun to put together. This system works for both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) content.

Read Master Content Marketing and you'll come away with:

• Clear content marketing goals so you know what to aim for
• Step-by-step guidance for creating your content: you'll never get stuck again!
• A content marketing strategy that builds your audience with every piece of content you create
• Content marketing examples that will show you what to aim for
• Ideas and templates for headlines, subheads, first sentences, and more
• The encouragement, resources, and guidance you need as you build your online presence with content marketing

During her award-winning 30-year marketing career, Pamela Wilson has helped local, national, and international clients communicate their messages effectively. Her passion is teaching — and she has a gift for making complex topics simple and easy to understand.

She wrote Master Content Marketing to provide step-by-step help to empower people (even non-writers) to create effective content marketing in a stress-free, fun, and repeatable way.

What will happen to your online presence when you lose your fear of hitting publish? Read Master Content Marketing and find out.

The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit, Fourth Edition

Features:- :-


The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit, fourth edition, makes cutting-edge, best-practice sponsorship not only achievable, but sensible and straightforward. Corporate sponsorship experts Kim Skildum-Reid and Anne-Marie Grey have updated their classic guide to put you miles ahead of the competition.

New material includes the integration of social media into existing strategies, developing leverage ideas for proposals, more case studies than ever, and important trends in the world of corporate sponsorship.


"This book leads you step-by-step through the choices you have to make throughout the process, from gathering internal support to renewal. I have never read a better how-to book on seeking sponsors." -- AD MAATJENS, Founder and Director, Sponsorreport

"One of the best and most thorough how-to books in fundraising! A must-read orientation for nonprofits considering transforming their approach or venturing into the exciting world of sponsorship!" -- KYLA SHAWYER, Chair of the International Fundraising Congress (IFC), Chief Operating Officer, SCIA – International Alliance

"The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit contains all the information you'll need to successfully develop, deliver, and manage a best-practice sponsorship program, using an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process supported by useful case studies and example templates." -- KYM OBERAUER, founder of

Marketing Plan Template & Example: How to write a marketing plan

Features:- :- Do you want to create a better marketing plan for your business which will ultimately result in better marketing and more customers for your business?

If you do, then this book is for you. This book is written with entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, creating a marketing plan is very important because the better prepared you are, the better your marketing campaigns will do.

In this book you get a marketing plan template and two examples of marketing plans. You also get practical advice on how to plan and fill out every section of a marketing plan document.

Go ahead and get this marketing planner book, and let's help you create better marketing plans which will improve your company's overall marketing success.

Lawyers, Liars, and the Art of Storytelling: Using Stories to Advocate, Influence, and Persuade

Features:- :- Nobody I know is funnier, smarter, or has a wider breadth of references than my friend Jonathan Shapiro. This book is a bit of a miracle: informative, insightful, poetic, and funny. —Paul Reiser, comedian, actor, and bestselling author

Using famous real-life court transcripts, television scripts, and story after story, Lawyers, Liars, and the Art of Storytelling shows the reader how to get their message across and the result they want using the time-tested elements and basic structure of great stories. Part how-to manual, part memoir, always entertaining and never lecture, this book provides storytelling lessons gleaned from years of trial practice and television writing, wrapped in—what else?—great stories.

Write Well: A Grammar Guide

Features:- :- The writing guide that won’t bore you to tears.

Learn to be a better writer in one sitting.

Do you want to learn how to write better books, blog posts, even emails? Then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect guide.

In Write Well, I outline the tools and techniques you need to truly master grammar–in an un-overwhelming way. That’s right. You won’t be yawning or weeping as you read these writing rules, just rejoicing that you’ve finally found the answer to your prayers.

So, go ahead, become the writer you’ve always dreamed of, and catapult yourself to the career you’ve always wanted. Because once you know how to make your words work for you, the world’s your oyster.

Hi there, I’m Rachelle Rea Cobb. and I have history with words. I’m a grammar geek with a knack for storytelling. I help authors (traditionally and self-published), bloggers, students, and ESL writers polish their pages until their words shine–so that they then can sign their own publishing contracts. Did I mention I signed my own book deal at age 22? And now I’d like to share my expertise with you.

Write Well is a short ebook designed to walk you through what you need to know so you can get back to the real work: actual writing.

This Book Is For You If…
You’ve been writing for years, but you can’t seem to make any headway. You dream of the day when you’ll sign your first book contract, get published, hold your book in your hands…and you know all you need to get you there are the tools that will equip you to write better so that you can resonate with your readers.

Or maybe you’re already a published author or a successful blogger, and you feel pretty confident about your writing abilities. Do you know for a fact you can wield a comma confidently every single time? Do you know the one thing an em-dash can do that no other piece of punctuation can? If you want all your deepest, darkest writing questions answered, I’ve got you covered.

Check out Write Well for the perfect tool that will propel you on the path to publication. In it, you will find advice on how to craft your novel, blog post, and emails with precision. Understand the rules of writing so that you can get back to the real work: actual writing!

Business and Administrative Communication

Features:- :- Business and Administrative Communication (BAC) is flexible, comprehensive & up-to-date, specific & interesting. BAC uses a rhetorical emphasis of audience, purpose, and context allowing communicators to shape their messages appropriately for all channels and purposes.

BAC conveys the best possible advice to students while Connect Business Communication allows students to apply concepts and practice skills. In short - Connect + BAC = An effective communicator

Warm Email Prospecting: How to Use Short and Simple Emails to Land Better Freelance Writing Clients

Features:- :- Finding and landing freelance writing work is not easy. It requires a great deal of hustle, determination and the ability to handle rejection well.

Fortunately, there’s a faster and simpler way to prospect for clients using nothing but email. This method is perfect if you don't really enjoy prospecting. Or if you just don't have the time (or the motivation) to keep up with the latest marketing fads.

It's called "warm email prospecting." And in this nuts-and-bolts guide, freelance copywriter and business-building coach Ed Gandia will show you how to use this simple, proven and underused approach to generate high-quality client leads faster and more cost-effectively.

You'll discover the three psychological triggers that get prospects to respond to your message and contact you to learn more. You’ll get samples, templates and step-by-step instruction. And you'll walk away knowing how to write simple and short prospecting emails that get results.

Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship for Funding (SAGE Sourcebooks for the Human Services)

Features:- :- The updated Fifth Edition of the best-selling Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship for Funding offers a fresh, robust presentation of the basics of program design and proposal writing for community services funding. Authors Soraya M. Coley and Cynthia A. Scheinberg help readers develop the knowledge they need to understand community agencies, identify and describe community needs, identify funding sources, develop a viable program evaluation, prepare a simple line-item budget, and write a compelling need statement. The jargon-free, step-by-step presentation makes the book as useful to students in the university classroom as to first-time grant writers in the nonprofit setting. 

Business Writing For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle))

Features:- :-

Business writing that gets results

The ability to write well is a key part of your professional success. From reports and presentations to emails and Facebook posts, whether you're a marketer, customer service rep, or manager, being able to write clearly and for the right audience is critical to moving your business forward. The techniques covered in this new edition of Business Writing For Dummies will arm you with the skills you need to write better business communications that inform, persuade, and win business.

How many pieces of paper land on your desk each day, or emails in your inbox? Your readers–the people you communicate with at work–are no different. So how can you make your communications stand out and get the job done? From crafting a short and sweet email to bidding for a crucial project, Business Writing For Dummies gives you everything you need to achieve high-impact business writing.

In today's competitive job market, being able to write well is a skill you can't afford to be without–and Business Writing For Dummies makes it easy!

E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide (Write It Well Series on Business Communication)

Features:- :- Tips and techniques to get your message across clearly, convey the right tone, recognize e-mail risks, make the best use of your time, and present a professional image

Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged

Features:- :- Insightful tips to master white paper writing and marketing The white paper is a crossbreed of a magazine article and a brochure. White paper guru Michael Stelzner reveals his secrets for creating compelling white papers that attract readers in droves. The first of its kind, Writing White Papers provides critical how-to details for every step of any white paper project—from performing the needs assessment to attracting prospects with creative marketing tactics. With this book, you will learn to: * Create outlines that work * Master interviewing techniques * Focus content on your readers * Inject persuasion into your paper * Quickly find research data * Write the core parts for any white paper * Craft compelling titles * Apply proven marketing techniques Whether you have been tasked to write a white paper for your company, are a freelance writer wanting to grow your practice or a student seeking to master the art of writing white papers, this book will be your priceless guide.

Business Writing With Heart: How to Build Great Work Relationships One Message at a TIme

Features:- :- Write your way into successful, lasting work relationships.

Writing is the lifeblood of career success. This book, winner of two Silver Benjamin Franklin Awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association, shows you how to write with heart—to use language and messages that connect with others at work, building relationships that help you achieve your goals.

If you are a leader, team member, sales or service representative, entrepreneur, or any professional who communicates in writing, Business Writing With Heart helps you support your relationships in every message. Whether you write to the assistant in the next office or the partner on the other side of the globe, you can communicate in ways that build trust, respect, and solid connections with others.

Find out how to:
--Make small changes in your emails to reinforce relationships rather than weaken them.
--Share bad news in ways that create goodwill.
--Say no clearly without alienating or embarrassing others.
--Respond to angry or tactless messages while preserving your reputation and the relationships that matter.
--Communicate confidently even when the words don’t come easily, using the model wording, letters, notes, and emails in this book.

Write with heart!
Build strong work relationships one message at a time.

Speed Writing Skills Training Course: Speedwriting for Faster Note Taking and Dictation, an Alternative to Shorthand to Help You Take Notes

Features:- :- Speed Writing Skills Training Course: Speedwriting, a guide to faster note taking, an easy to learn alternative to shorthand Most people need a note taking system for work or study but few people have the time or inclination to spend a year or two learning shorthand. BakerWrite Speed Writing enables you to learn a new system in a matter of hours and become proficient within weeks. This book is laid out in 6 easy to follow lessons, that take about an hour each Practical guided exercises, with full answers, in each chapter and each session is rounded off with a dictation passage . Save time and become more efficient taking dictation, in meetings, on the telephone, in lectures or interviews. No strange squiggles to learn - just different ways to use the letters you already know Your notes will be easy to transcribe. Enhance your career with a new skill Save time by reducing your written text by an average of 33% - often more. Adapt the system to suit your needs. Free downloadable dictionary and workbook. A terrific opportunity to save time and change your working practices - for the better! What do people think of this speed writing system? "The principles are very easy to follow, and I am already using it to take notes." "BakerWrite is the easiest shorthand system I have come across. Having studied all the major shorthand systems and even other speed writing courses, I find BakerWrite a sheer delight." "I will use this system all the time." "Your system is so easy to learn and use." "I will recommend this course to everyone who takes notes." About the author - Heather Baker Heather studied Pitman shorthand at school and then at secretarial college in Salford, England where she also learned Pitman shorthand in French; she later learned Teeline shorthand and now regularly teaches these. BakerWriteTM is based on her experience with these systems and 22 years as a secretary and PA - taking notes daily. She has been training and coaching secretaries, PAs and administrators since 2000.

Handbook of Technical Writing

Features:- :- From formal reports and manuals to everyday e-mails, The Handbook of Technical Writing uses smart, accessible language to spotlight and clarify technical writing today. Hundreds of topic entries, 90+ sample documents, at-a-glance checklists, and dynamic videos break down the best-practices, models, and real-world skills that successful writers use to clearly and persuasively communicate technical information and data.Developed by a legendary author team with decades of combined academic and professional experience, the book’s intuitive, alphabetical organization makes it easy to navigate its extensive coverage of grammar, usage, and style. Plus, updated, in-depth treatment of pressing issues like the job search, the writing process, documenting sources, and social media resonates both in class and on the job.
With a refreshed, integrated focus on the ways technologies shape writing, the Eleventh Edition of the Handbook is the indispensable reference tool for writing to workplace success. Undoubtedly the best business handbook for any level of technical writing. Very applied and clear. It is the one reference that students are likely to keep.

The Gregg Reference Manual: A Manual of Style, Grammar, Usage, and Formatting Tribute Edition (Gregg Reference Manual (Paperback))

Features:- :- Features of the New Edition The eleventh edition of The Gregg Reference Manual has been revised and enhanced to satisfy the continually evolving demands of business and academic writers. In addition, this special four-color edition of GRM pays tribute to

BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge: How to energize your book sales in a month

Features:- :-

This book is THE SINGLE BEST TOOL every writer needs NOW to build, boost, and grow their author platform. 
Are you unsure how to market your book? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of author platform options out there (or not even sure what the term means)? Do you wish someone could break it down for you in simple steps?

Then this is the book for you!

Over the course of one month, Rachel provides you daily challenges containing a wealth of information, and easy to follow assignments to help energize your book sales. If you haven't released your book yet, this book will help you set the stage necessary to build the strongest foundation possible for success.

Topics include:

and SO much more! 

This book is a must-read and must-DO for any aspiring, new, or veteran author! Bloggers and small businesses can also benefit from this guide as well.

"I have been encouraging (pleading with?) Rachel to write this book since we met years ago. Rachel is, quite simply, a force of nature, and if you take the challenge the way she has laid it out and actually do the assignments (imagine that!), you will not only find yourself with a greater understanding of social media, you will also start to sell more books.

I say enthusiastically: GET THIS BOOK AND START THE CHALLENGE. There is no time to waste. You'll be glad you did. Seriously. Go get the book and start the challenge. I wish I'd had this book when I was promoting my first novel. It would have saved me so much time!" 

Lori Culwell, Author and SEO expert, Creative Director of Get Creative, Inc, a national SEO agency 

"When it comes to social media marketing for authors, no one knows more than Rachel Thompson. She practices what she preaches and has helped dozens of our authors enjoy significant leaps in their social media standing." 

Steve Bennett, Founder and Creative Director, AuthorBytes

"This book is an amazing compilation of data and resources that only someone with years of experience could pull together. As a book marketing specialist myself, I'm still blown away by the amazing content Rachel provides. If you're writing or marketing a book, this is a MUST-HAVE. "

Alexa Bigwarfe, Author Coach & Owner of Kat Biggie Press Digital Media Company

Buy this book right now and get started. Your only regret is that you waited so long! 

The Prosperous Writer's Guide to Making More Money: Habits, Tactics, and Strategies for Making a Living as a Writer

Features:- :-

Want to Quit Your Day Job and Write Books for a Living?

Strong steady sales happen because of strategy, tactics, and mindset. Are you tired of feeling confused about the whole Indie Publishing business?

How well does it work? Bearing in mind that our results may not be typical, we boosted our income to $10,000 per month using these easy-to-master techniques. How well you do depends on how well you write -- and how well you manage your investment in promoting your books. We may not be able to teach you how to write, but we certainly can teach you how to use simple math to boost your marketing efforts.

Self-publishing has become a life changing industry for thousands of authors. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, romance or self-help, stories about heroes in magical kingdoms or warriors in board rooms conquering Silicon Valley, there are people who would love to read your book.

Do you know how to find these readers?

This is a book that will answer the questions you've not even thought of yet. Not knowing what you don't know to ask is what holds back most struggling authors.

Isn't it time you take control?

Honorée Corder is a non-fiction author and Brian D. Meeks makes his living in fiction. They both have consistent month after month sales and growth and are willing to share with you the concepts that don't make the blogs and podcasts. Earning five-figures month in and month out happens when you understand your readers beyond just that they gave your last book 5-stars.

You'll learn:

-The basic formulas you'll need to understand your results.
-You'll learn how to look for trends in your data.
-What questions to ask yourself to improve sales results.
-You'll learn how to read your data to avoid making erroneous conclusions that cost you money.
-We explain strategies for improving your conversions and an example of a description (old version vs. new) that converts.
-You'll learn where to put your advertising dollars.

Take charge of your writing career with just one click.

Business Models For Dummies

Features:- :- Write a business model? Easy.

Business Models For Dummies helps you write a solid business model to further define your company's goals and increase attractiveness to customers. Inside, you'll discover how to: make a value proposition; define a market segment; locate your company's position in the value chain; create a revenue generation statement; identify competitors, complementors, and other network effects; develop a competitive strategy; and much more.

If you need to update a business model due to changes in the market or maturation of your company,Business Models For Dummies has you covered.

Write Short Kindle Books: A Self-Publishing Manifesto for Non-Fiction Authors (Indie Author Success Series Book 1)

Features:- :-

Write SHORTER books. Write books FASTER. Write BETTER books. Write MORE books.

#1 Kindle Bestseller in Authorship, Writing Skills, and Business Writing - Jan. 2015!

The Kindle self-publishing revolution is here! Are you in?

Why spin your wheels struggling to write bulky, bloated books the traditional publishing way when you can turbo-charge your Kindle author platform with greater freedom, flexibility, and chances for success?

This game-changing guide is for aspiring authors AND established publishing pros alike who want to shake-up their routine and embrace a powerful new approach to self-publishing non-fiction. Are you ready to Write Short Kindle Books?

You'll learn:

How to Write: A Bestselling Book in 21 Days

Features:- :-

You Can Have a Completed Book Published 21 Days from TODAY!

***Read This Book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!***

Have you always wanted to publish a great book? Do you want to give your business or career an incredible boost? Do you finally want to be regarded as the expert in your industry?
When you read ‘How to Write a Bestselling Book in 21 Days’ you will see how easy it is to achieve this dream! In just three short weeks.

This step-by-step guide is specially designed for non-fiction book-writing. But fiction writers will also learn many very valuable tips on writing faster and self-publishing more effectively.

Download Now to start creating your bestselling book!

So many myths, misconceptions and lies surround writing and publishing. Most people believe it is a much harder process than it really is. Well the truth is you do have to work, but if you do it properly, you don’t have to work for as long as you might believe, to have an excellent book finished and ready to publish. Inside, you will learn:

•How almost anyone can write a 60,000 word book in 21 days
•Tricks to structure an entire book in just a few days
•How to write incredible content at breakneck speed
•One trick to destroy 'writer's block' and end procrastination
•Three simple steps to self-publishing success
•How to gain 'bestseller' ranking in your chosen category
•A step-by-step 21-day book cheat sheet you can take and use TODAY
•Much, much more…

You will also learn the exact steps to take your book to bestseller status in under a month. A system that hundreds of people are successfully using today.

Act Now! Download ‘How to Write a Bestselling Book in 21 Days’ TODAY and you will have your very own published book in 21 days’ time…


The Book In A Box Method: The Groundbreaking New Way to Write and Publish Your Book

Features:- :- Everything you've ever been told about how to write a book is wrong.

Authors assume that writing a book needs to be a struggle. They block off hours of precious time, throw away draft after draft, and never get any closer to a finished product.

What if there was a way to get your idea into a published book that was better and faster?

Now, finally, there is.

The Book in a Box Method cuts through all the nonsense to show you the exact steps to follow to ensure that you'll be able to write and publish the best possible book, in less time than you thought possible.

How to Write Profitable Newsletters: The 60-Minute Blueprint for Writing Email Newsletters that Win You Clients (How to Write... Book 1)

Features:- :- Are you looking for simple ways to attract a steady stream of clients into your business? What if you could send one email and end up with $100s or $1000s of dollars in immediate product, program or service sales?

As a longtime email marketer, Tammi Metzler has seen firsthand how powerful an email newsletter can be to help establish expertise, grow a business, and earn money, but it took her many months of trial and error to find what worked and what didn’t when it came down to getting responses from her email list.

Once she figured out what worked, it seemed like everything just clicked – suddenly, people were emailing her to thank her for the newsletters, ask for expert advice, and request one-on-one services – and that was without “pushing” or trying to “sell” them anything – she was just publishing regular newsletters containing authentic, informative articles and tips.

That’s the beauty of email marketing; it gives you the chance to engage in ongoing conversations with your readers, so that they feel more like you are a useful resource than a nagging pest.

This process is good for anyone with a product or service to sell. Doesn’t matter if you own a business or are an independent sales rep working on commission, either way you’ll reap the rewards by building a solid base of ready-to-buy customers.

How to Write Client-Winning Email Newsletters shows you exactly how to create your own thriving, profitable community by publishing a cost-effective email newsletter.

In these pages, you'll discover:
•The Top 3 Biz-Boosting Benefits of Email Newsletters
•The 4-Step Process of Converting Email Newsletter Subscribers Into Clients (Without Really Trying At All)
•The Technical Details of Turning Prospects Into Readers, from Setting Up Your List-Building Free Giveaway Opt-in Page to What to do After Subscribers Sign Up and More
•4 Things to Include on Your list-building free gift's Thank-You Page
•Putting Together Your Money-Making Upsell Page
•The One Thing NOT to Do With Your Newsletter
•How to Set Up Your Automatic Follow-Up System
•The Dangers of Inconsistent Follow-Up
•How Often to Send Your Email Newsletters
•The Best Time(s) to Send Your Newsletter
•The Email Open Rate You Should Aim For
•Your Publishing Schedule Template
•The Key to Saving Time & Beating Overwhelm
•The Newsletter Sections You Must Have (and What to Skip in the Beginning)
•The Most Popular "Types" of Newsletters
•3 Ways to Publish a Regular Email Newsletter without Writing a Word
•How to Hone in On Your Irresistible Message
•The Genius of Turning Problems into Solutions
•The 60-Minute Article Template
•5 Crucial Components of a Newsletter Article
•The Fine Art of Using Attention-Grabbing Words
•5 Steps to Writing Client-Winning Newsletter Articles in 1 Hour (or Less)
•29 Ideas for Choosing Winning Topics
•13 Possible Calls to Action
•The "Brain Dump" Exercise for Essentially Reading Prospects' Minds
•3 “tricks” to Help You Drastically Shortcut the Article Writing Process
•How to Hook Readers With a Strong Introduction
•The Secret to Writing a Conclusion that Calls Readers into Action
•Tips for Making Your Article Irresistible
•How to Use "Bucket Brigade" Phrases to Keep Folks Reading
•On Using Power Words to Add Pizzazz to Your Content
•Top Tips for Avoiding Credibility-Busting Errors
•The 19-Point "Before You Publish" Checklist
•7 Ways Your E-Newsletter Articles Can Pull Double Duty As Powerful Marketing Tools

This isn’t just theory here, either – you’ll get step-by-step instructions and page after page of real-world examples and templates to help you apply each step to your own business.

Tammi Metzler, Chief Copywriter and founder of The Write Associate, is a self-professed "word geek." She loves playing with words to find just the right combination to move readers into action.

3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews: Ready-to-Use Language for Successful Employee Evaluations

Features:- :- A comprehensive yet accessible handbook for writing and conducting meaningful, effective performance reviews, geared toward managers of all levels, from the author of How to Write It.
Performance reviews are one of the best tools managers have to shape company talent and culture, develop strong channels of communication with employees, and create systemic change. However, the stress and struggle to find just the right words is often what managers and HR professionals dislike most about conducting employee evaluations. In this pithy, user-friendly handbook, author and writing teacher Sandra E. Lamb lays out the best methods and proven tactics to administer productive evaluations that benefit both parties—and the company. Lamb teaches managers how to design scoring systems for employees that track progress with hard data, how to best prepare for and conduct both in-person and written reviews, and the key words to use. Covering hard and soft skills, 3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews includes lists of powerful phrases and words that clearly describe performance—both positive and negative—including sections targeted to specific industries and jobs. This guide empowers managers at all levels to master the art of performance reviews that achieve results.

Grant Writing For Dummies

Features:- :-

Discover enterprising ways to get grants

Write compelling applications for grant funding

Find budgets, sample letters and more online

Find and win grant money

Grant writing can be daunting, but this book gives you everything you need to get started with your application right away! This all-encompassing guide helps you move through the grant-writing process and apply for some of the billions of dollars available from public and private sector sources. Get your piece of the pie!


Write Your Book on the Side: How to Write and Publish Your First Nonfiction Kindle Book While Working a Full-Time Job (Even if You Don’t Have a Lot of Time and Don’t Know Where to Start)

Features:- :-

***#1 Amazon Best Seller in the Nonfiction, Authorship, and Business Writing categories!***

Don't have the time to write a book? Struggling with what to write about or where to start?

Write Your Book on the Side will show you how to write your first nonfiction kindle book while you're working a full-time job, even if you've never written a book before.

You'll learn how to come up with a winning topic, how to choose the right title, and how to publish your book in 10 easy steps.

DOWNLOAD:: Write Your Book on the Side - How to Write and Publish Your First Nonfiction Kindle Book While Working a Full-Time Job

You'll learn:

And much, much more...

Here's are the steps that are covered in the book:

Would you like to learn more?

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May I Have Your Attention, Please? Your Guide to Business Writing That Charms, Captivates and Converts

Features:- :-

Let’s not mince words here: most business writing is tedious, pompous and bereft of the tiniest sliver of personality.

It’s near impossible for customers to cut through the “innovative solutions” and “passion for customer service,” and find out who can actually give them what they need.

For the business owner who’s willing to do something different, though, it represents a major – and inexpensive – competitive advantage.

May I Have Your Attention, Please? lays out 12 simple principles that allow business owners – even those with no writing experience – to attract and enchant their dream customers. With clear and concise explanations of what works and why, and examples of the best and worst text out there, you’ll have all the tools you need to turn readers into buyers into raving fans.

Give your writing skills an instant upgrade

In this short book, you’ll learn:

Who is this book for?

Prosperity for Writers: A Writer's Guide to Creating Abundance (The Prosperous Writer Book 1)

Features:- :-

This is Your Year to Become a Full-Time Writer!


"Prosperity for Writers is amazing, the only book of its kind that takes the principles of prosperity and abundance and applies them specifically to writing and writers. This is a must read for all who seek to live more creatively and abundantly."

"Honorée provides a practical and powerful process for breaking through the blocks getting in our way."

"Prosperity for Writers is a MUST READ for any creative trying to make a living with their art."

You work hard on your writing. Get the earnings and the life you deserve!

Writers don't get paid much. At least, that's what you've convinced yourself. You believe that you've taken up the mantle of the starving artist, and that means you have to struggle for every cent you earn. But what if a simple change in beliefs and tactics could lead you to abundance and success? Your time would be better spent and your bank account would finally be full from your creative efforts. Author Honorée Corder is here to help you transform your life.

Most books on writing touch on craft or marketing. Prosperity for Writers goes in a different direction entirely, providing you with the techniques, tools, and ideas you need to revolutionize your writing business and beliefs. Based on her innovative course, Honorée and a laundry list of forward-thinking writers will change your mindset for good into one of abundance. Once you've transformed your inner world, you'll be able to boost your bank account with proven action steps that will help you live off your writing.

With Honorée's invaluable 100-day plan and daily practices by your side, you'll go from struggling to prosperous faster than you ever thought possible. By sharing her money-changing beliefs, affirmations, and proven success stories, Honorée has elevated writers from every area of the profession to financial success. Don't suffer any longer. Read this book to finally become the person you knew you could be: a financially-successful career writer.

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Content - The Atomic Particle of Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

Features:- :-

Content, in all its forms, is the single most critical element of any marketing campaign. Finding a successful equilibrium between content marketing and content strategy is difficult, but essential. Content - The Atomic Particle of Marketing goes beyond superficial descriptions of how to produce engaging social media content to offer the results of many years of deep quantitative research, and hours of interviews with senior marketers at some of the world's leading brands.

Written by a recognised industry thought-leader, Content - The Atomic Particle of Marketing explores how content functions in the broader framework of all marketing, as well as organizational concerns and IT decision making. It demonstrates the value content brings not only to "owned" media initiatives, such as a company website or blog, but also the essential role content plays in all other marketing initiatives, from social media to advertising to offline channels.

It will enable readers to make the organizational, staffing, tools and process decisions necessary to get content up and running across divisions and organizational silos. Deeply researched and insightful, Content - The Atomic Particle of Marketing is, quite simply, the definitive research-based guide to content marketing.

Business Writing Essentials: How To Write Letters, Reports and Emails

Features:- :-

Write business letters, reports and emails faster and more accurately

In Business Writing Essentials you learn the secrets of great business writing to impress your boss and keep your customers happy!

You get:

Plus... all the phrases you need for everyday correspondence at your fingertips.

This book is packed with hundreds of examples and dozens of ready-to-use letter and email templates covering:

Who is this book for?

Business Writing Essentials is ideal for anyone who needs to improve their business writing skills quickly and easily. Both American and British spelling and punctuation are included.

How to Build a Writing Empire in 30 Days or Less (Work from Home Series: Book 2): (Make Money Writing, Working from Home, Be a Freelance Writer, Start a Writing Business)

Features:- :-

Do You Want to Make a Real Living as a Writer? You'll Have to Throw Out Everything You Know

Let me guess—you’re a talented writer who is willing to do whatever it takes to make a full-time living by writing. You’ve read countless articles and books on the subject, followed the suggestions in them, but you just can’t seem to make the income leap. 

Or you may be a new writer who is convinced that you’re missing something because your own experience isn’t matching up to what you’ve read is possible.

Or perhaps you’ve been moonlighting as a freelance writer for years, and you’re convinced that it’s simply not possible to quit your “real” job and do what you love full time.

Let me tell you a secret. You’ve been lied to. Yes, you heard me correctly. Lied. To.

The truth is, only about 10 percent of writers earn enough working full time to support themselves. Ten percent. That’s not something all those other how-to writing books spend a lot of time on, is it?

Luckily, there's a real solution. 

I know this because I've been doing it myself for years. But in order to be successful in this business, you'll have to turn the current freelance writing working model on its head. In fact, you pretty much have to throw everything you thought you knew out the window.

What I'm talking about is a new system. One that doesn't limit a freelance writer's ability to make a great income because of time constraints. I'm talking about earning a living anyone would be proud of.

In my new book, I'll show you how to create your own Writing Empire in 30 days or less. You'll learn:

And that's not all. I'll give you a step-by-step plan that will lead you to success. This plan looks in detail at your first:

Like I said, I structured my own business this way, so let my experience help you achieve your dreams.

Are you ready to get serious about your writing career and make some serious money? Start right now by downloading the book and learn how to make a real living with writing!

Tags: freelance writing, writing business, work from home, make money from home, authorship, business writing, freelance writing business, writing skills, nonfiction writing skills, write for a living

The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less


Attention: Aspiring writers, career-changers, at-home Moms, journalists, staff writers, recent college grads, 55+ or anyone else interested in making a handsome living as a writer. Here’s the critically-acclaimed, quadruple-award-winning roadmap to hourly rates of $50-125+ – and a writing lifestyle most can only dream of – in the lucrative field of “commercial” freelancing!

Writing drives business. In the course of communicating with its customers and employees, an average corporation generates an enormous volume of writing. Yet, in today’s downsized business world, the catchword is outsourcing. Many companies are asking: “Why pay salaries and benefits when freelancers – offering a range of talent and fresh “outsider” perspectives – give us only what we need, and only when we need it?”

In TWFW, you’ll learn:

•What qualities you need to succeed
•Why now is a good time to get into the field
•How to build the foundation for your business (while working elsewhere…)
•How to develop a marketing mindset (minus the anxiety…)
•What kinds of projects you’ll be writing
•Where the work is and how to land it
•Who to call and what to say
•What to charge and how to get paid
•How to get hired again and again (even with less-than-brilliant writing ability…)
•What it takes to make $125 an hour and more

…and much more

With NO industry contacts, NO previous paid writing experience, and NO writing training, the author built a commercial writing business from fantasy to full-time in less than four months.

Have an unusual niche? Live in a small town? Need to start part-time? Terrified of “sales and marketing”? It’s all here. Follow this step-by-step blueprint for leveraging your background into a profitable writing practice that moves light years beyond “starving writing”!

Peter Bowerman, a commercial freelancer, seminar leader and business coach in Atlanta, Georgia since 1993, is the author of the original award-winning Book-of-the-Month Club selection, “The Well-Fed Writer,”its companion volume, TWFW: Back For Seconds (both self-published), and this compilation—all critically acclaimed "standards" on commercial freelancing. He detailed his self-publishing success (currently, 70,000+ copies in print and a full-time living since 2001) in The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living, newly updated in late 2013 (

Michael A. Stelzner, Author, Writing White Papers; Founder, Social Media Examiner: “When it comes to commercial copywriting, there is NOBODY I’d recommend more than Peter. His books have literally transformed the lives of tens of thousands of writers.”

Bob Bly, Copywriter, Author (75+ books), Secrets of a Freelance Writer: “Expanded and up-to-date, this is still the best advice on how to make more money writing for corporate clients I have ever read.”

Steve Slaunwhite, Copywriter, Author, Start and Run a Copywriting Business: “There’s more practical advice here than in any other book of its kind I’ve ever read.”

Marcia Yudkin, Author and Copywriting Coach: “Still far and away the best single source of information and inspiration for getting started as an independent writer for business clients.”

Nick Usborne, Copywriter; Author, Net Words: “The real nuts and bolts of HOW to live the six-figure writing life—without the hype and hysteria. Solid substance from cover to cover.”

Casey Hibbard, Author, Stories That Sell: “If you only invest in a one resource on commercial freelancing, make it this one. It will deliver 1000 times over in new business.”

Jennie Phipps, Editor & Publisher, Freelance Success: “Everybody wrangling words for a living ought to have this book on their shelves.”

You've Got 8 Seconds: Communication Secrets for a Distracted World

Features:- :-

Every day at work, people do three things: talk, listen, and pretend to listen. That’s not surprising—the average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. To get heard, says high-stakes communications expert Paul Hellman, you need to focus your message, be slightly different, and deliver with finesse.

Through fast, fun, actionable tips, You’ve Got 8 Seconds explains what works and what doesn’t, what’s forgettable and what sticks. With stories, scripts, and examples of good and bad messages, the book reveals three main strategies:

You’ll discover practical techniques, including the Fast-Focus Method™ that the author uses with leadership teams; how to stand out in the first seconds of a presentation; and 10 actions that spell executive presence.

Whether pitching a project, giving a speech, selling a product, or just writing your next email, with You’ve Got 8 Seconds you’ll get heard, get remembered, and get results.

Sentences and Paragraphs: Mastering the Two Most Important Units of Writing (The Writing Code Series Book 8)

Features:- :- "Sentences and Paragraphs," by Charles Euchner, is the completely updated best-selling and most authoritative book available on the essential two units of writing. Get it and use it. You will write better than ever -- and spare yourself hundreds of hours of confusion and agony.

Hemingway one remarked that the ultimate challenge of writing is to produce "one true sentence." If you can write one great sentence, you can write more. If you can write great sentences, line after line, you can master any writing project from school paper to published book.

Building on the foundation of The Golden Rule of Writing, Charles Euchner shows you everything you need to write good sentences and paragraphs.

Strangely, few teachers or editors even define a paragraph. And so paragraphs become a hidge-podge collection of ideas, some related and some not. without a clear understanding of this basic unit of writing, we struggle to write well.

The definition of a paragraph in this work is simple: A cluster of sentences (usually) that states and develops just one idea. The development of this idea, ideally, takes the reader on a "journey" from one understanding of the world to another. Ideally, again, the paragraph "starts strong" and "finishes strong."

This concise how-to guide shows you, with clear examples, how to:

• Follow the Golden Rule for Sentences
• Give Every Sentence an Action Packet
• Make Every Sentence a Revolver
• Use the Verbs To Be and To Have Sparingly
• Make Some Sentences More Complicated
• Alternate Short and Long Sentences
• Follow the Golden Rule in Every Paragraph
• ‘Climb the Arc’ in Most Paragraphs
• Make Every Paragraph an “Idea Bucket”

"Sentences and Paragraphs" includes vivid case studies of The New York Times Coverage of National Crises, Stephen Crane’s "The Red Badge of Courage," Milan Kundera’s "Slowness," Stanley Fish’s "How to Write a Sentence," Ernest Hemingway’s journalism, James Van Tholen’s “Surprised By Death,” and Martin Luther King’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.”

Each chapter also includes exercises for you to put your new skills to work.


Charles Euchner — the author or editor of a dozen books who has taught writing at Yale and directed a think tank at Harvard — is a case writer at the Yale School of Management and the creator and principal of The Writing Code.

In the past three years, Euchner has published a series of books on writing and civil rights. His three books on writing — The Writing Code Series (a 14-part series of ebooks that includes this work), "The One-Minute Writer," and "Write the Book" — offer a complete system for all genres. Now available only on Amazon, these and other works will be available on all book platforms and in pulp form by fall.

Euchner is also the author or editor of ten books. His latest book "Nobody Turn Me Around: A People’s History of the 1963 March on Washington" (Beacon Press, 2010), has been praised as a dramatic reinterpretation of the civil rights movement. Kirkus Reviews, in a starred review, called it “dynamic ... sharp, riveting.” Juan Williams, author of Eyes on the Prize, called it “compelling and dramatic.” Curtis Wilkie, a longtime chronicler of civil rights, says the book provides “a panorama of vivid characters.” Roger Wilkins, a former White House aide in the civil rights era, said it “brings it all back in vivid detail.” A short documentary based on the book, written by Euchner, won the award for best writing at the 2011 Re-Image Film Festival and will air on PBS stations.

Euchner’s other books include a trilogy on the state of sports in modern America ("Playing the Field," "The Last Nine Innings," and "Little League, Big Dreams"), grassroots politics ("Urban Policy Reconsidered" and "Extraordinary Politics"), presidential politics ("Selecting the President" and "The President and the Public"), and regional politics (the two-part "Governing Greater Boston" project).

Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur (Books for Writers Book 5)

Features:- :-

Are you ready to take the next step in your author journey?

Art for the sake of art is important. Writing for the love of it, or to create something beautiful on the page, is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression.

But I’m not here to talk about creativity or the craft of writing in this book. My aim is to take the result of your creativity into the realm of actually paying the bills.

˃˃˃ To take you from being an author to running a business as an author.

I was a business consultant for 13 years before I gave up my job in September 2011 to become a full-time author-entrepreneur. I worked for large corporates and small businesses, implementing financial systems across Europe and Asia Pacific.

I’ve also started a number of my own businesses ”" a scuba dive charter boat in New Zealand, a customized travel website, a property investment portfolio in Australia as well as my freelance consultancy. I’ve failed a lot and learned many lessons in my entrepreneurial life and I share them all in this book.

In the last six years of being an author, through tempestuous changes in the publishing world, I've learned the business side of being a writer and I now earn a good living as an author-entrepreneur. I’m an author because it's my passion and my joy but also because it's a viable business in this age of global and digital opportunity.

˃˃˃ In the book, you will learn:

** Part 1: From Author To Entrepreneur

The arc of the author’s journey, definition of an author-entrepreneur, deciding on your definition of success. Plus/ should you start a company?

** Part 2: Products and Services

How you can turn one manuscript into multiple streams of income by exploiting all the different rights, various business models for authors and how to evaluate them, information on contracts, copyright and piracy. Plus/ putting together a production plan.

** Part 3: Employees, Suppliers and Contractors

The team you need to run your business. Your role as author and what you’re committing to, as well as co-writing. Editors, agents and publishers, translators, book designers and formatters, audiobook narrators, book-keeping and accounting, virtual assistants. Plus/ how to manage your team.

** Part 4: Customers

In-depth questions to help you understand who your customers are and what they want, as well as customer service options for authors.

** Part 5: Sales and Distribution

How to sell through distributors and your options, plus all the information you need to sell direct. ISBNs and publishing imprints ”" do you need them? Plus/ your options for pricing.

** Part 6: Marketing

Key overarching marketing concepts. Book-based marketing including cover, back copy and sales pages on the distributors. Author-based marketing around building your platform, and customer-based marketing around your niche audience and targeted media.

** Part 7: Financials

Changing your mindset about money, and assessing where you are now vs where you want to be. Revenues of the author business and how to increase that revenue. Costs of the author business and funding your startup. Banking, PayPal, accounting, reporting, tax and estate planning.

** Part 8: Strategy and Planning

Developing your strategy and business plan. Managing your time and developing professional habits. The long term view and the process for becoming a full-time author. Plus/ looking after yourself.

** Part 9: Next Steps

Questions from the book to help you work out everything to do with your business, plus encouragement for your next steps.

** Appendices, Workbook and Bonus Downloads including a workbook and business plan template.

If you want to go from being an author, to running a business as an author, download a sample or buy now<

Speak Business English Like an American

Features:- :- Reviewers are calling it: "the ultimate instructive guide to the hundreds of expressions and idioms heard at the workplace daily." Now our bestselling Business English book is available as a Kindle ebook! Please note that the ebook does not include audio files. The audio (which is optional) should be purchased separately here:

Be more effective on the job! Communicate like a native speaker of English! American English speakers use many idioms and expressions on the job. If you don’t know these expressions, you’re left out of the conversation! You’re out of it ... and nothing makes you feel so like a foreigner.

This book will help you speak Business English like an American — quickly and confidently. Your career will benefit for years to come.

Breaking Orbit: How to Write, Publish and Launch Your First Bestseller on Amazon Without a Mailing List, Blog or Social Media Following (Serve No Master Book 4)

Features:- :-

Become a Bestseller by Breaking Orbit

FREE BONUS - Turn Your Books into Audiobooks and Boost Your Income 30% ($17 value!)

The Groundbreaking Sequel to the Bestseller Serve No Master

For a limited time, get this Amazon bestseller for just $7.99. (Regularly priced at $19.99). Or download it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.

Do you want a guide that:

After years working as one of the most prolific ghostwriters and authors in the world, Jonathan is finally ready to reveal his secret method for launching books on Amazon. Get the exact secrets that his coaching clients pay thousands of dollars for. This system works for every single niche and category - from romance novels to children’s books, from parenting to cookbooks. Whether you have never written a book before or are about to launch your 100th novel, you are sure to find value in Breaking Orbit.

Breaking Orbit:

Jonathan also covers everything you need to know to continue your success after your first book, from building a mailing list to maintaining momentum.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to get ready for the great Kindle adventure. From choosing the right tools and strategies all the way through dealing with writer’s block.

You do not need to waste hours reading conflicting advice on flashy websites. This book will provide you a simple path to starting your new career as a writer.

Many people use this training to launch their first book in under thirty days. This book has every single tool, answer and piece of information you need to launch a bestseller without stress or anxiety. Jonathan saves you time and money by providing a system that works fast, and DOESN’T come with a massive shopping list.

Now stop reading this description and take the first step to launching your first bestseller

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Getting Your FREE Bonus

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HBR Guide to Performance Management (HBR Guide Series)

Features:- :-

Are your employees meeting their goals? Is their work improving over time? Understanding where your employees are succeeding—and falling short—is a pivotal part of ensuring you have the right talent to meet organizational objectives.

In order to work with your people and effectively monitor their progress, you need a system in place. The HBR Guide to Performance Management provides a new multi-step, cyclical process to help you keep track of your employees' work, identify where they need to improve, and ensure they're growing with the organization.

You'll learn to:

Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, with the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

Shipley Proposal Guide

Features:- :- Help individuals and organizations win competitive business more effectively, efficiently, and consistently.
Guidelines in each entry are based upon the fundamental principles of our consulting practice:

• Align your proposal with the customer’s evaluation process.
• Use a disciplined business development process thatemphasizes up-front planning.
• Schedule to the process and maintain schedule discipline.
• Base your strategy on the customer’s perspective.
• Focus your effort early and throughout with an early executive summary.
• Apply proven project management principles to proposal development.
• Use a disciplined, customer-focused writing approach.
• Use reviews to both control and add value to the process.

Organizations implementing these principles, supported by the guidelines in this Proposal Guide, will capture more
business at a lower cost.

Offer clear guidance to business development professionals that is practical and easy to find. The concept for the Proposal Guide originated when individuals in client organizations repeatedly asked similar questions:

Is this written down anywhere? Now it is.

Most training for sales professionals focuses on enhancing sales skills and explaining the features and advantages of their organization’s products and services, but not on how to direct, prepare, or contribute to proposals. This is the first easy-to-use reference for business development professionals who are seeking practical, clear guidance on how to win competitive business in all markets, large or small, domestic or international, private sector or public. In addition, the Proposal Guide was selected in 2005 as the primary reference for the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Foundation Level certification exam.
Record best-practice guidelines.

At Shipley Associates, we have observed and recommended industry best practices in business development training, consulting, and process reengineering since 1972. We endeavor to follow these principles in our consulting practice, teach them in our training practice, and share them in this Proposal Guide.

This Proposal Guide, like the companion Capture Guide and Business Development Lifecycle Guide, offers guidelines, not rules.

Reality encompasses more shades of gray than can be covered in a guide intended to be concise. When in doubt, do what the customer says and be consistent.

Are the guidelines unique? Not usually.

Can you find all of these guidelines in any other reference? No.

How to Make a Living with Your Writing: Books, Blogging and More (Books for Writers Book 3)

Features:- :-

Would you like to make a living with your writing?

This book will show you how.

I spent 13 years working as a cubicle slave in the corporate world. I was miserable in my job and my creativity was stunted by the crushing daily grind.

Then I started writing books and blogging, using my words to create products and attract readers. In September 2011, I left my corporate job to become a full-time author and creative entrepreneur and since then I've grown my business year on year, all based on my writing. More importantly, I'm finally living the happy life I always wanted.

I'm not a Kindle or blogging millionaire and this is not a get rich quick scheme. But I will share with you how I make a six-figure income from writing books, blogging and marketing in an ethical manner.

We're living in the best time ever to make a living with your writing! Read on to learn more.

The book includes the following Table of Contents:

Overview of how I make a living and income split

First principles

Tips on writing and productivity

Tips on mindset

Part 1: How to make money from books

It's not just one book

Your publishing options: Traditional publishing

Changes in the publishing industry

Your publishing options: Becoming an indie author

How to self-publish an ebook

How to self-publish a print book

How to self-publish an audiobook

Part 2: How to make money online in other ways

A business powered by content marketing

Product sales

Affiliate income

Consulting or coaching

Professional speaking

Advertising and sponsorship

Freelance writing

Tips for content marketing

The transition and your next steps

Plus/ Companion Workbook so you can answer the questions in the book for yourself.

If you'd like to make a living with your writing, click to sample or buy now.

How to Write a Great Business Plan (Harvard Business Review Classics)

Features:- :-

Judging by all the hoopla surrounding business plans, you'd think the only things standing between would-be entrepreneurs and spectacular success are glossy five-color charts, bundles of meticulous-looking spreadsheets, and decades of month-by-month financial projections. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, often the more elaborately crafted a business plan, the more likely the venture is to flop.

Why? Most plans waste too much ink on numbers and devote too little to information that really matters to investors. The result? Investors discount them.

In How to Write a Great Business Plan, William A. Sahlman shows how to avoid this all-too-common mistake by ensuring that your plan assesses the factors critical to every new venture:

Timely in this age of innovation, How to Write a Great Business Plan helps you give your new venture the best possible chances for success.

How to Write It, Third Edition: A Complete Guide to Everything You'll Ever Write (How to Write It: Complete Guide to Everything You'll Ever Write)

Features:- :- Write personal and professional communications with clarity, confidence, and style.

How to Write It is the essential resource for eloquent personal and professional self-expression. Award-winning journalist Sandra E. Lamb transforms even reluctant scribblers into articulate wordsmiths by providing compelling examples of nearly every type and form of written communication.

Completely updated and expanded, the new third edition offers hundreds of handy word, phrase, and sentence lists, precisely crafted sample paragraphs, and professionally designed document layouts. How to Write It is a must-own for students, teachers, authors, journalists, bloggers, managers, and anyone who doesn’t have time to wade through a massive style guide but needs a friendly desk reference.

Blog to Win Business: How to Enchant Readers and Woo Customers

Features:- :- "Henneke does it again! This IS the business blogger's survival guide. Keep this ammo on your bookshelf if ever you find yourself in a lurch." ~ Sean Work, Director of Inbound Marketing, KISSmetrics

"You could easily find 1,000 books and courses about blogging like a pro, but you won’t find a more useful and engaging one. Henneke’s book will answer every question you have, give you countless shortcuts, and light a fire under your butt to start cranking out hot blog posts. It’ll also make you hungry." ~ Barry Feldman, Feldman Creative

"Henneke's book might be the most useful guide on business blogging ever written. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s blogging to promote their company." ~ Jon Morrow, CEO and Founder of Boost Blog Traffic LLC

Would you like to win customers with your blog?

Are your blog posts not as good as you’d like them to be? Or are you unsure what to blog about?

Blog to Win Business teaches you how to write blog posts your customers love to read and share. This practical book takes you through the various elements of blog writing – from developing a unique voice to generating ideas and composing compelling headlines.

This book doesn’t just explain how to write a blog, it also helps you decide what to write and how to position your blog as a must-read resource in your industry. It has been described as probably the most useful guide to business blogging.

Your guide to writing a company blog

This guide explains in simple steps how to write blog posts that engage readers and woo clients:

  1. Write lip-smackingly good headlines that entice people to read your posts

  2. Position your blog as a voice of authority

  3. Generate an endless stream of ideas for blog posts your customers crave to read

  4. Make your blog more engaging by describing your ideal reader

  5. Develop a unique voice to stand out in a sea of me-too blogs

  6. Captivate your readers with your blog opening

  7. Inspire your readers with your final paragraph

  8. Create a natural flow to hypnotize your readers

  9. Seduce Google to send you relevant traffic

This guide is easy to read and fun. It includes straightforward advice on how to practice and improve your blog writing.

Would you like to gain more readers and turn them into customers?

Blog to Win Business also includes:

This is NOT a stuffy, lengthy text book. All information is straightforward and written in plain English.

Who this book is for

Are you a freelancer or small business owner looking to promote your company with a blog? This book contains practical, down-to-earth advice that you can actually use. This book is written for beginning business bloggers, but even experienced bloggers will be surprised how much they can learn from Blog to Win Business.

Ready to grow your business with an enchanting company blog?

This guide helps you to plan, write, and edit your blog posts. It helps you to engage readers, build trust and authority, and to win clients.

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White Papers For Dummies

Features:- :-

A fast and easy way to write winning white papers!

Whether you’re a marketing manager seeking to use white papers to promote your business, or a copywriter keen to break into this well-paying field, White Papers For Dummies gives you a wealth of practical, hands-on advice from one of the world’s leading experts in the field.

The fact-based documents known as white papers have been called the “king of content.” No other B2B marketing piece can do more to generate leads, nurture prospects, and build mindshare.

Where white papers were once used only by technology firms, they are becoming “must-have” items in the marketing toolkit for almost any B2B firm. Practically every startup must produce a white paper as part of its business planning.

But writing effective white papers is a big challenge. Now you can benefit from the experience of a white paper specialist who’s done more than 200 projects for clients from Silicon Valley to Finland, from mighty Google to tiny startups. Author Gordon Graham—also known as That White Paper Guy—provides dozens of tips and tricks to help your project come together faster and easier.

White Papers For Dummies will help you to:

The Easy 9-Step System to Your First Book in 30 Days: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Become an Authority Author in Weeks!

Features:- :- 17 Times Amazon Bestseller Author is giving YOU his Complete System!

Not only that, he’s also giving you his FREE COURSE and the exact Skeleton File (already formatted!) he personally uses for publishing on Kindle!

Has he lost it completely?

Most likely, but he swears otherwise! He has this stupid idea that if he gives you exactly what you need to solve your problems you might just stick around.

By the way, because he has this delusion that you should always put your money where your mouth is, he actually shows you the video where you can see his 17 Amazon Best Sellers. Bananas!

He’s no saint, though! If you get his FREE COURSE he will try to sell you his complete, over-the-shoulder, professional Course down the line!

He offers it for a crazy affordable price and he doesn’t even try to upsell you anything. This lunatic believes in transparency and providing real value. These are the worst scumbags!

The craziest part is that, even if you don’t buy anything else, this book ALONE will give you EVERYTHING you need to publish your book on Amazon from A to Z!

This is what I’ll teach you:

- Choosing the Right Topic: The best way to earn a lot of money while having a sense of purpose!

- Market Research: Learn how to get inspiration and improve your own book by looking at the right places!

- Title Creation: Learn how to get readers bursting with curiosity and lining to get your book first!

- Writing Your Book: The fastest way to structure your book all the way to the end!

- Outsourcing: If you don't want to write it, learn how to outsource it the right way and end up with a masterpiece!

- Cover Creation: Do it yourself easily and for free OR Get a professional graphic designer to do it for $5!

- Description, Categories & Keywords: Learn the AIDA Formula for magic descriptions and know all the secrets to stand out!

- Formatting and Publishing your Kindle EBook: I will provide you with the same skeleton file I personally use (already formatted! ) and I will show you, step-by-step, how to publish your Kindle book the right way!

- Formatting and Publishing your Paperback Book: Learn how to publish the paperback version for FREE! I will teach how to get an already formatted template and show you, step-by-step, how to publish your physical book the right way!

- Free Promotions and Getting Reviews: I will teach you how to set up a free promotion so you can get up to thousands of downloads and honest reviews that will make your book stand miles apart from your competitors!

- Important Resources: Make your author's page shine and learn about the new world of

- Explode Your Business: What millionaire authors are really doing behind the scenes!

- Where to Learn More: The only 2 affordable and honest places you should go to!

This is the system you’ve been dreaming about for finally publishing your book and get your work into the World!

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How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 2017: Real Advice from Someone Who’s Doing it Well (Work from Home Series: Book 5)

Features:- :-

Updated and Revised for 2017!
"Packed with helpful information I haven't found anywhere else! He writes with an earnest voice fueled by an obvious mission to help other writers. I have read over 10 books by various authors on self publishing and this will be one of three that I will refer to over and over again. The other authors are Joanna Penn and Steve Scott."  Susan Henry
You could spend $1,000 on a publishing course. OR you could read this book and get everything you need.
Before I began my publishing career with Kindle books, I read just about everything out there, looking for real answers to questions I had about the industry. But much to my disappointment, most of the books were filled with fluff or stories of people who “hit it big” without really telling me how or why.

I determined to jump in and learn for myself—and that’s exactly what I did. I started with my first book, How to Work from Home and Make Money, and then quickly published three more. I was looking for the topic of my fifth book when it hit me—why not share what I’ve learned with the people who haven’t yet made the leap and published their own book?

It all began when I received an email from a book promotion site. One of the features was a how to book about publishing Kindle books, so out of curiosity, I followed the link and read the reviews. And sure enough, the page was full of people complaining that the book didn’t contain any valuable information.

So here’s what I decided to do. Write a book that answers all of the real questions without painting an unrealistic view of the possibilities. In my book, I answer things like:

I talk about the mistakes I’ve made so you don’t make them, too. And I provide you with step-by-step instructions and relevant links for all of the above areas—and more. In other words, this book is the ONLY book you’ll need to start a career publishing Kindle books.

If you’ve been dreaming of publishing a book, but don’t know where to start—or if you’ve already published but can’t find success—this may be the book you’ve been waiting for.

Why not take the first step toward your publishing career and download it right now? I promise you won’t find any fluff or useless information in it. Just an actionable guide that answers the questions no one else will.

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The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling

Features:- :-

The new material for this revised edition offers an expanded case study of storytelling in action that focuses on one of Simmons's success stories. Over one hundred stories drawn from the front lines of business and government, as well as myths, fables, and parables from around the world, illustrate how story can be used to persuade, motivate, and inspire in ways that cold facts, bullet points, and directives can't. These stories, combined with practical storytelling techniques show anyone how to become a more effective communicator. From “who I am” to “I-know-what-you're thinking,” Simmons identifies the six stories you need to know how to tell and demonstrates how they can be applied. This revised edition offers a guide to using storytelling in specific business circumstances, including corporate reorganizations, layoffs, and diversity issues.

Structuring Your Novel Box Set: How to Write Solid Stories That Sell (Helping Writers Become Authors)

Features:- :-

2 Bestselling Guides Packed With Tips to Help You Brainstorm and Plan Your Best Story

From Award-Winning and Internationally Published Writing Mentor K.M. Weiland

With almost 500 pages of step-by-step guidance, these two individual books have 340+ five star reviews on Amazon and have helped thousands of authors write better books.

Is Structure the Hidden Foundation of All Successful Stories?

These bestselling guides will teach you the secret to creating consistently good stories, show you how to spot and fix story problems before you start writing the first draft, and help you take your writing to the next level.


Why do some stories work and others don’t? The answer is structure. In this IPPY and NIEA Award-winning guide from the author of the bestselling Outlining Your Novel, you will discover the universal underpinnings that guarantee powerful plot and character arcs. An understanding of proper story and scene structure will help you to not only perfectly time your story’s major events, but will also provide you with an unerring standard to use in evaluating your novel’s pacing and progression.

Structuring Your Novel will show you:


Now it’s time to put those lessons to use! Building upon the principles in Structuring Your Novel, the Structuring Your Novel Workbook presents a guided approach to writing solid first drafts, identifying and fixing plot problems, and writing consistently good stories.

Containing hundreds of incisive questions and imagination-revving exercises, this valuable resource will show you how to:

This accessible and streamlined workbook will empower you to create a powerful structure—and an outstanding novel.

Start writing your best book today!

Business Writing Today: A Practical Guide

Features:- :-

Confident writers succeed. Whether you aim for a career in the business, nonprofit or government world, good writing equips you to stand out.  In this accessible and reader-friendly book, Natalie Canavor shares a step-by-step framework to help you write strategically, win opportunities, and perform better on the job. You’ll know what to say and how to say it in any medium from email to blog, cover letter, proposal, resume, report, website, tweet, news release, and more. You’ll discover practical, grammar-free techniques to improve all your writing and learn how to recognize and fix your own problems with clear demonstrations. Business Writing Today, Second Edition, gives you tools, techniques and inside tips drawn from the worlds of journalism, corporate communications and public relations.  It prepares you to better understand the business world and communicate in ways that achieve your own immediate and long range goals in today’s highly competitive work environment.

The New Articulate Executive: Look, Act and Sound Like a Leader

Features:- :-

The Classic Guide to Business Communications . . . Updated for a New Generation of Media-Savvy Leaders

Even with the latest high-tech tools and communication options, the simple truth is this: You need to look, act, and sound like a leader to succeed in today's world. According to top executive coach Granville Toogood, “Wonderful things happen when people talk face-to- face." His proven secrets of professional speaking give you the power and confidence to command any audience--in any situation—and get results.

"An indispensable tool for executive success." -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert E. Osgood Professor of American foreign policy at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies

"Granville Toogood is a brilliant communicator and teacher who has made world-class communicators out of our people." -- Michael Koffler, Chairman, Young President’s Organization

"The beauty of Granville Toogood's method is how simple it is to implement." -- Scudder Fowler, CEO, The Liminal Group

"Granville Toogood is a transformational teacher and coach. His new book is a must read for anyone hoping to effectively engage an audience or lead organizations." -- Sean Geehan, President, The Geehan Group

"Makes the capable business person more capable, more successful, and definitely more confident." -- Martha Stewart

Corporate coach Granville Toogood has trained some of the biggest names in business today--including 38 top executives in the Fortune 50--and his bestselling book, The Articulate Executive, has become the gold standard when it comes to public speaking and corporate communications.

This all-new edition provides you with the most powerful speaking tools and techniques from Toogood's acclaimed workshops--so you can look, act, and sound like a leader in any situation.

Using his proven step-by-step system, you can:

Whether you are giving a speech, making a presentation, conducting a meeting, or simply talking one-on-one, these tried-and-true communication techniques are guaranteed to help you step up your game and speak like a pro.

The book is filled with easy-to-use checklists and essential tips to help you organize your thoughts and deliver your message--with confidence, style, and great success. In addition, you'll learn how to master high-tech tools such as PowerPoint and deck presentations, how to deal with Q&A sessions and media interviews, and how to write winning corporate communications that really do the job.

Remember: In today's competitive market nothing is more important than how you present yourself and your company--and no book is more informative and powerful at this--than Granville Toogood's The New Articulate Executive.

Winning Grants Step by Step: The Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing and Writing Successful Proposals (The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Guidebook Series)

Features:- :-

Previous Praise for Winning Grants Step by Step

"Warning: this book works. It provokes you to ask the right questions, hand-holds you through practical exercises, and offers a map that includes paths to develop strategic relationships with funders."

E. Eduardo Romero, Nonprofit Roundtable

"Winning Grants Step by Step is a very practical A-to-Z resource that speaks to the importance of staying focused on your mission every step of the way. The third edition is artfully updated with words of wisdom from grantmakers themselves, as well as updates on the latest processes and buzzwords all grantseekers need to know."

Heather Iliff, Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations

"With solid advice and clear examples, nonprofit leaders will find it a page turner!"

Clarence Hauer, senior director, strategy and organizational development, St. Louis Nonprofit Services Consortium

"Winning Grants Step by Step is a gift to nonprofit organizations. The valuable insights and hands-on tools will instantly make any proposal more competitive."

Alex Carter, Your Nonprofit Coach

"Developing great grant proposals is essential for nonprofit leaders. Winning Grants Step by Step provides important guidance to those who are new to fundraising as well as to anyone who needs a refresher. This new edition of Winning Grants brings updated tips and vivid examples. As an experienced fundraising consultant, I believe it will help my clients and colleagues alike."

Maria Gitin, CFRE, Maria Gitin & Associates

"As an executive director, fundraising is on my mind every day. It's great to have a resource like Winning Grants Step by Step to use and share with my board, staff, and peers."

Deborah Menkart, executive director, Teaching for Change

Book Launch: How to Write, Market & Publish Your First Bestseller in Three Months or Less AND Use it to Start and Grow a Six Figure Business

Features:- :- Are you struggling to grow your business? Are you tired of trying new things only to have them fail time and time again?

No matter what your definition of success is, each one of us out there has the dream of being successful.

Maybe you want to be an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, or writer. Maybe you just have the dream of making good passive income.

Success of this magnitude does not have to continue to be a dream. It can be a reality.

Book Launch reveals the proven approach that all the top experts and millionaires are using to become successful: writing your own best selling book.

From Tony Robbins to Tim Ferriss, from Dave Ramsey to Donald Trump - and even’ll discover the new model they used to build their businesses and their brands - to earn respect and become instant experts - and ultimately to make millions of dollars.

You may be asking yourself:
How is it possible to write, market, and publish your first book? And how could can you get that book to be a #1 bestseller?
How can you use your book to persuade an audience to want to do business with you?

In this conversational, and action-oriented book, Chandler Bolt answers each of these questions and much more through a tried, tested, and proven book launch formula.

As the #1 best selling author of The Productive Person, Breaking Out of a Broken System, and Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs, Bolt has personally used every piece of information in this book for himself.
In this how to guide the reader will be given:

No matter your writing level or ability, whether you feel like you have nothing to write about or you don’t have a following or influence — know that by following the information in Book Launch, you can successfully write a bestseller.
Most importantly, you can use your bestseller to grow your business, make more money and help more people.

You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get More Business, and Become the Go-To Expert

Features:- :-

Praise for You Must Write a Book:

“This is one of the only books that’s told me I needed to write a book in a way that made me believe it—and I help people write books for a living!” –James Ranson
“My advice, “You must buy this book.” –JoeR.
“As a first-time author this book made a huge positive impact on my ability to write and publish my own book.” –Amazon Customer


Beyond technology, software, social media networks, even advertising and marketing campaigns, the biggest and best tool you’ll ever have in your belt is a business book with your name on the cover.

Authority and Credibility—Nothing establishes your authority faster or better, making it easier to attract investors, clients, and customers.

Brand recognition—Nothing makes your name and your brand easier to recognize, giving you greater reach with no additional overhead.

The ultimate business card—We’re hard-wired to hold on to books, to keep and care for them, and to share them with others. When’s the last time someone did that with your business card?

You Must Write a Book introduces you to these concepts and digs further—revealing not only the benefits of how a book can help you to build and grow your business and your brand, but how you can put your ideas on the page.

You’ll learn:
  • Why a book matters to your business
  • Pre-planning and strategic thinking, before putting even the first word on the page
  • How to write your book by committing to only a few words per day
  • How to hire ghostwriters or other professionals to get your ideas on the page, without writing a word
  • The steps for launching your book like a champ
  • Marketing plans—both for your book, and using your book to market yourself and your business

  • You’ll also learn from the masters—gain insight from some of the most advanced thinkers in publishing, so that you can skip level one and build from their success.

    Get in on the wisdom from thought leaders such as Hal Elrod, Bryan Cohen, Pat Petrini, J.A. Huss, Steve Scott, James Altucher, Kevin Tumlinson, and many more.

    Honorée Corder is the author of Tall Order!, Prosperity for Writers, and many more volumes, and Hal Elrod’s business partner in The Miracle Morning series. She is a coach and consultant working with high profile entrepreneurs and businesses, guiding them into some of the best decisions they’ve ever made. In You Must Write a Book, she has culled together some of the finest examples of publishing and marketing wisdom available, from some of today’s most successful and influential masters.


    Bollinger on Bollinger Bands

    Features:- :-

    John Bollinger is a giant in today’s trading community. His Bollinger Bands sharpen the sensitivity of fixed indicators, allowing them to more precisely reflect a market’s volatility. By more accurately indicating the existing market environment, they are seen by many as today’s standard—and most reliable—tool for plotting expected price action.

    Now, in Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, Bollinger himself explains how to use this extraordinary technique to compare price and indicator action and make sound, sensible, and profitable trading decisions.

    Concise, straightforward, and filled with instructive charts and graphs, this remarkable book will be essential reading for all serious traders, regardless of market. Bollinger includes his simple system for implementation, and techniques for combining bands and indicators.

    Launch to Market: Easy Marketing For Authors (Write Faster, Write Smarter Book 4)

    Features:- :- Have you written a book that just isn’t selling? Would you like the launch of your next one to be different?

    Launch to Market provides a simple system to plan, track, and execute your book launch. It covers the basics of marketing in an easy to understand way, complete with exercises that will prepare you for your best launch ever.

    You'll see real sales numbers from an author who just did exactly what you're trying to do, with take aways that will show you exactly how I did it.

    Don’t leave the success of your novel up to chance. Launch your book to market.

    "I bought it for the rocket alone. I mean, look at that thing." -- the Author's Totally Biased Friend.

    How To Write A Good Advertisement: A Short Course In Copywriting


    You can learn to write compelling advertisements that will make people notice them, read them, and act upon them. In fact, you can learn to write such powerful advertisements that people actually go out and demand the product advertised and no other. How can you do this? By using the same elements that have made top copywriters like Victor O. Schwab excel at their craft.

    How to Write a Good Advertisement is a short course in writing powerful, hard-hitting copy that can help you make your products and services irresistible to potential customers. This remarkable book has turned many novice mail order entrepreneurs into expert copywriters and many experienced copywriters into masters of their trade.

    Whether you are new to the craft or have been writing copy for years, your knowledge and practice of advertising fundamentals will determine the extent of your success. How to Write a Good Advertisement presents these fundamentals from the perspective of a 44-year veteran in the copywriting business. Following these proven techniques and tips, anyone can write professional advertisements that create a memorable image, pull in mailboxes full of orders, or attract new customers to their service.


    Grab reader attention immediately
    Write compelling copy that holds attention
    Write a call to action that’s difficult to refuse
    Design winning layouts
    Increase the number of orders
    Convert more inquiries to orders

    Effective advertisement length...use of media placement...and much more.

    Outlining Your Novel Box Set: How to Write Your Best Book (Helping Writers Become Authors)

    Features:- :-

    2 Bestselling Guides Packed With Tips to Help You Brainstorm and Plan Your Best Story

    From Award-Winning and Internationally Published Writing Mentor K.M. Weiland

    With over 300 pages of step-by-step guidance, these two individual books have 440+ five star reviews on Amazon and have helped thousands of authors write better books.

    Can Outlining Help You Write a Better Story?

    These bestselling guides will help you choose the right type of outline to unleash your creativity, guide you in brainstorming plot ideas, and aid you in discovering your characters.


    Award-winning author K.M. Weiland’s bestselling Outlining Your Novel shows you how to embrace outlines in a way that makes the writing process fun, inspiring, and easy.

    Writers often look upon outlines with fear and trembling. But when properly understood and correctly wielded, the outline is one of the most powerful weapons in a writer’s arsenal.

    Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success will help you choose the right type of outline for you, guide you in brainstorming plot ideas, aid you in discovering your characters, show you how to structure your scenes, explain how to format your finished outline, instruct you in how to use your outline when writing the first draft, reveal the benefits of outlining, and dispel the misconceptions.


    Now it’s time to put those lessons to use! The Outlining Your Novel Workbook presents a guided approach to getting the bones of your story down on paper, identifying plot holes, and brainstorming exciting new possibilities.

    Containing hundreds of incisive questions and imagination-revving exercises, this valuable resource will show you how to:

    This accessible and streamlined workbook will empower you to create a powerful outline—and an outstanding novel.

    Start writing your best book today!

    The Advertising Solution: Influence Prospects, Multiply Sales, and Promote Your Brand

    Features:- :-

    Distilling the wisdom of the world’s greatest advertisers, direct marketing expert Craig Simpson delivers an education on direct marketing and advertising copy that creates brand awareness, sells products, and keeps customers engaged. Walks readers through time-tested methods of creating effective ad copy that increases profits. Dissects the principles of legendary marketers like Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, and David Ogilvy.

    Outlining Your Novel Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises for Planning Your Best Book (Helping Writers Become Authors 2)

    Features:- :-

    About the Book

    Learn How to Make Your First Draft Easy!

    Award-winning author K.M. Weiland’s previous book, the bestselling Outlining Your Novel, showed writers how to embrace outlines in a way that makes the writing process fun, inspiring, and easy.

    Now it’s time to put those lessons to use! Building upon the principles you’ve already learned, the Outlining Your Novel Workbook presents a guided approach to getting the bones of your story down on paper, identifying plot holes, and brainstorming exciting new possibilities.

    Containing hundreds of incisive questions and imagination-revving exercises, this valuable resource will show you how to:

    This accessible and streamlined workbook will empower you to create a powerful outline—and an outstanding novel. Start writing your best book today!

    How to Say It, Third Edition: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation

    Features:- :- ?For anyone who has ever stared at a blank page or screen?(Kaylene Weiser, organized consultant, The Wiser Way)? the revised third edition of the bestseller that offers ?a crisp, elegant way to say everything.?(Vivian Jenkins Nelson, founder, The International Institute for Interracial Interaction)

    The ?exceptional, wonderful, amazing?(Vivian Jenkins Nelson, founder, The International Institute for Interracial Interaction) book that has sold nearly one million copies!

    How to Say It® provides clear and practical guidance for what to say?and what not to say?in any situation. Covering everything from business correspondence to personal letters, this is the perfect desk reference for anyone who often finds themselves struggling to find those perfect words for:

    ? Apologies and sympathy letters
    ? Letters to the editor
    ? Cover letters
    ? Fundraising requests
    ? Social correspondence, including invitations and Announcements

    This new edition features expanded advice for personal and business emails, blogs, and international communication.

    How to Write Your Irresistible Home Page in 7 Simple Steps: Your Blueprint to Website Home Page Content that Converts Visitors into Leads & Clients (How to Write... Book 3)

    Features:- :- Discover the 7-Step Blueprint for Writing Sizzling Home Page Copy that Grabs the Attention of Website Visitors & Gets Them Fired Up to Join Your Mailing List, Request a Consult, and Buy Your Products/Services!
    Whether you have an existing website that’s drawing zero responses from website visitors or are just publishing a new site and need knock-their-socks-off content to fill your web pages, this in-depth book will answer the questions:
    “What on earth do I write on my website’s all-important home page to inspire visitors to join my newsletter list or request a consult?”
    “How do I transfer the passion and enthusiasm I feel when talking about what I do, not to mention my unique style and glowing personality, into web writing that gets my ideal clients pumped to work with me (instead of boring them to tears)?”
    Perfect for business/website owners who:
    • Cringe at the thought of sending prospective clients to your website (“my web copy is so not ME!”)
    • Are baffled as to why more of your website visitors aren’t signing up for your newsletter or requesting a consult
    • Break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of sitting down to write (or re-write) the copy for your website
    • Are intrigued by the idea of actually using your website to help grow your business

    Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside the pages of How to Write Your Irresistible Home Page:
    • The 7 simple yet powerful steps to writing a website home page that converts passive, ho-hum readers into hot leads and eager-to-buy clients (most websites get this WRONG – and miss out on the chance to serve 100’s or 1000’s of potential clients each and every month)
    • A simple formula to help you communicate why YOU have the solutions your prospects are hungry for (and for which they will pay handsomely!)
    • How to hook visitors’ interest in 3 seconds or less – so they’ll stick around to take you up on your offers (both free AND paid!)
    • 13 ways to convert otherwise passive website visitors into hot leads and paying clients
    • An exercise to help you grab the attention of just-passing-by visitors in 3 seconds or less
    • Top 10 headline formulas that stand the test of time
    • How to use Power Words to make your website content sizzle
    • How to choose a memorable domain name
    • 3 steps to finding the hottest benefits your business offers to get potential clients off the fence and into action (joining your list and/or buying your goods)
    • Two ways to get website visitors to call you for a consultation
    • A simple yet effective call-to-action formula to help you get more results from your website content

    This isn’t just theory here, either – you’ll get step-by-step instructions and actionable exercises to help you apply each step to your own irresistible website home page.

    Tammi Metzler, Chief Copywriter and founder of The Write Associate, is a self-professed "word geek." She loves playing with words to find just the right combination to move readers into action.

    Writing That Works, 3rd Edition: How to Communicate Effectively in Business

    Features:- :-

    The classic guide that helps you communicate your thoughts clearly, concisely, and effectively. Essential for every professional, from entry level to the executive suite, Writing that Works includes advice on all aspects of written communication—including business memos, letters, reports, speeches and resumes, and e-mail—and offers insights into political correctness and tips for using non-biased language that won’t compromise your message.

    Concise and easy-to-use, Writing that Works features an accessible, at-a-glance style, full of bulleted "tips" and specific examples of good vs. bad writing.

    With dozens of samples and useful tips for composition, Writing That Works will show you how to improve anything you write:

    And much more.



    Write to Market: Deliver a Book that Sells (Write Faster, Write Smarter 3)

    Features:- :- Many authors write, then market. Successful authors write TO market

    Have you written a book that just isn’t selling? Would you like to write a book that readers eagerly devour?

    Many authors write, then market. Successful authors write TO market. They start by figuring out how to give readers what they want, and that process begins before writing word one of your novel.

    This book will teach you to analyze your favorite genre to discover what readers are buying, to mine reviews for reader expectations, and to nail the tropes your readers subconsciously crave.

    Don’t leave the success of your novel up to chance. Deliver the kind of book that will have your fans hounding you for the next one.

    HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations (HBR Guide Series)

    Features:- :-


    Terrified of speaking in front of a group? Or simply looking to polish your skills? No matter where you are on the spectrum, this guide will give you the confidence and the tools you need to get results.

    Written by presentation expert Nancy Duarte, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations will help you:

    Writing that Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job

    Features:- :- Countless real-world model documents contextualized by clear rhetorical instruction and a focus on professional ethics make Writing That Works the foundational standard for professional writing. More than ever, this streamlined twelfth edition reflects the role of technology in the office and the classroom, showcasing the most current types of business documents online and in print, providing succinct guidelines on selecting the appropriate medium for your document, communication, or presentation, and giving advice on landing and keeping a job in today’s economy. Now also available as an e-book, Writing that Works offers robust but accessible coverage at an affordable price.

    HBR Guide to Better Business Writing (HBR Guide Series): Engage Readers, Tighten and Brighten, Make Your Case

    Features:- :-


    When you’re fumbling for words and pressed for time, you might be tempted to dismiss good business writing as a nicety. But it’s a skill you must cultivate to succeed: You’ll lose time, money, and influence if your e-mails, proposals, and other important documents fail to win people over.

    The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, by writing expert Bryan A. Garner, gives you the tools you need to express your ideas clearly and persuasively so clients, colleagues, stakeholders, and partners will get behind them. This book will help you:

    •Push past writer’s block
    •Grab—and keep—readers’ attention
    •Earn credibility with tough audiences
    •Trim the fat from your writing
    •Strike the right tone
    •Brush up on grammar, punctuation, and usage

    How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile... And 18 Mistakes to Avoid: Updated for 2018 (13th Edition)

    Features:- :-

    Recently added to the 13th edition:

    ✔ Revised images and instructions throughout to match LinkedIn's new redesign
    ✔ Update on which features have really disappeared and which have moved
    ✔ Mobile-specific instructions
    ✔ Special advice from a past recruiter
    ✔ Secret tip: Write headlines over 120 characters! (Mistake #1)
    ✔ Introducing Photo Filters and Editing (Mistake #2)
    ✔ How to create an All-Star profile (Mistake #3)
    ✔ LinkedIn adds Boolean logic to search feature (Mistake #5)
    ✔ How to reply to and cancel invitations to connect (Mistake #5)
    ✔ How to connect without InMail (Mistake #5)
    ✔ How to get personal by customizing your notifications & syncing your calendar (Mistake #5)
    ✔ LinkedIn's new messaging interface (Mistake #5)
    ✔ Upcoming new analytics (Insights) (Mistake #5)
    ✔ How to find alumni connections (now that the Alumni function is gone) (Mistake #5)
    ✔ New best practices for the LinkedIn summary section (Mistake #7)
    ✔ How to maximize your LinkedIn feed (Mistake #12)
    ✔ How to add images to your comments (Mistake #12)
    ✔ Sharing videos (Mistake #12)
    ✔ The new face of LinkedIn Jobs (Mistake #15)
    ✔ LinkedIn's new Open Candidates feature (Mistake #15)
    ✔ Updated instructions for Company Showcase Pages (Bonus Tip #2)
    ✔ Hidden Search Tools (Bonus Tip #6)
    ✔ The latest LinkedIn Buzzwords and Hottest Skills (Appendix D)
    ✔ The LinkedIn Students App (Appendix E)


    "Unless you have the rare job that requires no communication with other human beings, you will benefit from regular and careful reading of Brenda Bernstein’s advice. She will guide you through the rules of creating and using professional gateway documents: resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Her advice for job seekers in a variety of settings is both accessible and sound. Best of all, she writes and presents with grace and humor. Brenda is a “must read” and “must consult” for people entering, re-entering, or reconfiguring their place at work." - Susan Gainen, Principal Consultant, Pass the Baton, Minneapolis, MN.

    "Brenda’s “How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile” webinar was EXCELLENT! The information I received was applicable immediately and easily. Using Brenda’s insightful techniques, I transformed my one-dimensional career history into a compelling brand-focused profile that has increased my profile reviews and name search results by 20%!" - Nikki Champagnie, Career Services Professional, Houston, TX.

    "Many people are beginning to truly understand the strategic networking power of LinkedIn, but it’s surprising how few have adopted good habits when constructing and maintaining their LinkedIn profiles. Personal branding and sending a concise message to people who visit your profile is critical. Brenda Bernstein’s e-book holds key profile strategies and important tips on avoiding networking pitfalls. As a LinkedIn trainer myself, it’s good to know I have a resource like this for my clients to help them after they’ve left my classroom." - Michael Phelps, LinkedIn Trainer, Milwaukee, WI

    "I just love this new book! It absolutely addresses topics no one else has and that people should be paying attention to. It hits the bulls-eye on making LinkedIn work the way it’s intended! Plus Ms. Bernstein does a great job of conveying important, spot-on points in a clear and engaging manner." - Larry Megugorac, Sales Executive, Brentwood, CA

    "I have read How to Write a Killer Linkein Profile a few times now, and it has truly alerted me to the power of words, the use and turn of language, and the positioning power that I can master and take advantage of as I transition into my next job opportunity. I appreciated the knowledge and hands-on expertise Ms. Bernstein has laid out in these pages and honestly wanted more at the end of the book." - Luisa Michel, CFA, Columbia University MBA, St. Louis, MO

    On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction

    Features:- :-

    On Writing Well has been praised for its sound advice, its clarity and the warmth of its style. It is a book for everybody who wants to learn how to write or who needs to do some writing to get through the day, as almost everybody does in the age of e-mail and the Internet. Whether you want to write about people or places, science and technology, business, sports, the arts or about yourself in the increasingly popular memoir genre, On Writing Well offers you fundamental priciples as well as the insights of a distinguished writer and teacher. With more than a million copies sole, this volume has stood the test of time and remains a valuable resource for writers and would-be writers.

    Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People: Over 325 Ready-to-Use Words and Phrases for Working with Challenging Personalities

    Features:- :- Incompetent, lazy, spotlight-hogging, whiny, backstabbing, avoidant—there’s no end to the personality challenges that impede workplace relationships. But interacting effectively with employees, colleagues, and bosses is essential for success. With Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People, anyone can confront problems head-on, before they fester and spread. Practical and easy to use, the book helps you identify button-pushing situations and deploy simple phrases to regain control and resolve conflicts—no matter who you’re dealing with. Helpful features include: • Thirty common personality traits, behaviors, and workplace scenarios along with the phrases that work best with each
    • Nonverbal communication skills to back up your words
    • Sample dialogues that demonstrate how phrasing improves interactions
    • A five-step process for moving from conflict to resolution
    • “Why This Works” sections that provide detailed explanations Like it or not, the bulk of our waking hours are spent with people at work. This book’s pithy, powerful communication tips will make those hours far more harmonious and productive.

    Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware (Pragmatic Programmers)

    Features:- :-

    Programmers have to learn constantly; not just the stereotypical new technologies, but also the problem domain of the application, the whims of the user community, the quirks of your teammates, the shifting sands of the industry, and the evolving characteristics of the project itself as it is built.

    We’ll journey together through bits of cognitive and neuroscience, learning and behavioral theory. You’ll see some surprising aspects of how our brains work, and how you can take advantage of the system to improve your own learning and thinking skills.

    In this book you’ll learn how to:

    • Use the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to become more expert

    • Leverage the architecture of the brain to strengthen different thinking modes

    • Avoid common “known bugs” in your mind

    • Learn more deliberately and more effectively

    • Manage knowledge more efficiently

    It's My Pleasure: The Impact of Extraordinary Talent and a Compelling Culture

    Features:- :- Businesses are built by growing relationships with customers. Culture is created by the stories those relationships tell. Two of the most important differentiators of a business are its talent and its culture. Talent energized by a compelling culture will drive organizational success and provide innovative growth opportunities for both the business and the individual.

    Based on her more than thirty years at Chick-fil-A, most of which have been spent as Vice President, Corporate Talent, Dee Ann Turner shares how Chick-fil-A has built a devoted talent and fan base that spans generations. It's My Pleasure tells powerful stories and provides practical applications on how to develop extraordinary talent able to build and/or stimulate a company's culture.

    Organizing from the Inside Out, second edition: The Foolproof System For Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life

    Features:- :-

    The New York Times bestselling guide to putting things in order. Put America's #1 organizer to work for you.

    Getting organized is a skill that anyone can learn, and there's no better teacher than America's organizing queen, Julie Morgenstern, as hundreds of thousands of readers have learned. Drawing on her years of experience as a professional organizer, Morgenstern outlines a simple organizing plan that starts with understanding your individual goals, natural habits, and psychological needs, so that you can work with your priorities and personality rather than against them. The basic steps-Analyze, Strategize, Attack-can be applied to any space or situation.

    In this thoroughly revised edition, Morgenstern has incorporated new information in response to feedback from her clients and audiences. These changes include

    - new chapters on organizing photographs, handbags, briefcases, and travel bags
    - an expanded program for organizing your kitchen
    - a new guide to getting started
    - a guide to taming time and technology
    - a fully updated resource guide

    So whether it's a refrigerator cluttered with leftover mystery meals, a generation's worth of family photographs, or the challenge of living or working with a disorganized person, Julie Morgenstern will show you how to handle it all.

    Conversation Tactics: Strategies to Charm, Befriend, and Defend (Book 1) (Conversation Tactics for Better Relationships)

    Features:- :-

    Do you want to become more charming and likable – instantly? Or just make sure you can defend yourself verbally, and not be a doormat?

    Do you lose arguments, find yourself speechless, or get taken advantage of by others? Or do you just want to build meaningful connections and friendships quickly?

    Sounds like you need to learn as many Conversation Tactics as possible! In this book you’ll learn 18 powerful techniques that can be used for everything under the sun – charming people, befriending strangers, increased charisma, and even arguing effectively.

    You can never underestimate the power of a simple conversation.

    It can be the start of something beautiful, or it can potentially ruin your day. These 18 techniques, learned from years of coaching social skills and conversations, will ensure better conversations and fewer arguments.

    In addition to incredibly shrewd and nuanced insights to make conversation flow, you’ll learn how win arguments and diffuse dirty tricks.

    What actionable and realistic conversation tactics will you learn?

    •How standup comedians use conversational high points for great reactions.
    •What the two-second rule is and how it makes you appear incredibly attentive.
    •How interrupting artfully can be your secret weapon to bonding.
    •The singular best way to warm up for any conversation, anywhere.

    Also the following insights:

    •The foolproof method of rehearsing only your hellos and goodbyes.
    •The 2:1 ratio and why math even matters in successful conversations.
    •The logic of not laughing at your own jokes.
    •The 5 most common argument tactics and how to neuter them.
    •How to deflect any ridicule.

    Here’s what this book isn’t: advice that isn’t helpful and doesn’t work, like “fake it ‘til you make it” and “just be yourself.” Real, practical advice for everyday conversations.

    How will your daily life improve?

    •Always know how to defend yourself and come out on top.
    •Pinpoint what people are looking for in their connections.
    •Never fall for people’s dirty argument tricks.
    •Gain people's respect and never be a doormat again.
    •Find the carpool lane to people’s inner circle, quickly.
    •Turn enemies into friends, and friends into confidantes.
    •Always know what to say, and never fall prey to awkward silences.

    Implement these 18 techniques and see your charisma skyrocket.

    Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

    P.S. You’ll be able to notice a difference within 24 hours.

    A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs (Columbia Business School Publishing)

    Features:- :- From profiles and interviews with the world's leading venture capitalists and high-profile coaches of business founders, A Dozen Lessons distills a set of bedrock methods for approaching business questions and creating value. The veteran business writer Tren Griffin takes the reader through the investment philosophies of VC luminaries such as Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital, Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz of Andreesen Horowitz, and Jenny Lee of GGV Capital to draw out a set of guiding principles that successful businesses follow.

    With insight and verve, Griffin argues that venture capital is, at a fundamental level, a service business that depends hugely on "human factors." Griffin suggests that, among a number of common features, these investors succeeded because of their sense of hustle, keen judgment, hard work, and good luck. But most of all, they share a deep love of building businesses that goes beyond financial considerations. Griffin reminds us that success is a multidimensional phenomenon requiring talented people, customer traction, productive partnerships, and brand value. These features amplify one another, with incremental success attracting more attention, talent, and investment.

    Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of History's Greatest Speakers

    Features:- :- Turn Any Presentation into a Landmark Occasion

    Ever wish you could captivate your boardroom with the opening line of your presentation, like Winston Churchill in his most memorable speeches? Or want to command attention by looming larger than life before your audience, much like Abraham Lincoln when, standing erect and wearing a top hat, he towered over seven feet? Now, you can master presentation skills, wow your audience, and shoot up the corporate ladder by unlocking the secrets of history's greatest speakers.

    Author, historian, and world-renowned speaker James C. Humes—who wrote speeches for five American presidents—shows you how great leaders through the ages used simple yet incredibly effective tricks to speak, persuade, and win throngs of fans and followers. Inside, you'll discover how Napoleon Bonaparte mastered the use of the pregnant pause to grab attention, how Lady Margaret Thatcher punctuated her most serious speeches with the use of subtle props, how Ronald Reagan could win even the most hostile crowd with carefully timed wit, and much, much more.

    Whether you're addressing a small nation or a large staff meeting, you'll want to master the tips and tricks in Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln.

    "As a student of speech, I very much enjoyed this intriguing historic approach to public speaking. Humes creates a valuable and practical guide."
    Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO, FOX News

    "I love this book. I've followed Humes's lessons for years, and he combines them all into one compact, hard-hitting resource. Get this book on your desk now."
    Chris Matthews, Hardball

    DISRUPT THE STATUS QUO:: Living And Leading From Your Success Zone

    Features:- :- Disrupt the Status Quo:
    Living and Leading from Your success Zone

    Are you ready to excel and stand out in the professional world?

    This engaging and enlightening book will guide you on a transformational journey of attaining the characteristics and behaviors needed to achieve your vision for success.

    You’ll discover:
    •Four fundamental principles for consistently leading and living in the success zone
    •How to reevaluate and redefine your approach to each of your roles so you will be more effective and efficient
    •The balance gained by focusing on managing your individual energy and not the environment you are a part of.
    •How to reset your mindset with strategy changes that will increase your productivity
    •How to create the drive you need by setting and achieving goals on track with your true purpose

    Dr. Sanchez, a specialist in Neuropsychology and Executive Success, is renown for her holistic, transformational approach to leadership with a prevailing attentiveness to your individual needs for happiness and success in all areas of your life.

    She wrote this book for everyone who strives for a laser focus on meeting organizational goals while remaining 100 percent true to who you are, so you can capitalize on your strengths, and realize your full potential.

    Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development

    Features:- :- The most practical leadership textbook on the market, LEADERSHIP 6e uses a unique three-pronged approach to teach leadership concepts and theory. The authors combine traditional theory with cutting-edge leadership topics in a concise presentation packed with real-world examples. The text puts students in the leadership role, engaging them in applying the concepts and providing step-by-step behavior models for effectively handling leadership functions.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day

    Features:- :-

    Great leaders inspire action with their words. They spark enthusiasm and commitment. With a single conversation, they can change the direction of someone's life.

    Everyone wants to be the kind of leader who energizes and mobilizes others—yet too few are. Why is it so challenging to crack the code?

    Executive coach Kristi Hedges spent years studying exactly what inspiring leaders do differently. Informed by quantitative research and thousands of responses from leaders at all levels, she reveals that inspiring communication isn't about grand gestures. Instead, those who motivate us most do a few things routinely, consistently, and intentionally.

    Eye-opening and accessible, The Inspiration Code dispels common myths about how leaders communicate—and guides them in cultivating qualities that authentically excite.

    Inspired companies need inspirational leaders. Learn to unlock motivation, lift peoples' sights, and lead them into the future.

    Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor (Columbia Business School Publishing)

    Features:- :-

    Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway’s visionary vice chairman and Warren Buffett’s indispensable financial partner, has outperformed market indexes again and again, and he believes any investor can do the same. His notion of “elementary, worldly wisdom”—a set of interdisciplinary mental models involving economics, business, psychology, ethics, and management—allows him to keep his emotions out of his investments and avoid the common pitfalls of bad judgment. Munger’s system has steered his investments for forty years and has guided generations of successful investors. This book presents the essential steps of Munger's investing strategy, condensed here for the first time from interviews, speeches, writings, and shareholder letters, and paired with commentary from fund managers, value investors, and business-case historians. Derived from Ben Graham’s value-investing system, Munger’s approach is straightforward enough that even novices can apply it to their portfolios. This book is not simply about stock picking, it's about cultivating mental models for your whole life, but especially for your investments.

    Change the Culture, Change the Game: The Breakthrough Strategy for Energizing Your Organization and Creating Accounta bility for Results

    Features:- :- A fully revised and updated installment from the bestselling author of The Oz Principle Series.

    Two-time New York Times bestselling authors Roger Connors and Tom Smith show how leaders can achieve record-breaking results by quickly and effectively shaping their organizational culture to capitalize on their greatest asset-their people.

    Change the Culture, Change the Game joins their classic book, The Oz Principle, and their recent bestseller, How Did That Happen?, to complete the most comprehensive series ever written on workplace accountability. Based on an earlier book, Journey to the Emerald City, this fully revised installment captures what the authors have learned while working with the hundreds of thousands of people on using organizational culture as a strategic advantage.

    Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow

    Features:- :- Leadership literature is full of principles and ideas--but they rarely leave the page. Practice is what turns abstract concepts into useful skills.

    Leadership Step by Step
    walks readers through what to do and how to do it in an integrated and comprehensive progression of exercises designed to cultivate key abilities, behaviors, and beliefs through experience. The 22 exercises in this hands-on book help you accomplish the inner work and gain the social skills required for great leadership.

    Each chapter opens with a story demonstrating a leadership skill--and then guides you through the process of developing it. From basic solo assignments to advanced leadership practices, you'll learn to:

    Powerful and practical, Leadership Step by Step will start you on the road to success.

    Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great (Pragmatic Programmers)

    Features:- :-

    Project retrospectives help teams examine what went right and what went wrong on a project. But traditionally, retrospectives (also known as “post-mortems”) are only held at the end of the project—too late to help. You need agile retrospectives that are iterative and incremental. You need to accurately find and fix problems to help the team today.

    Now Esther and Diana show you the tools, tricks and tips you need to fix the problems you face on a software development project on an on-going basis. You’ll see how to architect retrospectives in general, how to design them specifically for your team and organization, how to run them effectively, how to make the needed changes and how to scale these techniques up. You’ll learn how to deal with problems, and implement solutions effectively throughout the project—not just at the end.

    This book will help you:

    • Design and run effective retrospectives
    • Learn how to find and fix problems
    • Find and reinforce team strengths
    • Address people issues as well as technological
    • Use tools and recipes proven in the real world

    With regular tune-ups, your team will hum like a precise, world-class orchestra.

    The Richest Man in Babylon: With Study Guide

    Features:- :- The Richest Man in Babylon, is a classic, insightful, financial, motivational guide that has lead many generations to monetary and personal success.

    This deluxe edition of this classic work, includes a 21st century study guide filled with practices and exercises that will help you be all that you are capable of, as you fill your conscious and subconscious mind, heart, and soul, with positive energy and life-enhancing ideas. Start your journey of self-discovery and be on your way to accumulating all of the riches that you desire.
    Learn how to acquire money, keep it, and put it to work to make even more money.

    It's one of the bestselling financial books of all time, having sold millions of copies, and now you can put it to work for you!

    Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (Social Media, Social Media Marketing)

    Features:- :-

    Are You Looking To Explode Your Social Media Presence?

    ☆★☆ Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now! ☆★☆

    Do you want more followers? Would you like the best and most efficient strategies taken from the best influencers? Do you want to monetize your social media?

    When you download Social Media: Strategies to Mastering your brand for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat , your followers will increase rapidly! You will discover everything you need to know about social media marketing

    This expanded 3rd edition has Outstanding New Content to make building your online presence even more powerful than before!

    These crucial and effective tips will maximize your social media presence. You'll be excited to see all the opportunities from your social media growth and presence just from these advanced strategies.

    Would you like to know more about:

    This book breaks training down into easy-to-understand modules. It starts from the very beginning of social media, so you can get great results - even as a beginner!

    Download Social Media:Strategies To Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

    Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant download.

    You’ll be happy you did!

    Key Performance Indicators (KPI): The 75 measures every manager needs to know (Financial Times Series)

    Features:- :-

    By identifying and describing the most powerful financial and non-financial KPIs, this book will make life easier for you by defining them, explaining how and when they should be used and providing a rich library of KPIs that have been proven to significantly improve performance.

    The book presents case examples to illustrate the selection and use of the KPIs and provides tools such as KPI selection templates and Key Performance Questions to help you apply the most appropriate KPIs effectively in your business.

    Agile Practice Guide

    Features:- :-

    Agile Practice Guide – First Edition has been developed as a resource to understand, evaluate, and use agile and hybrid agile approaches. This practice guide provides guidance on when, where, and how to apply agile approaches and provides practical tools for practitioners and organizations wanting to increase agility. This practice guide is aligned with other PMI standards, including A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition, and was developed as the result of collaboration between the Project Management Institute and the Agile Alliance.

    Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear

    Features:- :- The nation's premier communications expert shares his wisdom on how the words we choose can change the course of business, of politics, and of life in this country

    In Words That Work, Luntz offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the tactical use of words and phrases affects what we buy, who we vote for, and even what we believe in. With chapters like "The Ten Rules of Successful Communication" and "The 21 Words and Phrases for the 21st Century," he examines how choosing the right words is essential.

    Nobody is in a better position to explain than Frank Luntz: He has used his knowledge of words to help more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies grow. Hell tell us why Rupert Murdoch's six-billion-dollar decision to buy DirectTV was smart because satellite was more cutting edge than "digital cable," and why pharmaceutical companies transitioned their message from "treatment" to "prevention" and "wellness."

    If you ever wanted to learn how to talk your way out of a traffic ticket or talk your way into a raise, this book's for you.

    The Mindful Entrepreneur: How to rapidly grow your business while staying sane, focused and fulfilled

    Features:- :-

    Rapidly grow your business while staying sane, focused and fulfilled

    What if you could generate rapid, profitable growth to fund your desired lifestyle?

    Imagine making your business run without you, so you're free to choose how to spend your time?

    Would you like to stay sane, focused & fulfilled despite the challenges of life in business?

    The #1 international Amazon bestseller

    Fusing cutting-edge business strategy with powerful mindfulness practices, the #1 international Amazon bestseller, The Mindful Entrepreneur, will equip you with a proven, step-by-step process for business success and personal fulfilment.

    The Mindful Entrepreneur is co-authored by leading business coach and bestselling author, Joel Gerschman. Drawing on years of battle-tested experience running multiple fast-growing start-ups and learning under some of the world's leading business gurus, including E-myth author Michael Gerber, Joel has helped thousands of business leaders to transform their businesses and lives.

    Chronicling the true story of one entrepreneur’s journey, The Mindful Entrepreneur provides a raw, brutally honest account of how to transform the frustrations, pain and struggles faced by countless business owners into stability, growth, freedom and meaning. 

    What you'll learn

    1. Learn the secret to designing a rock-solid business strategy, including how to:

    2. Learn the sales and marketing strategies that drive rapid customer, revenue and profit growth, including how to:

    3. Learn the formula for making your business run smoothly without you, including how to:

    4. Learn strategies for staying sane, focussed & fulfilled while building your business, including how to:

    You'll also gain access to FREE resources, including practical summaries, tools and templates, to help you apply these strategies immediately. 

    If you want more growth, freedom and fulfilment, pick up your copy of The Mindful Entrepreneur today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top this page.

    Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings

    Features:- :- Bad meetings waste time. They often feel like a distraction from real work and are typically the
    result of poor planning, poor execution, or both. Thankfully, two women have dedicated their
    careers to improving meetings and have written this book to enable you to implement practices
    that will make meetings propel your work forward.

    Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Tai Tsao are colleagues at Meeteor, a company focused on making
    meetings more productive and meaningful. In Momentum, they combine their years of
    experience to provide a blueprint for success, including actionable tips you can immediately
    implement with your team. You’ll discover:

    ● How poor meeting practices are sabotaging your success
    ● Alternatives to holding a meeting
    ● How to design and prepare for a productive meeting
    ● How to keep the conversation on track
    ● How to take effective notes and manage follow-up actions
    ● How to implement meeting best practices with your team
    ● And more

    It’s time to put an end to wasteful, energy-draining meetings. Momentum offers a way to make meetings more engaging, fruitful, and enjoyable for everyone on your team.

    Paperback edition will be available in early December. Learn more at

    Secrets to Winning at Office Politics: How to Achieve Your Goals and Increase Your Influence at Work

    Features:- :-

    Get Ahead, Gain Influence, Get What You Want

    Office politics are an unavoidable fact of life in every workplace. To accomplish your personal and business goals, you must learn to successfully play the political game in your organization. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, Secrets to Winning at Office Politics can help you increase your personal power without compromising your integrity or taking advantage of others. This smart, practical guide shows you how to stop wasting energy on things you can't change and start taking steps to get what you want.

    Written by an organizational psychologist and corporate consultant, Marie G. McIntyre's Secrets to Winning at Office Politics uses real-life examples of political winners and losers to illustrate the behaviors that contribute to success or failure at work. You will be shown techniques for managing your boss more effectively, improving your influence skills, changing the way you are perceived, and dealing with difficult people. Using these proven strategies for political success, you will then be able to create a Political Game Plan that outlines the steps necessary to accomplish your own individual goals.

    Working With Emotional Intelligence

    Features:- :- Do you have what it takes to succeed in your career?

    The secret of success is not what they taught you in school. What matters most is not IQ, not a business school degree, not even technical know-how or years of expertise. The single most important factor in job performance and advancement is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is actually a set of skills that anyone can acquire, and in this practical guide, Daniel Goleman identifies them, explains their importance, and shows how they can be fostered.

    For leaders, emotional intelligence is almost 90 percent of what sets stars apart from the mediocre. As Goleman documents, it's the essential ingredient for reaching and staying at the top in any field, even in high-tech careers. And organizations that learn to operate in emotionally intelligent ways are the companies that will remain vital and dynamic in the competitive marketplace of today—and the future.

    Slovakia - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- Slovakia has struggled with a low international profile. Often overlooked as the Czech Republic’s little sister, it is a young country with an old culture and history, and a people who are proudly Central (not Eastern) European. Although for much of the twentieth century Czechs and Slovaks lived together in one state, there are important differences between them, differences that ultimately contributed to separation in 1993 and the rebirth of a sovereign Slovak state.Generally speaking, the Slovaks are more “Slavic” than the Czechs—their pace of life is slower, and their spare time is more often filled with friends, family, and music. They are known to be resistant to change, yet change has been a constant in the state’s short economic and political history—from the fall of communism in the Velvet Revolution of late 1989, to the Velvet Divorce of Czechoslovakia in 1993, to widespread economic diversification, expansion, and global influence, to European Union membership in 2004, and the adoption of the euro in 2009— and they have adapted with quiet optimism.Slovakia has been referred to as the economic “tiger” of Europe, and now that it has EU membership and a healthy industrial economy, Europeans are starting to take notice. Its popularity as a tourist destination has been growing rapidly in recent years. Slovaks call their country the Heart of Europe—a term that describes not only their geography but the Slovak character, which is warm, deeply hospitable, and immensely proud. Visitors who step outside Bratislava’s Staré mesto (Old Town) and take the time to explore the country beyond will discover a landscape of plains, meadows, mountains, natural spas, and hundreds of ancient castles, and a people at once modest, stoical, humorous, and responsive.This book captures the essence of what makes the Slovak people unique and explains something of the quirks and memorable aspects of their lifestyle. It opens a window onto their inner world, their customs and celebrations, and describes what to expect and how to behave in different situations. While the country is not without its frustrations for foreigners, most visitors succumb to its charms. Few have left without yearning to return to “the little big country.”

    New Zealand - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :-

    Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. Contents include * customs, values, and traditions * historical, religious, and political background * life at home * leisure, social, and cultural life * eating and drinking * do's, don'ts, and taboos * business practices * communication, spoken and unspoken

    LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter: Want the job of your dreams? It all starts with saying the right things on your LinkedIn Profile. Get ... faster. Make more money. Love what you do

    Features:- :- Shanna Landolt is a Top Executive Recruiter who has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX as a LinkedIn and Career Expert. LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter shows how to create a LinkedIn Profile that will get you noticed for your expertise. This book walks you through a step-by-step approach to creating a LinkedIn Profile that recruiters and hiring managers will notice. Learn how LinkedIn's Relevance Algorithm works so you know how to show up at the top of the search results every time. Learn what is important when it comes to your LinkedIn Photo. Discover job search tips and apps that you can combine with LinkedIn to get noticed. Make sure that you hear about the best opportunities for your expertise every time. It all starts with having the right LinkedIn Profile.

    Excuse Me: The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette

    Features:- :-

    Blending different generations, genders, and cultures brings energy and fresh perspectives to the workplace. But the flip side is an environment ripe for confusion and social blunders. Mix in increasingly open-plan workplaces and constant connectivity, and the chance that we?ll unintentionally annoy or offend others increases exponentially.

    Exactly what are the rules these days? Is it acceptable to text your boss at home? What is the polite way to ask a colleague to take a distracting conversation behind closed doors? What about the use of smartphones in meetings? Merging classic rules of behavior with new realities of modern business, Excuse Me spotlights dozens of puzzling situations, with suggestions for bridging divides. The book untangles the nuances of:

    While the youngest employees might seem unruly, the oldest can seem rigid. Good manners create an atmosphere of respect, and smooth the way for everyone to succeed.

    Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter's Guide

    Features:- :- Ole!
    If you think you smell something at work, there's probably good reason--"bull" has become the official language of business. Every day, we get bombarded by an endless stream of filtered, antiseptic, jargon-filled corporate speak, all of which makes it harder to get heard, harder to be authentic, and definitely harder to have fun.
    But it doesn't have to be that way. The team that brought you the Clio Award-winning Bullfighter software is back with an entertaining, bare-knuckled guide to talking straight--for those who want to climb the corporate ladder, but refuse to check their personality at the door.
    Why Business People Speak Like Idiots exposes four traps that transform us from funny, honest and engaging weekend people into boring business stiffs:
    • The Obscurity Trap: "After extensive analysis of the economic factors facing our industry, we have concluded that a restructuring is essential to maintaining competitive position. A task force has been assembled..." These are the empty calories of business communication. And, unfortunately, they're the rule. The Obscurity Trap catches idiots desperate to sound smart or prove their purpose, and lures them with message-killers like jargon, long-windedness, acronyms, and evasiveness.
    • The Anonymity Trap: Businesses love clones--easy to hire, easy to manage, easy to train, easy to replace--and almost everyone is all too happy to oblige. We outsource our voice through templates, speechwriters and email, and cave in to conventions that aren't really even rules.
    • The Hard-Sell Trap: Legions of business people fall prey to the Hard-Sell Trap. We overpromise. We accentuate the positive and pretend the negative doesn't exist. This may work for those pushing Ginsu knives and miracle Abdominizers, but it's dead wrong for persuading business people to listen.
    • The Tedium Trap: Everyone you work with thinks about sex, tells stories, gets caught up in life's amazing details, and judges everyone else by the way they look and act. We live to be entertained. We all learned that in Psychology 101, except for the business idiots who must have skipped that semester. They tattoo their long executive-sounding titles on their foreheads, dump pre-packaged numbers on their audience, and virtually guarantee that we want nothing to do with them.
    This is your wake-up call. Personality, humanity and candor are being sucked out of the workplace. Let the wonks send their empty messages. Yours are going to connect.
    Fast Company magazine named Why Business People Speak Like Idiots one of the ideas and trends that will change how we work and live in 2005.
    So grab your cape and sharpen your sword. It's time to fight the bull!

    Consulting 101, 2nd Edition: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

    Features:- :-

    Learn the fundamentals for a successful career in Consulting

    Follow these 101 tips to become an expert in the consulting profession

    Consulting 101 is an easy to read instruction guide that provides 101 tips for success in consulting. Using case studies in many of the tips, Lew Sauder provides the reader with advice on real world situations that he has experienced and observed over his more than 25 year career.

    Consulting 101 provides advice on:

    Scroll up and grab a copy today.


    Features:- :- "A truly comprehensive MBA Admissions Interview Guide from a former University of Chicago Booth School of Business Admissions Committee Interviewer Insider and Guest Lecturer. Packed with high-value practical guidance to deliver outstanding MBA Admissions Interviews every time!

    The print copy sales for $100. For a limited time only we're making the e-book available for just $0.99 cents. So whatever you do, get it now. It won't be available at this price or long.

    An eagerly awaited and expanded 2nd edition with a Foreword by George Andrews, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business' Associate Dean of Admissions For Evening and Weekend MBA Programs.

    -Practice With Real MBA Admissions Interviewer Questions
    -Rehearse With Detailed & Polished Recommended Responses
    -Navigate The MBA Interview Jungle With Confidence
    -Understand The MBA Admissions Interviewer Archetypes
    -Learn And Implement Influential Body Language Techniques
    -Communicate Effectively During & After The Interview
    -Avoid The Most Common MBA Admissions Interview Pitfalls
    -Read Your Interviewer And Adjust Your Responses Real-Time

    Through the strategic advice and techniques in this book, you will easily navigate your way through the top-tier MBA Admissions Interview process and will leave a lasting impression on your MBA Admissions Interviewer. Competition to gain admission to a top MBA program is incredibly fierce. This book provides you the ultimate competitive advantages to navigate the MBA Admissions Interview jungle!"

    Executive Intelligence: What All Great Leaders Have

    Features:- :-

    The final word on what traits make for highly successful managers—and a detailed explanation of how to identify potential standout performers.

    Executive Intelligence is about the substance behind great leadership. Inspired by the work of Peter Drucker and Jim Collins, Justin Menkes set out to isolate the qualities that make for the 'right' people. Drawing on his background in psychology and bolstered by interviews with accomplished CEOs, Menkes paints the portrait of the ideal executive.

    In a sense, Menkes's work reveals an executive IQ—the cognitive skills necessary in order to excel in senior management positions. Star leaders readily differentiate primary priorities from secondary concerns; they identify flawed assumptions; they anticipate the different needs of various stakeholders and how they might conflict with one another; and they recognise the underlying agendas of individuals in complex exchanges.

    Weaving together research, interviews and the results of his own proprietary testing, Menkes exposes one of the great fallacies of corporate life, that hiring and promotion are conducted on a systematic or scientific basis that allows the most accomplished to rise to their levels of optimal responsibility.

    Finally, Menkes is a passionate advocate for finding and employing the most talented people, especially those who may have been held back by external assumptions.

    Saudi Arabia - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. Contents include: * customs, values, and traditions * historical, religious, and political background * life at home * leisure, social, and cultural life * eating and drinking * do's, don'ts, and taboos * business practices * communication, spoken and unspoken

    Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know

    Features:- :- "5 out of 5 stars...[it's] ethical without being preachy, aspirational without being sappy, practical while still crackling with the author's natural wit." - Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine

    For the past seven years, Geoffrey James has written a daily blog that's become one of the most popular business-focused destinations on the web. In BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BULLSH*T, readers will learn surprising but tried-and-true secrets about being an extraordinary boss, coping with annoying coworkers, and navigating the thorny problems that recur in every workplace.


    Ethiopia - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. Contents include: * customs, values, and traditions * historical, religious, and political background * life at home * leisure, social, and cultural life * eating and drinking * do's, don'ts, and taboos * business practices * communication, spoken and unspoken

    Chinese Business Etiquette: A Guide to Protocol, Manners, and Culture in thePeople's Republic of China

    Features:- :- East-West business is booming as thousands of people flock to China. The author, with 25 years of experience dealing with the Chinese, provides up-to-date advice on how to succeed, avoid gaffes, interpret behaviour and make positive impressions.

    Cowboy Ethics: What It Takes to Win at Life

    Features:- :-

    A new approach to business ethics is quietly taking hold in executive suites and corporate boardrooms across America. Frustrated by an epidemic of misbehavior at all employee levels, management teams are getting back to basics—back to the idea that personal character and individual responsibility are the ultimate keys to integrity, just as they were back in the days of the Open Range.

    A decade ago, the book Cowboy Ethics first inspired businesspeople to look to the Code of the West. Once they did, they discovered that its simple, common-sense principles can be more effective guides to business leadership than a truckload of corporate mission statements, rules, and ethics manuals. “Cowboys are role models because they live by a code,” says author James P. Owen. “They show us what it means to stand for something, and to strive every day to make your actions line up with your beliefs. And isn’t that as good a definition of integrity as you can find?”

    In the years since, the book’s “Ten Principles to Live By” have been embraced by scores of companies, universities, and even a state government. This updated Tenth Anniversary hardcover edition traces the evolution of this grassroots business movement in brand-new chapters while preserving the inspirational lessons and stunning photography of the original. It’s ideal for corporate gifts, the new graduate, business students, or any career person who cares about doing the right thing.

    The Etiquette Edge: Modern Manners for Business Success

    Features:- :-

    Intelligence, ambition, and skill will start you on the road to success, but without strong communications skills, social savvy, and a sense of appropriate won’t get far.

    The Etiquette Edge gives you a crash course on modern business manners. New advice explains how to navigate sticky situations at work, including digital interactions that are easy to misinterpret—and hard to mend. From interviewing etiquette and dress codes to working in close quarters and communicating upward, you’ll master the essentials of making a great impression and building relationships, including how to:

    In our era of entitlement, saying thank-you and giving praise are increasingly rare—but these simple acts are far from empty gestures. They’re refreshing reflections of respect. Inconsiderate people and poor conduct may permeate the workplace, but success comes to those who play by a better set of rules.

    Don't They Know It's Friday

    Features:- :- This best-selling handbook addresses the cross-cultural aspects of life affecting Westerners and Gulf nationals in the GCC. It deals with the realities of business, and the stresses and strains of operating in the Gulf as a Western visitor or expatriate. It also focuses on the need for a common bond of understanding between staff in the Gulf and their managers at home. It shows, in a straightforward manner, the effects of Islam upon the daily life of the expatriate, and is a valuable reference to proper conduct in the Arab world.

    Japan - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- Japan is at a crossroads. The postwar economic miracle that brought it unprecedented development and prosperity is over. Since the publication of the first Culture Smart! guide, it has been overtaken by China as the world's second-largest economy. The balance of power in Asia has shifted and new players are entering the field. Loss of influence abroad, economic pressure at home, and the problems posed by a rapidly aging population present a real challenge to Japan's orderly and harmonious way of life, and to the very sense the Japanese have of themselves as a nation "apart." Traditional Japanese culture—based on a consensus-driven philosophy and underpinned by many protocols—is threatened by job insecurity, a growing class divide, and disillusionment with political leaders. But all is not lost. Japan is still a major economic power and cultural trendsetter, and the Japanese have a genius for innovation. The younger generation is open to change, women have a new confidence, and the country's technical and scientific research capability is as good as it gets. There is a growing ecological awareness that may well translate into new forms of eco-friendly industries. No one can predict how Japan will rise to the challenge, or what effect the changes will have on how people live, think, and behave. Paul Norbury's revised and updated edition of Culture Smart! Japan will guide you through a shifting cultural maze, and help you make your visit to this important, dynamic, and creative society a rich and mutually rewarding experience.

    Smart Talk: The Public Speaker’s Guide to Success in Every Situation (Quick & Dirty Tips)

    Features:- :-

    Have you ever lost out on a promotion? Struggled with a difficult conversation? Been put on the spot and blanked? Imagine if... were better at persuading others and negotiating for what you want. were more fluent at introducing yourself, making conversation, and following up. were better at delivering feedback, receiving criticism, and using positive language. were perceived as more diplomatic and charismatic.

    Smart Talk applies up-to-date communication research to everyday situations and gives smart, practical, step-by-step directions to achieve results. Smart Talk is no ordinary book— it's the Swiss Army Knife of communication—a comprehensive set of tools to build strong relationships and avoid communication breakdowns.

    With proven strategies and practical action plans, Smart Talk will help you resolve conflicts, strengthen your natural charisma, and master the art of persuasion. Never again will you dread a holiday party or be rendered speechless at a business meeting. Backed by solid research and written in an engaging narrative style with a warm sense of humor, communication expert Lisa B. Marshall translates her wealth of experience into practical, fresh advice to help you navigate any complex situation, and achieve professional success.

    China - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- Culture Smart! China puts the latest dramatic changes into a historical context, explains deep-seated cultural attitudes, and guides the visitor through a maze of unfamiliar social situations. It will enable you to discover for yourself the warmth, intelligence, humor, and humanity of this extraordinary people. The spectacular Beijing Olympics of 2008 heralded China's arrival as an economic superpower. When the world plunged into economic crisis, in China, too, factories closed, but most unemployed workers simply made their way back to the countryside. The patience, diligence, enterprise, and natural optimism that are part of the Chinese character helped tide it over the setback. New mega-cities sprang up, peopled by a generation of city dwellers, light years away from their parents' rural world. The Chinese have always taken a long-term view of events. They are proud of their ancient civilization and their modern achievements. Among the young, educated, urban elite there is an eagerness to discuss issues that were formerly "off limits."

    Alpha Male Syndrome

    Features:- :-

    The business world swarms with alpha males—powerhouses who take charge, produce astonishing results, and bring enormous value to their organizations. But many alphas also leave a path of destruction in their wake. Competitive, belligerent, and impatient, these hard-charging leaders can run roughshod over colleagues and employees, to the detriment of their careers and the bottom line.

    In Alpha Male Syndrome, Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson build on their Harvard Business Review article “Coaching the Alpha Male”—sounding a wake-up call to all alphas and the companies they work for. The authors show alphas how to leverage their unique strengths while confronting their destructive “flip side risks.” They describe the distinguishing dynamics of the alpha male syndrome and identify four breeds: commanders, executors, strategists, and visionaries. By understanding each type’s nuances, alphas can transform themselves into more effective leaders. And those who work with alphas can transform nightmare work groups into collaborative dream teams. Exercises, checklists, and tips enable readers to harness the enormous power of the alpha personality while minimizing the downsides of alpha behavior.

    Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect, and Creating Long-Lasting Business Relationships

    Features:- :- Create meaningful relationships that translate to better business

    Access to Asia presents a deeply insightful framework for today's global business leaders and managers, whether traveling from Toronto to Taipei, Baltimore to Bangalore, or San Francisco to Shanghai. Drawing from her extensive experience and global connections, author Sharon Schweitzer suggests that irrespective of their industry, everyone is essentially in the relationship business. Within Asia, building trust and inspiring respect are vital steps in developing business relationships that transcend basic contractual obligations. Readers will find in-the-trenches advice and stories from 80 regional experts in 10 countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Korea.

    Effective cross-cultural communication is mandatory for today's successful global business leaders. For companies and individuals looking to engage more successfully with their counterparts in Asia, Access to Asia showcases the critical people skills that drive global business success.

    The Etiquette Advantage in Business, Third Edition: Personal Skills for Professional Success

    Features:- :-

    Your key to professional and personal success

    Completely revised and updated, the third edition of the Posts' The Etiquette Advantage in Business is the ultimate guide professionals need to build successful business relationships with confidence

    Today, more than ever, good manners mean good business. The Etiquette Advantage in Business offers proven, essential advice, from resolving conflicts with ease and grace to building productive relationships with colleagues at all levels. It also offers up-to-date guidance on important professional skills, including ethics, harassment in the workplace, privacy, networking, email, social media dos and don'ts, and knowing how and when to take responsibility for mistakes.

    For the first time in business history, four distinct generations inhabit the workplace at the same time, leading to generational differences that can cause significant tensions and relationship problems. The Etiquette Advantage in Business aims to help navigate conflict by applying consideration, respect, and honesty to guide you safely through even the most difficult situations.

    Written for professionals from diverse backgrounds and fields, The Etiquette Advantage in Business remains the definitive resource for timeless advice on business entertaining and dining etiquette, written communications, appropriate attire for any business occasion, conventions and trade shows, job searches and interviews, gift-giving, overseas travel, and more.

    In today's hyper-competitive workplace, knowing how to get along can make the difference between getting ahead and getting left behind. The Etiquette Advantage in Business provides critical tools for building solid, productive relationships and will help you meet the challenges of the work world with confidence and poise.

    Egypt - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :-

    This revised and updated edition of Culture Smart! Egypt reveals a country in the throes of change. The largely secular revolution that started in Cairo's Tahrir Square in January 2011 became the flagship of the Arab Spring revolts. The uprising resulted in a political effervescence, with new parties, movements, and groups all jostling for space in the new political landscape. But the situation remains fluid. Free elections produced a parliament dominated by Islamists and the country's political and social identity has yet to be defined. Egypt's heady spirit of change is both rooted in and challenged by traditional and deeply conservative values. The timeless Egypt that has inspired conquerors, academics, and artists for millennia is home to 82 million people who call it Omm Eddunia, Mother of the World. It is the people who are Egypt's true wealth. They are friendly, cheerful, proud, and renowned for their sense of humor. In bringing the narrative up to date, this new edition of Culture Smart! Egypt explores the codes and paradoxes of Egyptian life. It outlines the country's history and shows the forces that have shaped its sensibility. It explains values and attitudes, and guides you through local customs and traditions. It opens a window into the private lives of Egyptians, how they behave at home, and how they interact with foreign visitors. It offers practical advice, from how to make friends to avoiding faux pas. It sets out to make your encounter as rich as possible by taking you beyond the clichés to the real people.

    Works Well with Others: An Outsider's Guide to Shaking Hands, Shutting Up, Handling Jerks, and Other Crucial Skills in Business That No One Ever Teaches You

    Features:- :- Esquire editor and Entrepreneur etiquette columnist Ross McCammon delivers a funny and authoritative guide that provides the advice you really need to be confident and authentic at work, even when you have no idea what’s going on.
    Ten years ago, before he got a job at Esquire magazine and way before he became the etiquette columnist at Entrepreneur magazine, Ross McCammon, editor at an in-flight magazine, was staring out a second-floor window at a parking lot in suburban Dallas wondering if it was five o’clock yet. Everything changed with one phone call from Esquire. Three weeks later, he was working in New York and wondering what the hell had just happened.
    This is McCammon’s honest, funny, and entertaining journey from impostor to authority, a story that begins with periods of debilitating workplace anxiety but leads to rich insights and practical advice from a guy who “made it” but who still remembers what it’s like to feel entirely ill-equipped for professional success. And for life in general, if we’re being completely honest. McCammon points out the workplace for what it is: an often absurd landscape of ego and fear guided by social rules that no one ever talks about. He offers a mix of enlightening and often self-deprecating personal stories about his experience and clear, practical advice on getting the small things right—crucial skills that often go unacknowledged—from shaking a hand to conducting a business meeting in a bar to navigating a work party. 

    Here is an inspirational new way of looking at your job, your career, and success itself; an accessible guide for those of us who are smart, talented, and ambitious but who aren’t well-“leveraged” and don’t quite feel prepared for success . . . or know what to do once we’ve made it. 

    Modern Etiquette for a Better Life: Master All Social and Business Exchanges

    Features:- :-

    The Easy and Smart Way to Mind Your Manners in the Boardroom and Beyond

    Diane Gottsman is here to make minding your manners more practical, relatable and modern. In today’s busy world, there are too many instances when proper social behavior can go awry, holding us back or making us nervous. Knowing what to say, wear and how to conduct ourselves not only opens many doors, but also puts us at ease and brings out the best in us.

    Without being rigid or stuffy, Diane’s simple and easy tips show readers how to feel comfortable in any situation and how to elegantly become their best, most confident selves. Readers will no longer worry about what to wear to work; how to shake hands with a higher-level executive; how to travel with the boss and deal with office cliques; how to conduct oneself on social media and the do’s and don’ts of everything in between, from table manners to baby showers.

    The Chinese Way in Business: The Secrets of Successful Business Dealings in China

    Features:- :- This book is a comprehensive, expert guide to doing business in China

    Western technology, management expertise and capital have fueled an incredible expansion of China's economy. Trade with China is at an all-time high, and so are the numbers of Westerners traveling to China for business. Business from China has also picked up as Chinese firms look to expand abroad. Understanding the ins and outs of the confusing and often contradictory Chinese business culture can lend an enormous advantage. The Chinese Way in Business is an invaluable tool that teaches Westerners the basic Chinese philosophy of doing business and how to cultivate strong personal relationships with Chinese business people and Chinese nationals.

    The author, Boye Lafayette De Mente worked in Asia for over thirty years as a journalist and business consultant and has long been considered an authority on East Asian business. In this book, he reveals the historical factors, collective traits and individual qualities that determine how the Chinese do business today, and the direction their economy will take in the future. His is a true insider's view—whether the topic is the legal framework for business development, or the importance of social relationships to successful business dealings in China.

    The book is broken into ten key parts:

    Switzerland - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- There is far more to Switzerland than beautiful scenery, chocolate, watches, faceless bankers, and spotless cities. The real Switzerland is full of surprises and anything but bland. This small, rugged, landlocked country at the heart of Europe has been a confederation since the first three cantons came together in a defensive alliance in 1291. Four national languages are spoken within its borders. Its present twenty-six cantons are largely autonomous and retain their individual characters. In this grassroots democracy real power lies with the people, who exercise it directly through frequent referendums. “Swissness” is, above all, a spirit of independence and of communal involvement.Although it is a model of peace and multicultural cooperation, with one of the highest standards of living in Europe, Switzerland’s prosperity has been hard-won. Historically neutral, it maintains a semi-detached relationship within the European Union. In 2014, a national referendum supported quotas on EU migrants. Despite the several hundred thousand EU nationals living and working within its borders, and almost half a million Swiss working in the EU, this small, resource-poor country appears determined to retain its independence. Culture Smart! Switzerland provides an historical perspective, explores Swiss values and attitudes, and looks at the cultural continuity of festivals and traditions. It helps you navigate the workplace, the neighborhood, and the social scene. It offers crucial insights into Swiss business culture, and more generally on differences in communication style. Swiss people are not always easy to get to know. Proud, industrious, fair-minded, and creative, they respect the individual, which means that while they appreciate clear thinking and direct talking, they avoid confrontation. They will never intrude, yet will willingly help out if asked. Make the effort, and people will respond. Warmth, decency, intelligence, and wit are among the many hidden riches of this fascinating society.

    Designing Your Life: Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of the Subconscious Mind

    Features:- :- Designing Your Life by Dennis M. Postema
    What is the subconscious? To most, the subconscious mind is what we call thoughts that we do not realize we have.
    The subconscious is what drives us, fuels us, gives reasons to our actions when we had originally thought we had no reason at all. The subconscious is a powerful, unharnessed tool naturally given to every person, an inalienable gift. This tool can be used in so many different ways by so many different people. The subconscious mind is a tool everyone needs to be an expert in using because, without harnessing its power, one cannot reach their full potential.
    In bestselling author Dennis M. Postema's book, Designing Your Life: Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of the Subconscious Mind, Postema showcases that tool. Using his expertise as a life coach, Postema helps his readers to see just how much happier they can be once they've uncovered their subconscious and learned how to use it to create just what they want their life to be.
    More than a self-help book, Designing Your Life: Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of the Subconscious Mind does just what it's title indicates and allows the reader, once they've learned for themselves just how and what it means to unlock their subconscious, to see the infinite possibilities now available to them that were not there before.
    Through his book, his readers are able to see that they can do more than just live, they can create their own success, their own happiness, they can use their now-harnessed gift to become the person they've always wanted to be, their own version of perfection.
    More than a self-help book, more than a motivational book, Postema's Designing Your Life is a way for readers to get to know themselves and their minds differently and use their given gifts to reach their full potential.
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    Etiquette Guide to China: Know the Rules that Make the Difference!

    Features:- :- This essential guide to Chinese etiquette will make embarrassing social blunders a thing of the past!

    Whether you're traveling to China for business or pleasure, whether your stay will be long or short, your visit will be more pleasurable and effective if you understand your host culture and how to work within it.

    This updated and expanded edition of the best-selling Chinese etiquette guide on the market addresses not just the puzzling protocols relating to name cards, bowing or shaking hands, bathrooms and public baths—but also what to do when entertaining Chinese dinner guests, attending a Chinese tea ceremony, taking the subway, and much more!

    It also provides the latest etiquette in mobile phone manners, texting, social media and other forms of digital communication. The glossary at the back of the book has been revised to include the latest technology-related words and expressions used in China today. Two new chapters address the changing role of foreigners in the workplace and the contemporary business style and etiquette used by the younger generation of China who are now increasingly cosmopolitan—but still very Chinese!

    Etiquette Guide to China includes everything you need to know to be a successful, courteous traveler:

    South Africa - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :- Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. Contents include * customs, values, and traditions * historical, religious, and political background * life at home * leisure, social, and cultural life * eating and drinking * do's, don'ts, and taboos * business practices * communication, spoken and unspoken

    Reach Out: The Simple Strategy You Need to Expand Your Network and Increase Your Influence

    Features:- :-

    A practical guide to building valuable career connections—through tools you already have and people you already know

    Success in life is more than having goals and skills. You need connections. And to get connections, you need to Reach Outfearlessly, strategically, and every day of the work week.

    For many, this is a daunting and confusing task.

    Reach Out shows readers how to use social media and simple digital tools to begin building and expanding the number of people they know. Author Molly Beck explains how to:

    Establish and strengthen your digital presence

    Develop career goals that Reaching Out can help you obtain

    Think strategically about who you have already met, who you could strengthen a relationship with, and who your current connections know

    Determine who to Reach Out to and push past common networking fears to do it

    Apply step-by-step instructions on how to craft email and social media messages to those you want to connect with

    Optimize your efforts by managing both your time and your inbox

    The book features personal stories on networking from some of today’s top thought leaders. Studies, statistics, and real world examples illustrate the key concepts of Reaching Out. Whether you’re just starting out, changing jobs, or well-established and just eager to know more people, Reaching Out will help you turn career dreams into professional success by helping you connect with others who can put you on the fast track.

    Doing Business by the Good Book: 52 Lessons on Success Straight from the Bible

    Features:- :- An indispensable volume that shows how to succeed in business by using the Bible and its lessons as a source of inspiration and guidance n 1990, David L. Steward founded his company, Worldwide Technology, Inc., on a shoestring budget and borrowed money, well aware of the high-risk nature of the venture he was undertaking. Despite the fact that he was a novice entrepreneur, he was certain he would succeed. Steward believed intensely that God wouldn't let him down.

    Doing Business by the Good Book shares the inspiring lessons culled straight from the Bible, that Steward used to build his privately held billion-dollar company into a global information technology enterprise.

    Don't Reply All: 18 Email Tactics That Help You Write Better Emails and Improve Communication with Your Team

    Features:- :-

    #1 Amazon Best Seller in the Business Etiquette & Office Automation categories

    "I wish everyone who emails me would read this book."

    - Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics

    Are you frustrated with the amount of time you spend on business email every day?

    Don't Reply All will show you how to use email more efficiently.

    Most employees spend over 11 hours a week reading and replying to emails.

    In this book, you'll learn how to spend less time and make your messages more effective. You'll get research-based guidelines for improving the way you communicate with your team members.

    You’ll also learn how to write professional emails that are read and responded to more frequently.

    DOWNLOAD :: Don’t Reply All: 18 Email Tactics That Help You Write Better Emails and Improve Communication with Your Team

    Here is a partial list of what's covered:

    Here's what's included in the book:

    Tactic #1: Assign Tasks in an Email Using the "3Ws"
    Tactic #2: Write the Perfect Subject Line
    Tactic #3: TL;DR - Write Emails That are Five Sentences or Less
    Tactic #4: Break Long Emails into Two Parts
    Tactic #5: Make Your Emails Scannable
    Tactic #6: Show Instead of Tell by Attaching Screenshots
    Tactic #7: Spell Out Time Zones, Dates, and Acronyms
    Tactic #8: Use "If...then..." Statements
    Tactic #9: Present Options Instead of Asking Open-Ended Questions
    Tactic #10: Re-Read Your Email Once for a Content Check
    Tactic #11: Save Drafts of Repetitive Emails
    Tactic #12: Write It Now, Send It Later Using Delay Delivery
    Tactic #13: Don't Reply All (Unless You Absolutely Have To)
    Tactic #14: Reply to Questions Inline
    Tactic #15: Reply Immediately to Time-Sensitive Emails
    Tactic #16: Read the Latest Email on a Thread Before Responding
    Tactic #17: Write the Perfect Out-of-Office (OOO) Auto Reply
    Tactic #18: Share the Rules of Email Ahead of Time

    Free Bonus

    As a free bonus for purchasing this book, you'll get a downloadable cheat sheet (a PDF file) that summarizes the content on one single page. You'll also get a PowerPoint presentation (a PPT file) that also summarizes the tactics in the book, but in more detail so you can share the deck with your team.

    Would you like to learn more?

    Download Don't Reply All now to get started.

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    The Schmuck in My Office: How to Deal Effectively with Difficult People at Work

    Features:- :-

    "This is a timely must-read for managers and anyone who has ever had to deal with a difficult coworker; it addresses a ubiquitous problem in a proactive, positive manner that should get the desired results." - Publishers Weekly

    Everyone has a “schmuck” in their office---a difficult, disruptive person who upsets the workplace, confuses coworkers, and causes concern. It’s hard to understand why schmucks act the way they do, but one thing is certain---they seem to come in all shapes and sizes. . . .

    - Narcissus---the condescending attention-seeker who carelessly steps on everyone’s toes
    - The Flytrap---the bringer of chaos whose emotional instability causes an office maelstrom
    - The Bean Counter---the orderly perfectionist who never gives up control, even when it’s full-steam-ahead to disaster
    - The Robot---the unreadable stone wall who just can’t connect

    Sound like anyone you know? These are just a few of the more prominent types of difficult people at work. In The Schmuck in My Office, Dr. Jody Foster explains the entire spectrum of people we may think of as schmucks, how they can decrease productivity, destroy teams, and generally make everyone else unhappy. Along with nailing down the various types, she looks at personality traits and explains how dysfunctional interactions among coworkers can lead to workplace fiascos. She helps readers understand schmucks as people, figure out how to work with them, and ultimately solve workplace problems. She also makes readers consider the most difficult thing of all: despite where your finger may be pointing, sometimes you are the “schmuck”! Let Dr. Foster teach you how to make your workplace a happier and more productive one.

    Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles To Success and Happiness

    Features:- :-

    Are you unhappy with your directionless life? Discover a roadmap for navigating your successful, fulfilling future.

    "A simple, effective plan to change your life and attain your goals." - Jim "The Rookie" Morris, Athlete, author, teacher and inspiration for the movie, The Rookie.

    Struggling to cope with personal tragedy? Worried you’ll never live up to your full potential? Bestselling author Roy Huff overcame abuse and abject poverty to become an accomplished teacher and research scientist. His secrets for success have changed countless lives, and now they can help you too!

    Think Smart Not Hard connects science and human psychology to help you retrain your brain for a brighter tomorrow. Through a combination of step-by-step strategies and inspirational anecdotes, this transformational guidebook will help you conquer common obstacles to discover your life’s true path.

    In Think Smart Not Hard, you’ll discover:

    Think Smart Not Hard is your no-nonsense guide for finally grasping the life you were born to live. If you like real-world applications, optimizing your existing strengths, and honest accounts from a self-made man, then you’ll love Roy Huff’s energizing resource.

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    Habits : 5O Best Habits To Create A Successful Life And Break Bad Habits Permanently!

    Features:- :-

    Habits - The Secrets To Changing Your Bad Habits Will Be Revealed!

    A Short Read With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time

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    Your bad habits hinder you on creating a wonderful life. It keeps you from accomplishing your goals. They may even endanger your health, whether physically, emotionally or mentally. Not to mention that waste most of your time and energy instead of making the most of it. Let’s face it. It runs our lives. Most of what we do are truly based on the habit we have developed at some points of our life. But the question here is, why we keep on doing them although we already know they are wrong? Is there anything we can do to break them?

    If that is the case, you are reading the perfect book! This is not a book to remind you of your mistakes or fill your mind with empty motivational quotes

    This book will include step-by-step instructions and the how to’s along the way.

    Are you ready to make that change?

    Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

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    The Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Greet, Eat, and Tweet Your Way to Success

    Features:- :-

    The Definitive Guide to Professional Behavior

    Whether you’re eating lunch with a client, Skyping with your boss, or meeting a business partner for the first time--it's all about how you present yourself. The Essentials of Business Etiquette gives you 101 critical tips for improving behavior in any business situation--all delivered in a quick, no-nonsense format.

    "If you are looking for practical guidelines on how to conduct yourself in a business situation, what behaviors you need to use to get ahead, and how to be sure that you do not offend others, read this book!" -- MADELINE BELL, President and COO, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    "Pachter has once again done an excellent job at highlighting some key tools to succeed in leadership and how to conduct yourself in the workplace." -- JOSEPH A. BARONE, PharmD, FCCP, Acting Dean and Professor II, Rutgers University, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

    "The pragmatic advice Barbara offers is sure to meaningfully help people be more confident and effective in multiple business situations." -- ELIZABETH WALKER, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Campbell Soup Company

    “Readable, well-organized . . . presents practical, sound advice on the most common situations involving business etiquette: communication, body language, dress, dining, telephone, and cell phone use, making presentations, job interviewing, and many other essentials. Recommended. All business collections and readership levels.” -- CHOICE

    Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top

    Features:- :- From the world-renowned etiquette expert and her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, an elegant guide to 21st-century manners and etiquette for professionals who want to be confident and successful in the business and social arenas.
    Developing good etiquette and manners is an important investment in your future. They allow you to feel at ease in any situation--and give you the polish and confidence to become a leader. Etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson's essential dos and don'ts address both 21st-century and classic questions, including:

    * acing job interviews
    * giving confident handshakes
    * making conversation
    * proper business attire and meeting protocol
    * e-mail etiquette, including what to post--or not--on social media
    * how to deal with rude cell phone users
    * conducting a meeting at a restaurant
    * attending business or social events
    * table manners

    With style, wit, and delightful commentary throughout from her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, on everything from being a good guest to finding a balance with technology, Modern Manners is the must-have guide to ensure your success.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean

    Features:- :-

    Joining the ranks of classics like The Elements of Style and On Writing Well, Writing Without Bullshit helps professionals get to the point to get ahead.

    It’s time for Writing Without Bullshit.

    Writing Without Bullshit is the first comprehensive guide to writing for today’s world: a noisy environment where everyone reads what you write on a screen. The average news story now gets only 36 seconds of attention. Unless you change how you write, your emails, reports, and Web copy don’t stand a chance.

    In this practical and witty book, you’ll learn to front-load your writing with pithy titles, subject lines, and opening sentences. You’ll acquire the courage and skill to purge weak and meaningless jargon, wimpy passive voice, and cowardly weasel words. And you’ll get used to writing directly to the reader to make every word count.

    At the center of it all is the Iron Imperative: treat the reader’s time as more valuable than your own. Embrace that, and your customers, your boss, and your colleagues will recognize the power and boldness of your thinking.

    Transcend the fear that makes your writing weak. Plan and execute writing projects with confidence. Manage edits and reviews flawlessly. And master every modern format from emails and social media to reports and press releases.

    Stop writing to fit in. Start writing to stand out. Boost your career by writing without bullshit.

    Robert's Rules in Plain English 2e: A Readable, Authoritative, Easy-to-Use Guide to Running Meetings

    Features:- :-

    A revised edition of the bestselling Robert's Rules in Plain English, which still stands as the most concise, most-user friendly guide to parliamentary procedure on the market today.

    If you've ever had to run a meeting according to parliamentary procedures, you know just how difficult it is to keep track of all the rules, much less follow them. Figuring out what to say and how to say it seems an impossible task.

    Robert's Rules in Plain English, 2nd edition, is the solution to that problem. Not only does it provide you with the essential, basic rules in simple, straightforward English, it also includes summaries, outlines, charts, and sample dialogues so you can see exactly how these rules work in practice.

    With an extended glossary and new chapters on electronic meetings and internet usage, Robert's Rules in Plain English, 2nd edition, is an authoritative, modern guide to running a meeting successfully and keeping it on track.

    India - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

    Features:- :-

    India's population of 1.2 billion is as varied and colorful as the spice markets of Old Delhi. Each region, caste, and community has its own culture, reflecting unique histories shaped by conquest, creativity, and religion, expressed in distinct languages, social customs, art forms, and expectations of life. Despite enormous recent political and economic change, in many ways India remains the same—a total sensory experience. The chaos and beauty of color and sound, the language shifts every ten miles, the household variations of spicy and sharp, sweet and sour, the insistent smells of everyday life lived very much in public, and the invasion of personal space will challenge the most experienced traveler. But it is in surrendering to your senses that you begin to embrace the essence of India and to understand its people. Indians live with paradox. Proud traditions and patriotism commingle with tensions and prejudices rooted in age-old rivalries. Ancient temples may be plastered with signs advertising the latest technologies. The rapid urbanization of the last century has given rise to burgeoning slums and an affluent middle class that was nonexistent a few decades ago. Steeped in tradition, exceptionally fatalistic, and intensely passionate about their culture, the Indians are an ingenious, adventurous, and creative people. Show interest in their country and most will respond with genuine warmth and friendship. But they also have indelible ties to family and community that form boundaries and determine decisions that may not always seem reasonable, or sometimes even ethical, to outsiders. Culture Smart! India will make you aware of basic values and behavioral norms, show you how to navigate cultural differences and connect with real people, and offer invaluable insights into this great, endlessly fascinating land.

    Charisma on Command: Inspire, Impress, and Energize Everyone You Meet

    Features:- :-

    Have you ever encountered someone with magnetic charisma?

    The type of person that you just immediately liked and trusted? That commanded respect without hardly uttering a word?

    Maybe you've even felt something like it everything you said was engaging and made people laugh. Like people were just drawn to you.

    Do you want to know how to turn that personal magnetism on at a moment's notice?

    Then this book is for you!

    Charisma on Command will teach you how to tap into your charismatic potential so that you can turn it on whenever you want. It draws on analysis of the most charismatic people in the world, including Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Russell Brand, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Tony Robbins, and more. You'll learn the mindsets, body language, and exercises that can make you the person others are drawn to. The type of person you might meet for a minute, but remember for a lifetime.

    Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy

    Features:- :-

    Is your career as a creative solopreneur going nowhere fast? Harness the power of collaboration to supercharge your audience and income.

    Has fear of rejection kept you from reaching out to influencers? Are you worried about making a bad first impression? Author, blogger, and podcaster Kirsten Oliphant has landed career-changing speaking gigs and industry leading guests with her simple outreach methods. And now she's here to help you do the same.

    Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy is a game-changing resource for finding potential collaborators. With Kirsten's guidance, you'll explore the many advantages of collaboration and the common pitfalls to avoid. Inside, you'll learn how to craft the perfect pitch and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

    In Creative Collaborations, you'll discover:

    The book also comes with a free companion course that contains videos, resources, and other guides to help you take the next step in your collaborative solopreneurial career. Creative Collaborations is your step-by-step guidebook for expanding your network the right way. If you like expert advice, extra motivation, and practical actions you can take immediately, then you'll love Kirsten Oliphant's inspirational resource.

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    Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than 60 Countries

    Features:- :- Your Passport to International Business Etiquette

    The most authoritative and comprehensive text of its kind, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, 2nd Edition, is your must-have guide to proper international business protocol. With countries such as China and India taking on a more significant role in the global business landscape, you can't afford not to know the practices, customs, and philosophies of other countries.

    Now fully revised, updated, and expanded with over sixty country profiles, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, 2nd Edition, provides invaluable information on how to handle common business interactions with grace, respect, and an appreciation for different cultures.

    The Fine Art of Small Talk: How to Start a Conversation, Keep It Going, Build Networking Skills--and Leave a Positive Impression!

    Features:- :- Nationally recognized communication expert Debra Fine reveals the techniques and strategies anyone can use to make small talk--in any situation. Do you spend an abnormal amount of time hiding out in the bathroom or hanging out at the buffet table at social gatherings? Does the thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger make your stomach do flip-flops? Do you sit nervously through job interviews waiting for the other person to speak? Are you a "Nervous Ned or Nellie" when it comes to networking? Then it's time you mastered The Fine Art of Small Talk.

    With practical advice and conversation "cheat sheets," The Fine Art of Small Talk will help you learn to feel more comfortable in any type of social situation, from lunch with the boss to an association event to a cocktail party where you don't know a soul.

    Etiquette Guide to Japan: Know the rules that make the difference!

    Features:- :- Farewell to faux pas!

    Minding your manners is an acquired skill, but what serves you well elsewhere could trip you up in Japan. Save yourself possible embarrassment with Etiquette Guide to Japan. An inside look at Japanese social graces, it answers all the questions of the thoughtful traveler. Extensive, specific information on Japanese business etiquette assists readers traveling to Japan for business.

    Although often overshadowed by a modern facade, long–standing traditional aspects of Japan's culture still influence the country and almost everyone in it. Concrete evidence of this traditional culture can be seen everywhere—in the ancient arts and crafts that are still important parts of everyday life, in the many shrines and temples that dot the nation, and in the modern comeback of traditional fashions such as kimono and yakata robes.

    To many Western visitors, however, the most obvious example of this traditional culture's strength is the unique etiquette of the Japanese. Like many nations, Japan has experienced vast political, social, and economic change over the past century. But enough of Japan's traditional etiquette remains to set the Japanese apart socially and psychologically and to make success in socializing and doing business with them a special challenge for Westerners.

    About this new version:
    This updated and expanded edition of the best-selling Japanese etiquette guide addresses not just the puzzling protocols relating to name cards, bowing or shaking hands, bathrooms and public baths—but also what to do when entertaining Japanese dinner guests, attending a Japanese tea ceremony, taking the subway, and much more! It also provides the latest etiquette in mobile phone manners, texting, social media and other forms of digital communication.

    The glossary at the back of the book has been revised to include the latest technology-related words and expressions used by Japanese today. Two new chapters address the changing role of foreigners in the workplace and the contemporary business style and etiquette used by the younger generation of Japanese who are now increasingly cosmopolitan—but still very Japanese!

    Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture

    Features:- :- In The Japanese Mind, Roger Davies offers Westerners an invaluable key to the unique aspects of Japanese culture.

    Readers of this book will gain a clear understanding of what makes the Japanese, and their society, tick. Among the topics explored: aimai (ambiguity), amae (dependence upon others' benevolence), amakudari (the nation's descent from heaven), chinmoku (silence in communication), gambari (perseverance), giri (social obligation), haragei (literally, "belly art"; implicit, unspoken communication), kenkyo (the appearance of modesty), sempai-kohai (seniority), wabi-sabi (simplicity and elegance), and zoto (gift giving), as well as discussions of child-rearing, personal space, and the roles of women in Japanese society. It includes discussion topics and questions after each chapter.

    All in all, this book is an easy-to-use introduction to the distinguishing characteristics of Japanese society; an invaluable resource for anyone—business people, travelers, or students—perfect for course adoption, but also for anyone interested in Japanese culture.

    Next in this series:
    Now available separately, Japanese Culture: The Religious and Philosophical Foundations is a fascinating journey through Japan's rich cultural history.

    Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success

    Features:- :-

    Are you “leadership material?” More importantly, do others perceive you to be? Sylvia Ann Hewlett, a noted expert on workplace power and influence, shows you how to identify and embody the Executive Presence (EP) that you need to succeed.

    You can have the experience and qualifications of a leader, but without executive presence, you won't advance. EP is an amalgam of qualities that true leaders exude, a presence that telegraphs you're in charge or deserve to be. Articulating those qualities isn't easy, however.

    Based on a nationwide survey of college graduates working across a range of sectors and occupations, Sylvia Hewlett and the Center for Talent Innovation discovered that EP is a dynamic, cohesive mix of appearance, communication, and gravitas. While these elements are not equal, to have true EP, you must know how to use all of them to your advantage.

    Filled with eye-opening insights, analysis, and practical advice for both men and women, mixed with illustrative examples from executives learning to use the EP, Executive Presence will help you make the leap from working like an executive to feeling like an executive.

    Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

    Features:- :- Enchantment, as defined by bestselling business guru Guy Kawasaki, is not about manipulating people. It transforms situations and relationships. It converts hostility into civility and civility into affinity. It changes the skeptics and cynics into the believers and the undecided into the loyal. Enchantment can happen during a retail transaction, a high-level corporate negotiation, or a Facebook update. And when done right, it's more powerful than traditional persuasion, influence, or marketing techniques.

    Kawasaki argues that in business and personal interactions, your goal is not merely to get what you want but to bring about a voluntary, enduring, and delightful change in other people. By enlisting their own goals and desires, by being likable and trustworthy, and by framing a cause that others can embrace, you can change hearts, minds, and actions. For instance, enchantment is what enabled . . .


       •  A Peace Corps volunteer to finesse a potentially violent confrontation with armed guerrillas.
       •  A small cable channel (E!) to win the TV broadcast rights to radio superstar Howard Stern.
       •  A seemingly crazy new running shoe (Vibram Five Fingers) to methodically build a passionate customer base.
       •  A Canadian crystal maker (Nova Scotian Crystal) to turn observers into buyers.

    This book explains all the tactics you need to prepare and launch an enchantment campaign; to get the most from both push and pull technologies; and to enchant your customers, your employees, and even your boss. It shows how enchantment can turn difficult decisions your way, at times when intangibles mean more than hard facts. It will help you overcome other people's entrenched habits and defy the not-always-wise "wisdom of the crowd."

    Kawasaki's lessons are drawn from his tenure at one of the most enchanting organizations of all time, Apple, as well as his decades of experience as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. There are few people in the world more qualified to teach you how to enchant people.

    As Kawasaki writes, "Want to change the world? Change caterpillars into butterflies? This takes more than run-of-the-mill relationships. You need to convince people to dream the same dream that you do." That's a big goal, but one that's possible for all of us.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    How to Work a Room, 25th Anniversary Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections--In Person and Online

    Features:- :-

    How To Work A Room is the classic bestselling self-help book on improving communication and socialization skills in business and life, giving you the confidence and tools to walk into any room and shine. The 25th Anniversary Edition is fully revised and updated, incorporating new research on interaction and the role of technology and social media in networking, with RoAne’s proven tips for using digital strategies to your advantage. RoAne lays down the fundamentals for savvy socializing, whether at a party, a conference, or online, with practical advice for starting conversations and strengthening rapport with strangers. How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting ConnectionsIn Person and Online will continue to be a vital tool for business professionals, job seekers, and career changers of all ages.

    The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt

    Features:- :-

    If you're feeling stressed out, overtaxed, under-appreciated, bullied, or abused because you work with a jerk, learn how to avoid, outwit, and disarm assholes—today.
    Equally useful and entertaining, The Asshole Survival Guide delivers a cogent and methodical game plan when you find yourself working with a jerk—whether in the office, on the field, in the classroom, or just in life.  
    Sutton starts with diagnosis—what kind of asshole problem, exactly, are you dealing with? From there, he provides field-tested, evidence-based, and sometimes surprising strategies for dealing with the rude, impolite, irritating, unpleasant, or just plain incompetent—avoiding them, outwitting them, disarming them, sending them packing, and developing protective psychological armor. Sutton even teaches readers how to look inward to stifle their own inner jackass. 

    Ultimately, this survival guide is about developing an outlook and personal plan that will help you preserve the sanity in your life, and will prevent all those perfectly good days from being ruined by some jerk.

    Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching

    Features:- :-

    Is great teaching a gift that only a few of us are born with, or is it a skill that can be learned? In Never Work Harder Than Your Students, Robyn Jackson makes a radical assertion: Any teacher can become a master teacher by developing a master teacher mindset. The master teacher mindset can be achieved by rigorously applying seven principles to your teaching until they become your automatic response to students in the classroom. The more you practice these seven principles, the more you begin to think like a master teacher:

    1. Start where your students are.

    2. Know where your students are going.

    3. Expect to get your students to their goal.

    4. Support your students along the way.

    5. Use feedback to help you and your students get better.

    6. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

    7. Never work harder than your students.

    Using these principles, Jackson shows you how to become a master teacher no matter where you are in your practice. Each chapter provides a detailed explanation of one of the mastery principles, the steps you need to take to apply them to your own practice, and suggestions for how you can begin practicing the principle in your classroom right away. Jackson offers stories from her own teaching practice, as well as from other teachers she has helped, to show you how each principle works. Teaching is a hard job, but using Jackson’s principles will help you and your students reap the rich rewards of that hard work.

    Passing the Principal TExES Exam: Keys to Certification and School Leadership

    Features:- :-

    Your guide to acing the TExEs exam

    This best-selling handbook is the definitive resource for prospective principals who want to boost student performance and demonstrate outstanding school leadership. Thoroughly updated to address the completely revamped TExES exam, this new edition details:

    The Norton Field Guide to Writing (Fourth Edition)

    Features:- :-

    Flexible, easy to use, just enough detail—and the number-one best selling rhetoric.

    The Norton Field Guide to Writing’s flexibility and ease of use have made it the leading rhetoric text on the market—and a perfect choice for committees representing varying teaching styles. With just enough detail — and color-coded links that send students to more detail if they need it — this is the rhetoric that tells students what they need to know but resists the temptation to tell them everything there is to know. The Fourth Edition includes new chapters on summarizing and responding, on developing academic habits of mind, and on writing literary analysis.

    The Norton Field Guide to Writing is also available with a handbook, an anthology, or both. To make the book more helpful for multilingual writers, the versions with the handbook include new chapters on idioms, prepositions, and Englishes; to accommodate instructors and programs teaching literary analysis, the versions with the anthology include two student essays that analyze literature and five short stories and poems for analysis. All versions are available as low-cost ebooks and in mobile-compatible formats for smart phones and tablets.

    Better Memory Now: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly, Improve Memory, & Ability to Focus for Students, Professionals, and Everyone Else who wants Memory Improvement

    Features:- :-

    Why you Must Get the BETTER MEMORY NOW by Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly, Improve Memory, and Ability to Focus Book to help you with your school studies, business, social, and personal life, RIGHT NOW! **Free Gift** Better Memory Now Video Series

    > You're guaranteed to see a dramatic memory improvement in your ability to memorize and remember all sorts of information including school material for students, business information for professionals, names and faces, memory competition material for memory athletes, and more if you follow the simple to learn 3 Step AE Mind Memory System!

    > Luis Angel went from having ADD and memory problems to competing in several International Memory Competitions and as part of Team USA in the World Memory Championship. He also coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a Gold Medal in the 2014 USA Memory Championship in one of the events!

    When you GET THIS BOOK TODAY, You will be learning from one of America's Top Memory Coaches how to apply the creative memory techniques that the top memory athletes use in order to use memorize any information quickly!

    Here are the Chapters in the book:

    Ch 1 – HI! My name is Luis Angel and My Memory Sucked!
    Ch 2 – Location
    Ch 3 – Visualize
    Ch 4 – Review

    Ch 5 – Mindset
    Ch 6 – Goals, Block Time, and Scheduling
    Ch 7 – Focus and Health

    Ch 8 – More Locations = More Storage
    Ch 9 – Names and Faces
    Ch 10 – Numbers: The Basics
    Ch 11 – Numbers: Double Digits
    Ch 12 – Everyday Memory
    -- Grocery Lists, Placed Keys, Parked Car, Street Names and Directions, Appointments and Important Dates
    Ch 13 – Accelerated Learning and Education
    -- Vocabulary Words, Reading and Comprehension, Give Speeches, Learn New Languages, Memorize Presidents, Memorize Table of Elements, and more...

    Ch 14 – Memory Competitions
    Ch 15 – Cards
    Ch 16 – Words
    Ch 17 – Numbers: Binary, New System, and Dates
    Ch 18 – Names and Faces: Competition

    In How to Win and Influence People, Dale Carnegie says, "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." I will walk you through actual examples with names and faces to help you with this all too important task of remembering the names of the people that you meet.

    As you will learn in this book, all of the top memory athletes will tell you that The Key to MEMORIZATION is VISUALIZATION!
    Your brain learns best when it can SEE the information that it wants to memorize and when it uses it's imagination to remember the given material.

    Who is this Book For:

    Business Professionals: Managers, Realtors, Attorneys, Doctors, Psychologist, Anyone in a leadership role and anyone that wants to see an increase in their sales business by making a memorable impact on your clients.
    Entertainment: Casting, TV Host, Actors, Directors, etc
    Education: Professors, Administrators, Principals, Students, etc
    Memory Athletes: Anyone who wants to compete in a memory competition

    If you want to Improve Your Memory and Ability to Focus in Any Capacity, Then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

    Managing Finance and Resources in Education (Centre for Educational Leadership and Management)

    Features:- :- `The book provides an excellent wide and stimulating set of readings and would be useful to anyone taking forward Unit 3 or the Accelerated Route of SQH' - SQH Newsletter

    `This is a useful addition to the literature on finance and resource management in education.... Those whose work involves managing resources and finance in schools and colleges will find this a useful or even indispensable addition to their bookshelves, whether they are heads, principals or middle managers' - Mentoring and Tutoring

    This book will provide readers with knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of managing finance, resources and stakeholders in schools and colleges. Written specifically for those studying for an academic qualification at Masters level in educational management, it provides self-study material and links to other key texts in the field.

    The authors deal with the links between finance, resources and stakeholders in the context of school and college self-management. Examples are drawn from international settings as well as from the United Kingdom. Building on an examination of theoretical perspectives, practical considerations and applications are examined in a format which encourages the reader to explore the context of their own educational institution.

    This book is a core text for the University of Leicester MBA in Educational Management.

    Teaching Reading in Today's Elementary Schools (What’s New in Education)

    Features:- :- This market-leading text sets the standard for reading instruction to ensure that aspiring teachers are able to help students learn not only how to recognize words, but also how to comprehend what they read--and enjoy the process. The book balances new approaches to reading, such as language arts integration and emergent literacy/literacy as a continuum, with more traditional foundations of strong skills and phonics instruction. Updates to the Eleventh Edition include discussion of the latest technology for literacy learning, how writing instruction impacts literacy learning, and recent movements in literacy assessment.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?: Content Comprehension, Grades 6-12

    Features:- :-

    “Do I really have to teach reading?” This is the question many teachers of adolescents are asking, wondering how they can possibly add a new element to an already overloaded curriculum. And most are finding that the answer is “yes.” If they want their students to learn complex new concepts in different disciplines, they often have to help their students become better readers.

    Building on the experiences gained in her own language arts classroom as well as those of colleagues in different disciplines, Cris Tovani, author of I Read It, but I Don't Get It, takes on the challenge of helping students apply reading comprehension strategies in any subject. In Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?, Cris shows how teachers can expand on their content expertise to provide instruction students need to understand specific technical and narrative texts. The book includes:

    • examples of how teachers can model their reading process for students;
    • ideas for supplementing and enhancing the use of required textbooks;
    • detailed descriptions of specific strategies taught in context;
    • stories from different high school classrooms to show how reading instruction varies according to content;
    • samples of student work, including both struggling readers and college-bound seniors;
    • a variety of “comprehension constructors”: guides designed to help students recognize and capture their thinking in writing while reading;
    • guidance on assessing students;
    • tips for balancing content and reading instruction.
    Cris's humor, honesty, and willingness to share her own struggles as a teacher make this a unique take on content reading instruction that will be valuable to reading teachers as well as content specialists.

    Talking to Humans: Success starts with understanding your customers

    Features:- :- With a foreword from Steve Blank, Talking to Humans is a practical guide to the qualitative side of customer development, an indispensable skill for vetting and improving any new startup or innovation. This book will teach you how to structure and run effective customer interviews, find candidates, and turn learnings into action.

    Cracking the GMAT Premium Edition with 6 Computer-Adaptive Practice Tests, 2018: The All-in-One Solution for Your Highest Possible Score (Graduate School Test Preparation)

    Features:- :- THE ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION FOR YOUR HIGHEST POSSIBLE SCOREincluding 6 computer-adaptive practice tests (the MOST CATs on the market!) for realistic preparation!

    This eBook edition has been optimized for digital viewing with cross-linked questions, answers, and explanations.

    Techniques That Actually Work.
    • Powerful tactics to avoid traps and help beat the GMAT
    • Step-by-step problem-solving guides for the toughest question types
    • Key strategies to help you work smarter, not harder
    Everything You Need to Know to Help Achieve a High Score.
    • Comprehensive subject coverage of all GMAT topics
    • A thorough review of necessary Math, Verbal, Writing, and Integrated Reasoning skills
    • Bulleted chapter summaries for quick reference

    Practice Your Way to Perfection.
    • 6 full-length CAT practice exams online with score reports and detailed answer explanations
    • Diagnostic warm-ups that help focus your review
    • 180+ additional practice questions, sorted by difficulty, to customize your prep
    • Drills for each test section in the book, plus additional Math, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning drills online

    And with Cracking the GMAT Premium Edition, you'll get online access to our exclusive Premium Portal for an extra competitive edge:
    • Online practice exams to hone your test-taking techniques
    • Video tutorials with expert advice from leading course instructors
    • Multi-week study guides
    • Examples of successful b-school essays and interviews with admissions officers
    • Special "GMAT Insider" section packed with info on admissions and financial aid, the MBA and your career, writing winning essays, and more

    The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere

    Features:- :- From a renowned education writer comes a paradigm-shifting examination of the rapidly changing world of college that every parent, student, educator, and investor needs to understand.

    Over the span of just nine months in 2011 and 2012, the world’s most famous universities and high-powered technology entrepreneurs began a race to revolutionize higher education. College courses that had been kept for centuries from all but an elite few were released to millions of students throughout the world—for free.

    Exploding college prices and a flagging global economy, combined with the derring-do of a few intrepid innovators, have created a dynamic climate for a total rethinking of an industry that has remained virtually unchanged for a hundred years. In The End of College, Kevin Carey, an education researcher and writer, draws on years of in-depth reporting and cutting-edge research to paint a vivid and surprising portrait of the future of education. Carey explains how two trends—the skyrocketing cost of college and the revolution in information technology—are converging in ways that will radically alter the college experience, upend the traditional meritocracy, and emancipate hundreds of millions of people around the world. 

    Insightful, innovative, and accessible, The End of College is a must-read, and an important contribution to the developing conversation about education in this country.

    Designing the New American University

    Features:- :-

    America’s research universities consistently dominate global rankings but may be entrenched in a model that no longer accomplishes their purposes. With their multiple roles of discovery, teaching, and public service, these institutions represent the gold standard in American higher education, but their evolution since the nineteenth century has been only incremental. The need for a new and complementary model that offers accessibility to an academic platform underpinned by knowledge production is critical to our well-being and economic competitiveness.

    Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University and an outspoken advocate for reinventing the public research university, conceived the New American University model when he moved from Columbia University to Arizona State in 2002. Following a comprehensive reconceptualization spanning more than a decade, ASU has emerged as an international academic and research powerhouse that serves as the foundational prototype for the new model. Crow has led the transformation of ASU into an egalitarian institution committed to academic excellence, inclusiveness to a broad demographic, and maximum societal impact.

    In Designing the New American University, Crow and coauthor William B. Dabars—a historian whose research focus is the American research university—examine the emergence of this set of institutions and the imperative for the new model, the tenets of which may be adapted by colleges and universities, both public and private. Through institutional innovation, say Crow and Dabars, universities are apt to realize unique and differentiated identities, which maximize their potential to generate the ideas, products, and processes that impact quality of life, standard of living, and national economic competitiveness. Designing the New American University will ignite a national discussion about the future evolution of the American research university.

    Yes, You Do Have Time!: Learn to Capture the Small Moments in Each Day to Complete Projects, Reach Goals, and Build Income

    Features:- :- Are you missing out on life because you don’t have time? Passing on pursuing your own dreams? Tired of working only to fulfill the dream of someone else? Then this book is for you!

    Yes, You Do Have Time! offers two great finds. First, discovering time you didn’t think you possessed. Second, giving you practical ways to use those moments to positively impact your life.

    You have dreams you can fulfill, projects you can complete, and accomplishments that can be done to positively impact your life and income, with the time you already have.

    In this book you get the skills to:
    • Discover the time you need to start fulfilling your dreams.
    • Clearly define your dream.
    • Effectively banish time debits.
    • Plan for and achieve your goals.

    Many times a project gets started, but it is quickly shelved, because we don’t have time. I will show you how powerful just ten minute time periods can be in transforming your life. You will learn that investing even small amounts of time can have a huge positive impact on your life.

    You really do have time to achieve your dream.

    When you finish this book and complete the exercises you will be able to:
    ▸ Stay focused and energized by your dream.
    ▸ Be more productive in every area of your life so you can have more time for you.
    ▸ Celebrate repetitively because of multiple projects you can complete in the months ahead.

    So, don’t miss out! Start discovering time you can use for you, today. Reach your dreams. Fulfill your goals. Click the Buy Now button and learn how.

    Great Applications for Business School, Second Edition (Great Application for Business School)

    Features:- :-

    Get into the elite professional school of your dreams with a college application that will capture the attention of admission boards!

    Business school essays and admissions interviews are perhaps the most challenging parts of being an MBA candidate. With competition to the nation's top business schools being so fierce, you must stand out. Great Applications for Business School helps you play up strengths and talents to distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition.


    Topics include:

    Getting Started, Scoring the Goals Essay, Getting to Know You: The Non-Goals Essays, The Required Optional Essay, Credible Enthusiasm: Letters of Recommendation

    Preparing Teachers for a Changing World: What Teachers Should Learn and Be Able to Do

    Features:- :- Based on rapid advances in what is known about how people learn and how to teach effectively, this important book examines the core concepts and central pedagogies that should be at the heart of any teacher education program. Stemming from the results of a commission sponsored by the National Academy of Education, Preparing Teachers for a Changing World recommends the creation of an informed teacher education curriculum with the common elements that represent state-of-the-art standards for the profession. Written for teacher educators in both traditional and alternative programs, university and school system leaders, teachers, staff development professionals, researchers, and educational policymakers, the book addresses the key foundational knowledge for teaching and discusses how to implement that knowledge within the classroom.

    Preparing Teachers for a Changing World recommends that, in addition to strong subject matter knowledge, all new teachers have a basic understanding of how people learn and develop, as well as how children acquire and use language, which is the currency of education. In addition, the book suggests that teaching professionals must be able to apply that knowledge in developing curriculum that attends to students' needs, the demands of the content, and the social purposes of education: in teaching specific subject matter to diverse students, in managing the classroom, assessing student performance, and using technology in the classroom.

    A Cross Section of Educational Research: Journal Articles for Discussion and Evaluation

    Features:- :-

    • This collection of research articles emphasizes topics of interest to classroom teachers.

    • The 38 research articles illustrate:
    •survey research

    •quantitative content analysis

    •correlational research

    •true experimental research

    •quasi-experimental research

    •pre-experimental research

    •single-subject research/behavior analysis

    •causal-comparative research

    •program evaluation

    •qualitative research

    •combined qualitative/quantitative research


    • The lines in each article are numbered sequentially, making it easy to refer to specific parts of the article during classroom discussions.

    • The availability of a single source of research articles is convenient and helps you avoid copyright infringement problems.

    • Factual Questions at the end of each article allow students to check their comprehension.

    • Questions for discussion stimulate classroom discussions of research methods.

    • After answering the questions, students rate the quality of each article using 13 basic criteria. More detailed criteria in the Appendix may also be applied.

    • Ideal for courses in which the primary goal is to learn how to evaluate research.

    • Twenty-one different journals are represented in the 38 articles in this collection. Students see the diversity of educational research since the journals vary in their standards for publication.

    • New to this edition: Thirteen new articles keep this popular research reader up-to-date.

    Culturally Proficient Inquiry: A Lens for Identifying and Examining Educational Gaps

    Features:- :-

    Use inquiry to promote equity and transform your school’s educational environment!

    Using cultural proficiency as a lens, the authors guide practitioners through the process of gathering and analyzing data to meet the needs of historically underserved students. This book outlines a critical evaluation process and provides rubrics to examine why some students are not being educated to their full potential. With a CD-ROM of tables and spreadsheets for data entry, the book show educators how to:

    Book Launch Formula: How To Write, Publish, and Market Your First Non-Fiction Book Around Your Full Time Schedule. Become an Authority, Build Your Brand & Create a Passive Income

    Features:- :-

    You will learn exactly How to Write, Publish, & Market your book all while working around a full-time job.

    "This book is will act a simple road-map that you can follow to get your first book done. I highly recommend experienced authors and first-time authors read this and follow along."
    -- Hal Elrod, #1 Best Selling author of The Miracle Morning

    Here's the deal, if I can become a best-selling author on Amazon with a demanding work schedule, and family I love spending time with, so can you.

    I will teach you a concise step-by-step approach for writing your book despite a busy schedule. Whatever you’re calling in life is you will benefit from the strategies and techniques which have allowed me and countless others to generate the kind of success most only dream of - just by learning to effectively write books on a part time basis.

    Brianna, a successful salesperson from Texas says, “The techniques taught in this book are exactly what helped me to finish my first book in less than 3 months and become an Amazon #1 best-seller - earning residual income month after month.”

    I learned a lot from my first two books, and am now working on my third - using the steps that got the greatest results. I promise that if you act on the steps outlined in the following pages you will not only finish your book faster than you imagined possible, you will enjoy the process.

    I can also promise that the results you achieve will allow you to live a more fulfilling life, helping you become an authority in your current profession, and boosting your income.

    Don't be the kind of person who has dreams of writing a book, but never sees them through. Instead, be someone who crosses writing their book off their bucket list, and then moves on to even bigger and greater achievements.

    In Book Launch Formula you will find:

    • Justin's Professional 3-step method that takes you from no ideas to completed rough draft, in less than one week (write a quality book in 1/2 of the time!)
    • A technique that will save you LITERALLY $1,000's of dollars when it comes to editing...
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    • How to keep sales rolling in after the launch
    • The simplest approach that will allow your book to drive sales and leads to your business.

    You will learn the best strategies from authorities in the self-publishing industry like Hal Elrod, Tim Ferriss, Steve Scott, Honoree Corder, James Altucher, Pat Flynn, and many more.

    Book Launch Formula will guide you to unlock that story that has been inside you all along.

    Book Launch Formula is the road map to you becoming a published author.

    Book Launch Formula will teach you how to make a full time living from writing, increase your authority, and build your business all by writing a book.

    Don’t you feel its time to live a life of design instead of default?…

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    aPHR Associate Professional in Human Resources Certification All-in-One Exam Guide

    Features:- :-

    This highly effective self-study system offers complete coverage of every topic on the new aPHR exam

    Take the Human Resources Certification Institute’s new aPHR exam with complete confidence using this integrated study guide. Written by a team of HR experts, aPHR Associate Professional in Human Resources Certification All-in-One Exam Guide features information about HR certifications in general, the aPHR exam in particular, and important U.S. laws and regulations. You’ll find learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, accurate practice questions, and in-depth explanations. Beyond fully preparing you for the challenging exam, the guide also serves as a valuable on-the-job reference.

    Covers all exam topics, including:
    • U.S. laws and regulations

    • HR operations

    • Recruitment and selection

    • Compensation and benefits

    • Human Resource development and retention

    • Employee relations

    • Health, safety, and security

    • Early HR career level tasks

    Electronic content includes:

    • 200 practice exam questions

    • Test engine that provides full-length practice exams and customized quizzes by topic

    Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students and Why "B" Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Education for Parents

    Features:- :-

    Kiyosaki expands on his belief that the school system was created to churn out 'Es' / Employees... those "A Students" who read well, memorize well and test well... and not the creative thinkers, visionaries and dreamers –entrepreneurs-in-the-making... those "C Students who grow up to be the innovators and creators of new ideas, businesses, applications and products.

    The book urges parents not to be obsessed with their kids' "letter grades" ("good grades" might only mean they or the student themselves were successful in jamming a square peg into a round hole...) and focus, instead, on concepts, ideas, and helping their child find their true genius, their special gift. The path they can pursue with a love and true passion.

    Robert showcases success stories of "C Students" who grew up to be phenomenal successes – and HIRED those "A Students"(attorneys, accountants, and other school-smart specialists) to work in their businesses... while the more average students, "B Students," often find themselves in government-type jobs...

    Not surprisingly, Kiyosaki will coin his own definitions of what "A," "B," and "C" stand for as he gives parents and their children bits of wisdom as well as insights and tools for navigating an ever-changing world... an Information Age world where the ability to change and adapt, understand relationships, and anticipate the future will shape their lives.

    GMAT Foundations of Math: 900+ Practice Problems in Book and Online (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

    Features:- :- Developed for test-takers who need a refresher, GMAT Foundations of Math provides a user-friendly review of basic math concepts crucial for GMAT success.

    Designed to be user-friendly for all students, GMAT Foundations of Math provides:
    * Easy-to-follow explanations of fundamental math concepts
    * Step-by-step application of concepts to example problems
    * 700+ practice problems and 10 chapters
    * Purchase of this book includes one year of online access to the Foundations of Math Homework Banks with 400+ extra practice questions and detailed explanations not included in the book.

    GMAT Foundations of Math is an invaluable resource for any student who wants to cement their understanding and build their basic math skills for the GMAT.

    McKeachie's Teaching Tips

    Features:- :- This indispensable handbook provides helpful strategies for dealing with both the everyday challenges of university teaching and those that arise in efforts to maximize learning for every student. The suggested strategies are supported by research and adaptable to specific classroom situations. Rather than suggest a “set of recipes” to be followed mechanically, the book gives instructors the tools they need to deal with the ever-changing dynamics of teaching and learning. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    The Skin That We Speak: Thoughts on Language and Culture in the Classroom

    Features:- :-

    The Skin That We Speak takes the discussion of language in the classroom beyond the highly charged war of idioms and presents today’s teachers with a thoughtful exploration of the varieties of English that we speak, in what Black Issues Book Review calls “an essential text.”

    Edited by bestselling author Lisa Delpit and education professor Joanne Kilgour Dowdy, the book includes an extended new piece by Delpit herself, as well as groundbreaking work by Herbert Kohl, Gloria Ladson-Billings, and Victoria Purcell-Gates, as well as classic texts by Geneva Smitherman and Asa Hilliard.

    At a time when children are written off in our schools because they do not speak formal English, and when the class- and race-biased language used to describe those children determines their fate, The Skin That We Speak offers a cutting-edge look at crucial educational issues.

    Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream

    Features:- :-

    If you are a young person, and you work hard enough, you can get a college degree and set yourself on the path to a good life, right?


    Not necessarily, says Sara Goldrick-Rab, and with Paying the Price, she shows in damning detail exactly why. Quite simply, college is far too expensive for many people today, and the confusing mix of federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid leaves countless students without the resources they need to pay for it.


    Drawing on an unprecedented study of 3,000 young adults who entered public colleges and universities in Wisconsin in 2008 with the support of federal aid and Pell Grants, Goldrick-Rab reveals the devastating effect of these shortfalls. Half the students in the study left college without a degree, while less than 20 percent finished within five years. The cause of their problems, time and again, was lack of money. Unable to afford tuition, books, and living expenses, they worked too many hours at outside jobs, dropped classes, took time off to save money, and even went without adequate food or housing. In many heartbreaking cases, they simply left school—not with a degree, but with crippling debt. Goldrick-Rab combines that shocking data with devastating stories of six individual students, whose struggles make clear the horrifying human and financial costs of our convoluted financial aid policies.


    America can fix this problem. In the final section of the book, Goldrick-Rab offers a range of possible solutions, from technical improvements to the financial aid application process, to a bold, public sector–focused “first degree free” program. What’s not an option, this powerful book shows, is doing nothing, and continuing to crush the college dreams of a generation of young people.

    Schools That Learn (Updated and Revised): A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone Who Cares About Education

    Features:- :-

    "A rich, much-needed remedy for the standardized institutions that comprise too much of our school system today… ideal for teachers and parents intent on resurrecting and fostering students' inherent drive to learn…An essential resource."
    -Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and A WHOLE NEW MIND

    “Schools that Learn is a magnificent, grand book that pays equal attention to the small and the big picture - and what's more integrates them. There is no book on education change that comes close to Senge et al's sweeping and detailed treatment. Classroom, school, community, systems, citizenry---it's all there. The core message is stirring: what if we viewed schools as a means of shifting society for the better!"
    -Michael Fullan, author of Change Leader and Learning Places

    A new edition of the groundbreaking book that brings organizational learning and systems thinking into classrooms and schools, showing how to keep our nation’s educational system competitive in today’s world.

    Revised and updated - with more than 100 pages of new material – for the first time since its initial  publication in 2000 comes a new edition of the seminal work acclaimed as one of the best books ever written about education and schools.

    unique collaboration between the celebrated management thinker and Fifth Discipline author Peter Senge and a team of renowned educators and organizational change leaders, Schools that Learn  describes how schools can adapt, grow, and change in the face of the demands and challenges of our society, and provides tools, techniques and references for bringing those aspirations to life.  

    The new revised and updated edition offers practical advice for overcoming the many challenges that face our communities and educational systems today. It shows teachers, administrators, students, parents and community members how to successfully use principles of organizational learning, including systems thinking and shared vision, to address the challenges that face our nation's schools.   In a fast-changing world where school populations are increasingly diverse, children live in ever-more-complex social and media environments, standardized tests are applied as overly simplistic "quick fixes," and advances in science and technology continue to accelerate, the pressures on our educational system are inescapable. Schools That Learn offers a much-needed way to open dialogue about these  problems – and provides pragmatic opportunities to transform school systems into learning organizations.

    Drawing on observations and advice from more than 70  writers and experts on schools and education, this book features: 

    -Methods for implementing organizational learning and explanations of why they work
    -Compelling stories and anecdotes from the “field” -  classrooms, schools, and communities
    -Charts, tables and diagrams to illustrate systems thinking and other practices
    -Guiding principles for how to apply innovative practices in all types of school systems
    -Individual exercises useful for both teachers and students
    -Team exercises to foster communication within the classroom, school, or community group
    -New essays on topics like educating for sustainability, systems thinking in the classroom, and “the great game of high school.”
    -New recommendations for related books, articles, videotapes and web sites
    -And more

    Schools That Learn
    is the essential guide for anyone who cares about the future of education and keeping our nation’s schools competitive in our fast-changing world.   

    A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity

    Features:- :- An essential, galvanizing narrative about making a difference here and abroad—a road map to becoming the most effective global citizens we can be.

    In their number one New York Times best seller Half the Sky, husband-and-wife team Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn brought to light struggles faced by women and girls around the globe, and showcased individuals and institu­tions working to address oppression and expand opportunity. A Path Appears is even more ambi­tious in scale: nothing less than a sweeping tap­estry of people who are making the world a better place and a guide to the ways that we can do the same—whether with a donation of $5 or $5 mil­lion, with our time, by capitalizing on our skills as individuals, or by using the resources of our businesses.

    With scrupulous research and on-the-ground reporting, the authors assay the art and science of giving, identify successful local and global initia­tives, and share astonishing stories from the front lines of social progress. We see the compelling, in­spiring truth of how real people have changed the world, upending the idea that one person can’t make a difference.

    We meet people like Dr. Gary Slutkin, who devel­oped his landmark Cure Violence program to combat inner-city conflicts in the United States by applying principles of epidemiology; Lester Strong, who left a career as a high-powered television anchor to run an organization bringing in older Americans to tu­tor students in public schools across the country; MIT development economist Esther Duflo, whose pioneering studies of aid effectiveness have revealed new truths about, among other things, the power of hope; and Jessica Posner and Kennedy Odede, who are transforming Kenya’s most notorious slum by ex­panding educational opportunities for girls.

    A Path Appears offers practical, results-driven advice on how best each of us can give and reveals the lasting benefits we gain in return. Kristof and WuDunn know better than most how many urgent challenges communities around the world face to­day. Here they offer a timely beacon of hope for our collective future.

    Teach and Grow Rich: Share Your Knowledge to Create Global Impact, Freedom and Wealth

    Features:- :-

    What is the Teach and Grow Rich opportunity, and how does it affect you?

    In Teach and Grow Rich, entrepreneur and bestselling author Danny Iny reveals the ocean of opportunity for anyone who has useful knowledge and is willing to share it with others. If you've tried to create and sell an online product before and failed, this book will show you a process that will help you succeed at last: co-creation. This updated edition describes co-creation in greater detail.

    It also tells the stories of many who have learned and executed the process. They're proof that the opportunity to teach and grow rich doesn't favor only those who have specialized expertise, business experience, or vast resources. Almost anyone can seize this opportunity and attain wealth, impact, and lifestyle freedom.

    To begin, you'll learn how to:

  • Address the common obstacle that keeps others from teaching online: confidence
  • Determine your potential for becoming an online course creator
  • Use co-creation to create an online course people will pay for and that will produce the outcomes they desire

  • Following this blueprint, you'll also learn how to:

    Morning Routine Makeover: Morning Tactics And Strategies To Get More Energized, Productive And Healthy All Day

    Features:- :-

    Do you often feel unmotivated? Wake up with a feeling of anxiety that you should do many things but you lack of direction where to begin so you end up doing nothing?

    Do you feel that you do self-sabotage after you wake up by doing nothing productive and waste your day?

    If you respect only three tips of this book, I guarantee that your first wake up hours can become the best and most action packed part of your day!

    Morning Routine Makeover teaches you every method how to be productive and energetic when your day starts. This is an actionable book without any fake it ‘til you make it, brush your teeth or wake up at 5 am advice. It is a comprehensive psychology, biology and motivational manual that lets you know why are you an early bird or night owl, gives you the best practices how to bring out the most of your day without overwhelming you with too many new habits.

    Morning Routine Makeover has lots of real-life stories and examples, proven techniques of high-performers, and physiological explanations backed up by research studies, all of which will help you change your a mindset about the power of the first hours after waking up (be it 5 am or 11 am) with concrete and simple techniques.

    The 5 am magic doesn’t apply to all of us and it’s borderline terrible advice for most. During my endless months of nocturnal working, I developed special practices that don't require an early day start to boost your productivity and energy level to the sky. By consequently following a few simple steps I could leave my night-shift job, finish University and start to be a full-time writer.

    How can you become a productivity machine?

    •Learn the best practices I did to boost my spirits and productivity.
    Get familiar with 10 practices recommended by world leaders, high achievers, and top class artists.
    •Understand why does your body function the way it does on a biological level.
    Learn to diminish the harm your body gets by nighttime, shift work or even jet lag.

    Ditch morning idleness. Learn:

    •The right way to use caffeine as a wake-up booster.
    How to eat nutritious food and lose weight.
    •Simple steps to detect when you are the most productive during the day.
    Advice from a world class dietician how to combine food to keep you energized all day – starting in the morning.

    Don't suffer from the numbing feeling of unproductivity anymore. Learn the best auto-motivation mechanisms to conquer all the problems you face.

    Get all the weapons you need to have an explosive day by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

    Essentials of Business Research: A Guide to Doing Your Research Project

    Features:- :-

    Written specifically for business students, this best-selling, jargon-free textbook highlights each stage of the research process, guiding the reader through actionable steps and explicitly setting out how best to meet a supervisor's expectations.

    Easy to navigate and full of practical advice, it shows you how to choose a topic and write a proposal, with easy to follow tips and detailed screenshots and diagrams.

    Key student features include:

    Accompanied by a fully integrated companion website designed to support learning. Free to access, it includes author podcasts, guides to online tools, links to downloadable journal articles, examples of completed projects, PowerPoint slides and students' multiple choice questions to test progress. Available on publication:

    A must-have title for all business and management students; this is the ideal companion for achieving success in your research project.

    Lecturers/instructors - request a free digital inspection copy here

    Podcast Launch: How to Create, Grow & Monetize YOUR Podcast: 15 Video Tutorials Included!

    Features:- :- Are you ready to launch YOUR Podcast? Learn from the best! John Lee Dumas, host of the top ranked Podcast EntrepreneurOnFire, is an undisputed authority in launching a Podcast that attracts a massive audience and income. EntrepreneurOnFire was awarded 'Best in iTunes 2013' and has generated over 12-Million downloads since launch.

    In Podcast Launch, John shares how he launched EntrepreneurOnFire and turned his passion into a top-ranked business Podcast that generates a SIX-FIGURE monthly income (income reports at It started with an AH-HA moment, and passion has guided him since. John shares his journey with complete transparency so you can emulate his successes and avoid his failures. Your final result will be a podcast of your own and we couldn't be more excited for you!

    Podcast Launch explains:
    What is a Podcast?
    Why Podcasting is exploding.
    The entire podcasting workflow.
    Podcast Equipment.
    Identify your Podcast name, topic, and avatar.
    How to record and edit edit your Podcast.
    Add intros and outros.
    Tag your MP3.
    Upload to your Media Host.
    Schedule and publish.
    Submit your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Blackberry;
    How to GROW your Podcast audience
    How to MONETIZE your Podcast
    And much more!
    Ready for more? is a 15-day free Podcast course that takes you through every step of the Podcasting process via video tutorials.

    John also created the Podcast: Free Podcast Course Podcast to reveal even more knowledge about Podcasting. Just go to!

    The MindUP Curriculum: Grades PreK–2

    Features:- :- This research-based curriculum features 15 lessons that use the latest information about the brain to dramatically improve behavior and learning for all students. Each lesson offers easy strategies for helping students focus their attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life. The lessons fit easily into any schedule and require minimal preparation. Classroom management tips and content-area activities help you extend the benefits of MindUP throughout your day, week, and year!

    Includes a full-color, innovative teaching poster with fascinating facts about the brain!

    Disrupting Class, Expanded Edition: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns

    Features:- :-

    Clay Christensen's groundbreaking bestselling work in education now updated and expanded, including a new chapter on Christensen's seminal "Jobs to Be Done" theory applied to education.

    "Provocatively titled, Disrupting Class is just what America's K-12 education system needs--a well thought-through proposal for using technology to better serve students and bring our schools into the 21st Century. Unlike so many education 'reforms,' this is not small-bore stuff. For that reason alone, it's likely to be resisted by defenders of the status quo, even though it's necessary and right for our kids. We owe it to them to make sure this book isn't merely a terrific read; it must become a blueprint for educational transformation."
    —Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education

    "A brilliant teacher, Christensen brings clarity to a muddled and chaotic world of education."
    —Jim Collins, bestselling author of Good to Great

    “Just as iTunes revolutionized the music industry, technology has the potential to transform education in America so that every one of the nation’s 50 million students receives a high quality education. Disrupting Class is a must-read, as it shows us how we can blaze that trail toward transformation.”
    —Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida

    According to recent studies in neuroscience, the way we learn doesn't always match up with the way we are taught. If we hope to stay competitive-academically, economically, and technologically-we need to rethink our understanding of intelligence, reevaluate our educational system, and reinvigorate our commitment to learning. In other words, we need "disruptive innovation."

    Now, in his long-awaited new book, Clayton M. Christensen and coauthors Michael B. Horn and Curtis W. Johnson take one of the most important issues of our time-education-and apply Christensen's now-famous theories of "disruptive" change using a wide range of real-life examples. Whether you're a school administrator, government official, business leader, parent, teacher, or entrepreneur, you'll discover surprising new ideas, outside-the-box strategies, and straight-A success stories. You'll learn how:

    Filled with fascinating case studies, scientific findings, and unprecedented insights on how innovation must be managed, Disrupting Class will open your eyes to new possibilities, unlock hidden potential, and get you to think differently. Professor Christensen and his coauthors provide a bold new lesson in innovation that will help you make the grade for years to come.

    The future is now. Class is in session.

    Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching 2nd edition (Professional Development)

    Features:- :-

    The framework for teaching is a research-based set of components of instruction that are grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching. The framework may be used for many purposes, but its full value is realized as the foundation for professional conversations among practitioners as they seek to enhance their skill in the complex task of teaching. The framework may be used as the foundation of a school’s or district’s recruitment and hiring, mentoring, coaching, professional development, and teacher evaluation processes, thus linking all those activities together and helping teachers become more thoughtful practitioners.

    The actions teachers can take to improve student learning are clearly identified and fall under four domains of teaching responsibility: Planning and Preparation, the School Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. Within the domains are 22 components and 76 descriptive elements that further refine our understanding of what teaching is all about. The framework defines four levels of performance--Unsatisfactory, Basic, Proficient, and Distinguished--for each element, providing a valuable tool that all teachers can use.

    This second edition has been revised and updated and also includes frameworks for school specialists, such as school nurses, counselors, library and media specialists, and instructional coaches. Comprehensive, clear, and applicable to teaching across the K–12 spectrum, the framework for teaching described in this book is based on the PRAXIS III: Classroom Performance Assessment criteria developed by Educational Testing Service and is compatible with INTASC standards.

    What the Best College Students Do

    Features:- :- The author of the best-selling What the Best College Teachers Do is back with humane, doable, and inspiring help for students who want to get the most out of their education. The first thing they should do? Think beyond the transcript. Use these four years to cultivate habits of thought that enable learning, growth, and adaptation throughout life.

    Purpose Driven Leadership: Building and Fostering Effective Teams

    Features:- :-

    Purpose Driven Leadership: Building and Fostering Effective Teams is a practical guide to becoming a great leader and putting together a high performing team. Everything we do in life involves teamwork in some form – family, marriage, community and work. Your leadership vision is only sustainable via team effort.

    A strong team starts with effective leadership. In this book you will learn:

     I have put together all the best strategies that have been researched and tested for you to achieve remarkable success.


    Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas

    Features:- :- Out-innovate, outsmart and outmaneuver your competitors with tactics from the CEO of, Jeremy Gutsche.

    In our world of chaos and change, what are you overlooking? If you knew the answer, you’d be a better innovator, better manager, and better investor.

    This book will make you better by teaching you how to overcome neurological traps that block successful people, like you, from realizing your full potential. Then, it will make you faster by teaching you 6 patterns of opportunity: Convergence, Divergence, Cyclicality, Redirection, Reduction and Acceleration. Each pattern you’ll learn is a repeatable shortcut that has created fortunes for ex-criminals, reclusive billionaires, disruptive CEOs and ordinary people who unexpectedly made it big. 

    In an unparalleled study of 250,000 ideas, Jeremy and his team have leveraged their 100,000,000 person audience to study what actually causes opportunity: data-driven research that was never before possible. The result is a series of frameworks battle-tested with several hundred brands, and top executives at some of the most successful companies in the world who rely on Jeremy to accelerate their hunt for ideas.

    Better and Faster will help you learn to see patterns and clues wherever you look that will put you on the smarter, easier path to finding those breakthrough ideas, faster.

    PASSED: 12 Proven Secrets to Pass any Professional Exam at The First Sitting

    Features:- :-

    Have you spent years trying to get certified due to continued exam failures? Do you want
    to acquire a professional qualification but fear of failure is holding you back?

    Then you do not’ have to worry anymore. This self-help book will show you the
    techniques that will prepare you to pass any professional exams; even without attending
    lectures. The book is for people who have the desire to be professionally certified but
    face challenges with planning, studies, and the examination hall.
    As a lifetime self-study student who sat and passed over 20 professional exam papers at
    the first attempt, the author has mastered the art of passing exams even while having a
    full-time banking job. He has read, researched, and tested many of the best materials for
    success in an exam.
    You too can pass any professional exam at the first sitting, and this book will show you:

    Follow the advice in this book; you will get higher success rates in any professional

    What is stopping you from acquiring your desired professional certification faster than
    you ever thought possible? You must act with the right tools; then you will see
    satisfactory results.

    Eric Bischoff: Controversy Creates Cash

    Features:- :- Eric Bischoff has been called pro wrestling's most hated man. He's been booed, reviled, and burned in effigy. Fans have hurled everything from beer bottles to fists at him. Industry critics have spewed a tremendous amount of venom about his spectacular rise and stupendous crash at World Championship Wrestling. But even today, Eric Bischoff's revolutionary influence on the pro wrestling industry can be seen on every television show and at every live event.

    Bischoff has kept quiet while industry "pundits" and other know-it-alls pontificated about what happened during the infamous Monday Night Wars. Basing their accounts on third- and fourth-hand rumors and innuendo, the so-called experts got many more things wrong than right. Now, in Controversy Creates Cash, Bischoff tells what really happened.

    Beginning with his days as a salesman for Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association, Bischoff takes readers behind the scenes of wrestling, writing about the inner workings of the business in a way never before revealed. He demonstrates how controversy helped both WCW and WWE. Eric gives the real numbers behind WCW's red ink -- far lower than reported -- and talks about how Turner Broadcasting's merger with Time Warner, and then Time Warner's merger with AOL, devastated not only WCW but many creative and entrepreneurial businesses within the conglomerate. Bischoff has surprisingly kind words for old rivals like Vince McMahon, but pulls no punches with friends and enemies alike.

    Among his revelations: How teaming with Mickey Mouse turned WCW into a national brand. Why Hulk Hogan came to WCW. Why he fired Jesse Ventura for sleeping on the job. Why Steve Austin didn't deserve another contract at WCW, and how Bischoff's canning him was the best thing that ever happened to Austin. How Ted Turner decided WCW should go head-to-head against Raw on Monday nights. How Nitro revolutionized wrestling. Where the New World Order really began. How corporate politics killed WCW. And how he found his inner heel and learned to love being the guy everyone loves to despise.

    Bischoff brings a surprisingly personal touch to the story, detailing his rough-and-tumble childhood in Detroit, talking about his family and the things he did to cope with the stress of the high-octane media business. Now a successful entertainment producer as well as a wrestling personality, Bischoff tells how he found contentment after being unceremoniously "sent home" from WCW.

    Love him or hate him, readers will never look at a pro wrestling show quite the same way after reading Bischoff's story in Controversy Creates Cash.

    American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century, fourth edition

    Features:- :-

    First published in 1999, American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century offered a comprehensive introduction to the central issues facing American colleges and universities. This thoroughly revised edition brings the classic volume up to date. The contributors have rewritten every chapter to address major changes in higher education, including the rise of organized social movements, the problem of income inequality and stratification, and the growth of for-profit and distance education. Three new chapters cover information technology, community colleges, and teaching and learning.

    This edition seeks to capture several crucial dynamics in the nexus of higher education and society. Placing higher education within its social and political contexts, the contributors discuss finance, federal and state governance, faculty, students, curriculum, and academic leadership. They also grapple with growing concerns about the future of the academy and reflect more deeply on the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity within higher education.

    No other book covers such wide-ranging issues under the broader theme of higher education’s relationship to society. Highly acclaimed and incorporating cutting-edge research, American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century is now more useful and engaging than ever.

    Contributors: Michael N. Bastedo, Philip G. Altbach, Patricia J. Gumport, Benjamin Baez, Peter Riley Bahr, Joy Blanchard, Corbin M. Campbell, Melanie E. Corrigan, Peter D. Eckel, Roger L. Geiger, Lawrence E. Gladieux, Sara Goldrick-Rab, Jillian Leigh Gross, D. Bruce Johnstone, Adrianna Kezar, Jacqueline E. King, Aims C. McGuinness, Jr., Michael Mumper, Anna Neumann, Robert M. O’Neil, Laura W. Perna, Gary Rhoades, Roman Ruiz, Lauren Schudde, Sheila Slaughter, Daryl G. Smith

    Champion: Ten Ways to Develop a Successful Mindset (Paul G. Brodie Seminar Series Book 6)

    Features:- :-

    Change your outlook through developing a successful mindset in the next 30 days.

    What if new habits could dramatically improve your mindset? What if you could grow your business and increase your revenue with a few simple steps? Imagine changing your life, having freedom and getting the opportunity to be your own boss, set your own hours, and achieve your life-long goals.

    Amazon bestselling author, Paul G. Brodie, in his eleventh book, covers how to develop a successful mindset in the next 90 days.

    Here is an inside peek at what you will get out of Champion.

    In this book, you will learn how to:

    •Deal with Adversity
    •Make a Choice to Change Your Life
    •Be Coachable
    •Use both Gratitude and Humility in your life
    •Go All In when it is time to start your own business
    •Utilize Travel to improve your life
    •Get an Accountability Partner
    •Expand Your Mind
    •Utilize The Five Ones to change your life and build a successful business quickly
    •Work Hard AND Work Smart
    •BONUS: FREE Online Training to help you Get Published
    •BONUS: Questions at the end of each chapter to help develop your successful mindset
    •BONUS: FREE Guide to help you increase and maintain a successful mindset
    •BONUS: FREE Audiobook

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    That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life

    Features:- :- At last, the solution for getting disorganized boys back on track.

    Missed assignments. Lack of focus and enthusiasm. Falling grades. For too many boys and their frustrated parents, these are the facts of life. But they don't have to be.

    Top academic couselor Ana Homayoun has helped turn even the most disorganized, scattered, and unfocused boys into successful young people who consistently meet their personal and academic challenges. She does this by getting back to basics- -starting with a simple fact: Most boys needs to be taught how to get organized, how to study, and-- most important--how to visualize, embrace and meet their own goals.

    With an accessible and no-nonsense approach, Homayoun shows how to:

    ?Identify their son's disorganizational style
    ?Help him set academic and personal goals he cares about
    ?Design and establish the right "tools of the trade"
    ?Complete assignments without pulling all-nighters
    ?Help him tune out social pressure and fend off anxiety
    Much more than a study guide, this insightful, user-friendly book provides a roadmap for the success too many boys have trouble finding--in school and in life.

    Research Methods for Business Students

    Features:- :-

    Research Methods for Business Students has been fully revised for this seventh edition and continues to be the market-leading textbook in its field, guiding hundreds of thousands of student researchers to success in their research methods modules, research proposals, projects and dissertations.



    So, if you're thinking . . .


    'How do I choose my topic?'

    'I'm confused by all these different philosophies'

    'I need to collect my data; what do I do first?'

    ‘When and what do I need to write?


    . . . then, open this book to discover:

    Don’t forget to visit where you can use online tutorials on research software, such as IBM SPSS Statistics and NVivo, test yourself with hundreds of multiple choice questions, analyse over 60 further case studies, and learn how to search the Internet more efficiently and effectively with our Smarter Online Searching guide!



    Start your project with confidence and complete it with success!

    Mark Saunders is Professor of Business Research Methods at The Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. Philip Lewis was a Principal Lecturer and Adrian Thornhill was a Head of Department, both at the University of Gloucestershire.

    Jobs to Be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation

    Features:- :- Successful innovation doesn't begin with a brainstorming session--it starts with the customer. So in an age of unlimited data, why do more than 50% of new products fail to meet expectations? The truth is that we need to stop asking customers what they want . . . and start examining what they need.

    First popularized by Clayton Christensen, the Jobs to be Done theory argues that people purchase products and services to solve a specific problem. They're not buying ice cream, for example, but celebration, bonding, and indulgence.

    The concept is so simple (and can remake how companies approach their markets) -- and yet many have lacked a way to put it into practice. This book answers that need. Its groundbreaking Jobs Roadmap guides you through the innovation process, revealing how to:

    Follow the steps in Jobs to Be Done, and you'll arrive at solutions that are both original and profitable.

    Advance Praise for Jobs to be Done:

    "As companies struggle to predict whether people will choose one product over another, Jobs to be Done gives a clear method for understanding what will make goods stand out. The steps it provides will help maximize the likelihood that your product will succeed." -- Jennifer Saenz, Chief Marketing Officer, Frito-Lay

    "Jobs to be Done takes what has become an essential theory for gauging customer needs and turns it into a structured approach to innovation based on what really drives behavior. It provides a coherent and highly actionable set of tools that you can put to use right away." -- Vijay Govindarajan, Coxe Distinguished Professor, Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business

    "The Jobs methodology is core to how Nestlé approaches the front end of innovation. This book brings innovation to the next level, offering extremely practical steps to create opportunity in both established and new markets." -- Doug Munk, Director, Innovation and Strategy, Nestlé USA

    Five Minute Finances: The Daily Habit That Can Change Your Life

    Features:- :- "Free from fluff and fillers. Highly recommended." - Rohi Shetty, Amazon Reviewer

    I’m about to share with you a simple habit that can help improve your financial situation. It will only take up about five minutes of your day, and should reduce the anxiety you feel about money – while making more of it come into your life. It’s an unusual habit in many ways, but one thing in particular stands out: It’s ridiculously easy.

    Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries

    Features:- :- “An enthusiastic, example-rich argument for innovating in a particular way—by deliberately experimenting and taking small exploratory steps in novel directions. Light, bright, and packed with tidy anecdotes” (The Wall Street Journal).

    What do Apple CEO Steve Jobs, comedian Chris Rock, prize-winning architect Frank Gehry, and the story developers at Pixar films all have in common? Bestselling author Peter Sims found that rather than start with a big idea or plan a whole project in advance, they make a methodical series of little bets, learning critical information from lots of little failures and from small but significant wins.

    Reporting on a fascinating range of research, from the psychology of creative blocks to the influential field of design thinking, Sims offers engaging and illuminating accounts of breakthrough innovators at work, and a whole new way of thinking about how to navigate uncertain situations and unleash our untapped creative powers.

    Think Different: Why Conventional Wisdom About Happiness, Confidence And Fulfillment Is Wrong And The Counterintuitive Methods That Work

    Features:- :-

    Do you feel that your life lacks meaning and purpose? Have you lost the idea of who you truly are? Do you avoid the real problems in your life?

    Fears and insecurities are completely normal, but how can we deal with them in a proactive and healthy manner? Think Different will answer this question.

    We’ve been told that positive thinking, repeating affirmations and “faking it till you make it” were the key to a happy, fearless, confident living.

    But do they lead to happiness?

    Our smartest philosophers have been seeking the answer to this question for thousands of years. In the 20th century, the key to happiness seems to be having more, working less, having fun, being skinny and taking fancy pictures for social media.

    Somewhere between the improved living standards, positive thinking and gigantic expectations we’re choking on anti-depressants, alcohol, cheeseburgers and our tears.

    Learn how to turn the expectation ship around.

    This book is a raw, honest, deeply personal, refreshingly transparent look at why and how we sabotage our own lives and what to do about it. It goes against the conventional be-happy-at-all-costs mindset.

    This book uses a combination of the profound and the practical, backed by academic research to help us understand why we feel overwhelmed, lacking meaning and insecure over time and how to rise above them.

    Learn to see pain as a teacher.

    -Reduce stress and worry in your life
    -Overcome insecurity and self-doubt
    -Handle physical and mental pain and fear more effectively
    -Crush self-sabotaging “positivity” habits
    -Value the whole range of emotions that make up life

    Understand what life is really made of.

    -Why success doesn’t lead to happiness
    -How eliminating options leads to more choice
    -How “positive thinking” brainwashed generations, keeping them from real happiness
    -How to discover your limitations and accept them
    -How to choose to care about the things that truly matter in life

    The moment you accept that life isn’t supposed to be painless, that having fears, flaws and doubts is utterly human, once you stop chasing happiness, perfectionism, and compulsory compliance, you’ll start seeing the real meaning of life.

    Stop avoiding your problems. Confront them instead. This may hurt and be unpleasant at first, but it liberates you from your self-made prison. Catch courage, cling on curiosity, practice perseverance, and find forgiveness.

    Hit BUY NOW on the top right corner of this page and learn how to live a better life being 100% human instead of 100% positive.

    A History of American Higher Education

    Features:- :-

    Colleges and universities are among the most cherished—and controversial—institutions in the United States. In this updated edition of A History of American Higher Education, John R. Thelin offers welcome perspective on the triumphs and crises of this highly influential sector in American life.

    Thelin’s work has distinguished itself as the most wide-ranging and engaging account of the origins and evolution of America's institutions of higher learning. This edition brings the discussion of perennial hot-button issues such as big-time sports programs up to date and addresses such current areas of contention as the changing role of governing boards and the financial challenges posed by the economic downturn.

    Service Design: From Insight to Inspiration

    Features:- :-

    Service Design is an eminently practical guide to designing services that work for people. It offers powerful insights, methods, and case studies to help you design, implement, and measure multichannel service experiences with greater impact for customers, businesses, and society.

    The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide

    Features:- :-

    The User Experience Team of One prescribes a range of approaches that have big impact and take less time and fewer resources than the standard lineup of UX deliverables. Whether you want to cross over into user experience or you're a seasoned practitioner trying to drag your organization forward, this book gives you tools and insight for doing more with less.

    GMAT Official Guide 2018 Verbal Review: Book + Online (Official Guide for Gmat Verbal Review)

    Features:- :-

    A supplement to the Official Guide with 300 additional verbal questions

    The GMAT Official Guide 2018 Verbal Review provides additional practical preparation focused on the verbal portion of the exam. Written by the Graduate Management Admission Council, this guide contains 300 real GMAT questions from past exams, including 45 never-before-seen questions, plus the following features:

    Don’t waste time practicing on fake GMAT questions. Optimize your study time with the GMAT Official Guide 2018 Verbal Review using real questions from actual past exams.

    GMAT Official Guide 2018 Quantitative Review: Book + Online (Official Guide for Gmat Quantitative Review)

    Features:- :-

    A supplement to the Official Guide with 300 additional quantitative questions

    The GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review provides targeted preparation for the mathematical portion of the GMAT exam. Designed by the Graduate Management Admission Council, this guide contains 300 real GMAT questions from past exams including 45 never-before-seen questions, plus the following features:

    Don’t waste time practicing on fake GMAT questions. Optimize your study time with the GMAT Official Guide 2018 Quantitative Review using real questions from actual past exams.

    Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights

    Features:- :-

    Interviewing is a foundational user research tool that people assume they already possess. Everyone can ask questions, right? Unfortunately, that's not the case. Interviewing Users provides invaluable interviewing techniques and tools that enable you to conduct informative interviews with anyone. You'll move from simply gathering data to uncovering powerful insights about people.

    Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains and What Schools Can Do About It

    Features:- :-

    In Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains and What Schools Can Do About It, veteran educator and brain expert Eric Jensen takes an unflinching look at how poverty hurts children, families, and communities across the United States and demonstrates how schools can improve the academic achievement and life readiness of economically disadvantaged students.

    Jensen argues that although chronic exposure to poverty can result in detrimental changes to the brain, the brain's very ability to adapt from experience means that poor children can also experience emotional, social, and academic success. A brain that is susceptible to adverse environmental effects is equally susceptible to the positive effects of rich, balanced learning environments and caring relationships that build students' resilience, self-esteem, and character.

    Drawing from research, experience, and real school success stories, Teaching with Poverty in Mind reveals

    * What poverty is and how it affects students in school;

    * What drives change both at the macro level (within schools and districts) and at the micro level (inside a student's brain);

    * Effective strategies from those who have succeeded and ways to replicate those best practices at your own school; and

    * How to engage the resources necessary to make change happen.

    Too often, we talk about change while maintaining a culture of excuses. We can do better. Although no magic bullet can offset the grave challenges faced daily by disadvantaged children, this timely resource shines a spotlight on what matters most, providing an inspiring and practical guide for enriching the minds and lives of all your students.

    The Golden Passport: Harvard Business School, the Limits of Capitalism, and the Moral Failure of the MBA Elite

    Features:- :-

    With The Firm, financial journalist Duff McDonald pulled back the curtain on consulting giant McKinsey & Company. In The Golden Passport, he reveals the inner works of a singular nexus of power, ambition, and influence: Harvard Business School.

    Harvard University still occupies a unique place in the public’s imagination, but the Harvard Business School eclipsed its parent in terms of influence on modern society long ago. A Harvard degree guarantees respect. But a Harvard MBA near-guarantees entrance into Western capitalism’s most powerful realm—the corner office. And because the School shapes the way its powerful graduates think, its influence extends well beyond their own lives. It affects the organizations they command, the economy they dominate, and society itself. Decisions and priorities at HBS touch every single one of us.

    Most people have a vague knowledge of the power of the HBS network, but few understand the dynamics that have made HBS an indestructible and dominant force for almost a century. Graduates of HBS share more than just an alma mater. They also share a way of thinking about how the world should work, and they have successfully molded the world to that vision—that is what truly binds them together.

    In addition to teasing out the essence of this exclusive, if not necessarily “secret” club, McDonald explores two important questions: Has the school failed at reaching the goal it set for itself—“the multiplication of men who will handle their current business problems in socially constructive ways?” Is HBS complicit in the moral failings of Western capitalism?

    At a time of soaring economic inequality and growing political unrest, this hard-hitting yet fair portrait offers a much-needed look at an institution that has had a profound influence not just in the world of business but on the shape of our society—and on all our lives.

    Don't Pay for Your MBA: The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Get the Business Education You Need

    Features:- :-

    Who needs a mountain of debt?

    Each year, the nation’s top business schools are flooded with applications from people eager to pursue their MBA dreams. But those aspirations come at a steep price. According to U.S. News and World Report, the average debt load for graduates of NYU’s Stern School of Business, MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and other top business schools exceeds $100,000.

    Like most, author Laurie Pickard couldn’t shoulder that. But she faced a dilemma: despite two degrees and a Peace Corps stint, she needed a business education to land her dream job in international development. She decided to take her education into her own hands, and found that some of those same prestigious business schools offer MOOCs (massive online open courses) for low or even no cost. By picking the right classes from the best schools, she gained the skills — without all the debt.

    In Don’t Pay for Your MBA, Pickard shows self-starters, career changers, and budding entrepreneurs how to navigate the expanding universe of online education. Building on her popular No-Pay MBA blog, Pickard reveals how to:

    Self-directed learning fills gaps in your training, positions you for promotions, and opens up new opportunities. Why pay exorbitant tuition when you can MOOC your way to success?

    The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor (Revised Second Edition) (Vol. 1) (Story of the World)

    Features:- :-

    This first book in the four-volume narrative history series for elementary students will transform your study of history. The Story of the World has won awards from numerous homeschooling magazines and readers' polls—over 150,000 copies of the series in print!

    What terrible secret was buried in Shi Huangdi's tomb? Did nomads like lizard stew? What happened to Anansi the Spider in the Village of the Plantains? And how did a six-year-old become the last emperor of Rome?

    Told in a straightforward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise Bauer's trademark, The Story of the World series covers the sweep of human history from ancient times until the present. Africa, China, Europe, the Americas—find out what happened all around the world in long-ago times. This first revised volume begins with the earliest nomads and ends with the last Roman emperor. Newly revised and updated, The Story of the World, Volume 1 includes maps, a new timeline, more illustrations, and additional parental aids. This read-aloud series is designed for parents to share with elementary-school children. Enjoy it together and introduce your child to the marvelous story of the world's civilizations.

    Each Story of the World volume provides a full year of history study when combined with the Activity Book, Audiobook, and Tests—each available separately to accompany each volume of The Story of the World Text Book. Volume 1 Grade Recommendation: Grades 1-5.

    The Three Pillar Model for Business Decisions: Strategy, Law and Ethics

    Features:- :- Your friend decides to order a pizza. President Obama decides to authorize the mission that leads to the death of Osama bin Laden. You decide that your business should launch a new product. What do these decisions have in common? They all require using the Three Pillar model of decision making. Our personal, leadership, and business decisions are based on a Law Pillar, a Strategy Pillar, and an Ethics Pillar.

    The Three Pillar model originated in a leadership course that every Harvard MBA student takes before graduation. The Harvard course is based on three lenses of decision making: economics, law, and ethics. The Three Pillar model expands these lenses by replacing “economics” with “strategy.” With this change, the model becomes a powerful tool for personal and leadership decisions, as well as for business decisions.

    This book takes you through four steps that enable you to use the Three Pillar model for business decisions:

    Step One: Become a legally savvy leader. This does not require memorization of legal rules. Instead, you should understand how the law works in practice. Various surveys have identified the key legal areas that every business leader should understand: product liability, employment law, government regulation, intellectual property, contracts, and dispute resolution. This book provides briefings on each area and shows how they impact your key stakeholders: customers, employees, government, and investors.

    Step Two: Become an effective risk manager. After your briefings on the law, you are now ready to focus on the Law Pillar. The Law Pillar emphasizes risk management. This book explains how to manage the legal risks that constitute the main threat to your business success. For example, the chapter on product liability will describe how to make strategic new product decisions, how to isolate product risks by creating subsidiaries, and how to design new products to minimize the risk of being sued for selling a defective product.

    Step Three: Align the Strategy Pillar with the Law Pillar to create value. Many leaders think that there is an inherent tension between the Strategy Pillar, with its value creation orientation, and the Law Pillar, with its risk management orientation. This book explains how you can overcome this tension and align the two pillars by focusing on the interests of each of your stakeholders. For example, by focusing on customer interests, a process designed to prevent product liability can be transformed into a powerful product development tool.

    Step Four: Develop an ethical organization. Understanding the Ethics Pillar of decision making enables you to play a leadership role in developing compliance and values standards for your organization. This role requires that you “walk the talk” by using a principled process for making ethical decisions. By combining the Ethics Pillar with the Law Pillar and the Strategy Pillar, you can become a responsible corporate citizen while at the same time creating value for your shareholders and other stakeholders.

    Once you master the Three Pillar model for business decisions, you can easily apply the model to personal decisions and to leadership in any organization.

    Legal Environment

    Features:- :- Using an innovative storytelling style to bring cases and legal concepts to life, LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, 6E presents a full range of legal environment topics in a series of brief, quick-reading chapters. Readers see the relevance of legal issues to their own career paths with this book’s unique emphasis on the business applications of each concept. Expanded coverage highlights international law, employment discrimination and other legal topics of interest to today’s learners, including social media, technology, and cutting-edge intellectual property issues. Readers who have used this book share that they don’t want to stop reading and they had no idea business law could be so interesting.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Multinational Enterprises & the Law (Oxford International Law Library)

    Features:- :- Multinational Enterprises and the Law presents the only comprehensive contemporary and interdisciplinary account of the various techniques used to regulate multinational enterprises (MNEs) at the national, regional and multilateral levels. In addition it considers the effects of corporate self-regulation upon the development of the legal order in this area.

    Split into four parts the book firstly deals with the conceptual basis for MNE regulation, explaining the growth of MNEs, their business and legal forms and the relationship between them and the effects of a globalising economy and society upon the evolution of regulatory agendas in the field. Part II covers the main areas of economic regulation including the limits of national and regional jurisdiction over MNE activities, controls, and liberalization of entry and establishment, tax, company,
    and competition law. Part III introduces the social dimension of MNE regulation covering labour rights, human rights, and environmental issues, and Part IV deals with the contribution of international law and organizations to MNE regulation and to the control of investment risks, covering the main
    provisions found in international investment agreements and their recent interpretation by international tribunals.

    Employment and Labor Law

    Features:- :- Readers who are majoring in business or another non-legal professions will find EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW, 9E offers the ideal comprehensive introduction to employment and labor relations. This book uses excerpts from real law cases to illustrate how labor-related disputes arise and are resolved in the courts. Eye-opening features, such as The Working Law and Ethical Dilemmas, demonstrate how labor legislation and ethical decision-making impact employees at all levels -- from hourly workers to owners. Readers review the most up-to-date information on the NLRB and EEOC, the Fair Labor Standards Act, President Obama’s executive orders regarding undocumented immigrants and LGBT rights, Obamacare, the Defense of Marriage Act, and other employee-benefits developments. This edition also addresses relevant issues, such as FLSA and NLRB rights for unpaid interns, teaching assistants, and student-athletes. No other book combines such balanced coverage with a reader-friendly approach.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors - 2016 Edition

    Features:- :- This book is a pragmatic and creative approach to legal and asset protection issues faced by investors in Texas real estate, particularly investors in residential and smaller commercial properties. It is not intended to be a textbook or comprehensive academic treatise. Rather, it contains practical perspectives and techniques developed over the years in the course of advising and representing investors. Since there are usually as many opinions as there are lawyers in a room, it should be no surprise if other lawyers disagree with at least some of my conclusions. In response, I would point out that there is nothing theoretical in this book. Every strategy I describe has been tried and has succeeded in the real world. Having said that, every reader should consult his or her attorney prior to implementing any of my suggestions in order to insure compatibility with individual circumstances. Business plans vary and so do investments and asset protection strategies. This book does not offer legal guidance to any particular person with regard to any particular case. Note also that the law changes and evolves, often rapidly. While cases and statutes are cited in this book, the reader should do independent research to ascertain the current status of the law before relying on any of these citations.

    If you are a real estate investor who owns (or aspires to own) 10, 20, or 50 or more properties, then you should consider reading this book. If you use creative methods such as wraparounds and "subject to" transactions then you may find this volume very useful indeed. However, if your goal is to assemble an international consortium to purchase Rockefeller Center or Trump Tower, then this is probably not the volume for you.

    All real estate investors should form the habit of doing thorough due diligence prior to investing in real estate. This includes consulting attorneys, accountants, insurance advisors, and other qualified professionals on overall methods and goals as well as specific transactions. Every investor should have a team of seasoned professionals available to answer questions, offer input, and provide customized services. A professional investor will also acquire a basic level of competence in searching and obtaining information and copies from real property and appraisal district records.

    On the subject of transactional documentation, I urge readers to avoid most standard forms, especially those obtained from the Internet, except for contracts and addenda promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission and the Texas Association of Realtors. Consider all others suspect.

    Lastly, it has been my experience that good ethics make for good business. Avoid any transaction that even hints of fraud or deception. If it appears too good to be true it probably is.

    I welcome comments and criticism. I can most easily be reached by email at

    David J. Willis

    Author Bio:
    David J. Willis
    30 years’ experience in Texas transactions and litigation
    Board Certified – Residential Real Estate Law, TBLS
    Board Certified – Commercial Real Estate Law, TBLS
    AV rated for ethical standards and professional ability
    Two law degrees (J.D. and LL.M.)
    Former adjunct law professor
    Licensed Texas real estate broker
    Listed as one of Texas' Top-Rated Lawyers by

    Keywords: Real Estate Law, Texas Asset Protection, Texas Real Estate, Investors, LLC Formation, Texas, Nevada, Lawyer, Willis, Legal

    Business Law Today, Comprehensive

    Features:- :- Readers discover the excitement of cutting-edge business law as BUSINESS LAW TODAY: COMPREHENSIVE, 11E immerses learners in a wide selection of intriguing new cases and thorough coverage that reflects the latest developments in the field. This successful edition makes the study of business law appealing and relevant without sacrificing the legal credibility and comprehensive coverage. Each chapter’s visually engaging, time-tested learning tools illustrate how law is applied to real-world business problems. Excerpted cases in the language of the court familiarize readers with legal language while emphasizing the relevance of case decisions. Readers see how landmark cases, statutes, and other laws significantly impact the way businesses today operate both within the United States and across the globe.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Law, Business, and Society

    Features:- :- Law, Business and Society, 11e fits both upper-division undergraduate and masters levels courses in the legal environment of business, government and business, and business and society. Law, Business and Society, takes an interdisciplinary approach, using elements of law, political economy, international business, ethics, social responsibility, and management. Students will find an interesting, provocative reading experience filled with contemporary legal and ethical conflicts emerging from todayÕs news, as well as scholarly results, surveys, polls, data, anecdotes, and other specific details that lend credibility, immediacy, and interest to the reading experience.

    Law and Practice of Investment Treaties: Standards of Treatment Ebook (Kluwer Law International)

    Features:- :-

    Foreign investors enjoy the protection of a vast network of international investment agreements (IIAs) supplemented by the general rules of international law. Under IIAs, states must accord foreign investors substantive standards of promotion and protection. In addition, IIAs provide an investor-state arbitration mechanism that allows foreign investors to enforce these standards against host states. In response to disputes arising under the IIA regime, since the early 1990s a significant body of arbitral jurisprudence has developed. This book provides a comprehensive and systematic explanation of these standards of treatment, taking into account developments in treaty practice and arbitral jurisprudence. Where possible, the authors critically examine the applicable principles emerging from treaty practice and jurisprudence.

    The book focuses on the substantive protections accorded to foreign investors and investments. Among the many specific issues and topics that arise in the course of the analysis are the following:

    International business and other investors will greatly appreciate the in-depth information and insightful guidance in this solidly useful book. It will also be welcomed by jurists and students as a significant milestone in the articulation of principles in a quickly growing field of international law.

    Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of the Legal Environment Today (Miller Business Law Today Family)

    Features:- :- Current, succinct, and student-friendly, ESSENTIALS OF THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, 5E delivers complete one-semester coverage of business law and its environment in a straightforward, nontechnical style. Cases are summarized by the authors and integrated throughout chapters. Miller explains legal issues and court decisions with minimal legal jargon while keeping readers engaged with the material. Hands-on applications help students strengthen their critical thinking skills as well as think through ethical dilemmas before they confront them in the workplace. The book also explores how traditional law has been applied to issues involving the Internet and how the laws of other nations deal with topics discussed in the text. In addition to Cases and Case Problems featuring issues from legal disputes in 2013 and 2014, the fifth edition includes an all-new chapter on Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy, new Managerial Strategy features, new Preventing Legal Disputes features, and more.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Washington Employment Law Deskbook: 20th Edition

    Features:- :- More than 20 years ago, the Employment and Labor Law Group at Davis Wright Tremaine looked out over the unruly landscape of federal, state and local laws, regulations and court decisions dealing with the employer-employee relationship and decided to try to fence it in. As lawyers, we had access to all the cases, excellent texts and other reference materials. Employers had no reference source summarizing in plain English the growing body of state and federal employment law specifically applicable to them in Washington State. We sought to provide a useful road map through that terrain.

    With the generous contributions of our friends and colleagues at the firm, the Employment and Labor Law Group prepared the first edition of this book in the fall of 1987. It was a fairly slim volume of about 150 pages. This current book, 20 editions later, is over 350 pages long. It may reflect our greater wisdom, but mainly it is powerful testimony as to the continuing rapid growth and development of this field of law and its significance to those who do business and work in this state.

    Also recognizing the rapid advance in technology, we’ve taken the book online. For the first time, the Washington Employment Law Deskbook is available on as a Kindle e-book. We are also making available for download all forms and checklists provided in this book at

    Lawyers are Liars: The Truth About Protecting Our Assets

    Features:- :- Are all Lawyers Liars? Of course not! But some lawyers are, and others who are not lawyers use that charge to sell the unsuspecting public asset protection structures or strategies that are outright lies. Until now, no other professional has been willing to call out the frauds and cheats in this powerful industry where self-professed experts and do-it-yourself hacks wreak havoc on the innocent just wanting to protect their assets. Mark Kohler exposes the liars and tells us the truth! In Lawyers are Liars, Mark explains the strategies that actually work to protect our assets and uses more than 270 footnotes to do it, quoting and referencing the true experts around the country. Undoubtedly, this book will become a desktop resource for not only the average middle income American wanting to protect his or her assets, but attorneys, estate planners and financial professionals guiding their clients through this complex area of the law.

    Good Counsel: Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits

    Features:- :- A concise overview of the legal needs of nonprofit organizations

    Good Counsel is a compact and personable overview of the legal needs of nonprofits, crafted by one of America's most astute nonprofit general counsels. The book distills the legal needs of the 1.8 million tax-exempt organizations in the United States.Written in a clear and accessible style, with plenty of humor and storytelling as well as illustrative case studies, Good Counsel explains the basics of nonprofit corporate law, governance, and the tax exemption. It then takes a department-by-department look at legal topics relevant to program, fundraising, finance, communications, human resources, operations, contracts, government relations, and more. Good Counsel is designed help organizations fulfill their missions to do the public good.

    Designed to impart confidence and demystify the issues, Good Counsel is a must-read for nonprofit professionals and board members as well as lawyers and law students. Using Good Counsel as their playbook, lawyers, executives, and trustees can get an overview of the most common legal, governance, and compliance issues facing their organization and together ramp up a top-notch legal function.

    Good Counsel is the first-of-its-kind guidebook written by the sitting General Counsel of a major nonprofit. Written by influential author, speaker, and Bar leader Lesley Rosenthal, the General Counsel of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Good Counsel shares the insights of a Harvard Law School graduate with years of in-house and business law experience as well as board service.

    Legal Environment of Business, A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice

    Features:- :- Legal Environment of Business, A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice

    Circle of Greed: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of the Lawyer Who Brought Corporate America to Its Knees

    Features:- :- Circle of Greed is the epic story of the rise and fall of Bill Lerach, once the leading class action lawyer in America and now a convicted felon.  For more than two decades, Lerach threatened, shook down and sued top Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, Apple, Time Warner, and—most famously—Enron.  Now, the man who brought corporate moguls to their knees has fallen prey to the same corrupt impulses of his enemies, and is paying the price by serving time in federal prison.       
    If there was ever a modern Greek tragedy about a man and his times, about corporate arrogance and illusions and the scorched-earth tactics to not only counteract corporate America but to beat it at its own game, Bill Lerach's story is it.   

    From the Hardcover edition.

    International Business Law and the Legal Environment: A Transactional Approach

    Features:- :-

    International Business Law and the Legal Environment provides business students with a strong understanding of the legal principles that govern doing business internationally. Not merely about compliance, this book emphasizes how to use the law to create value and competitive advantage.

    DiMatteo’s transactional approach walks students through key business transactions—from import and export, contracts, and finance to countertrade, dispute resolution, licensing, and more—giving them both context and demonstrating real world application. This new edition also includes:

    Students of business law and international business courses will find DiMatteo’s clear writing style easy to follow. A companion web site includes an instructor’s manual, PowerPoints, and other tools to provide additional support for students and instructors.

    Cengage Advantage Books: Business Law Today, The Essentials: Text and Summarized Cases

    Features:- :- Interesting, clear, and applied, BUSINESS LAW TODAY: THE ESSENTIALS is your concise guide to the law and what it means in the business world--from contracts and secured transactions to warranties and government regulations. Easy to understand with an engaging writing style that is matched by vibrant visuals, BUSINESS LAW TODAY includes coverage of contemporary topics that impact not only the business world, but your life such as identity theft. Fascinating features and intriguing cases highlight the material's practicality. The text's companion website includes resources to help you study, such as sample answers to selected end-of-chapter business scenarios and case problems (one per chapter) ; Internet exercises; and interactive quizzes for every chapter.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Harvesting Intangible Assets

    Features:- :- Whether you call it “harvesting intangible assets” or “intellectual property management,” organizations must make the most of everything they have to offer if they want to remain competitive. Yet, the majority of companies are oblivious to the wealth of revenue-producing opportunities hiding just below the strategic surface. In this thought-provoking book, author Andrew J. Sherman shares insights and expertise gleaned from his work with some of the world’s leading companies who have capitalized on intellectual assets such as patents, trademarks, customer information, software codes, databases, business models, home-grown processes, and employee expertise. Featuring instructive examples from organizations including Proctor & Gamble, IBM, and Google, the book reveals how companies large or small can implement IP-driven growth and licensing strategies, foster a culture of innovation, turn R&D into revenue, and much more. Smart companies reap what they sow. This book gives readers the tools they need for a profitable harvest.

    Drafting for Corporate Finance: Concepts, Deals and Documents: 1

    Features:- :- The new second edition of Drafting for Corporate Finance offers the legal, financial, business, accounting, and drafting information that lawyers must understand when it comes to corporate finance documentation, especially as it relates to debt. Drafting for Corporate Finance covers all the components of effective contract drafting, including:

    International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy: 2010 (Aspen Casebook Series)

    Features:- :- International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy features a comprehensive introduction to the global system regulating the field of intellectual property rights, including how the treatment of IP may affect a broad range of social and political interests. The updated third edition includes discussion of important jurisprudential developments, including recent EU Court of Justice decisions clarifying permissible acts in relation to copyrighted computer software, Indian Supreme Court case law involving patentability standards, and US Supreme Court decisions adopting international exhaustion for copyright.

    Key New Features

    Law for Business

    Features:- :- Law for Business

    Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual

    Features:- :- Your Limited Liability Company gives you everything you need to maintain the legal validity of your LLC before the courts and the IRS. It helps you approve and document important legal, tax, and business decisions to create a paper trail that avoids legal trouble.

    The book shows you how to:

  • prepare minutes of meetings

  • record important legal, tax, and business decisions

  • handle formal record keeping

  • fill out an LLC Records Book

    Your Limited Liability Company provides all the documentation you'll need, including:

  • minutes

  • written consents

  • checklists

  • over 50 ready-to-use resolutions

    This book has downloadable interactive forms.

    Examples & Explanations for Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs

    Features:- :-

    A favorite classroom prep tool of successful students that is often recommended by professors, the Examples & Explanations (E&E) series provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures. Each E&E offers hypothetical questions complemented by detailed explanations that allow you to test your knowledge of the topics in your courses and compare your own analysis.

    Here’s why you need an E&E to help you study throughout the semester:

    • Clear explanations of each class topic, in a conversational, funny style.
    • Features hypotheticals similar to those presented in class, with corresponding analysis so you can use them during the semester to test your understanding, and again at exam time to help you review.
    • It offers coverage that works with ALL the major casebooks, and suits any class on a given topic.

    The Examples & Explanations series has been ranked the most popular study aid among law students because it is equally as helpful from the first day of class through the final exam.

    Captive Audience

    Features:- :-

    Ten years ago, the United States stood at the forefront of the Internet revolution. With some of the fastest speeds and lowest prices in the world for high-speed Internet access, the nation was poised to be the global leader in the new knowledge-based economy. Today that global competitive advantage has all but vanished because of a series of government decisions and resulting monopolies that have allowed dozens of countries, including Japan and South Korea, to pass us in both speed and price of broadband. This steady slide backward not only deprives consumers of vital services needed in a competitive employment and business market—it also threatens the economic future of the nation.

    This important book by leading telecommunications policy expert Susan Crawford explores why Americans are now paying much more but getting much less when it comes to high-speed Internet access. Using the 2011 merger between Comcast and NBC Universal as a lens, Crawford examines how we have created the biggest monopoly since the breakup of Standard Oil a century ago. In the clearest terms, this book explores how telecommunications monopolies have affected the daily lives of consumers and America's global economic standing.

    Small Business Start-Up Kit, The: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide (Small Business Start Up Kit)

    Features:- :- Your one-stop guide to starting a small business

    Want to start a business? Don’t know where to begin? Start here.

    The Small Business Start-Up Kit shows you how to set up a small business in your state, quickly and efficiently clearing state and local bureaucratic hurdles along the way.

    We’ll show you how to:

      •choose between an LLC and other business structures

      •write an effective business plan

      •pick a winning business name and protect it

      •hire and manage staff

      •comply with legal and tax issues affecting home businesses

      •price, bid, and bill your projects

      •manage finances and taxes

      •get your website up and running, and

      •market your business effectively, online and off.

    The 9th edition is completely updated, with the latest legal and tax rules affecting small businesses, and use of social media to promote your brand and drive website traffic.

    Incorporate Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Corporation in Any State

    Features:- :- Form a corporation in any state, quickly and easily.

    Forming a corporation has many advantages, including limiting your personal liability. With the step-by-step instructions in this book, the process is straightforward and easy to accomplish.

    Incorporate Your Business clearly explains how to form a corporation in any state. It includes all the sample forms and information you need to prepare articles of incorporation and bylaws. It also fully discusses the advantages and tax consequences of incorporating your business, including:

    Limited liability

    Business owners limit their personal liability by incorporating, because they aren’t responsible for business debts and court judgments.

    Tax advantages

    Especially for smaller businesses, the ability to split income between yourself and your corporation can significantly lower your overall tax burden.

    Employee perks

    Owners of a corporation who also work for it can take advantage of significant financial benefits like equity plans, stock options, corporation-paid insurance, and more.

    Incorporate Your Business provides the forms you need, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, stock certificates and resolutions.

    This new edition is revised and updated to cover all changes in state, federal, and tax law.

    Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer's Guide to Effective Writing & Editing: 1

    Features:- :-

    PLI’s Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective Writing and Editing gives you the specialized knowledge and techniques to draft clear and compelling legal documents, no matter how complicated the issues involved.

    Featuring drafting exercises and examples, Thinking Like a Writer enables you to craft introductions that engage readers from the start; develop a credible, professional writing persona; write strong, streamlined sentences that bring subjects into clear focus; create logically-linked paragraphs that carry readers forward smoothly; break up information stylistically and graphically to enhance comprehension; use syntax, verbs, and varied sentence lengths to keep readers’ attention; instill writing with added grace and imagination; communicate with different audiences, including clients, associates, senior lawyers, and judges; and identify drafting problems, understand their causes, and find the right editorial solutions.

    Thinking Like a Writer shows you how to blend reason and emotion, detail and simplicity, concrete language and metaphors, to ensure that your legal writing does full justice to your legal thinking.

    Updated as needed, Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective Writing and Editing is a vital working handbook for attorneys and a useful reference for judges and paralegals. 

    Founded in 1933, Practising Law Institute is the nation’s foremost provider of continuing legal education. PLI is a leading publisher of authoritative legal references and other information resources and offers more than 300 live and electronic programs nationally.

    About the Authors

    Stephen V. Armstrong has taught writing programs for judges and lawyers in the United States and Canada under the sponsorship of such groups as the Federal Judicial Center, the Practising Law Institute, ALI-ABA, and the American Bar Association. He has also taught writing in law firms and worked extensively with the writing of practicing lawyers, and has published widely on the topic of continuing professional development for lawyers.

    Timothy P. Terrell has been a member of the faculty of Emory University School of Law since 1976 and has been a visiting professor at the law schools at the University of Iowa, the University of San Diego, and the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England. He has taught a wide range of courses but now focuses on legal theory, legal ethics, and property law. He has published extensively in all these areas.

    Dynamic Business Law

    Features:- :- Dynamic Business Law

    How to Train A Police Bloodhound and Scent Discriminating Patrol Dog - Second Edition

    Features:- :- This work is an in depth study of the Kocher Method of mantrailing training using intensity level exercises to build a solid foundation for your canine partner. Using a combination of Kevin and Robin Kocher's vast experience in training both trailing dogs and their handlers, this manual of mantrailing was created primarily for law enforcement officers and SAR handlers. Using positive rewards and encouragement, it is geared for creating a more reliable, focused and driven canine partner to follow a specific human scent and quickly establishing the direction of travel. A must read for all law enforcement canine handlers, it is also of great interest to anyone involved with search and rescue or tracking.

    Author Bios:
    Kevin Kocher was a Deputy Sheriff and Bloodhound Handler for almost 20 years until multiple sclerosis forced him to retire in 2008. The book he wrote with his wife Robin Monroe Kocher, "Read Any Trailing or Tracking Dog by Understanding Negative Indications", has changed the way dogs are read across the USA, Europe and beyond.

    Robin Monroe Kocher is a detective for the Sheriff's Office and the founder of the National Bloodhound Training Institute. Robin instructs at numerous seminars in the USA and has shared her knowledge in Europe.

    LLC: Quickstart Beginner's Guide to Limited Liability Companies

    Features:- :-


    Find out how with: LLC, Quick Start Beginner’s Guide To Limited Liability Companies.

    Do you want to know what your options are when it comes to starting up a company and are considering an LLC?

    Then you’ll want to grab a copy of this book!

    This book, LLC: Quick Start Beginner’s Guide To Limited Liability Companies, is a good guide for you to follow if you want to enter into business and you are not sure how to go about it. It indicates the advantages that an LLC has over other forms of businesses like sole proprietorships, partnerships and even corporations. You will also learn how to operate within the law and yet avoid unnecessary expenses through taxation and administrative costs. In a nutshell, LLC takes you through the basics of forming an LLC and answers most of the questions that disturb a new investor. The information in the book leaves you feeling confident of being able to initiate your own company, financing it, running it and even distributing profits in a manner that is sustainable.

    In this book you will learn:

    • The basics of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    • How to choose a name for your LLC

    • Where and how to get funding for your LLC

    • Accounting and bookkeeping of your LLC’s financial transactions

    • The management structure of an LLC

    • How to run an LLC using the Operating Agreement

    • How LLCs are taxed

    • Your rights as a member of an LLC

    • Your obligations as a member of an LLC

    • Things you need to avoid for the success of your LLC

    • The limitations of an LLC

    • The simple procedure of changing the LLC’s membership

    • The simple procedure of dissolving an LLC

    • Reasons that lead to involuntary dissolution and how to handle it

    • How to get back into business after dissolution of the LLC

    • The difference between an LLC and a corporation

    If you’re the owner of a small company that would like to bring in partners or would just like the protection a limited liability company offers, then keep reading to find out how incorporating can help you!

    Employment Law

    Features:- :-

    This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book.

    Directed primarily toward law or management college/university students, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals.

    Moran approaches employment law with a focus on discrimination and employment regulation, presenting the principles of law in a logical succession and illustrating those principles with engaging real-world applications.

    Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide

    Features:- :- During hard economic times, nonprofits are more important than ever. Here, learn how to create and nurture a nonprofit that will serve your vital mission, whether supporting the arts, rescuing a school library, protecting the environment, or making a difference in another important way.

    With practical advice, legal information, tips and step-by-step instructions, this essential guide will help you get your nonprofit up and running—and keep it going! Starting & Building a Nonprofit explains how to:

    • develop a strategic plan and budget

    • recruit and manage board members, employees and volunteers

    • market your organization to your target audience

    • raise money online through crowdfunding and other sites

    • build a website and use social media and networking sites

    • adopt policies that are legally sound

    • and much more.

    Whether you are dreaming of starting a nonprofit or are already in the trenches, Starting & Building a Nonprofit will help your organization make a real difference in the world.

    Corporate Legal Departments (October 2016 Edition)

    Features:- :- Designed to help the in-house attorney deal with bigger compliance demands and tighter budgets, the new fourth edition of Corporate Legal Departments: Practicing Law in a Corporation shows you how to implement a corporate compliance program that:

    • Detects and prevents internal legal problems
    • Plays a greater role in developing corporate business plans and pursuing new business opportunities
    • Makes your department more productive at less cost
    • Maximizes the value of digital technologies
    • Uses cost-effective litigation strategies
    • Manages corporate crises with a firm hand
    • Minimized your own legal exposure as a corporate counselor

    Corporate Legal Departments features a unique In-House Counsel’s Handbook covering 20 areas important to your growing role, including laws dealing with antitrust, environmental issues, intellectual property, securities, anti-bribery, export control, immigration, the Internet, accounting, and data privacy and protection.

    Corporate Legal Departments is an indispensable guide for in-house corporate practitioners, outside corporate counsel, compliance officers, and top managers.

    Formation of Government Contracts, 4th Ed. (Hardcover w/ Tables) (2011),

    Features:- :- The book is focused entirely on the formation of a contract – from the earliest planning until contract award. For our purposes, the award of a contract begins the process of contract administration, a separate process. As with previous editions, the goal is to make the reader aware of the statutes, regulations and decisions that establish the complex rule structure that is followed in the process of entering into government contracts.

    Major updates to this 4th edition include:

    • One of the major changes that has occurred since the third edition of Formation of Government Contracts is the widespread use of interagency contracting. For that reason, we have added a new Chapter 8 covering this complex field.
    • The other major change that has occurred since the publication of the third edition is in the selection of the proper type of contract – addressed in Chapter 9. We are in one of those periods where the emphasis is on more fixed-price type contracts.

    Cengage Advantage Books: Business Law: Text and Exercises

    Features:- :- Concise, straightforward, and reader-friendly, BUSINESS LAW: TEXT AND EXERCISES, 8E captures basic business law in a practical manner that readers will appreciate from the very first chapter. This easy-to-read paperback book is one of the most cost-effective and efficient choices for learning business law. This edition is specifically designed to help you master key legal concepts and doctrines while giving you practical experience in applying basic legal principles to common business situations. Hypothetical examples and brief summaries of real court case examples illustrate contemporary legal principles. Using a proven formula for success, BUSINESS LAW: TEXT AND EXERCISES, 8E provides the most approachable, practical introduction to today’s business law.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Emanuel Law Outlines for Corporations (Emanuel Law Outlines Series)

    Features:- :- The most trusted name in law school outlines, Emanuel Law Outlines support your class preparation, provide reference for your outline creation, and supply a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter for your entire study process. Created by Steven Emanuel, these course outlines have been relied on by generations of law students. Each title includes both capsule and detailed versions of the critical issues and key topics you must know to master the course. Also included are exam questions with model answers, an alpha-list of cases, and a cross reference table of cases for all of the leading casebooks.

    Emanuel Law Outline Features:

    • #1 outline choice among law students

    • Comprehensive review of all major topics

    • Capsule summary of all topics

    • Cross-reference table of cases

    • Time-saving format

    • Great for exam prep

    The Legal Environment of Business

    Features:- :- THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS provides a practical introduction to the structure and function of the legal system from the perspective of the professional nonlawyer. While noting our legal heritage, there is a strong emphasis on the nuts and bolts of basic legal rules that most impact business today. This popular text effectively adapts a traditional case focus for the unique needs of business students. Incorporating clear and concise coverage of a wide range of up-to-date topics, the twelfth edition of this trusted text introduces key points of law through business-specific examples and realistic scenarios that students can appreciate. The authors' readable style complements their extensive knowledge of domestic and international business to make the text both an exceptional teaching tool and a favorite among instructors and students alike.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy (The Information Society Series)

    Features:- :-

    If you buy a book at the bookstore, you own it. You can take it home, scribble in the margins, put in on the shelf, lend it to a friend, sell it at a garage sale. But is the same thing true for the ebooks or other digital goods you buy? Retailers and copyright holders argue that you don't own those purchases, you merely license them. That means your ebook vendor can delete the book from your device without warning or explanation -- as Amazon deleted Orwell's 1984 from the Kindles of surprised readers several years ago. These readers thought they owned their copies of 1984. Until, it turned out, they didn't. In The End of Ownership, Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz explore how notions of ownership have shifted in the digital marketplace, and make an argument for the benefits of personal property.

    Of course, ebooks, cloud storage, streaming, and other digital goods offer users convenience and flexibility. But, Perzanowski and Schultz warn, consumers should be aware of the tradeoffs involving user constraints, permanence, and privacy. The rights of private property are clear, but few people manage to read their end user agreements. Perzanowski and Schultz argue that introducing aspects of private property and ownership into the digital marketplace would offer both legal and economic benefits. But, most important, it would affirm our sense of self-direction and autonomy. If we own our purchases, we are free to make whatever lawful use of them we please. Technology need not constrain our freedom; it can also empower us.

    Music Money and Success (Music, Money, and Success)

    Features:- :- The Insider's Guide to Making Money in the Music Industry. Millions dream of attaining glamour and wealth through music. This book reveals the secrets of the music business that have made fortunes for the superstars. A must-have for every songwriter, performer and musician.

    The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law

    Features:- :- Business Insider calls The ENTREPRENEUR’S GUIDE “perhaps the most useful business book you can ever read” and lists it among twenty-five must-read books for entrepreneurs. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS LAW, 5E examines stages of starting a business -- from start-up and growth to public offering, while highlighting legal preparations and pitfalls. Cutting-edge examples show how legally astute entrepreneurs can strategically increase realizable value, deploy resources, and manage risk. The book discusses leaving a job, hiring former coworkers, competing with a former employer, workplace legislation, product liability, and bankruptcy. You examine current issues including today’s workforce in the “gig” economy, “crowdsourcing” capital and social media, computer hacking and identity theft. Legal discussion integrates with core strategic concepts, such as Porter’s Five Forces, the resource-based view of the firm, the value proposition, activities in the value chain and more.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    ORGB (New, Engaging Titles from 4LTR Press)

    Features:- :- 4LTR Press solutions give students the option to choose the format that best suits their learning preferences. Students can choose to use the traditional print text or they can explore the Online experience by using their digital device. These options are perfect for all students, as a digital experience is offered, in addition to the traditional print.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    The Inside Counsel Revolution: Resolving the Partner-Guardian Tension

    Features:- :- In the past 25 years, there has been a revolution in the legal profession. General Counsel and other inside lawyers have risen in quality, responsibility, power and status. Once second class citizens in corporations and the legal profession, they have become core members of top corporate management, equaling in importance the Chief Financial Officer and the finance function. Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr. has led that revolution in his nearly 20 years as the top lawyer at GE. In this analytic and prescriptive book, he describes the essence of that transformation and the modern role of inside counsel: the key functions, relationships, issues, problems and dilemmas, and argues for the role of inside counsel as lawyer-statesman, motivated not just by the desire for income but by broader values of integrity and corporate citizenship.

    Business Law Today, Standard: Text & Summarized Cases

    Features:- :- BUSINESS LAW TODAY: STANDARD EDITION, 11E combines the legal credibility, authoritativeness, and comprehensiveness of a traditional business law book with strong visual appeal and reader-friendly features. This book's engaging, high-interest presentation is complemented by the essential detail and information necessary to completely explain business law topics. BUSINESS LAW TODAY: STANDARD EDITION offers in a credible business law source that you will want to read. The book explicitly meets the AACSB curriculum requirements. This edition covers contemporary topics that impact today’s business world, such as the financial crisis and its impact on business law, identity theft, immigration law, and diversity issues.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Business Law

    Features:- :- Throughout its 80 years of existence, this book has been a leader and an innovator in the fi elds of business law and the legal environment of business. One reason for the book’s success is its clear and comprehensive treatment of the standard topics that form the traditional business law curriculum. Another reason is its responsiveness to changes in these traditional subjects and to new views about that curriculum. In 1976, this textbook was the fi rst to inject regulatory materials into a business law textbook, defi ning the “legal environment” approach to business law. Over the years, this textbook has also pioneered by introducing materials on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, global legal issues, and e-commerce law. The 16th Edition continues to emphasize change by integrating these four areas into its pedagogy.

    Business Law and the Legal Environment, Standard Edition (Business Law and the Legal Enivorment)

    Features:- :- Packed with current examples and engaging scenarios, BUSINESS LAW AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, STANDARD EDITION, 7E has earned the stamp of approval from trial and appellate judges, working attorneys, scholars, and teachers for its full breadth of business law coverage. Extremely reader-friendly, the text is known for its lively, conversational writing style that explains complex topics in easy-to-understand language as it illustrates how legal concepts apply to everyday business practice. The seventh edition includes a new emphasis on the digital landscape, expanded coverage of international law, and new information on privacy issues.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Law for Business and Personal Use (Business Law)

    Features:- :- Explore the foundations of business law as well as the application of legal concepts to everyday life. LAW FOR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL USE, 19E, combines strong content and interactive technology with consistent, proven instruction to maintain student interest and support active learning. Coverage includes contracts, criminal law, environmental law, family law, and consumer protection. With more than 1,000 cases, LAW FOR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL USE, 19E, offers plenty of opportunities for case analysis and research.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Legal Environment of Business: Online Commerce, Ethics, and Global Issues

    Features:- :-

    This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book.

    For undergraduate courses in the Legal Environment of Business.


    Cutting edge cases and comprehensive coverage of the legal environment of business.

    The Legal Environment of Business: Online Commerce, Ethics, and Global Issues examines how the current legal environment, government regulation, and e-commerce environment impact today's business decisions. The cases in this text are cutting-edge, exciting, and engaging, and the reasoning of each case is presented in the language of the court. The Eighth Edition is updated with all new cases, statutes, and features.

    Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health

    Features:- :- The sixth edition of this popular handbook provides a thorough and up-to-date overview of the occupational safety and health field and the issues safety professionals face today, and does so in an accessible and engaging manner. An excellent introductory reference for both students and professionals, Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health provides practical information on technology, management, and regulatory compliance issues, covering crucial topics like organizing, staffing, directing, and evaluating occupational safety programs and procedures.

    Author Mark Friend addresses all major occupational safety and health topics in this comprehensive volume, including safety-related laws and regulations, hazardous materials, workplace violence, the threat of terrorism, and OSHA's recordkeeping standard. This new edition has been revised and updated throughout to include new information on a variety of topics. Some of the highlights:

    • The Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and related changes in terminology are addressed under Hazardous Materials
    • The chapter on Industrial Hygiene reflect the recent changes in the regulations regarding the Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals
    • The chapter on Transportation Safety has been significantly edited and streamlined to provide the reader with a better format that is easier to read and comprehend

    The book includes a handy directory of resources such as safety and health associations, First Responder organizations, and state and federal agencies. The latest edition of this go-to reference work reflects the legal and cultural climate of safety and health in an easily comprehensible and well-organized format, giving readers a wealth of occupational safety and health information right at their fingertips.

    Law for Architects: What You Need to Know

    Features:- :-

    An essential reference for practitioners, emphasizing how legal concepts affect the process of bringing architectural vision to reality.

    Law for Architects: What You Need to Know guides design professionals through the daunting landscape where design and construction meet the legal system. It provides an introduction—written in clear, reader-friendly language—to issues that arise at every stage in the practice of architecture. For architects starting or building their own practice: Why do I need a written agreement with my clients? Why do I need insurance? How do I organize my firm? For seasoned architects considering retirement: How do I transfer ownership in my company? How can I benefit from the good will I helped to build? For students who want to learn more about the practicalities of starting out: Why is it important to have a license? Isn’t it enough to have a degree in architecture? What are my rights as an employee? It also addresses the perennial questions that concern architects: How do I protect myself from being sued? How do I protect my intellectual property rights in my work? and much more.

    Law for Architects identifies the legal issues that lurk in every corner of your design practice and helps you figure out what questions you need to ask.

    Business Law: Text and Cases

    Features:- :- Comprehensive, authoritative, and reader-friendly, market-leader BUSINESS LAW: TEXT AND CASES delivers an ideal blend of classic ""black letter law"" and cutting-edge contemporary issues and cases. Today, BUSINESS LAW, 14E continues to set the standard for excellence. The book’s strong reader orientation makes the law accessible, interesting, and relevant. Intriguing cases, timely content, and effective learning features are thoroughly updated to represent the latest developments in business law. Cases range from precedent-setting landmarks to important recent decisions. Ethical, global, e-commerce, digital, and corporate themes are integrated throughout this edition with new features, such as new Digital Update that shows how digital progress is affecting the law. Numbered examples, Case in Points, sample answers, new reader-friendly Concept Summary Designs and helpful exhibits all work together to ensure reader comprehension.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    The Legal Environment of Business: Text and Cases

    Features:- :- Comprehensive, authoritative, and cutting-edge, THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS combines a classic black letter law approach with an interesting and accessible reader-friendly format. The cases, content, and features of the exciting new ninth edition have been thoroughly updated to represent the latest developments in the business law environment. An excellent assortment of cases ranges from precedent-setting landmarks to important recent decisions, and ethical, global, and corporate themes are integrated throughout. In addition, numerous features and exercises help you master the material and apply what you have learned to real-world issues, and the text offers an unmatched range of support resources, including innovative online study tools that help you work effectively and maximize your results. It's no wonder THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS is used by more colleges and universities than any other legal environment text.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    How to ICO/ITO in Singapore: A regulatory and compliance viewpoint on initial coin offering and initial token offering in Singapore

    Features:- :- The next bubble? Or an unstoppable new world order? What is this blockchain revolution al about?

    The first bitcoin purchase for two pizza's in New York City for 10.000 bitcoins happened on 22nd May 2010. Those same 10000 bitcoins are worth over US$ today. No other asset class has returned as much profits as cryptocurrencies have in the last eight years.

    Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurs are jumping on the ICO/ITO bandwagon and issueing their own digital currencies. Estonia, Singapore, India and even the International Monetary Fund have issued, or are intending to issue their own digital currency.

    What are the risks? What are the regulators doing and what do they think? Is it safe to invest in digital currencies and ICOs?

    This book is a summary of:
    > The ICO and cryptocurrency world today.
    > The overall trends in the industry all over the globe.
    > How ICOs are run.
    > What the specific legal and regulatory issues relating to ICO's are.

    Read this book to learn more about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the ICO world today!

    Malcolm Tan is a Singapore based lawyer and entrepreneur. He is the C.E.O. of both Gravitas Holdings and the AEXON project.

    Business Law: Text and Cases

    Features:- :- Comprehensive, authoritative, and student-friendly, longtime market-leader BUSINESS LAW: TEXT AND CASES delivers an ideal blend of classic ""black letter law"" and cutting-edge coverage of contemporary issues and cases. BUSINESS LAW continues to set the standard for excellence. The text offers a strong student orientation, making the law accessible, interesting, and relevant. The cases, content, and features of the thirteenth edition have been thoroughly updated to represent the latest developments in business law. Cases range from precedent-setting landmarks to important recent decisions. Ethical, global, and corporate themes are integrated throughout. In addition, numerous critical-thinking exercises challenge students to apply knowledge to real-world issues. It is no wonder that BUSINESS LAW is used by more colleges and universities than any other business law text.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment

    Features:- :- Packed with reader-friendly illustrations, ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS LAW AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, 12e uses a nontechnical presentation to help your students understand the dynamics of today's legal environment for business. Covering a broad variety of key subjects and emphasizing ethical decision making, the text presents all business law topics required for success on the CPA exam. Cases are carefully summarized and integrated in order to present both recent legal issues and landmark court decisions while minimizing legal jargon. Students learn to effectively apply legal reasoning to cases and legal issues using the Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion (IRAC) method. In addition to new ""Going Global"" features that highlight the international aspects of legal issues, the 12th Edition also includes more than 30 recent cases, updated coverage of limited liability companies and suretyship, amendments to UCC Articles, SEC rules on social media, recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and much more.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment

    Features:- :- Provide a description about the book that does not include any references to package elements. This description will provide a description where the core, text-only product or an eBook is sold. Please remember to fill out the variations section on the PMI with the book only information.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    RAPID RESULTS Credit Repair Credit Dispute Letter System: Credit Rating and Repair Book

    Features:- :- Here is a short video explaining why my credit repair publication is the best


    here are some things to consider
    1) I am a real person, with my letters I include my phone number and email.
    2) Don’t ever get your free report from annualcreditreport This gives the bureau’s 45 days to respond instead of 30 days.
    3) When you get your credit report Opt out of the "mandatory arbitration agreement" or you are already starting to lose the game.
    4) Your credit dispute has been OUTSOURCED TO INDIA.
    5) This letter system works in 2017 not some old system people try to tell you will work.

    I am going to send you my Dispute Letter System
    I am going to tell you why it works
    I am going to send you step by step instructions
    It's like having a friend in the business

    PS: I have over 2000 letters from customers with deleted items. You will be the next.

    PSS: For the cost of about two cups of Starbucks overpriced Frappuccino's I am going to tell you everything I know. iT'S LIKE HAVING A FRIEND IN THE BUSINESS
    PSSS: In my RAPID RESULTS DISPUTE LETTER SYSTEM I have enclosed my phone number and email if you need specific help. You are buying my book directly from me.
    John D. Harris

    The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law

    Features:- :- The 4th Edition of THE ENTREPRENEUR'S GUIDE TO BUSINESS LAW takes students through the various stages of starting a business--from start-up and growth to an initial public offering--while highlighting the legal preparations and pitfalls that go along with them. Start-ups experience legal issues unlike those of mature companies, and this text offers seventeen chapters of advice and strategies for recognizing and managing them. Appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate coursework, this newly updated edition presents traditional topics, such as the cyclical nature of business, international issues, contract law, and bankruptcy, as well as more current issues like clean energy, e-commerce, and the effects of the recent recession on entrepreneurship.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Cengage Advantage Books: Introduction to Business Law

    Features:- :- Using an innovative storytelling style to bring cases and legal concepts to life, INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW, 5E presents a full range of business law topics in a series of brief, quick-reading chapters. The text delivers succinct coverage of core business law topics, emphasizes the business applications of chapter concepts, and includes summarized cases to illustrate the point of law. The fifth edition includes all-new chapters on LLCs and employment discrimination, new Case Questions, and a new emphasis on social media issues throughout.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Answer Book (2016 Edition)

    Features:- :-

    In a fast-changing U.S. health care environment, Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Answer Book provides the reader with a road map of how general M&A principles apply to transactions in the health care sector. Organized into four parts, it includes practical advice on how to address the various industry-specific issues arising in health care acquisitions:

    • Part I: Structuring Health Care Transactions, focuses on the various legal and practical areas that can have an impact on the structure of a health care M&A transaction, including provisions relating to purchase price, as well as regulatory, antitrust, financing, and tax and accounting considerations.
    • Part II: Due Diligence, discusses the regulatory and compliance issues arising in health care transactions, including compliance with the federal and state health care fraud and abuse laws, Medicare and Medicaid rules, HIPAA and other health care regulations, as well as other topics, such as intellectual property rights, material contracts, and product liability and medical malpractice claims.
    • Part III: Transaction Documentation, analyzes the principal elements of a purchase agreement for a health care transaction, including industry-specific representations and warranties, pre- and post-closing covenants, closing conditions and indemnification provisions typically found in health care acquisition agreements.
    • Part IV: Special Topics in Health Care M&A, covers special issues arising in acquisitions of U.S. companies by non-U.S. buyers, as well as an overview of health care M&A transactions in France, Germany and Russia.

    Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Answer Book analyzes examples from recent health care transactions, and provides practice tips on what to look out for and how to avoid the various pitfalls that may be encountered while working on health care transactions. It covers deal-making involving pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals, health insurers and other participants of the health care sector. In addition to transactions involving outright acquisitions of health care companies, Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Answer Book reviews alternative structures used in health care M&A transactions, such as:

    Welcome to a new life of retirement and good living ─ to a purposeful retirement.

    The Self Directed IRA Handbook: An Authoritative Guide For Self Directed Retirement Plan Investors and Their Advisors

    Features:- :- The Self Directed IRA Handbook explains how investors can own alternative retirement plan assets in their IRAs. These assets typically include; real estate, private stock, IRA/LLCs, LP, LLC, private equity, hedge funds, private placement, crowdfunding, and precious metals. The Handbook clearly explains the prohibited transaction rules, investment structures, common self directed IRA investment assets, and SDIRA tax pitfalls (UBIT & UDFI tax). The Handbook goes beyond the basics of self directed IRAs and includes extensive FAQs after each chapter, and nearly 100 citations to cases, statutes, rulings, and opinions from the Courts, the IRS, and the DOL.

    Its author, Mat Sorensen, is an experienced attorney who has advised clients with IRAs at every major self directed IRA custodian, and who speaks frequently at industry associations and before professional groups on self directed IRA topics. Mat regularly advises clients on the prohibited transaction rules, on IRA/LLC structures, on real estate and private company investments, and on UBIT and UDFI taxes. Mat has also successfully represented self directed IRA owners before the IRS Appeals Office and the U.S. Tax Court.

    To view testimonials for the book, and for additional self directed IRA resources, please visit the author's site at

    Ready To Pull The Retirement Trigger?: Your Strategic Guide To Retire With Confidence

    Features:- :-

    Ready To Pull The Retirement Trigger?

    You want to retire early . . . slow down a bit . . . enjoy your life, your spouse, and your grandkids. But what if there is a major health issue? Or what if you run out of money? How much do you need? What if you have to go into a nursing home? When do you take your Social Security? What do you do with your 401k when you retire? What do you do about health insurance before you reach Medicare age?

    There are many issues facing people as they consider retirement. In a world filled with an overwhelming variety of information, it can be difficult to know what to do and where to turn for guidance. Author Mary Sterk takes the complex issue of retirement planning and gives you straight-forward advice that is easy to understand and simple to follow.

    In this book, you will:

    • Understand how a health issue can impact your retirement plans—and how to help safeguard against it.

    • Create a strategy with your investments will help ensure you never run out of money.

    • Take the complexity out of Long-Term Care decisions, insurance, and housing options.

    • Learn how to evaluate the strength of your portfolio, and align it with the retirement lifestyle you want to create.

    • And, most importantly, determine exactly how much money you need to feel confident in pulling the retirement trigger.

    There are no do-overs in retirement. You need a path. You need a strategy. You need a guide you can trust. Ready To Pull the Retirement Trigger will arm you with the essential knowledge to create a strategic plan so you can retire with confidence.

    Social Security For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle))

    Features:- :- Social Security For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9781119293330) was previously published as Social Security For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9781118967560). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.

    Praise for Social Security For Dummies:

    "Social Security for Dummies is a must read for people of any age who want a comfortable retirement. Jonathan Peterson does a great job of explaining this complicated system and helps you understand how to get the most from the benefits you've earned. The difference between a smart claiming strategy and a dumb one can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you'll want to invest in this book."
    Liz Weston, personal finance columnist and author of The 10 Commandments of Money

    "This is your go-to book on Social Security. Chock-full of useful tips, easy to use, and well organized, it answers all your questions about Social Security."
    Steve Vernon, author of Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) Into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck and CBS MoneyWatch commentator

    "Social Security for Dummies is indispensable for anyone who wants to get the best possible deal from Social Security—and that means all of us, young and old, because everyone will need Social Security benefits in this era of disappearing pensions and dwindling savings. Strategies for single people, for married couples, for survivors, for divorced people: You can find expert advice on all these subjects and more in this easy-to-understand guide to a very complex subject."
     Bob Rosenblatt, editor of and Senior Fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance

    About the book:

    Take the mystery out of Social Security and maximize your benefits when you retire

    Social Security For Dummies is the definitive resource to navigating the often-complex world of Social Security retirement benefits and the U.S. Social Security Administration. If you're nearing retirement age, or assisting someone who is, this guide will show you how to avoid common pitfalls, determine when you should claim your benefits, and figure out how much you can expect to receive each month.

    This newest edition provides updates to relevant dates and resources as well as an in-depth look at policy changes that will affect those about to retire. Packed with information that will help you make decisions that will maximize your financial well-being, this great resource makes it easy to understand everything you need to know quickly and easily.

    • Understand new Social Security Administration policies and what they mean for you
    • Determine how to incorporate Social Security into your overall retirement plan
    • Get answers to common questions
    • Find resources to use when you're stumped

    With Social Security For Dummies, you can take charge of your retirement and successfully navigate the U.S. Social Security Administration.

    The New Rules of Retirement: Strategies for a Secure Future

    Features:- :- Create the retirement you desire with proven financial strategies

    The New Rules of Retirement throws away the rules of thumb, clichés, and obsolete ideas. It provides a proven, updated approach to retiring successfully in today's world. In this new second edition based on independent, objective research, retirement expert Robert C. Carlson uses proven, profitable techniques to coordinate all the factors that lead to financial security and independence. You'll learn how much you really need to save for retirement, how to invest that nest egg before and during retirement, and how to establish a wise and sustainable spending strategy. Carlson will explain how to overcome the threats to lifetime financial security, such as longer life expectancy, low investment returns, higher taxes, and more. Importantly, you'll learn how to plan for the wildcards of retirement planning: health care and long-term care expenses. This edition covers changes in key areas such as annuities, IRA management, estate planning, and income taxes. You'll learn how to merge these insights into your plan to enhance financial security and to provide for loved ones in the future.

    Retirement no longer means being put out to pasture. Today's retirees are traveling the world, attending classes, developing new skills, starting businesses, mastering neglected hobbies, and more—well into their golden years. This guide helps ensure you have the financial independence to pursue the retirement you want through smart planning and effective financial strategies.

    • Know and overcome the threats to retiree financial security
    • Learn the right way to estimate retirement spending
    • Develop a sustainable spending strategy
    • Invest your nest egg to make it last
    • Plan for potential long-term health care
    • Leave a legacy for loved ones

    The retirement is now a new phase of life, not a winding down. It's a time to live your best life and do things you couldn't before. But all the financial aspects of retirement have changed. To maintain financial security and create the retirement you desire, you need to be on top of the changes. The New Rules of Retirement provides the latest, proven strategies that help put the shine in your golden years.

    Poor Richard's Retirement: Retirement for Everyday Americans

    Features:- :- Don’t have enough money saved up for retirement? No problem. Never started a 401k or IRA? Don’t worry. And are you so far behind in your personal finances you’re worried you’ll never be able to retire? It’s all good. Because whether you know it or not, the entire US retirement system is horribly flawed and was doomed to fail anyway. And that’s why every American needs to read “Poor Richard’s Retirement.”

    “Poor Richard’s Retirement” is a revolutionary retirement system because, unlike today’s conventional retirement planning, it works. It puts retirement easily within the reach of your everyday man. Whether you have student loans, a mortgage, are behind in your retirement planning, or have no retirement savings at all, “Poor Richard’s Retirement” bypasses it all by showing you how little you truly need to retire. And it does so through the simple truth that happiness is not found in $400 yoga pants, luxury SUV’s, McMansions, or whatever lies they’re selling you on TV, but through love of family, friends, and your fellow man. All of which are free.

    Make retirement infinitely easier and life happier. Buy “Poor Richard’s Retirement” today. Nobody in America has saved enough for retirement…until now.

    How To Retire Early: Your Guide to Getting Rich Slowly and Retiring on Less

    Features:- :- What makes this book different from all the other books out there on early retirement? We think it's the amount of personal financial detail we provide. We don’t hold back! You can use this information as a kind of financial yardstick to measure what is possible in your own life.

    We retired from full-time work at the age of 43. In this book we share with you the roadmap we followed to get from full-time work to financial independence in less than 15 years. If we can do it, so can you! If we can empower you to stop dreaming and start planning, to stop wishing and start willing your early retirement into existence, we’ll have done what we set out to do in this book.

    The Retirement Rescue Plan: Retirement Planning Solutions for the Millions of Americans Who Haven't Saved "Enough"

    Features:- :-

    "...fresh, realistic, and comprehensive solutions for the millions of Americans who haven't saved enough for retirement."

    —NANCY COLLAMER, Public Speaker, Career Coach, and Author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit Your Passions During Semi-Retirement

    When financial planning expert Melissa Phipps decided to quit her 9-to-5 and start her own business, she told herself, "the time is now." It wasn't retirement, but it was the first step. Not long after, she found herself in the middle of a large and unanticipated financial dilemma. And in order to survive it, she had to make some major changes that ultimately came down to one thing: redefining retirement. 

    The Retirement Rescue Plan will prepare you for retirement in a way that takes you into account—allowing you to define "retirement" in a new, realistic, and exciting way. The goals are simple: work less, earn enough, and be happier than ever. Are you ready to get planning?

    • Assess what makes you happy—it sounds obvious, but when was the last time you took an honest look at what you really wanted?
    • Gain control of your finances by reviewing your savings, expenses and budget with sample worksheets and exercises
    • Generate ideas for continued earnings by considering your unique skills and interests; and find extra inspiration by reading real-life retirement success stories
    • Ensure your security with five methods to avoid common retirement planning mistakes 

    Nothing compares to the joy and relief you will feel when you find your way from financial despair to a fulfilling future, as you start to enjoy retirement in a way that works for YOU.

    How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? (60 Minute Financial Solutions Book 5)

    Features:- :-

    Learn how retirement really works before it's too late…

    "This book is the best I've seen on how to navigate the retirement savings questions." (Forbes)

    Most so-called "experts" plug your numbers into a retirement formula to tell you how much money you need to retire. Unfortunately, the conventional approach is fundamentally flawed. If you fail to learn how retirement savings truly works, then you'll either underspend and be miserable or overspend and run out of money.

    How Much Money Do I Need to Retire takes you beyond the scientific facade of modern retirement planning. Author and former hedge fund manager Todd R. Tresidder has helped thousands of people find financial freedom through his website and podcast. Now you too can use his advice to take the guesswork out of your retirement planning.

    In this book, you'll learn:

    • Why the best way to describe most retirement estimates is garbage-in/garbage-out
    • The five critical assumptions that can destroy your financial security
    • How to reduce the amount you need to retire by as much as $600,000
    • Three strategies to maximize spending today while protecting for the future
    • How to calculate the amount of money you really need to retire on the first try without software, online calculators, or being a math genius

    Read this book to know more about your retirement planning than your financial adviser. Tresidder's book contains refreshingly straightforward, easy-to-understand, and concise advice on how to retire wealthy. This missing link of personal finance books will make you sleep easier. No retirement is secure without it.

    Buy the book today so you can retire with confidence!

    Invest Like a Pro: A 10-Day Investing Course

    Features:- :- Why another book on investing? Because you think it's a lot harder than it actually is. Because investing scares you, and it shouldn't. Because you should be investing and you aren't. Because you're investing incorrectly and it's costing you a lot of money. Because the average savings of a 50-year old is $43,000.

    This book is for you if you want to invest correctly (and enough!), but have zero interest in the complex stuff. This book is also for you if you're ready to take action.

    Once you've finished reading this book, you'll know more than most when it comes to investing. Most importantly, you'll know exactly what you need to do to invest successfully.

    Can I Retire Yet?: How to Make the Biggest Financial Decision of the Rest of Your Life

    Features:- :- You've worked hard, lived carefully, and saved diligently. You've reached major milestones and accumulated more assets than you dreamed possible, and yet you hesitate. “Can I retire?” This book will help answer that question by showing you….

    • The tools you need to live a secure and independent retirement, without worrying about money

    • What you must know before leaving a career behind

    • How much it will cost you to live in retirement, and how to manage your cash flow

    • The current choices for retirement health care, including lesser-known but effective options

    • The threat from inflation: two secrets that politicians and bankers will never admit

    • A realistic assessment of the impact that income taxes will have on your retirement

    • Social Security’s role in your retirement: when you should claim and how much it’s worth to you

    • How to construct and manage an investment portfolio for income and growth in retirement

    • About immediate annuities and why you need multiple sources of retirement income

    • The key variables and unknowns in your retirement withdrawal equation

    • Reviews of the best retirement calculators, and tips for how to use them accurately

    • Beyond the simplistic 4% Rule to the latest research on safe withdrawal rates

    • Realistic bracketing of your retirement savings needs, without over caution or overconfidence

    • The history of economic cycles and the related asset classes for optimal retirement security

    • A survey of strategies plus original research for how to orchestrate your retirement distributions

    • A practical retirement fuel gauge alerting you to problems while you still have time to act

    • Backup plans: the lifeboat strategies for ensuring you'll never be without essential income

    • The 6 crucial questions to answer before you can retire

    • The one, simple, powerful, non-financial reason that you can and should retire earlier than later

    Pioneering Portfolio Management: An Unconventional Approach to Institutional Investment, Fully Revised and Updated

    Features:- :- In the years since the now-classic Pioneering Portfolio Management was first published, the global investment landscape has changed dramatically -- but the results of David Swensen's investment strategy for the Yale University endowment have remained as impressive as ever. Year after year, Yale's portfolio has trumped the marketplace by a wide margin, and, with over $20 billion added to the endowment under his twenty-three-year tenure, Swensen has contributed more to Yale's finances than anyone ever has to any university in the country. What may have seemed like one among many success stories in the era before the Internet bubble burst emerges now as a completely unprecedented institutional investment achievement.

    In this fully revised and updated edition, Swensen, author of the bestselling personal finance guide Unconventional Success, describes the investment process that underpins Yale's endowment. He provides lucid and penetrating insight into the world of institutional funds management, illuminating topics ranging from asset-allocation structures to active fund management. Swensen employs an array of vivid real-world examples, many drawn from his own formidable experience, to address critical concepts such as handling risk, selecting advisors, and weathering market pitfalls.

    Swensen offers clear and incisive advice, especially when describing a counterintuitive path. Conventional investing too often leads to buying high and selling low. Trust is more important than flash-in-the-pan success. Expertise, fortitude, and the long view produce positive results where gimmicks and trend following do not.

    The original Pioneering Portfolio Management outlined a commonsense template for structuring a well-diversified equity-oriented portfolio. This new edition provides fund managers and students of the market an up-to-date guide for actively managed investment portfolios.

    The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked — 21st Century Edition

    Features:- :- This book could change your view of the world forever. "The Joy of Not Working" is all about learning to live every part of your life — employment, unemployment, retirement, and leisure time alike — to the fullest.

    You too can join the thousands of converts and learn to thrive at both work and play, while enjoying life like never before. This classic has sold over 280,000 copies and has been published in seventeen languages for a reason.

    Illustrated by eye-opening exercises, thought-provoking diagrams, and lively cartoons and quotations, "The Joy of Not Working" will inspire you to:

    * Be more productive at work by working less.
    * Discover and pursue your life’s passions.
    * Gain the courage to leave your corporate job if it is draining life out of you.
    * Pursue interesting leisure activities that make a difference in your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
    * Vanquish any guilt you may have about not working long and hard hours
    * Be financially independent with less money.
    * Forget about security and focus on opportunity.
    * Regularly indulge in a good measure of creative loafing.
    * Put more effort into simplifying your life and less into complicating it.
    * Live your life on your own terms and not someone else’s.

    The latest edition of this book includes over thirty inspirational letters from readers detailing how the book helped them improve the variety, tone, and quality of their lives.

    "The Joy of Not Working" is a provocative, entertaining, down-to-earth, and tremendously inspiring book that will help you get more joy and satisfaction out of everything you do.

    “What a wonderful title: 'The Joy of Not Working'.
    Ernie Zelinski’s basic message, no matter your
    career stage, is get a well-balanced life and
    quit relying on your job to define who you are.
    It’s hard to quibble with Zelinski’s
    live-life-to-the-fullest message. Those who have
    drafted a resignation letter in their heads a
    thousand times may be motivated to
    finally quit an unfilling job.”
    — Michelle Archer, "USA TODAY"

    The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning

    Features:- :- The Bogleheads are back-with retirement planning advice for those who need it!

    Whatever your current financial situation, you must continue to strive for a viable retirement plan by finding the most effective ways to save, the best accounts to save in, and the right amount to save, as well as understanding how to insure against setbacks and handle the uncertainties of a shaky economy.

    Fortunately, the Bogleheads, a group of like-minded individual investors who follow the general investment and business beliefs of John C. Bogle, are here to help. Filled with valuable advice on a wide range of retirement planning issues, including some pearls of wisdom from Bogle himself, The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning has everything you need to succeed at this endeavor.

    • Explains the different types of savings accounts and retirement plans
    • Offers insights on managing and funding your retirement accounts
    • Details efficient withdrawal strategies that could help you maintain a comfortable retirement lifestyle
    • Addresses essential estate planning and gifting issues

    With The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning, you'll discover exactly what it takes to secure your financial future, today.

    Early Retirement Extreme: A philosophical and practical guide to financial independence

    Features:- :- A carefully-crafted combination of smart financial choices, simple living, and increased self-sufficiency brought me financial independence at 30 and allowed me to retire from my profession at 33. Early Retirement Extreme shows how I did it and how anyone can formulate their own plan for financial independence. The book provides the principles and framework for a systems theoretical strategy for attaining that independence in 5-10 years. It teaches how a shift in focus from consuming to producing can help people out of the consumer trap, and offers a path to achieving the freedom necessary to pursue interests other than working for a living. The principles in Early Retirement Extreme show how to break the financial chains that hold people back from doing what they truly want to do. The framework and principles revealed in the book has been used by many people over the last few years to accomplish a variety of goals. It provides people a means to achieve almost any goal, whether it’s debt-free living, extended travel, a sabbatical, a career change, time off to raise a child, a traditional retirement, or simply a desire for a more resilient and self-sufficient lifestyle. The book was initially written for people in their 20s and 30s, but its ideas aren’t limited to early retirees. Middle-aged people in the grips of consumerism can use the principles to take back control of their lives. People closer to retirement age who don’t feel adequately prepared can use it to set themselves up for a comfortable retirement in a relatively short period of time. Anyone worried about their financial future can use the principles in Early Retirement Extreme to make their future more secure.

    CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook (Wiley Finance)

    Features:- :- The official CFP guide for career excellence

    CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook is the essential reference for those at any stage of CFP certification and a one-stop resource for practitioners looking to better serve their clients. This fully updated second edition includes brand new content on connections diagrams, new case studies, and new instructional videos, and a completely new section devoted to the interdisciplinary nature of financial planning. You'll gain insights from diverse fields like psychology, behavioral finance, communication, and marriage and family therapy to help you better connect with and guide your clients, alongside the detailed financial knowledge you need to perform to the highest expectations as a financial planner. The only official CFP Board handbook on the market, this book contains over ninety chapters that are essential for practitioners, students, and faculty.

    Whether a practitioner, student, or faculty member, this guide is the invaluable reference you need at your fingertips. Comprehensive, clear, and detailed, this handbook forms the foundation of the smart financial planner's library.

    Each jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations surrounding financial planning, but the information in this book represents the core body of knowledge the profession demands no matter where you practice. CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook guides you from student to practitioner and far beyond, with the information you need when you need it.

    The Financial Planning Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Successful Financial Plan

    Features:- :- The Financial Planning Workbook provides a wealth of resources to help you create and monitor a successful financial plan. Explore the keys to financial success including investments, retirement planning, income planning, cash flow management, insurance, dependent planning, and estate planning.

    By breaking down complex financial concepts into clear, manageable tools, The Financial Planning Workbook provides an excellent balance between theory and practice, and is the definitive guide for building your own financial plan.

    Inside this innovative workbook you will learn to:
    • Set specific and achievable financial goals
    • Apply economic analysis to all financial decisions
    • Analyze income and asset protection strategies
    • Integrate and develop your personal financial plan
    • Monitor your plan’s success on an ongoing basis

    Whether you’re a recent college graduate or decades into your career, The Financial Planning Workbook will provide you with the necessary tools to build a strong financial future and achieve peace of mind.

    Planning For Long-Term Care For Dummies (For Dummies Series)

    Features:- :-

    Expert advice on planning for your own or a relative’s future care needs

    As we live longer and healthier lives, planning for the long term has never been more important. Planning gives you more control, but it’s not easy to find accurate information and answers to your questions. That’s where AARP’s Planning For Long-Term Care For Dummies comes in.
    This comprehensive guide gives you questions to ask yourself and others about how best to achieve your goals, whether you have immediate needs or can take some time to sort out the possibilities. The book 

    • Covers home modifications so that you can stay at home safely for as long as you like
    • Lays out the opportunities and costs associated with independent living, assisted living, and other options
    • Gives you a range of driving and transportation alternatives
    • Sorts out the various sources of care at home
    • Helps you navigate the healthcare system
    • Reviews the legal documents you should prepare and update
    • Helps you determine whether you need long-term care insurance
    • Offers checklists and other resources to help you make decisions
    • Gives you guidance on how to talk to your family about sensitive issues

    If you're looking for trusted information on how to prepare for the future care needs for yourself or a relative, this sensitive, realistic, and authoritative guide will start you on the right road.

    401(k)s For Dummies

    Features:- :- Get the most out of your 401(k) in any economy

    Filled with sample 401(k) portfolios for every stage of life

    Invest your 401(k) money wisely and make the most of your retirement

    Want to know what kind of investment mix you need to make your retirement money grow? Don't know what to do with a 401(k) account from your last job? Worried that your company's 401(k) plan doesn't cut it? Relax! This simple, plain-English guide shows you how to manage your accounts, minimize your risks, and maximize your returns.

    The Dummies Way
    * Explanations in plain English
    * "Get in, get out" information
    * Icons and other navigational aids
    * Tear-out cheat sheet
    * Top ten lists
    * A dash of humor and fun

    Spend 'Til the End: The Revolutionary Guide to Raising Your Living Standard--Today and When You Retire

    Features:- :- Rich or poor, young or old, high school or college grad, this book, written by economist Laurence J. Kotlikoff and syndicated financial columnist Scott Burns, can change your life for the better! If you follow the advice in this book, it will raise your living standard (possibly by a lot), improve your lifestyle, and help you spend 'til the end. And it will completely transform your financial thinking, turning every bit of conventional financial wisdom on its head.

    If this sounds like a revolution in financial planning, you got it. So do The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time, Consumer Reports, and other top publications that have been featuring the authors' economics-based "consumption smoothing" approach to financial planning.

    Spend 'Til the End substitutes economic wisdom for the "rules of dumb" that currently pass for financial advice. In the process it indicts the investment and financial-planning industry for giving most people saving and insurance targets that are much too high and then convincing them to invest in risky mutual funds and expensive insurance policies. The result is that most people are scrimping and saving during the years when they could be spending and enjoying their money -- and with no sure payoff.

    Easy to read, this book is packed with practical and often shocking advice on whether to work, how to pick a career, which job to take, where to live, what sort of house to buy, how much to save, when to retire, which kind of retirement account to use, whether to have kids, whether to divorce, when to take Social Security, how fast to spend down your assets in retirement, and how to invest.

    Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy

    Features:- :- Named the best personal finance book on the market by Consumers Union, Jane Bryant Quinn's bestseller Making the Most of Your Money has been completely revised and updated to provide a guide to financial recovery, independence, and success in the new economy.

    Getting your financial life on track and keeping it there -- nothing is more important to your family and you. This proven, comprehensive guidebook steers you around the risks and helps you make smart and profitable decisions at every stage of your life. Are you single, married, or divorced? A parent with a paycheck or a parent at home? Getting your first job or well along in your career? Helping your kids in college or your parents in their older age? Planning for retirement? Already retired and worried about how to make your money last? You'll find ideas to help you build your financial security here.

    Jane Bryant Quinn answers more questions more completely than any other personal-finance author on the market today. You'll reach for this book again and again as your life changes and new financial decisions arise. Here are just a few of the important subjects she examines:

    • Setting priorities during and after a financial setback, and bouncing back
    • Getting the most out of a bank while avoiding fees
    • Credit card and debit card secrets that will save you money
    • Family matters -- talking money before marriage and mediating claims during divorce
    • Cutting the cost of student debt, and finding schools that will offer big "merit" scholarships to your child
    • The simplest ways of pulling yourself out of debt
    • Why it's so important to jump on the automatic-savings bandwagon
    • Buying a house, selling one, or trying to rent your home when buyers aren't around
    • Why credit scores are more important than ever, plus tips on keeping yours in the range most attractive to lenders
    • Investing made easy -- mutual funds that are tailor-made for your future retirement
    • What every investor needs to know about building wealth
    • How an "investment policy" helps you make wise decisions in any market
    • The essential tax-deferred retirement plans, from 401(k)s to Individual Retirement Accounts -- and how to manage them
    • How to invest in real estate at a bargain price (and how to spot something that looks like a bargain but isn't)
    • Eleven ways of keeping a steady income while you're retired, even after a stock market crash
    • Financial planning -- what it means, how you do it, and where to find good planners

    Page by page, Quinn leads you through the pros and cons of every decision, to help you make the choice that will suit you best. This is the single personal-finance book that no family should be without.

    When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women

    Features:- :- As seen on CNBC's Follow the Leader

    “Farnoosh’s ground-breaking book will save more relationships than couples counseling ever could.” —Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women

    Today, a record number of women are their household’s top-earner. But if you’re that woman, you face a much higher risk of burnout, infidelity, and divorce.
    In this important and timely book, personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi candidly addresses how income imbalances affect relationships and family dynamics, and presents a bold strategy to achieving happiness at work and home. Torabi’s ten essential rules include:

       •  Buy Yourself a Wife: Outsource as many household tasks as possible to bring more peace and happiness to both your lives
       •  Don’t Assume a Mr. Mom is Best: The math might say he should quit his job, but doing so can be dangerous.
       •  Understand the Male Brain: Know how men think and what motivates their behavior to communicate effectively, share responsibilities, and avoid power struggles in your relationship.

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

    The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own: A Do-It-Yourself Breakthrough Strategy

    Features:- :- Bestselling author and financial blogger, Dan Solin, provides real do-it-yourself investors the means to create a dynamic-and safe- portfolio that mimics those constructed for some of the major institutional and trust investors in the country. Readers can maintain complete control over their money-and not sacrifice precious points to an advisor or broker.

    Using a strategy that minimizes volatility and maximizes returns, Solin makes investing according to the principles of the most sophisticated financial models accessible to individuals in a way that has never been possible before.

    As readers have come to expect from Solin, implementing this plan is as simple as one, two, three: open an account with a discount broker; determine the appropriate asset allocation using the simple questionnaire in the book or online; input pre-determined ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and the allocations for the level of the investor's individual risk profile.

    This is the only book that provides the information and practical guidance that readers need to achieve the very best results with the minimum risk,on their own.

    Entrusted: Building A Legacy That Lasts

    Features:- :-

    When it comes to estate planning and the effective transfer of wealth, most discussions involving the terms wealth and money use those terms interchangeably. Although the two are not the same, most estate planners today do not even broach this concept with their clients or include the less-tangible aspects of wealth as they draft an estate plan. They simply develop an estate plan that prepares the family’s financial assets to be dumped, divided, deferred, and dissipated among the members of the next generation. These estate plans typically reflect a very linear way of thinking. In other words, if transferring some amount of financial wealth is good, then transferring more financial wealth is better. Not only is this approach is myopic and simplistic, but it’s ultimately destructive because it focuses on the fire (the result) and not on the flint and kindling (the tools and resources that produce the result).

    Entrusted lays out the foundations of Entrusted Planning process, which aligns the principles and values of a family with their tangible assets and prepares future generations to build a true and lasting legacy. It’s a process that draws from the very origins of estate law, which placed the highest value on who was involved—on who was entrusted. Entrusted Planning goes back to preparing beneficiaries for wealth beyond just the legal concept of a trust and takes into account the relational maturation of the person or persons being entrusted as stewards of resources, not just consumers and users of it.  Entrusted Planning is about transferring opportunities instead of just assets and doing so over multiple generations. 

    By focusing on the means to an end (education, personal character, home ownership, entrepreneurship, charitable service) as opposed to the end (stocks, bonds, real estate, and businesses), Entrusted Planning has the greatest potential to do the maximum amount of multigenerational good with the least amount of collateral damage. Entrusted families have goals that are both deep and broad. They’re less interested in preparing their families to be rich and more interested in preparing them to manage, sustain, and carry on a rich legacy

    Entrusted outlines seven core disciplines that can be found across a multitude of successful high-net-worth families going back hundreds of years. These are not hypothetical or idealistic disciplines. These disciplines are real and permeate through the families who have embraced these concepts. 

    Discipline 1. Entrusted families know who they are and what they believe.

    Discipline 2. Entrusted families prepare the family for the wealth and not just the wealth for the family.

    Discipline 3. Entrusted families maximize the positive benefits of wealth and minimize the negative effects.

    Discipline 4. Entrusted families focus on flint and kindling and not on the fire.

    Discipline 5. Entrusted families are generous.

    Discipline 6. Entrusted families preserve and protect wealth.

    Discipline 7. Entrusted families design and implement dynamic governance.

    When a family gets to the point where they are putting their wealth behind a statement such as “We are the Smiths. This is what we believe in, this is what we value, and this is what we do to impact the world,” they will produce successive generations who can be Entrusted.

    Victory Lap Retirement: Work While You Play, Play While You Work--The Joy of Financial Independence . . . at Any Age

    Features:- :- The key to a happy retirement may be . . . not retiring.

    The rules of retirement have changed and there’s more at risk than ever. People are living longer and have to finance as many years in retirement as they had in their entire working career. So what will thirty or forty years, or more, in retirement look like for you?

    The old idea of full-stop retirement—going from 100 per cent work mode to 100 per cent leisure mode—is now neither sustainable nor desirable. Besides, many studies have shown that those who stay engaged, challenged, and stimulated stay healthier and live longer.

    The key is to work because you want to and not because you have to. Victory Lap Retirement shows you how to create the post-employment lifestyle that’s right for you—a unique blend of work and play that allows you to live life to the fullest, on your terms, while you are young enough to enjoy it.

    •Attain the financial independence (Findependence) that will allow you to run your own unique Victory Lap—a special period in life with more balance, purpose, and fulfillment than ever before.
    •Turn your paycheque into a “playcheque.”
    •Create a life from which you don’t have to, or want to, retire.
    •Intentionally design for yourself a vibrant, healthy, low-stress, sustainable lifestyle by staying active and engaged in a Victory Lap.
    •Apply the principles of Victory Lap and Findependence at any age to redistribute your work, leisure, and retirement time: play a little more in your working years, and work a little in your post-employment leisure years . . . and have a longer, happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

    Understanding Wall Street, Fifth Edition (Understanding Wall Street (Paperback))

    Features:- :-

    A fully revised edition of the INVESTING CLASSIC

    For over 30 years this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide has served well as the definitive reference for successful investing. Now in its fifth edition and completely updated, Understanding Wall Street helps investors prosper in today’s challenging economy—whether you’re just beginning or among the millions soon to retire.

    Understanding Wall Street, Fifth Edition, has new sections and information on the issues most important to today’s investors, including:

    • How to use the Internet as an investing tool
    • The shift to exchange traded funds (ETFs)
    • The link between Wall Street and Main Street
    • The Risks and rewards of the global economy

    Praise for previous editions of Understanding Wall Street:

    “Recommended. An excellent introduction to stock market intricacies.” —Booklist

    “A lucid guide to those downtown mysteries.” —Newsday

    “Remarkable . . . it remains as useful as ever . . . Experience may be the best teacher, but this manual runs a close second.” American Library Book Review

    The Millionaire Master Plan: Your Personalized Path to Financial Success

    Features:- :-
    The Millionaire Master Plan is a unique and fresh approach as to how individuals can not only get a sense of where they stand on the spectrum of personal wealth, but more importantly, how they can learn to ascend from their present state to a higher level.

    Roger James Hamilton, himself a highly successful entrepreneur and successful investor, has designed nine steps - from barely surviving - all the way to the highest level of ultimate wealth for life - and he lays out his nine steps in an easy-to-understand color-coded manner that ranges from red (barely living paycheck-to-paycheck) all the way to ultra-violet (where generating income is simply no longer a worry).

    Along the way, the reader first takes a quick test to determine where one is on the financial spectrum, and then Hamilton provides key insights and practical tips as to how one can progress to the next level. You track your progress by ascending from one color to the next.

    Heads I Win, Tails I Win: Why Smart Investors Fail and How to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

    According to Wall Street Journal investing colum­nist Spencer Jakab, most of us have no idea how much money we’re leaving on the table—or that the average saver doesn’t come anywhere close to earning the “average” returns touted in those glossy brochures. We’re handicapped not only by psychological biases and a fear of missing out, but by an industry with multimillion-dollar marketing budgets and an eye on its own bottom line, not yours.
    Unless you’re very handy, you probably don’t know how to fix your own car or give a family member a decent haircut. But most Americans are expected to be part-time fund managers. With a steady, livable pension check becoming a rarity, we’ve been entrusted with our own finances and, for the most part, failed miserably.
    Since leaving his job as a top-rated stock ana­lyst to become an investing columnist, Jakab has watched his readers—and his family, friends, and colleagues—make the same mistakes again and again. He set out to evaluate the typical advice people get, from the clearly risky to the seemingly safe, to figure out where it all goes wrong and how they could do much better.
    Blending entertaining stories with some sur­prising research, Jakab explains
    ·How a typical saver could have a retirement nest egg twice as large by being cheap and lazy.
    ·Why investors who put their savings with a high-performing mutual fund manager end up worse off than if they’d picked one who has struggled.
    ·The best way to cash in on your hunch that a recession is looming.
    ·How people who check their brokerage accounts frequently end up falling behind the market.
    ·Who isn’t nearly as good at investing as the media would have you think.
    He also explains why you should never trust a World Cup–predicting octopus, why you shouldn’t invest in companies with an X or a Z in their names, and what to do if a time traveler offers you eco­nomic news from the future.
    Whatever your level of expertise, Heads I Win, Tails I Win can help you vastly improve your odds of investment success.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    It's Not About the Money: A Financial Game Plan for Staying Safe, Sane, and Calm in Any Economy

    Features:- :-

    What do the latest financial thinking and ancient spiritual teachings reveal to us about financial freedom? Top financial advisor Brent Kessel insists financial success and security is "not about the money." Rather, it's about what's inside us—first understanding your emotional relationship to money, and only then taking action. It's Not About the Money expertly and compassionately guides you along the path to financial security and true peace of mind.

    Kessel, founder of two top wealth-management firms, has the inside scoop on the higher wisdom of personal finances, and he wants to share it with you. Through extensive experience as a financial advisor and spiritual seeker, Kessel has discovered that people need to understand their core financial story in order to make meaningful changes. Some of us are savers or caretakers, says Kessel, while others are pleasure seekers and spend like Hollywood stars; some people are idealists who place greater value on creativity or compassion than on financial security; some of us innocently believe our finances will work out without effort; and others obsess about building empires with lasting value. It's Not About the Money will help you identify your money type, providing information and resources as well as exercises and meditations to inspire a fresh approach to your relationship with money that will change your life.

    Private Wealth Management: The Complete Reference for the Personal Financial Planner, Ninth Edition

    Features:- :-

    Where financial advisors go for answers--revised and updated to address consequential legal and economic changes

    From the oil crisis and stock market crash in the 1970s through deregulation into the 1990s to the 2008 financial crisis--every financial planner worth their salt turned to Victor Hallman and Jerry Rosenbloom's classic reference for answers. To maintain its iconic position in the industry, this bible of wealth development moves into its Ninth Edition to ensure today's professional investors and financial stewards have reliable guidance to the latest legislation, economic developments, and wealth management trends and techniques.

    This latest edition of Private Wealth Management provides everything you need to operate with sophistication and savvy in today's markets--from setting financial objectives and executing the planning process to investing in equities and fixed-income securities to retirement income planning to methods for lifetime wealth transfers, and more. Written for the serious practitioner, this one-of-a-kind guide gives you a solid foundation for planning a prosperous financial future in the real world, which means it makes you an expert in:

    • Major new tax legislation, including the "Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010" and the "American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012"
    • A variety of economic benefits and investment products
    • Changes in individual annuities and retirement products with an increased focus on retirement planning
    • Modifications to health and disability insurance
    • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care and Health Care Reconciliation Act of 2010
    • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010
    • New developments in estate and marital deduction planning such as "portability"

    This completely updated edition remains a wealth-building and income management tool by presenting many useful strategies, including those for dealing with the current "super-low" interest rates.

    Private Wealth Management, Ninth Edition, is the cornerstone of financial planning.

    Debt Free For Life: The Finish Rich Plan for Financial Freedom

    Most of us grew up with the idea that there is good debt and there is bad debt.   Good debts are generally considered to be debts you incur to buy things that can go up in value—like a home or college education.  Bad debts are things like credit card balances, where you borrowed money to buy things that depreciate or go down in value, like most consumer goods.

    But as America’s favorite financial coach, David Bach, points out, in difficult times there is no such thing as good debt.   There is only debt.  And all debt is too expensive—if what you desire is FREEDOM!  In fact, Bach believes the best investment you can make today is to pay down your debt, faster and smarter than you have ever attempted before—starting today!

    In Debt Free for Life, #1 New York Times bestselling author David Bach has written his most groundbreaking and important book since The Automatic Millionaire, giving us the knowledge, the tools, and the mindset we need to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom— forever!  Offering a revolutionary approach to personal finance that teaches you how to pay down your debt and adopt a whole new way of living – debt free. Bach unveils the Debt Wise program that empowers you to pare down your debt automatically.  You’ll learn how to calculate your Debt Freedom Day – the actual date you will be completely free of debt.  And you’ll discover that when you are debt free, you need a lot less money to live on. You can retire, even with a smaller nest egg -- perhaps earlier than you expected.

    David Bach has coached millions to pay off their debt and now he can guide you.  Whether you have home loans, student loans, car loans, credit card debt—paying down your debt is truly a game you can win, if you know the rules.  Debt Free For Life will teach you the rules and give you the tools to buy back your freedom.  

    From the Hardcover edition.


    Features:- :- How our Dream of Retirement Became a Nightmare of Chaos

    A shocking look at Wall Street's greed and deception
    and how you can win the battle to restore
    your dream of abundance in retirement.

    How to Retire Overseas: Everything You Need to Know to Live Well (for Less) Abroad

    Features:- :- It's not just Florida anymore! This definitive step-by-step guide helps anyone to find, relocate, and save on a home away from home

    The effects of the economic downturn on IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement savings plans have forced thousands of people to rethink their plans for retirement. But Kathleen Peddicord offers a cheaper option with all the benefits of a stateside retirement: liv­ing overseas.

    Retiring abroad has never been more accessible or appealing. In addition to a sense of adventure, the allure of an idyllic locale, and the excitement of learning a new culture, Peddicord shows readers how living in an unconventional retirement destination can cost less than a traditional home in Arizona. This prescriptive guide answers every essential question potential ex-pats have, from instructions on setting up bank accounts to tips on locating great restaurants.

    Peddicord has more than twenty-five years of experience helping thousands of people successfully and happily relocate to the retirement of their dreams. From remote and relatively unknown havens like Nicaragua to well-traveled areas in Italy, How to Retire Overseas is the ultimate guide to retiring abroad.

    The Complete Guide to Planning Your Estate: A Step-by-Step Plan to Protect Your Assets, Limit Your Taxes, and Ensure Your Wishes are Fulfilled

    Features:- :- What happens to an individual’s estate after they are gone is very much within their control. Estate planning is
    not only for the wealthy; it is for everyone. It is simply the process of deciding where your assets are to be distributed after your death.

    For those people who wish to preserve their assets for designated purposes, such as family or special charities, it becomes necessary to make special advance preparations. Performing these important preparations is commonly referred to as estate planning.

    For an individual to help ensure that his assets are protected and final wishes carried out, there are some common actions that need to be taken now. Proper estate planning allows you to plan for yourself and your loved ones without giving up control of your affairs.

    Your estate plan should allow for the possibility of your own disability. It should give what you own to whom you want, at a time of your choosing, the way you want. Your estate plan should include fully disclosed, controlled costs for you and for those you love. The last thing you want to worry about is having it drained of value through taxes and legal costs.

    The right plan can protect the value of your estate and spare your loved ones unnecessary hassles.

    Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president’s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

    This Atlantic Publishing eBook was professionally written, edited, fact checked, proofed and designed. The print version of this book is 288 pages and you receive exactly the same content. Over the years our books have won dozens of book awards for content, cover design and interior design including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award for excellence in publishing. We are proud of the high quality of our books and hope you will enjoy this eBook version.

    Personal Financial Planning

    Features:- :- Knowing what to do with your money is more important than ever. Billingsley/Gitman/Joehnk’s market-leading PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING, 14E, provides the tools, techniques, and understanding you need to define and achieve your financial goals. You will find the numerous practical examples, illustrations, and reliance on common sense that is engaging and refreshingly concrete. Features such as You Can Do It Now, the Financial Impact of Personal Choices, Financial Fact or Fantasy, Financial Planning Tips, Financial Road Signs, and Behavior Matters keep the material relevant and vital to facing a life time of important personal financial decisions. The 14th edition is packed with information relevant to you--for example, changing spending habits for the better, knowing the right questions to ask a financial adviser, using tips on budgeting and planning for retirement, knowing what to look for when choosing a bank, knowing whether to buy or lease a car, knowing what’s important when buying your first home, and choosing the right credit card. All-new features teach you to use today’s critical financial tools and technology, including financial planning software. CFP practice questions provide valuable practice.
    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

    925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World

    Features:- :- Devin Thorpe has collected over 150 essays on personal and family finance to help you learn how to be happier with your money, to live more frugally and investment more wisely.

    925 Ideas... is an easy and readable guide to help your family find financial peace. Author Devin D. Thorpe explains:

    1) how you and your spouse can find agreement on money matters,

    2) how to teach your kids about money,

    3) how to pay for your children's college education,

    4) how to live like a millionaire (spoiler alert! Frugally)

    5) how to come up with $25,000 in a crisis

    6) how to make ends meet on one income

    7) how to get out of debt and stay out of debt

    8) why home ownership should be your family's top financial priority

    9) how to ask your boss for a raise

    10) how to use your finances to do more good in the world.

    And much more!

    Devin D. Thorpe is the author of the highly regarded book, Your Mark on the World and is the founder of the Your Mark on the World center, championing social good. The Your Mark on the World center believes that everyone, no matter their level of income, can give more and do more to make the world a better place. The empowering lessons of 925 Ideas will enable you to leave your mark on the world.

    Practice Made (More) Perfect: Transforming a Financial Advisory Practice Into a Business (Bloomberg Financial)

    Features:- :- A revised and expanded look at how to thrive and prosper in the financial advisory business

    A new and revised edition of the eye-opening, no-nonsense handbook on managing and growing a financial-advisory business, Practice Made (More) Perfect is packed with industry insight and practical ideas that every leader and manager within a financial advisory practice needs to know in order to get the most out of their business. Regardless of how little time is available or how seriously challenged a firm may be, this book contains the information that can help. The principles of sound management apply to firms of all types, and the tools provided in this book are guaranteed to be applicable under practically any circumstances.

    • Written by industry expert Mark Tibergien, one of the "25 Most Influential" people in the financial services industry
    • A new edition of a bestselling Bloomberg title
    • Includes fresh insight on recent topics, including how advisors responded during the latest meltdown, the implications of the aging advisory profession, the challenges of attracting and keeping both clients and staff, the role of organizational design in a growing business, recent changes in compensation planning and implementation, and key information on leadership and management in today's financial world

    Many financial advisers run their businesses as if acquiring more clients will solve any and all problems, but without a strategic framework, more clients just lead to more demands and less time to meet them. The truly successful firm will build strategy, structure, and processes that will ultimately translate into increased profits, cash flow, and transferable value.

    Estate Planning For Dummies

    Features:- :- If you’re like most people, you want to be sure that, once you’ve passed on, no more of your property and money will be lost to the government than is absolutely necessary. You want to know that you’ll be leaving your heirs your assets and not your debts. You want to be absolutely certain that your will is ship-shape, your insurance policies are structured properly, and that every conceivable hole in your estate plan has been filled. And most of all, you’d like to do all of this without driving yourself crazy trying to make sense of the complicated jargon, jumble of paperwork, and welter of state and federal laws involved in the estate planning process.

    Written by two estate planning pros, this simple, easy-to-use guide takes the pain out of planning for your ultimate financial future. In plain English, the authors walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to:

    • Put your estate into order
    • Minimize estate taxes
    • Write a proper will
    • Deal with probate
    • Set up trusts
    • Make sure your insurance policies are structured properly
    • Plan for special situations, like becoming incompetent and pet care 
    • Craft a solid estate plan and keep it up-to-date

    Don’t leave the final disposition of your estate up to chance and the whims of bureaucrats. Estate Planning For Dummies gives you the complete lowdown on:

    • Figuring out what you're really worth
    • Mastering the basics of wills and probate
    • Using will substitutes and dodging probate taxes
    • Setting up protective trusts, charitable trusts, living trusts and more
    • Making sense of state and federal inheritance taxes
    • Avoiding the generation skipping transfer tax
    • Minimizing all your estate-related taxes
    • Estate planning for family businesses
    • Creating a comprehensive estate plan

    Straightforward, reader-friendly, easy-to-use, Estate Planning For Dummies is the ultimate guide to planning your family’s future.

    Work Less, Live More, The Way to Semi-Retirement: The New Way to Retire Early

    Features:- :- Note: This book is the author's personal release of the book published by Nolo Press (2005,2007) which has since discontinued publishing the title. It is the same in all respects as the original 2007 edition.

    Ready to pursue the rest of your life? Get going with Work Less, Live More. Finalist for The Publishers Marketing Association's 'Benjamin Franklin Award'. Professionally, you're experiencing the success that years of hard work brings -- but the long hours are taking their toll and you're burning out fast. Fortunately, there's an alternative to the grind: Semi-retirement. Work fewer hours, realize your goals and dreams, spend time with your loved ones -- and do it all years, even decades, before the "normal" retirement age of 65. With Work Less, Live More and a little planning, you can do it. The book details a long-term investment method based on Nobel Prize-winning research as well as a safe lifelong withdrawal system and sensible spending guidelines, all tailored to the needs of the long-term retiree. More importantly, the book provides the inspiring stories and insights of many successful early semi-retirees, walking proof that meaningful work -- rather than full-time work -- is both fulfilling and rewarding. The 2nd edition focuses on every age group -- especially "late bloomers" who may feel way behind. It also includes more information on healthcare issues. If you're ready to make the most of the rest of your life, turn to Work Less, Live More and get going!

    The Wall Street Journal. Complete Personal Finance Guidebook (The Wall Street Journal Guidebooks)

    Features:- :- From America’s most authoritative source: the quintessential primer on understanding and managing your money

    Money courses through just about every corner of our lives and has an impact on the way we live today and how we’ll be able to live in the future. Understanding your money, and getting it to work for you, has never been more important than it is today, as more and more of us are called upon to manage every aspect of our financial lives, from managing day-to-day living expenses to planning a college savings fund and, ultimately, retirement. From The Wall Street Journal, the most trusted name in financial and money matters, this indispensable book takes the mystery out of personal finance. Start with the basics, learn how they work, and you’ll become a better steward of your own money, today and in the future. Consider The Wall Street Journal Complete Personal Finance Guidebook your cheat sheet to the finances of your life. This book will help you:

    • Understand the nuts and bolts of managing your money: banking, investing, borrowing, insurance, credit cards, taxes, and more

    • Establish realistic budgets and savings plans

    • Develop an investment strategy that makes sense for you

    • Make the right financial decisions about real estate

    • Plan for retirement intelligently

    Also available—the companion to this guidebook: The Wall Street Journal Personal Finance Workbook, by Jeff D. Opdyke

    Get your financial life in order with help from The Wall Street Journal. Look for:

    • The Wall Street Journal Complete Money and Investing Guidebook

    • The Wall Street Journal Complete Identity Theft Guidebook

    • The Wall Street Journal Complete Real Estate Investing Guidebook

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Read Me Or Stay Broke: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Financial Health: Guidance with (Money Management, Credit Ratings & Repair, Investing Basics, Financial Planning)

    Features:- :- Learn The Secrets to Awaken Your Own Financial Genius
    In an effort to pay his dying mother’s medical bills, Josh has burned the candle at both ends for far too long. In a last ditch effort to stay afloat, he works even harder. While his boss is breathing down his neck, exhausted and desperate, Josh comes to a simple realization: HE IS BROKE and out of options...until one day, a mysterious woman offers him a challenge. Her company offers him the chance to learn the powerful money secrets of the rich—secrets that have built fortunes for centuries but were always hidden from the public.
    But there is a catch: If Josh can complete the challenge, his mother’s bills will be paid in full. Fail, and she will die in debt. In his darkest moment, Josh agrees to the challenge.
    You will learn side-by-side with Josh as he is exposed to the 7 mentors—Savings, Debt, Credit, Taxes, Business, Stocks, and Real estate Investing—the 7 keys to wealth building. To save his mother’s life, all he needs to do is listen, learn, and apply the secrets from each lesson. Will he be able to learn all the secrets in time? Can he complete the challenge in time to save his mother? This powerful story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement

    Features:- :- A career guide that rethinks the golden years, this handbook offers 50+ income models for creating flexible, fulfilling, and profitable work during the encore stage of one’s career.

    For many people, retirement is no longer a trifecta of golf, grandkids, and gardening—it’s an opportunity for new pursuits that involve both earning income and exploring personal passions. If you’re planning for retirement or already at “retirement age” but want to continue working—whether to supplement your income or to stay mentally and physically active—veteran career coach Nancy Collamer shows how to identify your favorite interests and expertise and repackage them into more than fifty ways to earn income. These second acts range from the traditional (part-time employment, consulting) to newer Internet-based options (teaching online, writing a blog). With a prescriptive approach to securing second-act careers that are flexible, fulfilling, and fun, this book offers a wide variety of income-generating examples as well as exercises to clarify your lifestyle goals and help you plan for your next move. Second-Act Careers shows how to create a profitable and meaningful semi-retirement on your own terms and in your own way.

    The Sudden Wealth Solution: 12 Principles to Transform Sudden Wealth Into Lasting Wealth

    Features:- :- Robert's book is the Bible of sudden wealth. So read it now!"
    ~ Mary Buffett, New York Times bestselling author of Buffettology

    Everything changes. Those are the words I've heard time and time again over the past two decades from my clients who became sudden wealth recipients. Sudden wealth is a roller coaster ride of emotions - from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Sudden wealth is often portrayed as creating dire consequences for its recipients, but it can be an amazing opportunity that improves your life and those around you. I've worked with enough sudden wealth clients over the years to see patterns - what works and what doesn't. With proper guidance, and a willingness to stick to the 12 Principles outlined in this book, you can avoid the common pitfalls that so often destroy money, and instead transform your sudden wealth into lasting wealth to create a better life for yourself and others.

    Here are just a few things you'll learn in The Sudden Wealth Solution:

    *What does sudden wealth and surviving a disaster have in common? This one idea can help protect your money for generations.
    *Learn about the three sudden wealth stages and what they mean.
    *Never be caught off guard again. Learn just one sentence for when someone asks you for a loan or to invest in a project.
    *Should you avoid making decisions after getting your sudden wealth? No. Doing so could cost you millions and be disastrous. Discover the decisions you are safe to make and those you must not make right after getting your windfall.
    *Learn what time of day you should schedule phone calls and meetings with your advisors.
    *Learn an effective and step-by-step method to choose the right attorney, CPA, and financial advisor for you.
    *Read about the 8 key rules you can use to evaluate every financial advisor you interview.
    *What's a Driver vs. a Passenger? You'll understand how this can help you make the important decisions.
    *Overwhelmed and not sure what to do? Learn how to relax and start making progress.
    *You might be surprised about the places you shouldn't look for an advisor.
    *Certain money beliefs can make it nearly impossible to create lasting wealth. Learn which money beliefs you have and how to reset them.
    *What to communicate immediately to friends and family after receiving sudden wealth.
    *Copy a short note from the book that you can email to friends and family that puts you in control.
    *Does it ever make sense to stretch the truth? You'll read why it just might.
    *Figure out who's in your lifeboat and why this is one of the most important things you can find out to create financial security.
    *Why people who get sudden wealth often act like monkeys and what you can do about it.
    *Discover what really makes you happy and how you can use money to enhance your life.
    *Learn what money has to do with cacti and ferns and why you want cacti.
    *Read why the acronym SAFE can help protect your wealth.
    *Can living with someone jeopardize your assets? Yes and you'll read the easy solution to this.
    *Learn simple rules so you can invest like the Harvard endowment.
    *Which investments are off limits and why.
    *Learn how to create lifetime income from your sudden wealth.
    *Worried you will spend too much? Learn how to break the spendaholic addition.
    *You inherited an investment account and want to know what you should do with it? You'll find out.
    *Married and getting an inheritance? Don't make this mistake...
    *There is a 50% IRS penalty you need to know about.
    *Five critical things you must do if you are going to file for divorce.
    *How to remain anonymous after winning the lottery.
    *How to get a lifetime of tax free income after a lawsuit.
    *Your company's stock had an IPO but you want to reduce your risk? Here are six ways.
    *Why so many athletes and entertainers go broke and what to do about it.

    Retirement Planning in 8 Easy Steps: The Brief Guide to Lifelong Financial Freedom

    Features:- :-

    Need to start thinking about retirement but don't know where to start?

    Retirement Planning in Easy 8 Steps is a quick and easy way to start learning about retirement planning, helping you envision your ideal retirement and how to get there through investment planning, maximizing social security benefits and the other basics central to sound financial planning for retirement.

    Retirement Planning in 8 Easy Steps includes:

    • 8 steps to help you reach your financial goals and achieve your dream lifestyle
    • Straightforward strategies for building a secure savings plan
    • Useful worksheets to help you stay on track and meet your goals
    • Charts, terms & resources that simplify investing and budgeting

    Start your retirement planning today with these basic but essential strategies explained clearly by award-winning financial journalist Joel Kranc.

    Prince Charming Isn't Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money

    Features:- :- Now updated: the classic guide that teaches women how to take control of their own finances

    When this groundbreaking yet compassionate book was first published ten years ago, it lifted a veil on women's resistance to managing their money, revealing that many were still waiting for a prince to rescue them financially. In this revised edition, which reflects our present-day economic world, Barbara Stanny inspires readers to take charge of their money and their lives. Filled with real-life success stories and practical advice - from tips on identifying the factors that keep women fearful and dependent to checklists and steps for overcoming them - this book is the next best thing to having one's own financial coach.

    The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan: Managing Your Wealth, Risk, and Investments

    Features:- :- An accessible guide that outlines the key elements of an effective financial plan

    From Larry Swedroe, the author of the bestselling series of "The Only Guide" investment books, with Kevin Grogan and Tiya Lim comes a step-by-step handbook that shows you how to develop a winning personal investment strategy and reveals what it takes to make that strategy part of your overall financial plan. The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan focuses on the "art" of investing and gives you the information you need to create a strategy that is tailor-made for your particular situation.

    Designed for savvy investors and professional advisors, this book offers the vital information needed for developing and implementing an overall strategic financial plan. In this essential resource, Swedroe outlines the basics in asset allocation and other investment planning concepts.

    • Addresses how you can design an investment policy statement and an individual asset allocation plan
    • Examines how to maintain your portfolio's risk profile in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient manner
    • Offers insights on integrating risk management and estate planning issues into your plan

    The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan offers a handy tool to help you make more informed and prudent decisions that will go a long way to ensure a secure financial future.

    Financial Fitness Forever: 5 Steps to More Money, Less Risk, and More Peace of Mind

    Features:- :-

    What kind of shape is your portfolio in?

    The financial fallout of recent years was a game-changer for anyone and everyone preparing to retire in the near future. In order to build and maintain a solid portfolio in today’s roller-coaster investing climate, you have to be more alert, increasingly proactive, and better educated on the markets than ever before.

    In Financial Fitness Forever, Paul Merriman gives you a framework guaranteed to return even the most struggling portfolio to prime health. One of the nation’s most popular investment advisors, Merriman has you focus on five critical questions:

    • Should I use a financial advisor or go it alone?
    • Should I try to beat the market or accept the returns of the market?
    • How should I manage risk?
    • How should I diversify my investments?
    • How should I insulate my investments from my emotions?

    If you don’t have solid, well-developed answers— including the whys, the hows, and the whens— based on sound investing principles, you need to review your current strategy. Financial Fitness Forever leads you through the process step-by-step. Merriman provides detailed answers to each question, all of which combine to form a powerful strategy that will ensure the kind of retirement you’re hoping for.

    Merriman doesn’t claim to have that “magic bullet” answer to supercharging profits in unpredictable markets. Instead, he provides a commonsense strategy anyone can use to secure their finances now and in the future.

    The economy is racing forward at breakneck speed, and no one knows where it will end up. Apply the lessons of Financial Fitness Forever to design a portfolio that will thrive in the long run.

    Your Money: The Missing Manual

    Features:- :-

    Keeping your financial house in order is more important than ever. But how do you deal with expenses, debt, taxes, and retirement without getting overwhelmed? This book points the way. It's filled with the kind of practical guidance and sound insights that makes J.D. Roth's a critically acclaimed source of personal-finance advice.

    You won't find any get-rich-quick schemes here, just sensible advice for getting the most from your money. Even if you have perfect credit and no debt, you'll learn ways to make your rosy financial situation even better.

    • Get the info you need to make sensible decisions on saving, spending, and investing
    • Learn the best ways to set and achieve financial goals
    • Set up a realistic budget framework and learn how to track expenses
    • Discover proven methods to help you eliminate debt
    • Understand how to use credit wisely
    • Win big by making smart decisions on your home and other big-ticket items
    • Learn how to get the most from your investments by avoiding rash decisions
    • Decide how -- and how much -- to save for retirement

    The Last Safe Investment: Spending Now to Increase Your True Wealth Forever

    Features:- :-

    Myth: If you save for decades and invest in 401(k)s, IRAs, and a home, these investments will grow steadily, allowing twenty to thirty years of secure, peaceful retirement.
    Reality: Though this might have been true at some point in the last century, it is not true any longer. If you want to get ahead and enjoy a life of prosperity, you must invest in the last safe investment: yourself, and your own skills, value to others, relationships, and overall happiness.

    Business strategist Bryan Franklin and author Michael Ellsberg (The Education of Millionaires) team up here to present a blueprint for building “True Wealth”: the ability to generate not just financial value but also the experiences you cherish most—security, freedom, creative ex­pression, and love.
    Discarding traditional advice, Franklin and Ellsberg propose the Self-Amplifying Financial Ecosystem (SAFE) plan. This plan teaches you:

    ·Small investments you can make for a big im­pact on your value to other people, multiply­ing your earning potential
    ·The secret to accumulating savings without willpower or deprivation
    ·How to invest in life’s richest experiences (which money can’t buy)
    ·The “Super Skills”—the most valuable, sought-after, rewarded, and universally ben­eficial human skills
    ·Why most people are throwing away huge sums of money in the quest for happiness, and how to spend that money more effectively
    This bold manifesto will change the way you think about money, wealth, investment, and spending forever.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty: Answers to Your Most Important Money Questions

    Features:- :-

    Here at last are the hard-to-find answers to the dizzying array of financial questions plaguing those who are age fifty and older.

    The financial world is more complex than ever, and people are struggling to make sense of it all. If you’re like most people moving into the phase of life where protecting—as well as growing-- assets is paramount, you’re faced with a number of financial puzzles.  Maybe you’re struggling to get your kids through college without drawing down your life’s savings. Perhaps you sense your nest egg is at risk and want to move into safer investments. Maybe you’re contemplating downsizing to a smaller home, but aren’t sure of the financial implications. Possibly, medical expenses have become a bigger drain than you expected and you need help assessing options.  Perhaps you’ll shortly be eligible for social security but want to optimize when and how to take it.

    Whatever your specific financial issue, one thing is certain—your range of choices is vast. As the financial world becomes increasingly complex, what you need is deeply researched advice from professionals whose credentials are impeccable and who prize clarity and straightforwardness over financial mumbo-jumbo.

    Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz and the Schwab team have been helping clients tackle their toughest money issues for decades.  Through Carrie’s popular “Ask Carrie” columns, her leadership of the Charles Schwab Foundation, and her work across party lines through two White House administrations and with the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability, she has become one of America’s most trusted sources for financial advice.
    Here, Carrie will not only answer all the questions that keep you up at night, she’ll provide answers to many questions you haven’t considered but should.

    The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom (Bloomberg)

    Features:- :-

    A comprehensive guide to giving well to family members

    Giving is at the core of family life--and with current law allowing up to $5,120,000 in tax-free gifts, at least through December 2012, the ultra-affluent are faced with the task of giving at perhaps largest scale in history. Beyond the tax saving and wealth management implications, giving to family members opens up a slew of thorny questions, the biggest of which is, "How do I prepare recipients of such large gifts?" With that question and others in mind, Hughes, Massenzio, and Whitaker have written The Cycle of the Gift in three main parts: "The Who of Giving," "The How of Giving," and "The What and Why of Giving." The first part focuses on the people most deeply involved in family giving, especially the recipients and givers (parents, grandparents, spouses, trustees). The second part, "The How of Giving," addresses the delicate balance of givers who want to maintain some level of control and recipients who want some level of freedom in accepting and growing their gifts. The final part, "The What and Why of Giving" describes various types of gifts, from money to business interests to values and rituals. The authors also introduce their "family bank" concept as a model that combines loans, trusts, and outright gifts. It embodies a framework and set of practices for long-term family growth. Even families without great wealth--or those who have already made large gifts to their children and grandchilren--can benefit from the human wisdom and practical advice found in The Cycle of the Gift.

    Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child's Financial Future

    Features:- :- Special Needs Trusts shows you how to leave any amount of money to your disabled loved one -- without jeopardizing government benefits. It provides plain-English information and forms you need to create a special needs trust.

    Funds in a special needs trust can make a big difference in quality of life by paying for:

    • annual independent check-ups

    • personal care attendant or escort

    • vehicles and transportation

    • insurance

    • rehabilitation

    • essential dietary needs

    • materials for recreation

    • trips or vacations

    • entertainment

    • athletic training or competitions,

    • and much more.

    Special Needs Trusts also provides a formal letter to the trustee, which explains this very important role, and a personal letter to the trustee, which provides crucial information about your loved one.

    Author Kevin Urbastch gives you an experienced perspective about when to make a special needs trust on your own and when to seek the services of an attorney.

    This edition has been thoroughly revised to provide:

    • current eligibility requirements for government benefits

    • helpful resources

    • a new chapter on letters of intent

    • a new chapter on ABLE accounts

    The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money

    Features:- :- "It's not that we're dumb. We're wired to avoid pain and pursue pleasure and security. It feels right to sell when everyone around us is scared and buy when everyone feels great. It may feel right-but it's not rational."
    -From The Behavior Gap


    Why do we lose money? It's easy to blame the economy or the financial markets-but the real trouble lies in the decisions we make.

    As a financial planner, Carl Richards grew frustrated watching people he cared about make the same mistakes over and over. They were letting emotion get in the way of smart financial decisions. He named this phenomenon-the distance between what we should do and what we actually do-"the behavior gap." Using simple drawings to explain the gap, he found that once people understood it, they started doing much better.

    Richards's way with words and images has attracted a loyal following to his blog posts for The New York Times, appearances on National Public Radio, and his columns and lectures. His book will teach you how to rethink all kinds of situations where your perfectly natural instincts (for safety or success) can cost you money and peace of mind.

    He'll help you to:

       • Avoid the tendency to buy high and sell low;
       • Avoid the pitfalls of generic financial advice;
       • Invest all of your assets-time and energy as well as savings-more wisely;
       • Quit spending money and time on things that don't matter;
       • Identify your real financial goals;
       • Start meaningful conversations about money;
       • Simplify your financial life;
       • Stop losing money!


    It's never too late to make a fresh financial start. As Richards writes: "We've all made mistakes, but now it's time to give yourself permission to review those mistakes, identify your personal behavior gaps, and make a plan to avoid them in the future. The goal isn't to make the 'perfect' decision about money every time, but to do the best we can and move forward. Most of the time, that's enough."

    From the Hardcover edition.

    How to Retire the Cheapskate Way: The Ultimate Cheapskate's Guide to a Better, Earlier, Happier Retirement

    Features:- :- Unlike most retirement planning and lifestyle books that focus on investing – or at the other end of the spectrum, on how to get the senior discount on a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s –  this new book from Jeff Yeager, America’s favorite cheapskate,  makes the compelling case that you can have a joyous, worry-free retirement by merely spending smart and focusing on what you truly want and expect out of retirement. 

    Combining Yeager’s loveable humor and offbeat anecdotes that have garnered him an ever-growing fan base, How to Retire the Cheapskate Way shares with readers hundreds of retirement secrets and tips, including:

    ·How to Simple-size Your Way to  a Better Retirement

    ·The 20 Secret Cheapskate Principles for Retiring Comfortably on Less...Maybe Even on Social Security Alone

    ·How to Survive the Medical Maelstrom (without resorting to DIY surgery at home)

    ·Plus Dozens of Fun Ways to Both Earn a Little Extra Income During Retirement and Painlessly Cut Your Expenses

    Yeager, who serves as the official “Savings Expert” for AARP and its 40+ million members, weaves together both everyday practical tips and life-changing financial strategies with the real life stories of frugal retirees  as well as people of all ages who are working toward a better, earlier, happier retirement The Cheapskate Way.

    Incorporate & Grow Rich!

    Features:- :-

    Inside this user-friendly manual, you will learn how to structure your business and personal assets so you can safely grow, protect, and leverage your hard-earned wealth. We teach you step-by-step what you must do if you want to: Legally protect your business and personal assets from The Three Flaming Arrows of Challenge: Income Taxes, Liability Exposure & Death Taxes; Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using "C" corps, "S" corps, Limited-Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Revocable and Non-Revocable Trusts to build a solid Foundation for Freedom and of course, so much more!

    Family Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family's Wealth (Wiley Finance)

    Features:- :- Actionable, practical CFO training for the Family Chief Financial Officer

    Family Inc. is not just a personal finance book; it is a "how to" guide for achieving financial security. By borrowing time tested principles used in business and applying them to family financial planning, Family Inc. provides a powerful framework for navigating all of life's big financial decisions. You will learn how to think strategically as the Family Chief Financial Officer; how to make investments in education and yourself to benefit your career; how to manage your hard earned money to make it work for you; how to use financial products like insurance, investments and debt; how to think like an entrepreneur; how to achieve peace of mind in retirement and how to teach your family these important life skills.  Every family needs a CFO to navigate the "financial game of life", and the principles of corporate finance apply from the boardroom to the living room. Family Inc. delivers practical, actionable advice in the form of CFO training to help you plot a real-world family financial plan.
    Family Inc. and the author have been quoted or featured by major media outlets to include The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, TIME, PBS, NPR, Fast Company, The Larry Kudlow Show, Huffington Post, Investor's Business Daily, American Association of Individual Investors, Stars & Stripes, Home and Family Finance Radio, and The Motley Fool.

    The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream

    Features:- :- #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER
    Revised & updated

    How to find the courage to stand in your truth and why it is a place of power.
    What daily actions will restore the word “hope” to your vocabulary.
    Everything you need to know about taking care of your family, your home, your career, and planning for retirement—no matter where you are in your life or where the economy is heading.
    In nine electrifying, empowering classes, Suze Orman teaches us how to navigate these unprecedented financial times. With her trademark directness, she shows us how to tackle the complicated mix of money and family, how to avoid making costly mistakes in real estate, and how to get traction in your career or rebuild after a professional setback. And in what is the most comprehensive retirement resource available today, Suze presents an attainable strategy, for every reader, at every age.
    The Money Class is filled with tools and advice that can take you from a place of financial fear to a place of financial security. In The Money Class you will learn what you need to know in order to feel hopeful, once again, about your future.

    Dave Barry's Money Secrets: Like: Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?

    Features:- :- Did you ever wish that you really understood money? Well, Dave Barry wishes that he did, too. But that hasn’t stopped him from writing this book. In it, Dave explores (as only he can) such topics as:

    • How the U.S. economy works, including the often overlooked role of Adam Sandler
    • Why it is not a good idea to use squirrels for money
    • Strategies that will give you the confidence you need to try for a good job, even though you are—let’s be honest—a no-talent loser
    • How corporate executives, simply by walking into their offices, immediately become much stupider
    • An absolutely foolproof system for making money in the stock market, requiring only a little effort (and access to time travel)
    • Surefire tips for buying and selling real estate, the key being: Never buy—or, for that matter, sell—real estate
    • How to minimize your federal taxes, safely and legally, by cheating
    • Why good colleges cost so much, and how to make sure your child does not get into one
    • How to reduce the cost of your medical care by basically not getting any
    • Estate planning, especially the financial benefits of an early death
    • And many, many pictures of Suze Orman

    But that’s only the beginning! Dave has also included in this book all of the important points from a book written by Donald Trump, so you don’t have to read it yourself. Plus he explains how to tip, how to negotiate for everything (including bridge tolls), how to argue with your spouse about money, and how much allowance to give your children (three dollars is plenty). He also presents, for the first time in print anywhere, the Car Dealership Code of Ethics (“Ethic Seven: The customer is an idiot”). Also, there are many gratuitous references to Angelina Jolie naked. You can’t afford not to buy this book! Probably you need several copies.

    What kind of financial shape are you in right now? This scientific quiz will show you.

    Be honest in your answers: If you lie, you’ll only be lying to yourself! The place to lie is on your federal tax return.

    What is your annual income?
    1. More than $50,000.
    2. Less than $50,000.
    3. However much I get when I return these empties.

    Not counting your mortgage, how much money do you currently owe?
    1. Less than $10,000.
    2. More than $10,000.
    3. Men are threatening to cut off my thumbs.

    How would you describe your portfolio?
    1. Conservative, mainly bonds and blue-chip equities.
    2. Aggressive, mainly options and speculative stocks.
    3. My what?

    When analyzing an investment, what do you consider to be the most important factor?
    1. The amount of return.
    2. The degree of risk.
    3. The name of the jockey.

    How do you plan to finance your retirement?
    1. Savings.
    2. Social security.
    3. Sale of kidneys.

    —from the Introduction: “Why You Need This Book”

    Also available as a Crown eBook.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    The Executor's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Settling an Estate for Personal Representatives, Administrators, and Beneficiaries, Fourth Edition

    Features:- :-

    Readers say it best: "This book covers all aspects of estate settlement in a complete and thorough manner." , "The book is written in easy-to-understand terms, with lots of good practical advice.", "I actually bought it to place in my file cabinet along with my Trust documents, Living Will and other documents", "We liked it so much, I bought this book for a friend who was handling a new estate."

    Acting as the executor, representative, or administrator of an estate is a complicated and time-consuming task, not only in an administrative sense but often in an emotional sense as well. The Executor’s Handbook, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide for readers who need help understanding the basics of the procedures that settle an estate. In practical and straightforward language, it covers all aspects of estate administration, including funeral arrangements, organ donation, administering probate, dealing with the deceased's assets and liabilities, and personal representative's compensation. You will understand not only your responsibilities but the responsibilities of those who will be assisting you. Tables of state income tax rates, intestacy laws, and state-by-state probate requirements are also included, and a glossary, index, and list of recommended works complete this handbook.

    Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

    Features:- :- If you’ve ever bought a personal finance book, watched a TV show about stock picking, listened to a radio show about getting out of debt, or attended a seminar to help you plan for your retirement, you’ve probably heard some version of these quotes:

    “What’s keeping you from being rich? In most cases, it is simply a lack of belief.” —SUZE ORMAN, The Courage to Be Rich

    “Are you latte-ing away your financial future?” —DAVID BACH, Smart Women Finish Rich

    “I know you’re capable of picking winning stocks and holding on to them.” —JIM CRAMER, Mad Money

    They’re common refrains among personal finance gurus. There’s just one problem: those and many simi­lar statements are false.

    For the past few decades, Americans have spent billions of dollars on personal finance products. As salaries have stagnated and companies have cut back on benefits, we’ve taken matters into our own hands, embracing the can-do attitude that if we’re smart enough, we can overcome even daunting financial obstacles. But that’s not true.

    In this meticulously reported and shocking book, journalist and former financial columnist Helaine Olen goes behind the curtain of the personal finance industry to expose the myths, contradictions, and outright lies it has perpetuated. She shows how an industry that started as a response to the Great Depression morphed into a behemoth that thrives by selling us products and services that offer little if any help.

    Olen calls out some of the biggest names in the business, revealing how even the most respected gurus have engaged in dubious, even deceitful, prac­tices—from accepting payments from banks and corporations in exchange for promoting certain prod­ucts to blaming the victims of economic catastrophe for their own financial misfortune. Pound Foolish also disproves many myths about spending and saving, including:

    • Small pleasures can bankrupt you: Gurus popular­ized the idea that cutting out lattes and other small expenditures could make us millionaires. But reduc­ing our caffeine consumption will not offset our biggest expenses: housing, education, health care, and retirement.
    • Disciplined investing will make you rich: Gurus also love to show how steady investing can turn modest savings into a huge nest egg at retirement. But these calculations assume a healthy market and a lifetime without any setbacks—two conditions that have no connection to the real world.
    • Women need extra help managing money: Product pushers often target women, whose alleged financial ignorance supposedly leaves them especially at risk. In reality, women and men are both terrible at han­dling finances.
    • Financial literacy classes will prevent future eco­nomic crises: Experts like to claim mandatory sessions on personal finance in school will cure many of our money ills. Not only is there little evidence this is true, the entire movement is largely funded and promoted by the financial services sector.

    Weaving together original reporting, interviews with experts, and studies from disciplines ranging from behavioral economics to retirement planning, Pound Foolish is a compassionate and compelling book that will change the way we think and talk about our money.

    The Seven Stages of Money Maturity: Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in Your Life

    Features:- :- "A vital, seminal breakthrough work... Kinder penetrates money's enigmas and mythologies with the artist's delicate touch, the critic's discriminating eye . . . and the insightful sensitivity of a good human being. This book is a gift."
    --Richard Wagner, former chairman, Institute of Certified Financial Planners

    Replace anxiety, self-sabotage, and self-doubt around money with the sense of ease and freedom you deserve in The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, a one-of-a-kind guide in the life-changing tradition of The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom and Your Money or Your Life. A renowned Buddhist teacher as well as a Harvard-trained, nationally prominent certified financial planner, George Kinder draws on both disciplines to guide us toward a full understanding of the spiritual and psychological issues that surround money.

    Although many of us may assume that issues of money and spirit are separate, incompatible questions, George Kinder shows us that we must explore them together to attain true peace, freedom, and security in our money lives. Tracing the same path to transformation on which he has led his clients and lectured audiences for years, Kinder leads us through the Seven Steps of a journey to the profound liberation of awakening to a world of abundance and possibility.

    Revealing practical, market-tested wealth-building skills as well as the wisdom that contributes to understanding and enriching the role money plays across our lives from the surface to the soul, Kinder teaches us how to:

    Understand feelings that impact taking financial action
    Develop understanding and knowledge about money
    Eliminate stress and anxiety around money
    Let go of old patterns and painful habits
    Approach money tasks with energy and optimism
    Design a money life that is fulfilling both financially and spiritually

    A powerful new way to look at your money and at your life, The Seven Stages of Money Maturity will help us experience each encounter with money as a step toward awakening and a powerful lesson in understanding the relationships we share with others and with ourselves.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    Building Wealth And Being Happy: A Practical Guide To Financial Independence

    Features:- :- It's no secret that wealth disparity is on the rise.

    Every year, the rich get richer and the middle class gets squeezed. In this day and age, young people can't afford to repeat the financial mistakes made by their parents. Thankfully, there is a way for the middle class of today to build wealth and be happy. This practical guide will lead you through the life-long journey of financial independence, free from money related stress and empowered to live life the way you want. In Building Wealth And Being Happy: A Practical Guide To Financial Independence, you'll learn:

    - How to slowly get rich over many years and retire early
    - How to have a positive, healthy relationship with money
    - Whether you should use a financial advisor or DIY
    - Whether you should rent or buy the place you live in
    - Whether you should partake in socially responsible and green investments
    - If you can trust the stock market
    - If you should invest in real estate or gold
    - And much, much more...

    The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide: Advice on Taxes, Investing, Real Estate, and Retirement for Global Families in the U.S. and Abroad

    Features:- :- Make sense of international personal finance with expat-specific expert advice

    The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide is the long-awaited financial handbook for cross border families, with expert insight from a financial advisor who specializes in expat issues. Whether you're an American living abroad, or foreign-born and living in the U.S., this book demystifies the complex issues surrounding the worldwide tax system, international information reporting, sensible investments, international real estate, and retirement planning. When your wealth crosses international borders, managing even the most mundane financial affairs can become wrought with time-consuming complexity; moving money, opening accounts, dealing with currency risks and translation, and setting up investments suddenly involves a whole new set of rules and regulations. Your 401(k), IRA, or annuity must be handled properly to retain certain tax benefits, and retirement planning takes on a brand new dimension of difficulty. This book shows you how to navigate the maze to make sure your money keeps working for you. Real world examples illustrate solutions to common problems, and real, actionable advice gives you a solid plan for your next steps.

    While personal finance management is rarely simple, the recent crackdown on tax havens and increased tax collection vigilance has made things even more difficult for cross border families. This book answers your questions, and shines a light on the way forward to long-term financial security for international families.

    • Navigate the complexities of international taxation
    • Get specific guidance on retirement planning
    • Make sense of how real estate fits into your financial picture
    • Invest appropriately to maximize growth for the future
    • Manage your assets and tax benefits across borders

    With the right know-how, cross border professionals can make sensible investment and financial planning decisions, but credible guidance is rare and difficult to find. Simple and practical, with targeted advice, The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide is the international family's solution for avoiding financial confusion.

    Plan Your Estate

    Features:- :- Turn to Plan Your Estate for straightforward, plain-English explanations of each of your estate-planning options, so you can make the best decisions for you and those you love.

    Attorney Denis Clifford shows you how to:

  • avoid probate

  • leave property through a will or trust

  • use life insurance to provide for your loved ones

  • name a guardian for your minor children

  • leave property to a young person

  • plan for incapacity

  • implement strategies specific to business owners

  • reduce estate taxes

  • make final arrangements

    The 13th edition is revised with the latest federal and state laws, including updated information about estate and gift taxes and new information about how recent changes in the law affect estate planning for same-sex spouses.

    Personal Finance After 50 For Dummies

    Features:- :- Manage your finances in your golden years—enjoy your retirement!

    Numerous life changes come with the territory of getting older—as we're reminded every day by anti-aging campaigns—but one change the media doesn't often mention is the need for a shifting approach to personal financial management. Personal Finance For Seniors For Dummies, 2nd Edition offers the targeted information you need to make informed decisions regarding your investments, spending, and how to best protect your wealth. You've worked your whole life for your nest egg—why not manage it as effectively as possible?

    Enjoying your golden years hinges on your ability to live the life you've dreamed of, and that's not possible unless you manage your finances accordingly. The right financial decisions may mean the difference between a condo in a more tropical climate and five more years of shoveling snow, so why leave them to chance?

    • Explore financial advice that's targeted to the needs of your generation
    • Understand how changes in government programs can impact your retirement
    • Consider the implications of tax law updates, and how to best protect your assets when filling out tax forms each year
    • Navigate your saving and investment options, and pick the approaches that best fit the economic environment

    Whether you're heading into your senior years or your parents are getting older and you want to help them take care of their finances, Personal Finance For Seniors For Dummies, 2nd Edition offers the insight you need to keep financial matters on the right track!

    Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

    Features:- :- Why is it that women, who are so competent in all other areas of their lives, cannot find the same competence when it comes to matters of money?

    Suze Orman investigates the complicated, dysfunctional relationship women have with money in this groundbreaking new book. With her signature mix of insight, compassion, and soul-deep recognition, she equips women with the financial knowledge and emotional awareness to overcome the blocks that have kept them from making more out of the money they make. At the center of the book is The Save Yourself Plan—a streamlined, five-month program that delivers genuine long-term financial security. But what’s at stake is far bigger than money itself: It’s about every woman’s sense of who she is and what she deserves, and why it all begins with the decision to save yourself.

    Join the Movement to Save Yourself with this Unprecedented Offer to Readers of Women & Money:

    Suze Orman believes that having an account of your own is the cornerstone of long-term financial security, and so she has begun a national movement called Save Yourself to turn this wish—that every woman have an account in her own name—into a reality. She is joined in this crusade by the financial brokerage firm TD Ameritrade, which has come up with an extraordinary offer for readers of WOMEN & MONEY. Follow Suze’s Save Yourself Plan and open an account in your name with TD Ameritrade. Commit to an automatic deposit of at least $50 per month for twelve consecutive months, and TD Ameritrade will provide the incentive in the form of a $100 deposit into your account in the thirteenth month. In other words, you save $600 or more over the course of a year, and TD Ameritrade will reward that effort with a $100 bonus. .

    Offer valid for one new TD AMERITRADE account (non-retirement) opened between 2/27/07 and 3/31/08, and funded by 12 monthly consecutive automatic electronic deposits of $50 or more. First $50 must be deposited within 30 days of opening account. To be eligible, you must be a U.S. resident aged 18 or older. This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where TD AMERITRADE is not authorized to do business. Random House, Inc., does not endorse, is not associated with, and has no responsibility for the TD AMERITRADE offer. TD AMERITRADE, Random House, Inc., and Suze Orman are separate and not affiliated, and each of them is not responsible for the services and information provided by the other(s). TD AMERITRADE, Inc., member NASD/SIPC.

    From the Hardcover edition.

    The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor: Powerful Lessons and Proven Strategies from Top Producers

    Features:- :- The best financial advisors are well equipped to succeed regardless of market conditions. Based on interviews with fifteen top advisors, each doing several million dollars worth of business every year, The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor distills their universal success principles into thirteen distinct lessons. Each is explained step-by step for immediate application by veteran and new financial professionals alike. The lessons cover: • Building and focusing on client relationships • Having a top advisor mindset • Developing a long-term approach • Specialization • Marketing • And much more The book also features two complete case studies. First there is the “best of the best” advisor whose incredible success showcases the power of all the book’s principles working together in concert. The second is an account of a remarkable and inspiring career turn around and demonstrates that it’s never too late to reinvent oneself. Brimming with practical advice from the author and expert insights from his interview subjects, The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor is a priceless success tool for any and all financial advisors.

    The Ten Roads to Riches: The Ways the Wealthy Got There (And How You Can Too!)

    Features:- :- Profiles of some of America's richest people and how they got that way—and how you can too!

    While we can't promise that this book will elevate you to the ranks of the super-rich, we can say that within its pages you'll discover everything you need to know about how, exactly, many of America's most famous (and infamous) millionaires and billionaires acquired their fortunes. The big surprise is that all of the super-wealthy it profiles got where they are today by taking one of just ten possible roads—including starting a business, buying real estate, investing wisely, and marrying extremely well. Whether you aspire to shameful wealth or just a demure fortune, bestselling author and self-made billionaire, Ken Fisher, will show you how to walk in the footsteps of tycoons—all the way to the financial success you dream of and deserve.

    • Packed with amusing anecdotes of individuals who have traveled (or tumbled) down each road to wealth
    • Extracts valuable lessons on how you, too, can achieve serious wealth, and, just as importantly, hold onto it
    • Provides powerful tools for determining what you need to do to position yourself for success and "Guideposts" and "Warning Signs" to help keep you safely on your road to success
    • Second Edition features more profiles and instructive examples than were found in the bestselling first edition

    The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read

    Features:- :- Follow the advice in The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read and you will:

    • Find simple strategies to maximize your retirement nest egg
    • Steer clear of scams that rob you of your hard-earned savings
    • Ensure that your money lasts longer than you do
    • Avoid the common mistakes that can leave your spouse impoverished
    • Discover financial lifelines no matter how desperate the economy

    "If you want a handy guide that provides information in small chunks, Solin's book is it." -Newark Star-Ledger

    The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Any Age You Want

    Features:- :- Stop making a living and start making a life with The New Retirementality

    When Mitch Anthony first presented the concept of a new way of thinking about retirement in 2000, it was novel and many critics didn't buy into it. Originally written to get the attention of baby boomers who were approaching 55, Mitch started a revolution by showing people why they needed to have a new attitude about retirement–a "new retirementality." More than a decade later, most of us are facing a very different retirement reality than previous generations–failing pensions, an endangered social security system, and inadequate savings. We have been forced to face the reality of a retirement that may never happen, or one that will take place much later in life than ever expected.

    Circumstances are redefining what it means to retire, and The New Retirementality, Fourth Edition is your roadmap. While most books focus on a "number," this reliable resource shows you that attitude is also an essential part of the equation–if you want to succeed you need both means and meaning.

    • Includes new research and studies on the latest retirement realities, as well as introduce readers to Mitch's newest concept, investing toward a greater Return on Life™
    • Discusses what it means to retire on purpose, the expanding role of work in retirement, and how to self-direct your future by becoming your own benefits director
    • Written by top financial planner Mitch Anthony

    Filled with engaging anecdotes and inspirational suggestions, this book will motivate you to rethink the meaning of retirement and put you in a better position to enjoy the new retirementality you deserve.

    Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits

    Features:- :- Qualify for Social Security disability benefits, quickly and easily

    Here’s the step-by-step guidance you need if you’re dealing with a long-term or permanent disability. This comprehensive and compassionate book covers both Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. Newly updated, it shows you how to prove a disability and explains how your age, education and work experience affect your chances. Parents will find special information about benefits available to children with a disability.

    Learn how to:

    • find the disability criteria for your medical condition
    • prove the severity of a disability
    • appeal if you're denied benefits
    • work part time while keeping your benefits
    • prepare for a Continuing Disability Review,
    • and more.

    Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability is written by a former Chief Medical Consultant for the Social Security Administration whose expert deciphering of the medical portions of SSA regulations will help you determine whether your condition will qualify you to receive disability payments, including breathing disabilities, heart disease, mental disorders, speech impairments, cancer, immune system disorders -- and much more.

    Plus, this book is packed with samples of all the major forms you’ll need.

    Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won't Have To

    Features:- :- Get your life organized with the best workbook available!

    Paperwork, personal information, and passwords aren’t always easy to find, and organizing your records can seem like an intimidating task. But, whether you need to get a handle on records for yourself, your family or your executor, Get It Together will show you how to organize:

    • instructions for survivors
    • secured places and passwords
    • estate planning documents
    • funeral arrangements
    • employment records
    • insurance policies
    • tax records
    • retirement accounts
    • government benefits
    • real estate records
    • and more.

    For those concerned about sensitive information like passwords, Get It Together lets you:

    • Securely store an unlimited number of passwords while keeping them handy.
    • Decide whether you want to record your information electronically or by hand.
    • Choose the way you want to organize your passwords—for example, alphabetically or by type of product or service.
    • Easily add related notes, such as security questions.

    This workbook provides a complete system for structuring and organizing your information and documents into a records binder. For each topic, you will find helpful content, rich resources and step-by-step instructions. All forms are downloadable through a link printed in the book.

    The Stock Market Cash Flow: Four Pillars of Investing for Thriving in Today’s Markets (Rich Dad Advisors)

    Features:- :-

    The book begins by addressing many of the challenges stock market investors face today and the various ways many investors use the stock market to achieve their goals.

    A valuable discussion of where paper assets fit (and do not fit) in the context of Rich Dad principles and its place among the other assets classes such as real estate business and commodities.

    The bulk of the book educates investors on "Andy's 4 pillars of stock market income" and effectively simplifies the four concepts to help investors begin to harness their power.

    The book concludes with ideas for an individual action plan suited to the goals of the reader

    The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke

    Features:- :- Be sure to catch Suze Orman's latest PBS special based on The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke, which will air the weekend of March 4th on stations across the country. Check your local listings for airtimes.

    The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke is financial expert Suze Orman's answer to a generation's cry for help. They're called "Generation Debt" and "Generation Broke" by the media — people in their twenties and thirties who graduate college with a mountain of student loan debt and are stuck with one of the weakest job markets in recent history. The goals of their parents' generation — buy a house, support a family, send kids to college, retire in style — seem absurdly, depressingly out of reach. They live off their credit cards, may or may not have health insurance, and come up so far short at the end of the month that the idea of saving money is a joke. This generation has it tough, without a doubt, but they're also painfully aware of the urgent need to take matters into their own hands.

    The Money Book was written to address the specific financial reality that faces young people today and offers a set of real, not impossible solutions to the problems at hand and the problems ahead. Concisely, pragmatically, and without a whiff of condescension, Suze Orman tells her young, fabulous & broke readers precisely what actions to take and why. Throughout these pages, there are icons that direct readers to a special YF&B domain on Suze's website that offers more specialized information, forms, and interactive tools that further customize the information in the book. Her advice at times bucks conventional wisdom (did she just say use your credit card?) and may even seem counter-intuitive (pay into a retirement fund even though your credit card debt is killing you?), but it's her honesty, understanding, and uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of her readers that has made her the most trusted financial expert of her day.

    Over the course of ten chapters that can be consulted methodically, step-by-step or on a strictly need-to-know basis, Suze takes the reader past broke to a secure place where they'll never have to worry about revisiting broke again. And she begins the journey with a bit of overwhelmingly good news (yes, there really is good news): Young people have the greatest asset of all on their side — time.

    Investing 101: From Stocks and Bonds to ETFs and IPOs, an Essential Primer on Building a Profitable Portfolio (Adams 101)

    Features:- :- A crash course in managing personal wealth!

    Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of investing into tedious discourse that would put even Warren Buffett to sleep. Investing 101 cuts out the boring explanations, and instead provides a hands-on lesson that keeps you engaged as you learn how to build a portfolio and expand your savings. From value investing to short selling to risk tolerance, this primer is packed with hundreds of entertaining tidbits and concepts that you won't be able to get anywhere else.

    So whether you're looking to master the major principles of investing, or just want to learn more about stocks and bonds, Investing 101 has all the answers--even the ones you didn't know you were looking for.

    The 5 Years Before You Retire: Retirement Planning When You Need It the Most

    Features:- :-

    A comprehensive guide to planning your retirement before it's too late!

    Even though half of all Americans put money aside for retirement, it isn't until they reach their sixties that many realize that they haven't saved enough. With The Five Years Before You Retire, you'll hone in on what you need to do in the next five years to maximize your current savings and create a realistic plan for your future. This book guides you through each financial, medical, and familial decision, from taking advantage of the employer match your company offers for your 401k program to enrolling in Medicare to discussing housing options with your family. Covering every aspect of retirement planning, these straightforward strategies explain in detail how you can make the most of your last few years in the workforce and prepare for the future you've always wanted.

    Whether you just started devising a plan or have been saving since your first job, The Five Years Before You Retire will show you what you need to do now to ensure that you live comfortably for years to come.

    You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think

    Features:- :-

    From Wes Moss--named by Barron's as one of America's top financial advisors

    "The keys that Wes Moss identifies to having a happy retirement are simple but brilliant. Read this book." -- Clark Howard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Living Large in Lean Times

    “Financial planner Wes Moss offers you something different — not just a plan to retire, but a way to do it sooner and to be happy when you do." – Atlanta Journal Constitution

    If you think you need to win the lottery or work until you’re 75 to retire with financial stability, Money Matters host Wes Moss has very good news for you. You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think reveals the secrets for ensuring a successful retirement—sooner rather than later.

    After conducting an intensive study of happy retirees to learn the financial practices they hold in common, Moss discovered that it doesn't take financial genius, millions of dollars, or sophisticated investment skills to ensure a safe, solid retirement. All it takes is five best practices:

    1. Determine what you want and need your retirement money for
    2. Figure out how much you need to save
    3. Create a plan to pay off your mortgage in as little as five years
    4. Develop an income stream from multiple sources
    5. Become an income investor

    Getting on the fast track to a great retirement is a lot simpler than the retirement professionals would have you believe. You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think provides the proven-effective, five-step formula for creating the retirement of your dreams.

    Retire Young Retire Rich: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever! (Rich Dad's (Paperback))

    Features:- :-

    If you don't plan on working hard all your life... this book is for you. If you're ready to retire (or want to retire early enough
    to enjoy your retirement years) you can learn from Robert's story of how he and his wife Kim started with nothing and 'retired'—financially free—in less than 10 years. This book makes the case for how a context shift in the way we think about money and investing allows us to see opportunities others miss and create the life you deserve.

    The $1,000 Challenge: How One Family Slashed Its Budget Without Moving Under a Bridge or Living on Gov ernment Cheese

    Features:- :- Are You Brave Enough for the $1,000 Challenge? 
    Middle-class incomes are stretched more than ever. Feeling the strain himself, personal finance columnist Brian O’Connor decided to put his own family’s spending to the test. He began a ten-week experiment to see if his family could cut its monthly living expenses by $1,000—without sacrificing anything truly important. From groceries and transportation to entertainment and insurance, O’Connor ruthlessly tackled his family’s Top 10 spending categories with an eye on rooting out big savings.

    As he shares his family’s cost-cutting adventures, O’Connor offers helpful strategies for getting your own finances back on track. Whether he’s sharing secrets to shrinking your grocery tab or helping you scour bills for unnecessary fees, O’Connor tackles the frustrations and fears of controlling your own financial fate.

    Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference

    Features:- :- Best-Selling Book by J V Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy, Thought-Leader, Speaker, Trainer and Conscious Business Coach

    Book Includes Instant Access Link for: Fast-Tack Video Training (Free to Readers - $97 Value)

    Enjoy his #1 Ranked "Conscious Millionaire Podcast" M-F. Access now:


    "J V is one of the current day visionaries. His book, "Conscious Millionaire" embodies his wisdom, practical knowledge, and cutting edge insights."
    -- Dame D C Cordova, Director of "Money and You" Program, CEO Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs, Recognized Global Entrepreneur, Expert Asia Business

    "In his revolutionary business book, J V shows you how to meet the new challenge of becoming a socially minded entrepreneur--and succeed in today's complex marketplace."
    --Gary Ryan Blair, New York Times bestselling author of "Everything Counts!", Creator of "!00 Day Challenge"

    "Becoming a millionaire is a journey, not a destination. J V provides the roadmap for both the necessary mindset and action steps one needs to join the top 1%. The book Conscious Millionaire is a must read for those eager to ignite their passions and maximize their potential."
    - John Lee Dumas, Podcast,

    “Conscious Millionaire is a rare find. It is both cutting-edge and entertaining. This book is full of practical advice, great examples, and useful insights for those planning a great life and financial future. If you only read one book this year, make it this one!''
    --Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Past President of National Speakers Association, Named one of the 10 most electrifying Speakers in North America.

    "A new take for the new age of capitalism. Much is being written today about “conscious capitalism” and other socially conscious business movements, but J V Crum’s approach is different. Conscious Millionaire gamely wants to make you rich by creating value for others, melding wonderful concepts like the “purpose” for your life and your business with the right, robust, and customer-centric business model. Why not make money and make a difference too?"
    --Bob Vanourek, Author of the award-wining, "Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations"


    J V Crum III is an world-wide business coach, entrepreneur, investor, attorney, speaker, visionary strategist, and Founder/CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC. A self-made millionaire by his mid-twenties, he holds an MBA, JD, and MS in Psychology. He is also the Director of Conscious World Foundation, Inc, a non-profit that provides global youth leadership training.


    Conscious Millionaire is about choosing your destiny and becoming empowered to create it. In this book, you will find an amazing new approach to business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, manager, leader, or someone seeking to start your first company, Conscious Millionaire will unleash your passion to consciously grow a successful business while helping yourself, others, and your community. Learn how to:

    •Attain the level of financial success you have always desired.
    •Create your wealth honestly while making a difference that matters.
    •Find the time, freedom, and resources necessary to get the most out of life.

    Throughout Conscious Millionaire, you will find the tools, strategies, and insights that J V Crum III discovered during three decades of building and selling companies, mentoring clients, and observing what works best in today’s complex business environment. This book provides the formula and path you need to grow any size business into one that achieves both strong profits and a higher purpose.

    The Great Debt Deception: How You've Been Swindled By the Banks and Credit Card Companies, Why You Don't Owe Them a Penny and the Proven Process to Get Free From Your Debt

    Features:- :-

    What If Everything You Were Taught To Believe About the Money System and Debt Turned Out To Be a Lie?

    The reality of the banking system is that everything you were taught about debt is not true.

    The simple fact is that you do not owe any money. The actual transaction of a “loan” that you gave them a promise to pay and the “lender” gave you the same amount of promises to pay (Federal Reserve Notes).

    Therefore, the transaction was complete according to the “lender’s” accounting records.

    Hear Jack McCaig tell his story of how he unraveled the great debt deception and created a process to get free of debt.

    It is time to take back your power and this information can help you start that journey.

    Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom 2nd edition

    Features:- :- Publisher's Note: There is a new 3rd edition of Zero Debt. Search Amazon for the "Zero Debt 3rd edition" or use this link

    Would you like to be free from financial worries, rest at night knowing your bills are paid, and have peace of mind when it comes to money matters? Then you need Zero Debt - a 30-day action plan to fix your finances.

    In Zero Debt, you'll discover:

    * How to get annoying creditors off your back
    * Insider secrets to reduce interest rates or eliminate credit card late fees
    * Your legal rights – and what bill collectors can and can not do under the law
    * The best strategies to clean up your credit report or fix errors in your credit file
    * How to make lifestyle changes that will save you money for decades to come!

    If you want to be debt-free and achieve financial freedom, you need an action plan to guide you. This book is your step-by-step plan. It’s simple. It’s easy to understand. And it works.

    The Debt-Free Degree: How To Eliminate College Debt At Every Step

    Features:- :- The unfortunate truth is that most Americans have little idea on how to avoid college debt: More than 40 million people are currently repaying $1.3 trillion in student loans. Since his children were born, author John F. Wasik remained committed to an important goal: putting them through college without taking on any debt.
    The Debt-Free Degree is a straightforward book on how to strategize a plan against student loans and is a must-read for anyone facing or paying off college debt.
    Divided into three parts, the book will help you: save for college well before you apply; avoid debt after you have been accepted to some schools; and greatly reduce the burden of debt if you’ve already graduated and are currently in repayment. Wasik bridges the information gap on how pay off loans and provides multiple strategies on renegotiating or consolidating them. He sources tips from experts all over the country and outlines his own personal journey of helping his daughter navigate the college maze.

    $50 Grocery Challenge: Eating Healthy Without Being Wealthy

    Features:- :- Marianne Giullian ( began doing the $50 grocery challenge a few years ago when she read about how challenging it is to eat healthily on welfare, so she decided to prove it could be done! The article stated the average family of four gets $200-$225 a month, which comes to about $50 a week.

    This book shares some of the ideas that have helped her stay in this budget. And, whether or not you decide to try to live on $50 a week, the advice in this book can really help you cut your grocery bill, while still eating healthy food.

    701 Money Saving Tips - A Huge List For Frugal Living

    Features:- :- This is an easy to read money-saving guide. Each tip is presented as a bite-size, easy to digest list, perfect for list lovers! The book begins with general rules for saving money in today’s world. These guidelines help you develop a frugal lifestyle that does not sacrifice your quality of life. In this book, you will also learn about web sites, online tools and apps that you can use to save money and even get free stuff.

    The rest of the book gives you detailed money saving ideas on food, home management, entertainment, financial services, health, and more! This is a great reference book to keep handy and reread all over again, until you master money-saving strategies and are able to train your mind to live frugally.

    Rich on any Income: The Easy Budgeting System That Fits in Your Checkbook

    Features:- :- Do you sometimes wonder where all your money went and how you will meet all your financial obligations? Maybe you're good at managing your money but would like to be even better. This is the book for you. Most budget books are cumbersome and overly technical. Rich on Any Income presents a simple, easy-to-use, and effective system that makes budgeting as easy as writing a check.

    Credit Repair 101 : How To Increase Your Score from a 500 to 800 in 6 months or less

    Features:- :- Have you been scammed out of Hundreds of dollars from phony Credit Repair companies? Do end up like most good people with Bad Credit and nowhere to turn. Bad credit can not only affect your interest rate, it can also affect you from getting hired at certain jobs. A job that pertains to money like banks for instants will turn you down without any further explanation. Most of us have had bad to very bad credit at one time or another but some point you’ll have to face the music especially when you are looking to purchase a nice home.

    Credit Repair 101 will show you exactly how to clean up your credit in a snap without any worries of creditors harassing you by calling your phone all day long. It’s time to say Bye Bye to these pesky creditors for GOOD!

    Here are just a few Topics we will touch on inside;

    -How to fix your credit at lightning speed!

    -Why is it important to repair it now days?

    -Why do companies do credit checks before considering employment?

    -Reasons why your credit score dropped!

    -Why credit repair companies are a waste of money and time?

    And Much More

    Credit Repair 101 consist of the follow terms; how to rebuild credit, how to improve your credit score, how to raise your credit score, how to build your credit, how to fix credit, how to raise credit score, how to improve my credit score, how to build credit, how to establish credit, how to increase credit score, how to get good credit

    Hard Core Poor - a book on extreme thrift

    Features:- :- Having trouble making ends meet? Could you use a little more wiggle room in your budget? In this book, I share the tricks and methods I used when I was Hard Core Poor to make my nickels stretch. I hope it helps you too!

    End Financial Stress Now: Immediate Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Financial Outlook

    Features:- :- End financial stress for good and learn how to manage your money—without a change to income!

    Studies have shown time and time again that money is a leading cause of stress—but a life free from financial worry isn’t exclusive to the rich and powerful. End Financial Stress Now gives you practical, actionable instructions you need to improve your money management—no matter what your income level is. You can learn how to achieve the mindset of financial flexibility, which can help you navigate any money issues you face.

    These practical, step-by-step instructions on budgeting can help you track expenses, pay off debt, and save money. Featuring straightforward advice on how to increase self-discipline so you can stick to your budget as well as techniques to help you identity misinformation and false beliefs you have about money, you can follow this guide to create a fulfilling life free of financial stress.

    Confessions of a Credit Junkie: Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Mistakes I Made

    Features:- :-

    Must-read advice for getting out of debt from a personal finance expert who’s been there—and lived to tell the tale.

    Nationally recognized credit card expert and former CPA Beverly Harzog has helped thousands of consumers dig out from under mountains of debt. Decoding confusing terms and untangling acronyms, she shows readers how to take control of their finances—and their futures.

    Speaking from experience—even Harzog got caught up in the temptation of shiny credit-card offers and “free” money, ending up with more than $20,0000 in debt spread across several cards—the financial guru has written a painless, down-to-earth, plain-talk guide to avoiding common debt pitfalls. Harzog candidly details her own credit-card mishaps, as well as how she paid off her debt in two years, and offers easy-to-follow advice, often with a touch of Southern humor. In this book, you’ll learn:
    • how to use Harzog’s Credit Card Personality Quiz to choose the right credit card;
    • the seven ways to use a credit card to rebuild your credit;
    • how to get out of debt using a balance transfer credit card—and pay zero interest while doing it;
    • and strategies to save a bundle on groceries, gas, and more.
    Whether you’re carrying a boatload of debt, have only missed a payment here and there, or are just getting started building a credit history, Confessions of a Credit Junkie will help you gain the tools you need to begin your road to financial health.  

    “Beverly Harzog is a credit warrior. She has gone into the arena, faced the lions, and emerged as one of the foremost experts in the field. I believe that her encyclopedic knowledge of the world of credit cards is unmatched.” —Adam Levin, chairman and cofounder of 

    My Money: A Financial Planning Guide for Ordinary People

    Features:- :-

    Money is a tool that we can all master. You choose to either be a Money Slave or a Money Master. My Money, written by Gerald Mwandiambira, is a practical, easy to read, personal finance book. A guide that will help many ordinary people begin to create wealth and not fear the subject of personal financial planning.

    A treasure trove of useful advice and tips, this book is essential reading to gain a basic understanding of money mechanics. A guide to help you find your confidence, and see money as it really is; a tool that anyone can use.

    With a chapter dedicated to almost every financial situation we face in our lives, My Money will become your go-to book that will help you unlock your financial potential and gain control of your financial affairs.

    You, too, have the potential to become a Money Master.

    The Broke Diaries: The Completely True and Hilarious Misadventures of a Good Girl Gone Broke

    Features:- :- “People always say I’m going to look back on these days and laugh — why put it off?”

    When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college, instead of sulking, she decided to entertain herself by creating an online journal that chronicled her day-to-day trials and tribulations. Written with humor and intelligence, her “Broke Diary” quickly found an audience as people wrote to Angela to empathize with, console, and laugh with her about her experiences and even share their own. The Broke Diaries is the first complete compilation of her experiences, written in a voice that is funny, unique, and dead-on.

    On buying ramen noodles: I am sooooooo embarassed. I only have 33 cents. I (please don’t laugh) put the money on the counter and quickly attempt to dash out with my Chicken Flavored Salt Noodles. The guy calls me back! I look up instinctively, I should have run . . . Why didn’t I run???!! He tells me the noodles are 35 cents. I try to apologize sincerely. I thought the sign said 33 cents yesterday, so that’s all I brought with me. Could he wait while I ran home and get the 2 cents? I show him my student I.D. to let him know I am not a thief. He shakes his head and motions either for me to get the hell out of his store and never come back again or get the money as do come back. I don’t know. He said something like “Nyeh” and swiped his hand in my direction.
    I can’t translate hand motions well.
    The noodles: tasty!!!

    The Forbes Guide To Paying For College

    Features:- :-

    Getting into college is hard enough these days. Figuring out how to pay for it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, lawmakers have spun a complicated web of education tax breaks while colleges offer a daunting gauntlet of financial aid applications, with complex formulas that can mean thousands more in tuition payments if families aren’t careful.

    But fear not, The Forbes Guide To Paying For College is here to usher you through the entire process, from determining where and how you can get a great degree cheaply to putting together an action plan to repay any student loans after graduation. This stress-free guide will fully prepare you for the financial obstacles that college will throw your way, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy some of the best years of your life—without breaking the bank.

    Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter, and Save Money

    Features:- :- Clark Howard is a media powerhouse and penny-pincher extraordinaire who knows a thing or two about money. A lifelong entrepreneur who is now the hugely popular host of a talk radio program and television show and the bestselling author of several books, Clark consistently delivers expert financial advice to his wide and devoted fan base.

    Living Large in Lean Times is Clark's ultimate guide to saving money, covering everything from cell phones to student loans, coupon websites to mortgages, investing to electric bills, and beyond. In his candid and friendly next-door-neighbor manner, Clark shares the small, manageable steps everyone can follow to build a path towards independence and wealth. Chock-full of more than 250 invaluable tips, the book outlines how to:

    • Locate missing and unclaimed money in your name
    • Lower your student loan payment
    • Find legitimate work-at-home opportunities
    • Get unlimited texting and e-mailing for less than $10 per month
    • Know what personal info not to post to social media sites
    • Determine the best mortgage rate, and much, much more

      As Clark demonstrates, there are myriad ways to reduce debt, buy smarter, and build a future. Follow his lead and he'll get you there.

    Hustle Away Debt: Eliminate Your Debt by Making More Money

    Features:- :- Forbes calls David Carlson’s personal finance blog Young Adult Money “a must read for millennials.” Hustle Away Debt, Carlson’s new book, gives millennials drowning in debt – student and otherwise – a lifeline. Carlson details his secrets to getting out of debt through the concept of “side hustles.” He shows how side hustles can help you develop new sources of income that allow you to pay off debt faster. He also shows how this can lead you to explore new fields you might not have otherwise worked in and how you can pick up useful skills for your full-time job – all while developing your earning potential to the fullest.

    ¿Cómo llego a fin de mes? (Nelson Pocket: Finanzas Personales) (Spanish Edition)

    Features:- :- Partiendo de una lista de principios para manejar efectivamente las finanzas, esta obra ofrece un método para alcanzar la prosperidad personal y la seguridad financiera.

    Frugillionaire: 500 Fabulous Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune

    Features:- :- What if being frugal made you feel like a million bucks?

    You'd live a rich and happy life--while saving more money than you ever imagined!

    If you're frustrated with your finances, drowning in debt, or just wondering where your money goes each month, don't despair. For in these pages lies the secret to financial peace and harmony: how to become a frugillionaire.

    Unlike millionaires and billionaires, frugillionaires aren't defined by the number of zeroes in their net worth, or the haute couture in their closets.

    Quite the contrary: frugillionaires master the art of frugality--living richly while saving a fortune. They make the most of the money they have, and treasure those things that money can't buy.

    Best of all, becoming a frugillionaire is easy! Just download this book, and you'll find 500 fabulous savings techniques at your fingertips. Mix and match them into your personal formula for financial success!

    The 15 Habits of Highly Frugal Genealogists

    Features:- :- UPDATED FOR 2017!

    Researching your family history can be fun, but like many hobbies, it can turn into an obsession, and an expensive one at that. There are many ways to save money while you pursue the “hunt” for your roots: some are just common sense while others are, frankly, ingenious. Also keep in mind that it doesn’t pay to be so focused on “frugal” that in the long run you either lose money or that genealogy is no longer “fun.”

    The title of this book is misleading, and intentionally so. The fact is, you’ll find over 30 amazing ways to save money when purchasing genealogy-related products and services. You may already be using some of these tricks, but I guarantee that once you starting using some of the more unusual money-saving tips, you’ll say to yourself, “Now, why didn’t I think of that!”

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    Budget Bytes: Over 100 Easy, Delicious Recipes to Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half

    Features:- :- The debut cookbook from the Saveur blog award-winning Internet expert on making eating cheap dependably delicious
    As a college grad during the recent great recession, Beth Moncel found herself, like so many others, broke. Unwilling to sacrifice eating healthy and well—and armed with a degree in nutritional science—Beth began tracking her costs with obsessive precision, and soon cut her grocery bill in half. Eager to share her tips and recipes, she launched her blog, Budget Bytes. Soon the blog received millions of readers clamoring for more.
    Beth's eagerly awaited cookbook proves cutting back on cost does not mean cutting back on taste. Budget Bytes has more than 100 simple, healthy, and delicious recipes, including Greek Steak Tacos, Coconut Chicken Curry, Chorizo Sweet Potato Enchilada, and Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Mayonnaise, to name a few. It also contains expert principles for saving in the kitchen—including how to combine inexpensive ingredients with expensive to ensure that you can still have that steak you’re craving, and information to help anyone get acquainted with his or her kitchen and get maximum use out of the freezer. Whether you’re urban or rural, vegan or paleo, Budget Bytes is guaranteed to delight both the palate and the pocketbook.

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Becoming A coupon Warrior: Extreme couponing for Newbies a step by step guide to extreme savings (couponing for beginners,Top couponing books extreme couponing ) guide: Extreme Coupon

    Features:- :-

    A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Mastering  The Coupon Game

    Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Extreme Couponing Without Making Costly Mistakes.

    A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Getting Started with Coupons

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    Here is the ultimate list of all topics covered inside this book: 

    Couponing for some may be a way to save money for their family, for others it is used to stock pile goods for their family and to also give back to the community in donations of stockpile items and for others it may be an extreme sport with an adrenaline high. Whatever your reason may be for beginning in this new “hobby” you have come across an article, which provides loads of information! From the basics of getting started and where to begin, to becoming an avid extreme couponer.

    Definitions of commonly used abbreviations on coupon websites and blogs, will help the beginning couponer understand what all that jargon means. Complete with guides to shopping at specific stores and ways to organize your coupons.

    With a quick start guide to get you started and pointed in the right direction, by following the simple tips and tricks of the guide, you will be able to understand everything you need to know about getting started with coupons. Included are multiple links that lead you to awesome blogs that make your couponing experience even easier and links to websites for more printable coupons and some current rebate offers.

    There are detailed guide sheets for national drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens and a guide sheet for shopping at Publix grocery stores. These sheets break it down in an easy to read format and supply you the basic information for shopping at these particular stores. Couponing should be fun and rewarding, by using this guide filled with valuable information it will be just that!

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    Happy Couponing!!

    Building Wealth for the Rest of Us

    Features:- :-

    Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Discover simple habits to build wealth and gain financial independence.

    Struggling to pay off your debts? Worried you'll never save up enough money to retire? With over a decade of experience as the Chief Financial Officer for a multi-million-dollar company, David L. Wright has learned all the ins and outs of money. He's helped ordinary people amass millions, and now he's here to lead you on the path to financial success.

    Building Wealth for the Rest of Us is your crash course in fiscal literacy. While one in five Americans has no savings account, Wright knows exactly how you can overcome the odds. Through his easy-to-follow guidebook, you'll learn how to build passive wealth, spend mindfully, and save purposefully. The book teaches you how even small, simple practices can significantly brighten your financial future.

    In Building Wealth for the Rest of Us, you'll discover:

    • How to make the most of your savings and investments with automation
    • How to get and stay out of debt once and for all
    • How to live below your means without feeling deprived
    • How to avoid bad investing decisions most people make
    • How you can become a millionaire with just a few dollars a day and much, much more!

    Building Wealth for the Rest of Us is the book you've always needed to make the most of your money. If you like proven fiscal strategies, practical applications, and expert guidance, then you'll love David L. Wright's best practices for the everyday bank account.

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    Systemize, Automate, Delegate: How to Grow a Business While Traveling, on Vacation and Taking Time Off (Systemize Your Business Book 1)

    Features:- :-

    How To Grow Your Business While You Sleep, Travel and Go on Vacation

    Are You Holding Yourself Back From Growing Your Business by Working Too Hard on the Wrong Things?

    If you're not systemizing, automating and delegating your business, you'll never own your business - it will own you!

    In Systemize, Automate, Delegate, you will learn:

    Why Systems Failure is the Reason Your Business isn't Growing Faster

    If your business isn't growing as fast as you want it to and you're not living the lifestyle of your dreams, there's only one reason: you don't have the right systems working for you! Systems work with or without you - and the right systems could grow your business 10x or more without any extra work from you.

    Ultra-successful entrepreneurs know that systems do the hard work so that the people can do the important work. Your job as an entrepreneur is to build the right systems to grow the business and help your customers solve their problems.

    How To Save 10 Hours a Week by Automating Marketing and Management Tasks

    In this book, you'll learn 11 ways to automate your business processes so that you can grow your business effortlessly without spending a wasted minute doing mundane tasks that a machine or system can and should be doing for you.

    How To Effectively Delegate Tasks For $15 An Hour or Less

    If you don't have a personal assistant, why not? You can get a Virtual Assistant from India, the Philippines or elsewhere who speaks perfect English and has a Bachelor's or even a PhD for as little as $8 an hour. Only by delegating low priority tasks will you finally have the time to focus on the high priority tasks that will grow your business and your income.

    How To Build Your Team So They Can Grow Your Business Without You

    It's one thing to have an assistant saving you dozens of hours of work each week, but it's an entirely different game to build a high performance team that grows your business while you travel on vacation or take time off work.

    In this book, you'll learn my proven system for attracting the right team members and building a stable and lasting business that provides you with the lifestyle of your dreams (even if you don't have the budget yet to hire anyone).

    How to Create So Much Value That Customers Beg to Do Business With You

    At the end of the day, your business has to provide more value to more customers to attract more revenue. It's a simple formula.

    In Systemize, Automate, Delegate, you will discover dozens of proven strategies to give your customers so much value that they tell all their friends about you and would never even consider doing business with your competitors. This is what venture capitalists call competitive advantage, and creating it is the key to building a sustainable, profitable business that will withstand any economic storms that come your way.

    About The Author

    Tom Corson-Knowles is the international best-selling author of Destroy Your Distractions and The Kindle Publishing Bible, among others. Tom has founded several successful businesses including TCK Publishing, an independent publishing company specializing in digital publishing and guerrilla book marketing.

    Tom has taught thousands of entrepreneurs, authors, artists and freelancers like you to create the lifestyle business of their dreams.

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    Debt Destroyer: A Proven Plan to Get Out of Debt, Make Money Online & Achieve Financial Freedom

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    Discover How to Master Your Money, Get Out of Debt, and Drastically Increase Your Income...

    What if you could cut years off your debt repayment plan?

    What if you knew exactly what to do with your money and when to do it?

    What if you could turn your emotions around and get excited about your money?

    What if you could start making an extra $500 per week (or more)?

    That would all make life a lot more enjoyable, right?

    None of this is out of your reach. It's true, all of this is very possible.

    And you'll discover exactly how to do it in Debt Destroyer.

    It's a proven system for quickly paying off debt, making more money, and achieving financial freedom.

    Here's what you'll learn in Debt Destroyer:

    • How to escape the Guilt Trap and start feeling good about money again

    • 9 fool-proof steps to start paying down debt

    • How to figure out your best next step so you don't waste time and money

    • How to create a 5-minute spending plan to control your finances

    • The 6 psychological "levers" that will jumpstart your money momentum

    • The exact script and pre-meeting steps to take to get a raise at work

    • 23 options (that don't suck) for earning quick cash

    And much, much more...

    Plus, there are action steps in every section, so you can immediately implement all of the debt destroying tactics.

    In doing so, you'll rediscover what it's like to use money as a positive force for good...

    YOU'LL be the one who others look at with jealousy, as you effortlessly increase your income and leave debt behind in the dust.

    Your financial life will be abundant, your income will flourish, and you'll have more opportunities than you can imagine.

    If you have credit card debt, student loan debt, a mortgage, or any other form of owed money... as long as you want to get out of debt, this book was written for YOU!

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    Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Learn Coupon Strategies to Save $1000s at the Grocery Store

    Features:- :- What if you could save over 70% on your monthly grocery budget and build a stockpile of food at the same time? Don t be a skeptic! Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey will jumpstart your journey to saving $600 per month! If you re interested in the idea but overwhelmed by the logistics, you ll love our step-by-step approach that transforms even the most timid shopper from coupon-shy to coupon-savvy. Authors Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler share their expertise along with hundreds of tried and true coupon tips in a fun, user-friendly format that will have you high-fiving the grocery store cashier in no time.

    Bubbly on Your Budget: Live Luxuriously with What You Have

    Features:- :- Bubbly on Your Budget is an effervescent guide to living on a budget without sacrificing style. First published in 1937, these tips stand the test of time. Author Marjorie Hillis proves that it isn't how much we have, but how we act, that matters. With a charming can-do attitude she offers hundreds of creative solutions, including creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, dining out for brunch rather than dinner, and setting aside a budget for miscellaneous (this is where the bubbly fits in!) each month. Brimming with vintage line illustrations, this delightful book shows that being smart about money and living life to the fullest never goes out of style.

    The Minimalist Budget BOXED SET - A Practical Guide On How To Spend Less and Live More

    Features:- :-

    In this collection, we’ll be tackling the familiar challenges of personal finance management, but in an unfamiliar way...

    Included in this boxed set:

    BOOK 1: Rethinking Budgeting - How to Escape the Poverty Mindset and Create a Lifestyle That Works for You
    BOOK 2: The Minimalist Budget - A Practical Guide On How To Save Money, Spend Less And Live More With A Minimalist Lifestyle
    BOOK 3: Dollars & No Sense - Why Are You Spending Your Money Like An Idiot?



    In this boxed set, we’ll be tackling the familiar challenges of personal finance management, but in an unfamiliar way.

    If your main money problem is simply “I don’t have enough of it!”, you may be surprised at the approach these books will take. Here, you will NOT find the same old tips and tricks on how to save money by re-using teabags or buying rice in bulk. Instead, we’ll get to the very heart of what money actually means, how we spend it and why, and what you can do to start using what you have right now to create a lifestyle that has meaning for you.

    "Budget" - it's a meager little word, one that all too often comes after “tight”. Maybe you think of this word as an adjective, something to describe a cheap and substandard car or hotel. “Budget” brings to mind rationing… a kind of money diet. If you're like many people, budgeting is something you do with a kind of deflated spirit. Budgeting means bargain bin quality and the sad sense that what you want is going to be just out of reach.

    With these books, we'll try to go a little deeper. We’ll consider the root causes of careless spending, as well as the three biggest but largely invisible money myths we all believe in to some extent. We’ll then consider ways to start creating a budget that works for you and your goals, rather than against it.

    So much budget and personal finance advice out there is about solving problems using the same thinking that created them. These books will try a different approach to budgeting altogether. And it starts with a fact that many personal finance guides out there avoid like the plague.

    My hope with these books is that they'll give you a starting point to begin to reconsider your relationship to money and, by extension, your relationship to yourself and the world you live in. My hope is that you'll find something that inspires you to think differently and make different choices, ones that will leave you feeling more in control and more fulfilled than ever before.

    We each only have one life – here’s to spending it wisely!


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    I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.

    Features:- :- Do you have plans, hopes and dreams but your money is standing in the way of achieving them? Are you ready to break free and finally win with your money? In this book, Joseph Sangl shares his family’s journey from being broke, with an average bank account balance of $4.13, to living a fully funded life! As Joe shares his story, he teaches practical tools that he used to take control of his finances and win with money. Joe teaches the reader how to develop a plan for one’s life, prepare a budget that actually works, calculate a debt freedom date, calculate the amount of money needed for retirement, capture the power of compound interest, investing and insurance! Joe explains all of this using the IWBNIN Ladder, which breaks down the exact steps needed and in what order the steps should be taken. This book will inspire and motivate you to take control of your own finances. You can do this!

    How to Get Out of Debt (a step-by-step, quick & easy guide)

    Features:- :- **** ATTENTION: This ebook is the last chapter of my bestselling book, The One Week Budget (#1 Amazon / budgeting). If you already have The One Week Budget, then you don't need to purchase the book as well.****

    Do you want to get out of debt? Have no idea how to start?

    Learn how to:

    *Understand your credit score

    *Find unexpected money

    *Get out of debt automatically and faster than you thought possible!

    I learned the hard way.... Because of one BAD investment, I went from being debt free to having over $30,000 in credit card debt, in less than a week. Unsure of what to do, so I did nothing (does this sound like you?).

    For a year I moped around, dragging my debt with me. Then one day I broke free and began using an automatic system that took minutes to set up, and helped me pay off my (BAD investment) debt in less than 2 years!

    You can too! This ebook tells you everything you need to know. The following is a section from the Table of Contents

    -My Story: How I got myself into debt.

    -What’s in a Credit Score: The 5 components of your credit score

    -Back to My Story: More of my messy debt story

    -The Get Out of Debt Plan: The step-by-step guide that I used to get rid of my BAD investment debt

    -The Budgetnista’s Unexpected Money System: How to have more money, without making more money

    -Debt Pay-Down Action Steps: A re-cap of the steps in the ebook

    How to Make Your First Million

    Have you ever wondered how wealthy people actually made their first million? Here is a book that shows how various people have made their money in their own unique way, thus allowing you to find a method that works for you so that you, too, can make your first million and gain financial freedom. We would all like to reach a stage where we are able to live off the income from our savings and investments. Sadly, only 5 out of every 100 people reach that stage. This highly accessible book is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to make their first million in savings. The book provides real examples of ordinary people who have reached their financial goals and explains how you can do the same. It also provides practical ways of setting goals and keeping yourself motivated to achieve them, especially in tough times. How to Make Your First Million provides people from all walks of life with practical information on how to achieve financial freedom in a range of different ways and shows that it is possible for everyone to be financially free.

    Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security at Every Stage of Life

    Features:- :- A troubled economy calls for answers. Forget complicated, abstract philosophy—people need sound financial advice that's easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. For the first time, a leading financial adviser has developed a remarkable set of guidelines to give individuals the same kind of objective insight into their personal finances that successful businesses have. Your Money Ratios will help readers effectively manage debt, invest prudently, and develop a realistic and effective savings plan to ensure both financial success and security. Readers need only plug their income and age into Farrell's ratios in order to get an instant picture of their savings status and overall financial health, as well as a roadmap for the important choices they must make in the future. Here’s what you will find in this book:

    IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 20s OR 30s: Your Money Ratios will tell you how to get started and what you need to do over the next 35 years to stay on track. If you are lucky enough to read this book when you are young, you will have a clear vision for where you need to go throughout your working career. By setting yourself on the right path, you won’t have to work so hard later in life to meet your goals.

    IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 40s: You can benchmark your own financial circumstances against the ratios and see how you are doing with respect to your savings, debt, investments and insurance. You have plenty of time to make adjustments if necessary and plot out your path to retirement.

    IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 50s: The formula will provide you with a realistic assessment of your ability to retire. It will help you make the important decisions about how to allocate your financial resources over the next 10 to 15 years, and how to put on the final push for retirement.

    The Housewife's Guide to Frugal Food: How to Eat for $10.00 per Week

    Features:- :- Have you struggled to lower your grocery bill? Learn how you can feed your family on $10.00 per person, per week. The Guide to Frugal Food is a three-part handbook that tells how to get the most out of shopping, cooking, and menu planning to live on a shoestring grocery budget.

    Discover for yourself hundreds of different ways to save, within a proven framework of using a price list and pantry to permanently lower food spending. Bethany shares all of her secrets:

    -How to get the most out of a gallon of milk

    -Finding and preserving free produce

    -The secret to getting free meat

    -Healthy eating on a budget

    -And much, much more!

    Almost All ALDI: Shopping and Meal Planning Around Sales and Seasons

    Features:- :- Are you tired?

    ... Tired of spending your precious time and energy clipping coupons for foods you may not even want or use?

    ... Tired of struggling to feed your family nutritious homemade meals without falling back on packaged shortcuts?

    ... Tired of throwing away your hard-earned money on carryout and convenience foods at the end of a long day?

    Luckily, there's a better way! You may know ALDI as a discount grocery store -- but did you know that they now offer organic, natural, gluten free, and specialty items? Did you know that they've revamped their stores, expanded their produce sections, and removed artificial colors, flavors, and hydrogenated oils from their products? Did you know that you can save even more by shopping the sales and seasons at ALDI than you can by shopping their everyday low prices?

    Rachel Singer Gordon, blogger at Mashup Mom and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Couponing and Point, Click, and Save, is a semi-reformed couponer and frugal living expert who will help guide you through the ins and outs of shopping and meal planning around sales and seasons at America's favorite discount grocer.

    Learn how to save time & money by shopping ALDI for most of your everyday grocery needs, and learn how to plan a week's worth of dinners at a time around sales so that you can more easily feed your family healthier home-cooked meals. Slash your spending and save your sanity -- the ALDI way.

    ** Includes almost forty easy dinner recipes to help jump start your ALDI meal-planning efforts! **

    Debtless: Helping Students Take On Less Debt

    Features:- :- Josiah had a dream of going to college and had an idea of what he wanted for a dream job! But he didn’t know if college was an option in his life when he was in high school. Money and finances were a major concern.

    THE PROBLEM--- many college students have no idea how much they have taken out in student loans. The majority aren’t educated about their loans and the alternatives to debt. Debt is ruining the lives of young people!

    Can you go to school without student loans? Yes!

    How? Josiah did just this for his undergraduate and graduate degrees!

    The Debtless team has surveyed 850 current college students, we have found that this is a conversation that students, parents, high school and college educators are having every day! We have collected research, stories, principles and came up with 10 practical tips for how to take on less debt and become completely debtless.

    “Financial literacy with a heart and a conscience! Josiah Kennealy’s text Debtless is a gift and a guide for our young scholars. To emerge from the college academic journey with the ability to focus on professional passions of the heart without excessive debt will set you free. Debtless is a warm and practical springboard to the reader’s future!”
    —Dr. Randall Peterson, Principal, Eastview High School

    “Debtless is a short book that will help parents and students as they assess how to have a college education without being saddled by debt. Josiah Kennealy illustrates from his own experience how to go through college debt free. Each chapter has practical questions that parents and students can work through as they financially plan for a college or university education.”
    —Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

    "This outstanding book by Josiah Kennealy is about fiscal destiny. Reckless student indebtedness is killing a generation before it even has a chance to start. Finally, we have in Josiah Kennealy, a 'prophet to his peers' who gives all of us, both young and old, a new vision and story for how to pay for college. His newest book, Debtless, delivers big time.”
    —Dr. Scott Hagan, President, North Central University

    “Dreams are fueled by reality. Reality is that money can be a weight, as in value, or a weight, as in burden. Josiah helps you do the heavy lifting so your dreams have weight and value as you navigate what can be a burden.”
    —Eric Samuel Timm, Author of Static Jedi, Artist with Painting Hope, Orator, Visionary

    “Scholastic debt is one of the greatest challenges facing this generation of students. Debtless will equip students of all ages and backgrounds to make wise decisions that will profoundly impact their future."
    —Mark Dean, District Youth Director, Minnesota District Council of the Assemblies of God

    Master Your Money: A Step-by-Step Plan for Experiencing Financial Contentment

    Features:- :-

    A step-by-step guide to financial freedom

    Do you know if you have enough? Do you know how much is enough? If you can't answer these questions, Master Your Money is for you.

    In this book, Ron Blue extracts principles from God's Word and applies them to your financial portfolio.

    Learn how to:

    • Avoid the most common financial mistakes
    • Apply biblical principles for money management
    • Save, invest, and give wisely
    • Create a long-term financial plan that works
    • Plan for your taxes and estate needs
    • Get out of debt

    Ron’s professional experience in financial planning will ease your anxieties over money and be an asset to you and your family for generations to come. Learn the tools and techniques you need to move forward toward true financial freedom.

    This new edition includes important updates and new content, making it timely and relevant.

    Stop Paying Your Credit Cards: Obtain Credit Card Debt Forgiveness Volume 1

    Features:- :- This book IS about negotiating forgiveness for your credit card debt by writing your creditor one simple negotiation letter and what to do if the creditor refuses to negotiate. If you owe money on your credit cards and cannot make payments anymore because of financial difficulty, this book is for you.
    I owed over $100,000 in credit card debt and the debt was hurting my life. I had trouble sleeping at night thinking how long my ever-increasing debt would continue to gnaw at me. Even if I could afford to make the minimum payments and do not borrow anymore, with interest of 25% APR, I will still owe a lot of money after many years of making only minimum payments. The interest alone would total close to $100,000. It took a year of trial and error, hours on the phone and writing meaningless letters most of which I copied from the internet before I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. None of the free advice and letters in the internet worked because the truth is I was not insolvent. I did not qualify for bankruptcy protection. I could have paid my credit card debt by liquidating my assets, selling my house, but that would have been devastating for my family. I kept on thinking of a way for my creditors to reduce my debt. I finally came up with The Letter that uniformly worked in negotiating down my debt. After mailing The Letter to my creditors, I received a reply from one of them offering to accept 50% of what I owed as full payment of my debt. I countered with 5%. We finally agreed on 10% of the original amount as full and final settlement of my balance. Considering I had not paid them for a year, I accumulated a little cash, so I was happy to grab the offer and pay the 10%. I had five credit cards with large balances and The Letter worked satisfactorily on four of the accounts. I settled the 4 accounts for between 5% and 15%. The last hold-out, surprisingly the account with the smallest balance at $13,000 chose to take me to arbitration. This negotiation-resistant creditor perceived that they might collect more money from me that way but they were wrong. I was surprised that not one of the 4 creditors even referred to the contents of The Letter or attempted to verify what I had written in the letter. The Letter aims to convey this message: "Take my final settlement offer or sue me. But if you sue me, you will lose".
    Ken Clark, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Out of Debt: "So many people are trying to get their balances reduced, you call and try to negotiate a balance, and it's 'Get in line.'" The card company's attitude may be, "Yeah, you and everybody else"".
    DidoSphere’s Comment – That’s because you called to negotiate instead of sending them The Letter shown at the end of this chapter. Trust me there aren’t that many accounts in default as a percentage of the whole or our banking system would collapse. If you write The Letter shown at the end of this chapter, the creditor will put you at the front of the line.
    Brian Tawney, Director of Clear One Advantage: "Based on experience negotiating with creditors, debt settlement companies know what percentage of debt owed each creditor is likely to agree to. We use an algorithm that considers 140 different variables and tells us the accounts that have the highest opportunity to settle at any given time. We negotiate in bulk. We can negotiate thousands of cases and get a better settlement for everyone". Translation: Debt Settlement Agencies take only the easy cases that's why they "negotiate in bulk". If they have to spend more time on your case because you have wages a creditor can garnish and assets they can put a lien on, they will not take your case. I like the DidoSphere system better. You write The Letter shown at the end of this chapter which begs creditors to forgive 85% to 95% of your debt. The creditors can take it or leave it. If they take it, you win. If they leave it, they lose. Author's website:

    Debt-Free: Simple Steps to a Debt-Free Life Without the Hype

    Features:- :- Debt-Free:Simple Steps to a Debt-Free Life Without the Hype is the book that should be in everyone personal library. Debt plays a big roll in your life. The unfortunate part is most people do not know how to control debt and worst off is they get so far behind with no help in mind. This book will show you how to:
    -Stop Borrowing Money
    -Establish an Emergency Fund
    -Organize Your Debt
    -Negotiate Your Debt

    Dont lose any more sleepless nights due to having too much debt.

    Financial Recovery

    Features:- :- After healing her own unhealthy relationship with money, and transforming her financial disaster into prosperity and security, Karen McCall created a recovery program she has now used for more than twenty years to help individuals, couples, and businesses large and small. In the midst of her money troubles, she saw a need for something other than financial planners, accountants, and credit counselors. These experts could tell her what she should be doing differently, but she needed someone to help her understand the underlying causes of chronic, self-defeating overspending and credit card debt, underearning, and low or no savings. To save herself, she created practical, holistic tools that address these sources of pain and shame. McCall’s program supports people as they uncover their deep-seated attitudes about money; provides simple, step-by-step tools for healing areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual deprivation; and teaches skills and strategies for experiencing lasting personal and financial fulfillment even in the midst of economic challenges and reversals.

    101 Free Money Making Apps: Earn Money While on the Go From Your Smartphone

    Features:- :- This list of 101 money making apps will explain in detail 101 different ways to make money from your phone. These money making apps pay you for completing the following: watching videos, taking surveys, completing short tasks, investing, working out, shopping online, mystery shopping and unlocking your phone. This is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side without having to use a large amount of effort. The best part is that some of these apps are completely passive, meaning you can earn a passive income without needing to do anything else other than installing the app and cashing out. As a bonus, we've also included 5 money making websites in addition to the 101 money making apps.

    You're Broke Because You Want to Be: How to Stop Getting By and Start Getting Ahead

    Features:- :- Now in paperback: The New York Times bestselling author and star of A&E?s reality series Big Spender, Larry Winget, cleans up America?s personal finance crisis

    More than 40 percent of families today are feeling financial pressure: spending more than they earn, and worrying about retiring and being dependent on the government, family, or charity. Larry Winget knows. He grew up poor, then made and lost a fortune when a business in which he?d invested went bankrupt. But he worked his way back from rock bottom to become a multimillionaire.

    In You?re Broke Because You Want to Be, Winget expands on the ideas that have made his popular television show Big Spender a hit and offers straightforward talk about coming to grips with your finances, such as:

    · Feel bad. Have remorse. You need to feel deep emotion to take action. So start crying and take responsibility.
    · Figure out who you owe and how much you owe. It?ll be a scary number to face, but you need to know where you are and what you have.
    · ?People are stupid, lazy, or they don?t give a damn.? You already know you need to do something; Larry will help you finally do something.
    · Are you more interested in looking cool and being cute or providing a financially secure future for your family? How you spend your money will tell you that. With a boot-camp regimen that is steeped in personal accountability, Winget cuts through the double-talk contained in most finance books and presents a simple, guided program that is sure to motivate anyone out of their money problems.

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Easy Breezy Prosperity: The Five Foundations for a More Joyful, Abundant Life

    Features:- :-

    Easy Breezy Prosperity is a holistic guide to discover and nurture prosperity and align your life with your spiritual core. Author Emmanuel Dagher redefines what real prosperity means and offers you tactics to expand and enrich yourself well beyond financial goals. By examining how and why we treat money the way we do, Dagher shows you how to realize the success you have already created and cultivate the clarity needed to attract more of it in your daily life. Each chapter is designed to empower you, leaving you feeling optimistic not only about their working lives and finances, but also your entire life's path.

    Dagher shares his own story and those of his clients and fans who have turned their lives around using his meditations, rituals, and exercises. He also includes an 28-day plan with simple yet effective daily practices you can use, such as:

    • Expressing gratitude each morning for all that you have
    • Cultivating a healthy relationship with money through "money healing" practices
    • Seeking out opportunities to be of service through your time, energy, gifts, or abilities
    • De-cluttering your space and mind to allow positivity to enter

    Easy Breezy Prosperity is a powerfully motivating plan to take action, strengthen self-confidence, and enjoy a more joyful and abundant life.

    On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance

    Features:- :-

    Take control of your financial future!

    "On My Own Two Feet is a must read for everyone. This book actually makes personal finance interesting. You will read it cover to cover. Go get a copy, and get copies for the people you care about. Taking care of your money is important, and the earlier you start, the better." --Tim Westergren, Founder, Pandora

    Whether you've been living paycheck to paycheck or are saving for a down payment on your first home, this updated edition of the bestselling On My Own Two Feet will help you grasp the basic principles of money management. Written by Harvard Business School graduates and leading investment experts Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar, this finance guide provides you with all the information you need to know to keep your everyday spending in check, save for big-ticket items or emergencies, and create a secure retirement plan. Thakor and Kedar's time-tested strategies have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and are now adapted for your specific needs, such as paying off your student loans or budgeting for your future wedding, so that you'll never be short-changed by credit card companies or banks again.

    With the valuable advice and concepts highlighted by On My Own Two Feet, you will achieve your life goals--and finally free yourself from financial stress.

    America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams

    Features:- :- Do you have too much month at the end of your money? Is your credit card screaming for relief? Are you tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul . . . whoever they are?

    Meet Steve and Annette Economides. They’ve been called cheapskates, thriftaholics, and tightwads, but in these tough economic times, Steve and Annette have managed to feed their family of seven on just $350 per month, pay off their first house in nine years and purchase a second, larger home, buy cars with cash, take wonderful vacations, and put money in savings. Without degrees in finance or six-figure salaries, Steve and Annette have created a comfortable, debt-free life for themselves and their children. In America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money, they show you how they did it- and how you can do it too.

    Steve and Annette share many down-to-earth principles and the simple spending plan that they have used since 1982. They have taught this economizing lifestyle to thousands of people worldwide through seminars and their newsletter, and they include lots of real-life stories to make you feel as if you’re having your own private coaching session. Not only will you find solutions to your financial dilemmas, you’ll also discover a whole new way of life.

    You don’t need to be a CPA or a math wizard to learn their revolutionary system, which will teach you:

    - hundreds of ways to save money on everyday household expenses, including groceries, clothing, and health care
    - how to save in advance for major purchases such as homes, cars, and vacations
    - how to stop living paycheck to paycheck
    - how to eliminate debt . . . forever!

    America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money puts meeting your financial goals- and living well at the same time- in reach for every family.

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Fixing the Money Thing

    Features:- :-

    Your days of feeling enslaved, discouraged, and overwhelmed by your financial problems are over!

    From struggling financially all the way up to building a successful worldwide ministry and enjoying financial freedom, author Gary Keesee shares his journey and his proven successful principles so you can control your finances.


    You will learn the spiritual laws of God’s Kingdom and exactly how to apply each principle discussed. Also clearly and expertly explained is how to:

    • Find lost money.

    • Put a plan in place to be out of debt in less than 7 years (including your mortgage!).

    • Save in every area of life.

    • See that the financial laws of the Kingdom can intersect with the natural realm to bring you freedom from worry and fear.


    From pitfalls to avoid to proactive steps to take, the path to financial freedom is clearly illuminated.


    Fixing the Money Thing is not a book of boring numbers and budgets—it is an inspirational book that will change your life in many positive and lucrative ways.

    Social Security For Dummies

    Features:- :-

    • Make sure you get the benefits you've earned
    • Navigate your way around the complex system with ease
    • Incorporate Social Security into your financial plan

    Your Social Security safety net

    Social Security exists to give us peace of mind, yet most of us spend sleepless nights anxious about our finances as we move on to the next phase of life. Luckily, this easy-to-access guide takes the worry out of navigating the complex Social Security system, offering the sound, trusted guidance you need to ensure you're getting the most out of your benefits. In no time, it gives you a clear understanding of when and how to apply so you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are getting the benefits you've earned.


    • Get advice on when to start collecting
    • Protect your dependents
    • File for benefits
    • Manage the appeals process
    • Get the paperwork right
    • Help a loved one apply
    • Decipher disability benefits
    • Find out how Social Security and Medicare work together

    Bachelor Pad Economics

    Features:- :- “Bachelor Pad Economics” is THE financial advice bible for men…and any women who are bold enough to read it! Whether you’re 14 and just trying to figure out life, or 70 and starting to think about estate planning, “Bachelor Pad Economics” addresses every major (and minor) economic and financial issue the average man will face in his ENTIRE life. From dating, to what to major in, to purchasing a home, to starting a business, to children and “wife training,” “Bachelor Pad Economics” is the wisdom you wish the father-you-never-had gave you. Written FOR GUYS it is candid, blunt, honest and everything else Oprah isn’t, and will give you the road map you need to provide direction and purpose in your life.

    Guaranteed to prove more useful than a college degree, "Bachelor Pad Economics" is WELL worth the money to buy and the time to read.

    How to Boost Your Credit Score 100+ Points in 30 Days Without Credit Repair!

    Features:- :- Did you know that you could have credit scores in the low 600's even if you never missed a bill payment in your life? That's because your payment history is only 35% of your credit score. "How to Boost You Credit score 100+ Points Without Credit Repair" will show credit industry secrets for maximizing the other 65%. The best part is you will see real results in just 30 days.

    The Book on Making Money

    Features:- :- "I walked into my boss’s office to ask for a $150,000 raise..."

    After skipping college, Steve Oliverez worked a series of low-paying jobs before setting a remarkable goal for himself - to double his income every year. In The Book on Making Money, he reveals what he learned while successfully hitting this goal for seven years in a row, growing his annual income to more than $1 million. Walking readers through the steps he took to reach his goal, Oliverez shows how they can apply the same techniques to greatly increase their own income, whether they work for someone else or run their own business.

    Oliverez spells out his disagreements with the traditional wisdom that tells young adults to go to school, get good grades and find a safe, steady job - advice that has left many Americans with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans, credit card debt or mortgages on homes they can't afford. He also assaults the idea of saving one’s way to wealth as absurd and counterproductive, using his own experience of trying to save money while poor as an example. Instead of promoting an austere lifestyle of clipping coupons and spending as little as possible, he shows how those habits can actually prevent people from becoming wealthy.

    Perhaps your goal is to create passive income, launch a startup or make money investing in the stock market. Maybe you're still an employee and you want to learn how to write a better resume, ask for a raise, and budget so you can get out of debt. This straight-forward guide will teach you how money works and give you the tools to achieve financial freedom.

    Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Terms

    Features:- :- Forget searching for the right job—start building a life in which you don’t need a job. A job-free life is possible, and you have options about how to achieve it. This book provides real-world examples of people who have successfully quit the rat race using four different strategies: extreme saving, unjobbing, lifestyle businesses, and startups. Whether you want to achieve financial independence and retire early, or simply never work for anyone else again, this book provides an essential guide to the different lifestyle-design strategies open to you. An inspiring and concise introduction to job freedom and financial independence, by someone who has achieved both.

    The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money

    Features:- :-

    In the spirit of Wendy Mogel’s The Blessing of a Skinned Knee and Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman’s Nurture Shock, New York Times “Your Money” columnist Ron Lieber delivers a taboo-shattering manifesto that explains how talking openly to children about money can help parents raise modest, patient, grounded young adults who are financially wise beyond their years.

    For Ron Lieber, a personal finance columnist and father, good parenting means talking about money with our kids. Children are hyper-aware of money, and they have scores of questions about its nuances. But when parents shy away from the topic, they lose a tremendous opportunity—not just to model the basic financial behaviors that are increasingly important for young adults but also to imprint lessons about what the family truly values.

    Written in a warm, accessible voice, grounded in real-world experience and stories from families with a range of incomes, The Opposite of Spoiled is both a practical guidebook and a values-based philosophy. The foundation of the book is a detailed blueprint for the best ways to handle the basics: the tooth fairy, allowance, chores, charity, saving, birthdays, holidays, cell phones, checking accounts, clothing, cars, part-time jobs, and college tuition. It identifies a set of traits and virtues that embody the opposite of spoiled, and shares how to embrace the topic of money to help parents raise kids who are more generous and less materialistic.

    But The Opposite of Spoiled is also a promise to our kids that we will make them better with money than we are. It is for all of the parents who know that honest conversations about money with their curious children can help them become more patient and prudent, but who don’t know how and when to start.

    The Power of Zero: How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket and Transform Your Retirement

    Features:- :- There’s a massive freight train bearing down on the average American investor, and it’s coming in the form of higher taxes. The United States Government has made trillions of dollars in promises for programs like Social Security and Medicare it simply can’t afford to keep. The only way to deliver on these promises is to raise taxes. It’s simple math. Some experts have even suggested that tax rates have to double just to keep our country solvent. Unfortunately, if you’re like most Americans, you’ve saved the majority of your retirement assets in tax-deferred vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs. If tax rates go up, how much of your hard-earned money will you really get to keep?

    In David McKnight’s ground breaking book The Power of Zero, he provides you with a step by step roadmap on how to get to the 0% tax bracket, effectively eliminating tax rate risk from your retirement picture. Why is the 0% tax bracket so powerful? Because if tax rates double, two times zero is still zero!

    The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Are you ready to do what it takes to experience the power of zero?

    Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently

    Features:- :-

    The world's most respected leadership expert gives five principles and five practices for breaking the invisible barrier to leadership and personal success.

    Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money

    Features:- :-

    Many of our global economic problems started in 1971...when President Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. Throughout history, when a government went off the gold standard, an age of turbulence began.

    In 1997, Robert's book Rich Dad Poor Dad stunned readers stating, "Your house is not an asset." As howls of protest went up around the world, the book went on to become an international bestseller and the #1 personal finance book of all time.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad is not a book on real estate. It is a book about the importance of financial education. Rich Dad Poor Dad was written to prepare you and your loved ones for the financial turbulence Robert's rich dad saw coming.

    In 2007, as homes declined in value or were lost to foreclosure, millions of homeowners painfully discovered the wisdom of words of Robert's rich dad. Today we are all aware that a home can be a liability. Today we know a home can go up or down in value. Today, we all know a person can lose money investing in the stock market. Today we all know our money can go down in value and that even savers can be losers.

    This is why financial intelligence is more important today than ever before. In a world of financial turbulence, your best asset is financial IQ.

    Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More

    Features:- :- Praise For Zero Limits

    "This riveting book can awaken humanity. It reveals the simple power of four phrases to transform your life. It's all based in love by an author spreading love. You should get ten copies of it----one for you and nine to give away. It's that good."
    ---- Debbie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

    "I love this book! I feel it will be the definitive personal-change/self-help book for at least a generation and viewed as a watershed event by historians. There is real potential for this book to start a movement that will end war, poverty, and the environmental devastation of our beloved planet."
    ---- Marc Gitterle, MD,

    "This book is like a stick of dynamite, and the moment you start reading, the fuse is lit.

    It blows away all the complex and confusing success paradigms of the past and reveals a refreshing and clear path to transform your life with just one simple step. As you explore Zero Limits with Vitale, be prepared for a journey that is both challenging and inspiring beyond anything you've imagined."
    ---- Craig Perrine,

    "There are more than 6 billion different manifestations of human existence on the planet?and only one of us here. In Zero Limits, Vitale has captured the truth that all great spiritual, scientific, and psychological principles teach at the most fundamental level. Boil it all down to the basics and the keys are quite simple---- the answer to all life's challenges is profound love and gratitude. Read this book; it's a reminder of the truth and ability you already possess."
    ---- James Arthur Ray, philosopher and bestselling author of Practical Spirituality and The Science of Success

    "Wow! This is the best and most important book Vitale has ever written!"
    ---- Cindy Cashman,

    "I couldn't put it down. This book elegantly sketches what I've learned and learned about in twenty-one years of personal study, and then it takes it to the next level. If you're looking for true peace along with 'the good stuff,' then this book is for you."
    ---- David Garfinkel, author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

    "Zero Limits is Vitale's adventure into the most mind-altering reading experience of your life."
    ---- Joseph Sugarman, President, BluBlocker Sunglasses, Inc.

    Becoming Your Own Banker

    Features:- :- Becoming Your Own Banker – The Infinite Banking Concept describes the power of dividend-paying whole life insurance. It is education that the life insurance industry should have taught during the last 200 years. Unfortunately, the industry has concentrated on the death benefit qualities of the contract and has neglected to adequately describe the financing capabilities that it presents for the policy owners. This book demonstrates that your need for finance, during your lifetime, is much greater than your need for protection. Solve for this need through this instrument and you will end up with more life insurance than the companies will issue on you.

    The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, & Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams

    Features:- :-

    In this book you’ll learn how to use No-Spend Challenges to reach your financial goals faster and transform your spending habits to finally be able to stick to a budget.

    Budgeting and money management are some of the hardest concepts for people to nail down. You can have all the knowledge available and suck at executing it.

    Jen Smith, creator of the debt freedom blog went from not being able to stick to a budget longer than two weeks to paying off $78,000 of debt in less than two years. She shares her experiences and strategies using No-Spend Challenges to change her money mindset and budget like a (mostly) pro.

    In The No-Spend Challenge Guide you’ll discover:
    - Why budgeting alone isn’t working
    - The psychology behind your impulsive spending
    - How to pay off debt fast while still having fun
    - Ways to do for free what you’ve probably been wasting money on
    - Ways to save money on your financial obligations
    - How to make the most of your time without spending money
    - Discover what you value

    You’ll also get a free resource guide with every recommendation in the book in one place.

    Whether you’re paying off student loan debt, saving for your first home, or just trying to control your spending; This is a personal finance book you’ll return to again and again. Scroll up and Buy Now to start mastering your budget!

    Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

    Features:- :-

    A practical approach to creating wealth-based on the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom-made accessible to people of all backgrounds

    The ups and downs of the economy prove Rabbi Daniel Lapin's famous principle that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon the things that never change. There's no better source for both practical and spiritual financial wisdom than the time-tested knowledge found in the ancient Jewish faith and its culture. In the Second Edition of Thou Shall Prosper, Lapin offers a practical approach to creating wealth based on the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom. This book details the ten permanent principles that never change, the ten commandments of making money if you will, and explores the economic and philosophic vision of business that has been part of Jewish culture for centuries. The book's focus is on making accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, the timeless truths that Jews have used for centuries to excel in business.

    • Outlines ten fundamental "commandments" relating to business and money
    • Includes insights that will increase your potential for creating wealth, no matter what your faith or background may be
    • Blends contemporary business stories and Lapin's own business experiences with the wisdom of the Torah and Talmudic prescriptions

    This Second Edition provides new examples, especially of Internet related business opportunities. In addition, each chapter highlights specific action steps that can lead to wealth opportunities in both difficult economic times and periods of prosperity.

    Personal Finance For Dummies

    Features:- :- Understand personal finance and put your money to work!

    Is your money working to increase your wealth? If not, it's time to take stock of your financial situation. Personal Finance For Dummies, 8th Edition offers time-tested financial tips and advice on how to continue to grow your financial assets in light of the changing market and economic conditions. A new breed of fiscal consciousness has arisen—and it's high time for you to join the movement by taking control over your financial life. This relevant text guides you through major financial subject areas, such as budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, making timely investment choices, and planning for the future. By looking at all aspects of your financial wellbeing, you can pinpoint the areas in which you need to change your strategy, and can identify how you can use the assets you have to continue to grow and protect your wealth.

    Personal finance is an important topic, as your financial wellbeing has an integral impact on so many aspects of your life. Taking the pulse of your finances every now and then is critical to ensuring that you're on the right track—and to identifying the areas in which you can improve your financial strategies.

    • Explore time-tested financial tips and advice that help improve your financial wellbeing
    • Consider how different aspects of your financial life work with and against one another, and how to bring them into alignment to enhance your overall financial situation
    • Discover updated recommendations and strategies that account for changing market and economic conditions
    • Look at your financial situation from a new perspective, and understand what you can do to improve it

    Personal Finance For Dummies, 8th Edition shows you how to take stock of your financial situation and put your money to work.

    How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won't Get from Your Financial Advisor

    Features:- :- "How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free" is not only a book about retirement — it's an inspirational guide on how to enjoy life to its fullest.

    What sets this international bestseller — over 250,000 copies sold — apart from all the other retirement books is its holistic approach to the fears, hopes, and dreams that people have about retirement. This one-of-a-kind guide goes way beyond the numbers that is often the main focus of most retirement planning books.

    The key to creating an active and fulfilling retirement involves a great deal more than having adequate financial resources; it also encompasses all other aspects of life - interesting leisure activities, creative pursuits, physical well-being, mental well-being, great friends, and solid social support.

    International bestselling author and prosperity life coach Ernie J. Zelinski guides you to:

    * Gain courage to take early retirement — in fact, the earlier the better.
    * Put money in proper perspective so that you don't need a million dollars to retire.
    * Generate purpose in your retirement life with meaningful creative pursuits.
    * Follow your dreams instead of someone else's.
    * Utilize his innovative "The Get-a-Life Tree" for choosing retirement activities that resonate with your soul.
    * Create your own "Ultimate Life Adventure List" to help you have an exciting retirement.
    * Take charge of your mental, physical, and spiritual health.
    * Better envision your retirement goals — including where you want to live.
    * Above all, make your retirement years the best time of your life.

    In short, the retirement wisdom in this book will prove to be much more important than how much money you have saved. "How to Retire Happy Wild, and Free" helps readers create an active, satisfying, and happy retirement in a way such that they don't need a million dollars to retire.

    As a bonus, this ebook edition has a bit more content than the print edition, a few more images, some new inspirational quotations about retirement, several interesting letters from readers of the print edition, as well as links to the retirement resources mentioned in the book.

    "How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free" is optimistic, practical, humorous, and provocative AND comprehensively addresses the many issues impacting individuals as they think about their retirement.”
    — Nancy Conroy, Association of Retirement Planners

    How Much Can I Spend in Retirement?: A Guide to Investment-Based Retirement Income Strategies

    Features:- :- How much can you spend in retirement? Naturally, this is an essential question for those approaching this important life transition. Essentially, if you wish to retire one day, you are increasingly responsible for figuring out how to save during your working years and convert your savings into sustainable income for an ever-lengthening number of retirement years. The nature of risk also changes in retirement, as the lifestyle of retirees become more vulnerable to the impacts of market volatility, unknown longevity, and spending shocks. Retirees have one opportunity to build a successful plan. It is not an easy task, but it is manageable.
    This book focuses on sustainable spending from investments, which is an important piece of any retirement plan. People want to know if they have saved enough to be able to fund their lifestyle in retirement. In this book, I explain the findings of a large body of financial planning research regarding sustainable spending from investment portfolios in the face of a variety of retirement risks.
    That body of research tends to begin with the 4 percent rule of thumb for retirement spending. I explain how and why it was developed, what it means, and when it may or may not be appropriate for retirees. William Bengen’s 1994 study gave us the concept of the SAFEMAX, which is the highest sustainable spending rate from the worst-case scenario observed in the US historical data. The Trinity study added portfolio success rates from the historical data for different spending strategies. Both studies suggest that for a thirty-year retirement period, a 4 percent inflation-adjusted withdrawal rate using a 50–75 percent stock allocation should be reasonably safe.
    I have reservations about the 4 percent rule. It may be too aggressive for current retirees for reasons including increasing longevity, historically low interest rates coupled with higher than average stock market valuations, the impact of the international experience with the 4 percent rule casting a different light than 20th century US historical data, the need to maintain a rather aggressive asset allocation to have the best shot at success, and because the 4 percent rule assumes that investors do not pay any fees or otherwise underperform the underlying market indices.
    However, other factors suggest that sustainable spending may be even higher than traditional studies imply. Reasons for this include that actual retirees may tend to reduce their spending with age, that they build more diversified portfolios than used in the basic research studies, that real-world retirees may be willing to adjust spending for realized portfolio performance, and that some retirees may have the capacity and tolerance to accept higher portfolio failure probabilities because they have other sources of income from outside their portfolios. Related to these points, I also analyze nine variable spending strategies for retirees as well as the use of strategies that support short-term spending needs with individual bonds and longer-term spending needs with stocks.
    Retirees need to weigh the consequences between spending too little and spending too much—that is, being too frugal or running out of assets.
    This book is about implementing what I call the “probability-based” school of thought for retirement planning. It is especially relevant for people who plan to fund their retirements using an investment portfolio and those who are hesitant about using income annuities or other insurance products. I will explore annuities and insurance more extensively in later volumes since I do believe in the value of risk pooling as an additional source of returns to more efficiently meet retirement spending goals. But for now, we have plenty to discuss within the world of sustainable spending from an investment portfolio in retirement. The book concludes with a discussion about how to put these ideas together into a retirement spending plan.

    Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide To Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University

    Features:- :- Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave's money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt and invest. If you're looking for practical information to answer all your How? What? and Why? questions about money, this is the book for you. You'll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most important element of all giving. Now let's be honest: This is the handbook of Financial Peace University. If you've been through Dave's 13-week class, you won't find much new information in this book.

    More Than Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated

    Features:- :-

    When you’re trapped in a cycle of financial frustration, and you feel like you’ve tried everything only to end up with more month than money yet again, More Than Just Making It is your promise and pathway to thriving again.

    Take it from someone who’s been there. Erin Odom grew up in the private schools and neatly manicured lawns of Upper Middle Class America, but was thrown into low-income living during the economic crash. She was a stay-at-home-mom, her husband was supporting the family on a teacher’s salary, and despite the fact that they had no debt to their name, they were scrambling to make ends meet. Suddenly Erin found herself standing in line for food stamps, turning down play dates because she couldn’t afford the gas, and ultimately walking into bankruptcy court in the eighth month of her third pregnancy.

    More Than Just Making It tells the story of their breaking point, as well as the triumph of their comeback. It took hard work, creativity, and faith in God’s provision to reset their bank account as well as their hearts, but ultimately they found a new way to thrive and freedom from financial anxiety. You can do the same. Learn how Erin and her family saved enough money to put $30,000 down on a home, buy a minivan in cash, and begin sending their daughter to private Christian school. More Than Just Making It will encourage readers to rise above their circumstances, empower them with money-saving tips, and reimagine the good life as God designed it outside the myth of the American Dream.

    The Success Principles(TM) - 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

    Features:- :-

    Get ready to transform yourself for success with #1 New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield!

    Since its publication a decade ago, Jack Canfield's practical and inspiring guide has become a classic that has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve success. This fully revised and updated edition of The Success Principles™ features one hundred pages of additional material, including a new section that offers a comprehensive guide to "Success in the Digital Age."

    In this special 10th Anniversary Edition of his 500,000-copy bestseller, Canfield—the cocreator of the phenomenal bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series—turns to the principles he's studied, taught, and lived for more than forty years in this practical and inspiring guide that will help any aspiring person get from where they are to where they want to be.

    The Success Principles™ will teach you how to increase your confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions. Not merely a collection of good ideas, this book spells out the 67 timeless principles and practices used by the world's most successful men and women. Taken together and practiced every day, these principles will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams!

    Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial Number

    Features:- :- What do you think of when you hear the word retirement?
    Do you see yourself spending weeks at a time with your grandchildren? Volunteering your time to a worthy cause? Traveling to remote vacation spots you’ve always wanted to visit? Those dreams simply don’t line up with the reality of many working Americans. Rather than packing their bags for a month-long escape, many retirees will be packing their lunch for an eight-hour shift. And it’s not because they want to; it’s because they’re broke! In Retire Inspired, Chris Hogan teaches that retirement isn’t an age; it’s a financial number—an amount you need to live the life in retirement that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re twenty-five or fifty-five, you can start now. Chris will equip you with a plan to make your own investing decisions, set proper expectations with your family for retirement, and build a dream team of experts to get you there. You don’t have to retire broke, stressed, and working long after you want to. You can retire inspired!

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    Features:- :- At last, for a generation that's materially ambitious yet financially clueless comes I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi's 6-week personal finance program for 20-to-35-year-olds. A completely practical approach delivered with a nonjudgmental style that makes readers want to do what Sethi says, it is based around the four pillars of personal finance— banking, saving, budgeting, and investing—and the wealth-building ideas of personal entrepreneurship.

    Sethi covers how to save time by not wasting it managing money; the guns and cars myth of credit cards; how to negotiate like an Indian—the conversation begins with "no"; why "Budgeting Doesn't Have to Suck!"; how to get things rolling—for real—with only $20; what most people don't understand about taxes; how to get a CEO to take you out to lunch; how to avoid the Super Mario Brothers trap by making your savings work harder than you do; the difference between cheap and frugal; the hidden relationship between money and food. Not to mention his first key lesson: Getting started is more important than being the smartest person in the room.

    Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom

    Features:- :-

    Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant is a guide to financial freedom. It’s the second book in the Rich Dad Series and reveals how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and learn to become financially free.

    CASHFLOW Quadrant was written for those who are ready to move beyond job security and enter the world of financial freedom. It’s for those who want to make significant changes in their lives and take control of their financial future.

    Robert believes that the reason most people struggle financially is because they've been spent years in school but were never been taught about money. Robert’s rich dad taught him that this lack of financial education is why so many people work so hard all their lives for money… instead of learning how to make money work for them.

    This book will change the way you think about jobs, careers, and owning your own business and inspire you to learn the rules of money that the rich use to build and grow their wealth.

    The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need

    Features:- :- This is the only money guide you'll ever need

    That's a bold claim, given there are already thousands of finance books on the shelves.

    So what makes this one different?

    Well, you won't be overwhelmed with a bunch of 'tips' … or a strict budget (that you won't follow).

    You'll get a step-by-step formula: open this account, then do this; call this person, and say this; invest money here, and not there. All with a glass of wine in your hand.

    This book will show you how to create an entire financial plan that is so simple you can sketch it on the back of a serviette … and you'll be able to manage your money in 10 minutes a week.

    You'll also get the skinny on:

    • Saving up a six-figure house deposit in 20 months
    • Doubling your income using the 'Trapeze Strategy'
    • Saving $78,173 on your mortgage and wiping out 7 years of payments
    • Finding a financial advisor who won't rip you off
    • Handing your kids (or grandkids) a $140,000 cheque on their 21st birthday
    • Why you don't need $1 million to retire … with the 'Donald Bradman Retirement Strategy'

    Sound too good to be true? It's not.

    This book is full of stories from everyday Aussies — single people, young families, empty nesters, retirees — who have applied the simple steps in this book and achieved amazing, life-changing results.

    And you're next.

    Now including updates for the 2017-2018 financial year **

    Capture Clients, Close Deals: A simple way to gain clients without convincing or chasing

    Features:- :- Turn marketing into business growth. Get the proven 3-step process to attract more leads, gain more clients and, most importantly, increase REVENUE.
    Truly Capture your Clients

    Do you feel that you are guessing when it comes to your marketing? Or worse yet, spending time and money on your marketing without great results? Learn how to stop guessing and start knowing. Gain exponential growth by attracting and keeping clients; better yet, by capturing YOUR clients.
    - How to simplify marketing, while maximizing your effort.
    - How to BUILD your business with the right message, so that you capture your perfect client.
    - How to Share your business, so you can consistently attract clients.

    The Quality Conversation

    Features:- :- What are the keys to unprecedented success in your professional and personal life? Bob Davis knows. He’s applied them in his own life, and as a trainer, coach and consultant, he’s shared them for over 30 years with scores of companies across multiple industries and thousands of people who have taken his training and coaching programs across America and overseas. The secret sauce of his approach is called The Quality Conversation. Bob breaks down this process into bite-sized pieces, inspiring anecdotes and exercises you can apply in your life. Examine the role of attitude, taking a genuine interest in others, living and working with enthusiasm and the way you greet others. Improve your sales results and life in general by learning to engage in full discovery, provide custom solutions, make compelling offers, overcome objections and make an assumptive close. Strengthen your goal setting and time management skills, and tap the power that comes with high self-confidence. It’s all in The Quality Conversation, and it will change your life for the better, too. Open this little book, and engage!

    Screen to Screen Selling: How to Increase Sales, Productivity, and Customer Experience with the Latest Technology

    Features:- :-

    Screen to Screen Selling is one of the most powerful tools you will ever use.

    It’s on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone. It puts face-to-face accessibility at your fingertips, delivers high impact at a low cost, and opens up a whole new world of sales possibilities. From remote business meetings to long-distance presentations to live customer feeds, screen-to-screen is where it’s at. And since it works on multiple platforms, it’s wherever you want to go.

    That’s the power of Screen to Screen Selling, a game-changing step-by-step guide that shows you how to:

    • INCREASE SALES by reaching out to customers anywhere in the world
    • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY by making every meeting count, getting every worker on board, and keeping every customer engaged
    • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE by using visual aids in your screen-to-screen meetings, presentations, and conversations
    • ENHANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by delivering the kind of personal, one-on-one service

      they won’t find anywhere else

    Filled with money-saving tips, time-saving strategies, and practical tech-smart solutions to all your business needs, screen to screen selling is the perfect go-to guide for making person-to-person connections that really count—and really pay off.

    If the success of your business depends upon your ability to communicate, influence, persuade, or present ideas that solve problems, you need to harness the power of screen to screen technology to help you get the job done—faster, more efficiently, and more affordably. This essential user’s guide provides all the information you need to access and implement the best digital and online tools available for conducting remote meetings, sales presentations, training sessions, and much more.

    Screen to Screen Selling will show you how to:

    • Boost sales, performance, and customer experience—without being physically present
    • Choose the right technology for the right job and the right budget
    • Prepare the best visuals for every transaction, every client, every time you connect
    • Find the highest-rated apps, software, and online services—at the lowest price possible
    • Visually demonstrate value that only you can provide—in a way that makes you stand out from the competition
    • Conduct meetings, train employees, coach teams, and give presentations that captivate audiences—and seal the deal every time

    Jam-packed with field-tested strategies, user-friendly tips, and market-ready solutions, this comprehensive guide will help you reduce your costs, manage your time, expand your customer base, and run your meetings more efficiently—even if you can’t be there in person. You’ll find revealing case studies of successful screen-to-screen sellers, as well as valuable presentation tools, security tips, and other online resources. As a bonus, the book includes a selection of links to screen-to-screen tutorials, webinars, checklists, and presentation slides—so you can access the information across multiple devices in multiple ways.

    These simple but powerful techniques can be applied to virtually any industry. Even if your primary responsibility isn’t sales, you can use this innovative technology to make better decisions, stronger connections, and more new contacts than ever before. It’s the picture-perfect way to sell your vision. Coast to coast. Person to person. Screen to screen.

    Doug Devitre is the founder of Doug Devitre International, Inc. He was inducted into the National Association of Realtors Business Specialties Hall of Fame, awarded Entrepreneur of the Year from University of Missouri-Columbia, and bestowed the top honor of Certified Speaking Professional Designation by the National Speakers Association.

    Subtly Selling Services: 65 Golden Nuggets To Help You Master Low-Pressure Selling

    Features:- :- It does not matter if you are selling a product, a service or an idea to a friend; you cannot reach high levels of success unless you can get other people to understand why they should listen to you and to do what you recommend. This book is loaded with practical advice and tools to teach low pressure, subtle techniques, to help others understand the benefits of buying from you. It uses real world examples to demonstrate how to apply what is taught. Most people do not like to be sold or feel pressured to take action. This book shows how to make someone want what you are offering instead of feeling they have been talked into purchasing a product, service or idea they did not really want. It teaches how to build relationships instead of one time sales.

    How to Demonstrate Software So People Buy It

    Features:- :- View author videos about this book by clicking Brian Geery.

    Reading this book guarantees you'll gain an unfair competitive advantage that enables you to sell more software and make more money!
    How to Demonstrate Software So People Buy It presents strategies for fine-tuning your software demonstration activities before, during, and after the demonstration.
    In software sales, the demonstration comes at the apex of your prospects' purchasing process. Your demonstration must be memorable, solve pressing business challenges, justify cost, and outperform any other solution.
    Some marketers have told me this statement is too harsh, but I'll say it anyway. This book enables you to decimate your competitors.
    In their own words, top producing software sales professionals talk about their journey to success. It is heartfelt. You'll learn about their lost deals, embarrassing moments, and learning experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) on the road to consistently achieving or exceeding quota and earning substantial commission checks.
    How to Demonstrate Software So People Buy It provides guidance for delivering persuasive and compelling demonstrations, streamlining your sales process, and accelerating prospects through your sales funnel.
    Read a page, any page, and you'll find software sales strategies that you can put to use tomorrow.
    Read this book BEFORE your competitors do.

    Monetize Present Knowledge: How to Create an Online Course to Sell What You Know

    Features:- :- My goal in publishing this book is to motivate you to create a new source of revenue with the wealth of information sitting between your ears or, between the ears of someone you know and trust. I have a passion for helping people find creative ways of turning knowledge into cash SO THAT they can enjoy the highest level of prosperity, while helping others do the same.

    There are a number of reasons you should turn your knowledge into cash. Let me start with the most obvious – to make money. Just imagine the experience of watching dollars flow into your checking account while you are watching television, or out shopping, or while you and your loved one are on vacation; all because you monetized your existing knowledge. Then, think about the vast number of people you can expose to your expertise, as you help provide the same solutions that you currently provide but on a must greater scale. These are some of the benefits of monetizing your existing knowledge.
    Some other benefits are increased professional credibility, actualizing life-long dreams and leaving a lasting legacy. I will show you exactly how to reap these benefits using the same process I used. The only thing required on your part is to TAKE ACTION!

    The information in this book will show you how to monetize your present knowledge by creating, launching and selling digital products in the form of an online course.

    Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results

    Features:- :- "Elinor has an amazing way of communicating simple, basic techniques that make the scary topic of sales very accessible to everyone. She shares the secrets that made her a very successful salesperson, from creative approaches to getting appointments to the most effective way to close the sale."
    -Kim Fisher, Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

    Written by a highly successful saleswoman, Elinor Stutz, this how-to book trains women in field-tested sales techniques that will launch them into the next level of success. They will discover how to use their natural relationship-building skills to close better deals with a higher percentage of business-making sales. They will find solid advice on building a network, dealing with management, prospecting, responding to client needs and managing a career, as well as solutions to problems like selling an unknown brand and getting through office gatekeepers to reach the decision makers.

    Nice Girls DO Get the Sale is perfect for all women in sales, whether experienced or not, and will have them passing their male counterparts on the corporate ladder in no time.

    57 Hot Business Marketing Strategies: Offline and Online Marketing Techniques, Tips and Tricks from Successful Entrepreneurs

    Features:- :- I Believe Marketing Should Be Easy, Fun and Profitable

    Unfortunately, most business owners struggle just to get enough customers to get by.

    Why do so many fail while a few daring marketers succeed beyond their wildest dreams?

    It's all about marketing strategy! Your marketing will determine who your customers are and how many you get. And your customers will either make or break your business.

    In this book you will learn:

    57 Proven Marketing Strategies From Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Tried Just About Everything

    Why struggle to "reinvent the wheel" of successful marketing when you can simply learn from entrepreneurs who have tried and tested everything you could imagine and then some? Marketing is a lot easier when you follow a proven system that's been shown to work already.

    Why You Should Read This Book

    Over 70% of Americans say they want to start a business... some day.

    Many never do. If you've started a business or are considering starting one, I believe you deserve to have access to the world's greatest marketing strategies. I wrote this book to help entrepreneurs like you take their business to the next level.

    For me, business was a calling. I don’t know why or how, I just know that ever since I was young I never wanted a job. I wanted to do my own thing. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help others live a better life.

    So, I started my first business at age 13, manufacturing SAD lamps out of my father’s garage. It was a good business but I quickly tired of manual labor. After that, I started several other small ventures until age 19 when I decided to get into the sales business. It was the best decision I ever made!

    In my nine years of experience in direct selling and online marketing, I’ve read hundreds of books on marketing and tested thousands of marketing strategies.

    In this book, I share my top 57 tried and tested marketing strategies to grow your business and your profits.

    This book will help you make more sales – guaranteed!

    Are you as excited about marketing?

    You should be!

    Marketing is the heartbeat of any business. Without marketing there are no sales. Without sales there are no profits. Without profits there is no business!

    At least 80% of your business activity should be focused on marketing. Yes, building a great product is important. Yes, delivering your product with great customer service is important. The truth is there are many aspects of business that you must master to be successful. There is no one secret to success. And there is no one secret to marketing either.

    That's why I'm sharing 57 of the best marketing strategies with you, because just one strategy won't cut it for every business.

    There is no part of business that can ever make up for a lack of good marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if no one knows about it. Marketing is what builds great businesses and great companies. Marketing is what connects customers with wonderful products and services that solve their problems. I'm assuming you already have a wonderful product or service (or soon will). This book will allow you to help more customers!

    I’m passionate about marketing, and teaching entrepreneurs like you how to market their businesses better.

    Here's to your success!

    About The Author

    Tom Corson-Knowles is the #1 bestselling author of more than 20 books including Destroy Your Distractions and Facebook for Business Owners. Tom has used his unique marketing strategies to grow multiple six-figure businesses including TCK Publishing, an independent publishing company that specializes in digital publishing and innovative marketing strategies.

    Learn how to market your business today. Scroll up and grab your copy right now.

    Critical Selling: How Top Performers Accelerate the Sales Process and Close More Deals

    Features:- :-

    Master these top-performing sales skills to dominate the marketplace

    Critical Selling is a dynamic and powerful guide for transforming your sales approach and outperforming your competition. This book is based on Janek Performance Group's, an award winning sales performance company, most popular sales training program, Critical Selling®. Let authors Justin Zappulla and Nick Kane, Managing Partners at Janek, lead you through their flagship sales training methodology to provide you with the strategies, skills and best practices you need to accelerate the sales process and close more deals. From the initial contact to closing the deal, this book details the winning strategies and skills that have supercharged the sales force of program alumni like OptumHealth, Santander Bank, Daimler Trucks, California Casualty,  and many more. Concrete, actionable steps show you how to plan a productive sales call, identify customer needs, differentiate yourself from the competition, and wrap up the sale. You'll also learn proven techniques for building rapport, overcoming objections, dealing with price pressures, and handling the million little things that can derail an otherwise positive sales interaction.

    Sales are the lifeblood of your company. Are they meeting your expectations? What if you could exceed projected sales figures and blow your competition out of the water? This book provides the research-based framework to ignite your sales team and excite your customer base, for sustainable success in today's market. Let Critical Selling® show you how to:

    • Connect with customers on a deeper level to build trust
    • Present a persuasive and value-based solution tailored to your customer’s needs
    • Handle pricing pressure, doubt, and objections with confidence
    • Utilize proven methodologies that help you close the sale

    Sales is about so much more than exchanging goods or services for cash. It's about relationships, it's about outperforming the competition, it's about demonstrating real value, and it's about understanding and solving people's problems. Critical Selling shows you how to bring it all together, using proven techniques based on real sales performance research.

    Key Account Management and Planning: The Comprehensive Handbook for Managing Your Company's Most Important Strategic Asset

    Features:- :- The vastly increased level of competitive intensity faced by corporations and the increased costs of selling have radically changed the nature of the traditional selling process. Key or "strategic" accounts have now become a company's most important asset, in some cases supplying in excess of 80 percent of a firm's revenues. Here, in one powerful volume, key account management expert Noel Capon provides the most comprehensive treatment of key account management and planning yet published.
    For the first time, Capon introduces his breakthrough four-part "congruence model" of key account management -- a new, thoroughly researched approach to optimally managing your key account portfolio. First, the author shows how to select and conceptualize the key account portfolio; second, how to organize and manage key accounts; third, how to recruit, select, train, retain, and reward key account managers; and fourth, how to formulate and execute strategy and issues of coordination and control. This congruence model serves as a backdrop as Capon takes the reader step-by-step through the vital functions of key account management including identifying key account criteria, considering the threats and opportunities for the key account, and understanding the roles and responsibilities of critical players. Capon backs up his points with extensive research, real-life stories of successes and failures at a variety of companies, and clarifying figures. Special chapters are devoted to partnering with key accounts and in-depth information on global key account management, an increasingly important weapon for staying ahead of the competition.
    Timely, important, and essential, Key Account Management and Planning is the only reference handbook those with key account responsibilities will ever need.

    Trait of a successful salesman: The great revelation of 25 tips to make a breakthrough in sales and double your income

    Features:- :-

    How do you feel when customers say "no" when you introduce products to them? And what do you do to reverse the situation?

    What should you do to avoid the pressure from the monthly sales figures, quarterly?

    What do you do when you encounter difficult “gods” and feel deadlocked when persuading them to buy your product?

    If you encounter problems then this book is for you.

    Did you know that 85 percent of today's leaders and business owners were salespeople? Like you, they have also learned how to overcome all the difficulties in sales.

    Come to this eBook, you will know how to turn the situation when customers say no. You will know how to get ready to face all types of customers including the most difficult.

    It is not a problem when you know what to do to overcome the pressure of work and take the lead in sales.

    Did you know the top 20 percent of salespeople earn 80 percent of the money?

    This eBook will guide you step by step to become one of twenty percent.

    In this eBook, you will find:

    Portrait of a successful salesman

    10 reasons why top salesmen are successful

    25 tips for selling success

    Would you like to know more?

    Download now to create breakthroughs in sales and improve your earnings.

    Scroll to the top of the page and select the button now.

    How to Say It: Business to Business Selling: Power Words and Strategies from the World's Top Sales Experts (How to Say It... (Paperback))

    Features:- :- There are approximately 35 million business to business sales reps in the country selling everything from books and computers to furniture and flooring. They know as well as anyone that selling to other businesses is not the same as selling to consumers. Businesses have different budgets, needs, demands, and expectations from those of general consumers. That means an entirely different skill set is required of business to business sales reps.

    How to Say It: Business to Business Selling is the only book of its kind that caters exclusively to business to business sales professionals. Its short chapters provide tips and strategies tailored especially for the unique business to business selling process. You'll learn how to:

    Motivate Yourself to Sell
    Craft an Elevator Pitch
    Find Hot Sales Leads
    Make a Cold Call
    Use Voicemail to Sell
    Give a Sales Presentation
    Write a Sales Proposal
    Give a Product Demo
    Negotiate the Best Deal
    Close a Sale
    Create a Powerful Sales Process
    Sell to Top Executives
    Build Sales Partnerships
    Get a Customer Referral
    Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

    With How to Say It: Business to Business Selling you can sell business to business like a seasoned pro.

    No-Nonsense Networking: The Straightforward Guide to Making Productive, Profitable and Prosperous Contacts and Connections

    Features:- :- Are you struggling to make your networking work for you?

    Do you want to get more referrals, recommendations and endorsements from others?

    Do you HATE going to networking events and try to avoid them as much as you can?

    Do you feel like you’re wasting time (or your time is being wasted) when you talk or meet the wrong people at networking events?

    Most business people do and yet, they don’t have a strategy or plan to make their networking effective.

    In No-Nonsense Networking, #1 International Bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur, Tim Houston, teaches you what to do before, during and after your networking efforts to make productive, profitable and prosperous contacts and connections.

    In this straightforward, "down and dirty" guide, you will learn time-tested techniques and proven strategies that really work.

    No fluff. No untried theories. No-Nonsense.

    You will be able to implement many of these new skills and strategies right away to make your networking more productive, profitable and prosperous!

    Includes a special contribution by Susan RoAne, speaker and  author of the 1 Million+ bestseller,   How To Work A Room.

    Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, Sales and Marketing: The Essential Cultural Guide—From Presentations and Promotions to Communicating and Closing

    Features:- :-

    How do you break the ice in the UAE?

    When do you present a contract in China?

    How close should you stand to a South Korean?

    Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Sales and Marketing is an informative, entertaining guide that shows you what to do—and what to avoid—in any given sales or marketing situation, from Argentina to South Africa. It provides the expert knowledge you need to gather data in diverse cultures, properly present your products, and close deals around the world.

    “As the global community comes closer together, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Sales & Marketing will be a valuable resource to every person in every industry around the world.”
    —Gil A. Cardon, Convention Manager, Japan National Tourism Organization

    “Just as you can be a connoisseur of wine, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: Sales and Marketing can help make you a connoisseur of cultures, philosophies, business behaviors, and social practices. Read it not just for work, but for the human side as well.”
    —Giuseppe G. B. Pezzotti, Senior Lecturer, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

    “Terri has accurately and succinctly captured the key issues that businesspeople or tourists need to know when traveling. It is spot-on, and a very valuable resource!”
    —Thomas M. Feifar, Director of Foreign Military Sales, NAVISTAR Defense

    Positively Outrageous Service: How to Delight and Astound Your Customers and Win Them for Life

    Features:- :-

    In today’s tough economy, cutting prices and providing good service aren’t enough. To be truly successful, innovative businesspeople must learn the art of Positively Outrageous Service (POS)—doing the unexpected unexpectedly and giving the customer more than he or she could hope for. POS put customer service guru T. Scott Gross on the map in the early 1990s. In this revised third edition, he contemporizes his work by examining what’s wrong in the service industry today and how to turn those negatives into POS. In his signature, slightly irreverent, but always insightful style, he shows managers at every level of the service industry how to:

    Build a customer base by following the four key principles of promotions—have fun, get people to your store, get people involved with your product, and do something good for others
    Hire the right people and show them the fundamentals of POS
    Energize and obtain the most creativity out of employees
    Win over customers when mistakes happen, no matter who is at fault

    POS is not just a way of doing business, according to Gross; it’s also a state of mind and the key to success in the twenty-first century. T. Scott Gross is a consumer advocate whose client roster for consulting, training, and speaking reads like a who’s who of the Fortune 500. Countless businesses, including Southwest Airlines, FedEx, McDonald’s, Sears, and Wal-Mart, have asked him to motivate the troops at sales meetings and conferences worldwide.

    Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

    SOAR Selling: How To Get Through to Almost Anyone—the Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers

    Features:- :-


    "SOAR Selling is a mission-critical tool for building lasting, profitable relationships. David and Marhnelle go far beyond defining a sales process by rolling up their sleeves to share their secret about what you absolutely must do to get in anywhere." -- Marcus Buckingham, New York Times bestselling author, researcher, motivational speaker, and business consultant

    "SOAR Selling is essential for any professional organization committed to sales excellence that delivers a superior customer experience." -- Mel Parker, Vice President and General Manager North America, Dell Consumer

    "SOAR's integrity and efficacy not only help overcome cold-call-phobia; SOAR turns anyone who's motivated to sell into a cold-call-master. SOAR's proven and effective way 'to get through' has achieved unmatched results for Vistage Chairs who are determined to reach and convert CEOs and other executives to Vistage membership. SOAR tips and tools have really propelled our business to SOAR." -- Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Vistage International

    "SOAR Selling teaches salespeople a measurable calling strategy and process that can dramatically improve their ability to reduce their call volume and increase the number of appointments." -- Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher, Selling Power

    "When it comes to driving net new business, SOAR has been at the forefront of the Berlin Company strategy because it works!" -- Andrew T. Berlin, Chairman and CEO, Berlin Packaging, and Limited Partner, Chicago White Sox

    From the cofounders of the international sales training company, Dialexis, Inc. comes the groundbreaking method for the biggest challenges of every salesperson: getting through to almost anyone, and reaching top decision makers and high influencers.

    It's time to stop wasting valuable time using the by-the-numbers-plus-luck method--a grueling process that causes attrition and unethical dialing. SOAR Selling presents a solution to this critical problem by revealing by a proven way for any salesperson to make fewer calls, reach more decision makers, and, most important, get more appointments.

    The authors have tested the SOAR (Surge of Accelerating Revenue) Selling formula on thousands of live sales calls throughout key global markets. The results are staggering. According to the authors' client research, SOAR is astonishingly effective.

    • SOAR provides a combination contact rate with decision makers and influencers of up to 90% on every net dial to a new prospect.
    • Organizations have experienced 200% to 2000% ROI in just 12 weeks from program completion.
    • The mindset component utilized during SOAR enables the individual to be open to a new way of driving net new business.
    • The coaching segment ensures the program consistently demonstrates revenue surge and ROI.

    SOAR Selling is the best practice for reaching decision makers. Its secret is simple; its approach is based in the mechanics and psychology of call execution with a foundation of a powerful mindset shift. The authors' research reveals that with SOAR, a salesperson can make 12 net dials and reach a combination of 10 top-level decision makers and influencers!

    The IT Marketing Crash Course: How to Get Clients for Your Technology Business

    Features:- :- The IT Marketing Crash Course will help you grow your technology business. If you provide managed services, web and mobile application development, software development, cybersecurity or network services, this book will show you how to generate more qualified leads and close more sales.

    What people are saying:

    “Raj is a superstar marketer whose strategies I’ve followed and written about for years. Now he shares his techniques for success with you in this entertaining book. I’m confident his proven ideas will benefit your business.” - David Meerman Scott, international bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, now in more than 25 languages

    “If you need to focus your entire team on what it takes to sell more, give them this book – fast.” - Dan Solomon, author of Media Rules! and former-CEO of a three-times INC 5000 company

    “The book dives right into actionable steps to help technology companies win more business.” - Dale Coyner, Founder, Communicast Inc.

    “Definitive answers to marketing issues that every tech entrepreneur faces. Forget trial and error... this book will shorten your learning curve substantially.” – Duffy Mazan, CEO, Second Venue

    “Shows how to overcome many of the misconceptions and myths about how to market a technology company. Businesses who use this advice will save millions of dollars in misspent sales costs, and avoid months of aggravation doing things wrong before they get it right.” - Dave Jefferson, CEO, Mojo Live

    “This book is full of up-to-date marketing strategies and insightful tactics IT companies to generate qualified leads and win new clients. Required reading for anyone looking to grow their technology business.” - Mary Knebel, Vice President,

    “This is not a book you read once and put away on the bookshelf. You want to read this again, and again.” - Chris Brown, Vice President, Aldebaron

    “Offers specific ideas that IT entrepreneurs can implement. I especially liked the action-oriented checklists at the end of each chapter.” - Shahid Shah, CEO, Netspective

    “An educational and timely reference guide for anyone involved (and the many more interested) in keeping up with today’s marketing tactics.” - Irene Lane, President, Greenloons

    Selling Value: Key Principles of Value-Based Selling

    Features:- :- SELLING VALUE is 305 pages of solid content to help you out perform your competition while keeping your customers happy. It is presented in four parts: Mastering the Head Game; Your Blueprint for Sales Success; Understanding Your Customer; and Securing and Growing the Business; The fifteen chapters outline the most critical content for exceptional sales results in a competitive environment. One premise set forth is that the most important definition of value is your prospect’s definition! If properly queried, ten prospects might well give you ten different answers and to what they value most. With exceptional skills of differentiating and adapting the value elements of your deliverables, you can hit the mark for all ten of them! From the important basics in Part I to the advanced selling skills in Part IV, you will gain many ideas from this content-rich work on the skill of SELLING VALUE for greater successes!

    Objection Free Selling: How to Prevent, Preempt, and Respond to Every Sales Objection You Get

    Features:- :- This unique book contains the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to prevent, preempt, and respond to every sales objection you get. It even has what you need to know to answer the unanswerable objections.

    Research shows there are ten Buyer Beliefs. Objections occur when these beliefs are weak or missing. Research also shows there are many ways to establish each belief.

    Test this. Before you buy something, this book for example, what must you believe about it? Suppose you don’t believe that you could use it, what objection comes to mind? One could be, “I don’t need it.” But if you do believe you need it, what happens to this particular objection? It never comes to mind.

    You just demonstrated that missing Buyer Beliefs cause objections and that they are prevented when the corresponding Buyer Belief is in place.

    Most salespeople get objections in only three or four of the ten Buyer Belief categories, therefore, you don’t need to learn a new sales model. The one you use now may work fine except in a few places where objections are getting through. All you need to do is plug the correct strategies into your current sales model to handle these objections.

    This book provides examples of how to prevent, preempt, and respond to each of the 85 most common sales stopping objections. Scan the list starting on page eight and make note of those that are similar to the ones you get. Look them up in the book and personalize the recommendations to your sales situation.

    Just imagine what it would have been like if your boss on your first day at work in sales had said, “Here’s a ‘sales strategy book’ that has every objection our sales team gets for each of our products/services when selling against each of our competitors. This book has strategies and tactics you can use to PREVENT objections from entering the prospect’s mind. But if you see on the Competitor Analysis that the objection already exists, then look at the examples of how to PREEMPT it and if need be, the scripted examples of how to RESPOND using tactics our team has used successfully in the past. Go ahead and personalize them to your style.”

    What would that book have been worth to you?

    Get this book now and start customizing and personalizing the strategies and tactics for each and every objection you get. Build your own sales strategy book. How great will you feel when you can handle any objection that comes your way?

    “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
    Karen Lamb, Author

    Get started today, buy the book now, and never again get an objection you can’t handle!

    How to Say It to Sell It: Key Words, Phrases, and Strategies to Build Relationships, Boost Revenue, andBea t the Competition

    Features:- :- Based on a unique, customer-centric approach to selling, How to Say It(r) to Sell It provides practical, real world strategies proven to significantly increase sales results. Packed with power words, concrete examples, useable scripts, and specific communicative steps, this book is the key to reaching sales success.

    Secrets of Question-Based Selling: How the Most Powerful Tool in Business Can Double Your Sales Results

    Features:- :- Question Based Selling ( QBS®) is a commonsense approach to sales, based on the theory that "what" salespeople ask-and "how" they ask-is more important than anything they will ever say. This technique makes sense because in order to present solutions, you first must learn your customer's needs.

    How do you uncover a prospect's needs? By asking questions. But not just any questions. You must ask the right questions at the right time. And this book provides a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that does just that.

    With this proven, hands-on guide, you will learn to:

    --Penetrate more accounts
    --Establish greater credibility
    --Generate more return calls
    --Prevent and handle objections
    --Motivate different types of buyers
    --Develop more internal champions
    --Close more sales...faster
    --And much, much more

    Never Be Closing: How to Sell Better Without Screwing Your Clients, Your Colleagues, or Yourself

    Features:- :- Speaker and consultant Tim Hurson presents 12 techniques that benefit both the seller and the client Never Be Closing expands on the principles of Tim Hurson's first book, Think Better, to teach salespeople how to improve their strategy and sell anything to anyone using a simple, repeatable framework. This isn't a book full of mundane tactics for cold-calling or techniques for closing a deal. This is a problem-solving approach that is more beneficial for both the seller and the client. Selling better isn't just a one time thing; it's a way to become a more valuable long-term partner. With their "Productive Selling Model," Hurson and Dunne offer business people a set of 15 tools to pull apart their current techniques, analyze them, and re-assemble them in a dynamic way. The authors include practical advice mixed with helpful anecdotes to build mutually productive relationships between seller and client, including: * The Rashomon Effect, which teaches readers how to bridge the gap between different perspectives. * The Hitchcock Method, which offers readers strategies on developing a script about themselves, their company, and their products. * The Sales Conversation, a three step structure to explore the client's needs, establish credibility, and deliver value. Tim Hurson is the founding partner of Manifest Communications, one of North America's leading social marketing agencies. He launched ThinkX Intellectual Capital in 2004 and is the author of Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking. Tim Dunne is a consulting partner with ThinkX, KnowInnovation, and New & Improved, firms that offer leadership, innovation, and sales training to companies worldwide.

    The Customer is Bothering Me: How to change attitudes, improve results and grow your bottom line

    Features:- :- Your customers pay attention to how you attract and treat them. If you do not understand what truly motivates them, they are likely to get their needs met elsewhere. The "one size fits all" approach has become a sign of disrespect.

    If you design customer processes, manage teams who communicate with customers and potential customers, or deal directly with them yourself, you are responsible for what your customers experience, and this book was written for you.

    Shelle Rose Charvet is an expert on influencing and persuasion using a tool known as the LAB (Language and Behavior) Profile. She is the author of the international bestseller "Words that Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence

    25 Toughest Sales Objections-and How to Overcome Them

    Features:- :-

    Turn common objections into BIG OPPORTUNITIES!

    It costs too much… We're switching to overseas vendors… Let me think about it… NO!

    You can do one of two things when a customer is reluctant to buy: You can back off or go in for the kill. 25 Toughest Sales Objections--and How to Overcome Them helps you choose which direction is the best approach and gives you the tools you need to defl ect that obstacle and make the sale.

    Bestselling author and renowned sales guru Stephan Schiffman has tapped into his decades of hands-on experience training sales professionals and has boiled his list of objections down to the top 25 most frustrating, universal issues. Through sample dialogues and occasionally humorous examples any salesperson can relate to, Schiffman provides the solutions to help turn any "No" into a done deal.

    At long last, the sales objection has met its match. Stephan Schiffman provides you with an arsenal that helps you combat any negative response and, in the process, turns perceptions of you from sales rep to ultimate problem solver.

    The Book Marketing Bible: 39 Proven Ways to Build Your Author Platform and Promote Your Books On a Budget (Kindle Publishing Bible 5)

    Features:- :-

    How Do You Sell More Books and Build Your Author Platform Without a Huge Marketing Budget?

    I Believe Every Author Can Learn to Sell More Books Without Spending a Fortune on Marketing Using These Proven Promotion Strategies
    If you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams as a writer and author, pay attention because you're about to learn:

    39 Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Book on a Budget

    Whether you're a self-published author, traditionally published or just starting out writing your first book, these proven marketing strategies in The Book Marketing Bible will work for you when you put them into action. Wouldn't it be great to know that your time spent marketing your book would actually be time well-spent instead of an expensive waste of time?

    Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorials on Every Marketing Tool and Strategy

    The Book Marketing Bible is loaded with step-by-step tutorials so you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to actually implement it. All the tutorials and step-by-step instructions are included with each marketing strategy!

    Bonus Training Videos and Content for Additional Learning

    Included with your purchase of The Book Marketing Bible, you'll receive free access to several hours of free training videos. Even if you're technologically challenged, you'll find implementing these online marketing strategies for authors easy because you can literally just watch the video and follow along on your own computer as you set up your own podcast show, upload a book trailer to YouTube, and build your author platform.

    With The Book Marketing Bible, you'll never have to worry about marketing again. After selling over 100,000 books in the past three years, I've included only the most effective and usable marketing strategies in the book.

    If you're looking for a way to sell more books on a budget, The Book Marketing Bible is for you.

    About The Author

    My poetry was first published at age 16 in Teen Ink magazine and I started writing books at age 19 but had no idea how to get my message out to anyone other than my friends and family. Finally, I discovered Amazon's Kindle Publishing platform and published my first book on Kindle on February 10, 2012.

    Since then, I've sold over 100,000 ebooks alone on Kindle and now earn a full-time income as an author. I've since helped thousands of self-published authors like myself sell more books through my video training courses, seminars, workshops and webinars. If I can do it, you can too!

    Start studying The Book Marketing Bible today to start selling more books right away.

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    Don't Sell. Let Them Buy.: Master the Sales Conversation and Guide Your Customers to a Successful Outcome … Every Time

    Features:- :- Shift from 'Selling' to 'Guiding'. What is your Sales Conversation Mindset? Do you Sell or Do You Serve?

    This book shows you how to master an easy and proven, step by step sales conversation process.

    You will learn how to organize your sales conversations, master the techniques of questioning, answer objections, make recommendations and gain agreement.

    When you master the Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy process, you will become more confident and relaxed in your sales conversations. Most importantly, you will create meaningful connections with your customers that lead to more sales.

    Learn how to shift from “selling” to “guiding” your customers to make their own decisions that lead to successful outcomes for them and sales for you. This book is the proven roadmap that will guide you to sales success every time!

    I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional: 6 Steps to Making Serious Money In the Fitness Industry

    Features:- :- Most fitness professionals love helping people change their lives, but many struggle to gain new clients and build a profitable business. They end up drained instead of energized, worried instead of free, tied down instead of creating their own schedule! Following these six simple steps of I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional will empower you to build your business from the bottom up and keep it growing—all while maintaining your love of serving your clients and members. This book will free you from the ups and downs of the fitness world and help you reach more people than ever before.

    Contagious Selling: How to Turn a Connection into a Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime

    Features:- :-

    The breakthrough selling method that converts leads into customers, customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into lifelong relationships

    Salespeople too often approach selling as a transaction instead of a relationship--going in with the intention to sell rather than to build a relationship. Use the lessons in Contagious Selling to put relationships first--and sales will inevitably follow.

    Contagious Selling provides the tools for captivating even the toughest customers and then cultivating genuine relationships through the power of being contagious. A leading expert on persuading and motivating others, David Rich presents his powerful new method for attracting, connecting with, and maintaining buyers. Inside, he teaches you how to

    • Get prospects to feel as if they've known you their whole lives
    • Use voice modulation and body language to instantly connect with anybody
    • Sell yourself without sounding self-serving
    • Manage the transition from captivation to cultivation
    • Make your customers "competition proof"

    Sales Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide To Referral Prospecting, Networking, Social Contact Marketing, Telephone Prospecting, And Cold Calling To Find Highly Likely Prospects You Can Close In One Call.

    Features:- :- The single greatest factor in sales prospecting, is whether you are talking to people that are highly likely to buy from you.

    No matter what you sell or where you sell it...if you want to know, step by step, how to quickly and easily find the sales prospects who are highly likely to buy from you, you need to read this book. If you want to know how to get referrals of people that are eager to talk to you about your product or service, you need to read this book., If you want to know how to get people to ask you about your business, in a completely no-pressure environment, you need to read this book.
    Inside, you'll discover;
    • Why prospecting the way you were taught is a colossal waste of time.
    • Right now, in your city, there are between ten and a hundred people that are looking to buy what you sell. You'll see how to find those people.
    • The one vital factor in getting referrals that nobody is taught, that will triple the number of referrals you get.
    • How to virtually guarantee that 80% of the referrals you get, will be happy to see you, and will meet with you.
    • The one secret to referral prospecting that will almost guarantee that referrals will buy from you.
    • How to get people to ask you about your business, in a way that is completely natural and comfortable.
    • Why networking is usually a waste of time, and how to make sure it's profitable for you.
    • A proven method, not taught anywhere else, to find the prospects that will almost certainly buy from you... and the system to see an endless supply of these highly likely prospects.
    • How to completely eliminate the stress & tension that you feel when it comes to calling a prospect on the phone.
    • How to prospect for sales with integrity and pride.
    • How to go from being seen as a salesperson to being a trusted adviser, whose recommendations will be quickly accepted... no matter how you prospect.
    And the first time in print, the approach used to get sales appointments, without actually asking for an appointment, that will cause your sales to go through the roof. Sales prospects find it almost impossible to say "No" to this approach.
    Every method is field tested and proven, by me, in the field.
    Complete with every script, answers to every objection, and every resource you need to send your sales prospecting results through the roof.
    Every method in the book is proven in the field. Everything taught has been used successfully to get thousands of sales presentations. Everything you read here works.
    Sales Prospecting is more than just a book on prospecting for new sales, it's a complete training course dedicated to one sole objective... getting you more appointments with people who are highly likely to buy from you.
    A Note From The Author
    The strategies taught in this book have worked for me personally, and for my clients in 71 different industries, all over the US.  No matter what business you are in, or what area you are in, these methods will work for you.  
    My intent is to genuinely help you. This is a no-risk purchase. If you don't agree that Sales Prospecting gives you the best system for generating sales appointments that you have ever read, simply return the book for a full refund.
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    CustomerCentric Selling

    Features:- :-


    The program that is revolutionizing highend selling, by showing companies how to "clone" their top sales performers

    CEOs would pay anything to replicate their best salespeople; CustomerCentric SellingTM explains instead how to replicate their skills. It details a repeatable, scalable, and transferable sales process that formats the questions that superior salespeople ask, and then uses the results to influence and enhance the words and behaviors of their colleagues.

    CustomerCentric SellingTM shows salespersons how to differentiate themselves and their offerings by appealing to customer needs, steering away from making one-way presentations and toward having meaningful and goal-oriented conversations. Currently offered in workshops and seminars around the world, its program provides step-by-step directions to help sales professionals:

    • Transform sales calls into interactive conversations
    • Position their offerings in relation to buyer needs
    • Facilitate a more consistent customer experience
    • Achieve shorter sales cycles
    • Integrate sales and marketing into a cooperative, cross-functional team

    CustomerCentric SellingTM details a trademarked sales process that incorporates dozens of elements, skills, and sequences into a coherent and proven methodology. By teaching a specific yet innovative model for selling big ticket, often-intangible products and services, it shows sales professionals and executives how to make the seller-buyer relationship far less adversarial, and take selling to a higher level.

    Just Sign Here: How to Sell Your Knowledge, Experience and Advice to People Who Don't Know They Need It

    Features:- :- Selling professional services is not like selling products. Products can be seen. They can be felt. They are tangible. You can give them to a potential buyer and let them get used to owning them. Heck, they can be owned!
    Professional services just aren’t like that. You can’t give someone a bag of advice. You can’t let someone take your expertise for a spin round the block. And there are rarely economies of scale if someone wants to do ten consulting projects instead of one.
    Whether you are a consultant, a coach, an accountant, a lawyer or any other service professional, you know how hard it can be to sell the intangible and the invisible.
    Five-time international best-selling author Rob Cuesta draws on 26 years’ experience as a trusted professional adviser working with some of the world’s largest organisations and some of the smallest, to unlock the secrets of closing complex advisory deals without coming across as salesy, slimy or slippery.
    Get tried and tested tools you can put into action today, and watch your revenue grow.

    Pitch Close Upsell Repeat: A Practical Guide to Sales Dominance

    Features:- :- Have you ever felt that it was impossible to be a salesperson?

    According to David Anderson, America's Millenial Business Coach, everyone is a salesperson, but most just don't know it!

    Pitch Close Upsell Repeat is designed to help even the most timid individual approach sales and business as a game to be played with passion, intensity and fun.

    Having spent a more than 2 decade career in entertainment and marketing, David's knowledge comes from both a practical and innovative standpoint.

    David has worked with businesses from all walks of life. As a salesperson and social media guru, David has generated millions of dollars in revenue for amazing brands ranging from Nutrisystem to Les Brown to iHeartMedia and Radio One. It's those successes that inspired him to create to help entrepreneurs grow and profit from their businesses.

    If you're willing to do the work, David will bring you into his thought processes and numerous experiences in business, illustrating his 4 step plan for success: Pitch, Close, Upsell, Repeat

    Jeffrey Gitomer's 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling: Proven Actions You Must Take to Make Easier, Faster, Bigger Sales...Now and Forever

    Features:- :- There are universal laws of selling that determine whether you succeed, or don’t succeed — whether you earn enough to enjoy the lifestyle you want or struggle to make ends meet. When you align the wind with your sails, you move effortlessly across the water. When your sails are out of alignment, you flounder and go nowhere. If you align your thinking and actions with these powerful laws of selling, you will be more effective and efficient. You will encounter less friction, require less energy, and get bigger results faster.

    Here's a sampling of Jeffrey’s 21.5 Laws of Selling:
    • Deliver Value First
    • Ask Before Telling
    • Communicate in Terms of Them
    • Become Your Own Brand
    • Earn Referrals and Testimonials without Asking
    • Create Loyal Customers

    These 21.5 Laws are the rock foundation of selling. They may be invisible but they are undeniable — and unbreakable.

    If you're just getting started in selling, you will find the Laws invaluable. Whether or not you learn them and follow them will make or break your career. If you’ve been in sales for a while, you will find yourself saying, "I haven’t been doing that." "I knew that! How did forget?"

    When we break the Laws we pay the price. Our sales suffer. Our bank account takes a hit. It’s an effort to get out of bed and make a sales call, to do our best work — work that is aligned with the Laws. Use Jeffrey’s Laws of Selling to recharge your enthusiasm and redirect your actions back to what really works.

    One Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Your Idea, Your Product, Your Business--or Yourself (Business Books)

    Features:- :-

    What’s YOUR story?

    In the hypercompetitive world of Silicon Valley, this question has replaced “What’s your pitch?” It’s another way of asking, “Who are you?”

    The art of the pitch is nothing short of a survival skill. If an entrepreneur can’t convince an investor in 10 minutes that a business idea has potential, that is often the end of it. If a project manager in a large enterprise can’t win support from other stakeholders, his or her project is at risk. You always need to be selling yourself, pitching your partners or your clients to work with you, or pitching what makes your new business an exciting and worthwhile investment.

    You may not realize it right now, but you do have a one-of-a-kind story to tell, one that makes you stand out from everyone else—a unique tale that makes you, your product, or your business unforgettable. In One Perfect Pitch, Marie Perruchet will help you discover it, hone it, and present it, so that you get buy-in from colleagues and potential investors. Learn:

    • How to mine the worst experiences of your life for your pitch

    • How to tell me, show me, and sign me up in one minute

    • How to make a good impression through any medium

    • The dos and don’ts of pitching etiquette—and how to correct common mistakes

    • The unspoken rules in Silicon Valley

    A former mentor at 500 Startups, where she was a pitching coach to world-changing companies at one of the largest incubators in the U.S., Perruchet shares her proven methodology, insider advice, and hands-on exercises. She provides a step-by-step framework that ensures you are pitch perfect whenever you need to sell an idea, a product, a business—or yourself.

    Marie Perruchet is the founder of One Perfect Pitch, a San Francisco-based consulting firm. Drawing on her experience as a BBC journalist and news correspondent, she works with business executives to shape their stories and deliver effective pitches. As a former mentor at 500 Startups, the largest accelerator program in the U.S., she helped prepare startup founders and entrepreneurs for Demo Day, when they pitch venture capital funds and angel investors. Her clients include multinationals, tech incubators and accelerators, startup founders and entrepreneurs, and portfolio companies. Perruchet also coaches C-level executives from around the world and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, and Le Monde.

    Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals: Control the Conversation and Connect with Your Customer—without Saying a Word

    Features:- :-


    When you are selling, the way you deliver your message will matter as much as, or more than, what you actually say. In this groundbreaking book, body language guru Mark Bowden teams up with renowned sales trainer Andrew Ford to reveal nonverbal communication skills guaranteed to give you the advantage in every sales situation.

    Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals reveals the universal body language signals that command instant respect and teaches you how to use them to:

    • Avoid being perceived as just another “salesperson”
    • Earn lasting trust—without saying a word
    • Interpret others’ body language to determine “friends” and “enemies”
    • Create an environment that puts buyers at ease
    • Influence the feelings and behavior of your prospects

    These are the secrets every salesperson has been waiting for. When you com¬municate in a positive way with your body language, your words hold greater weight than ever—and winning the sale is just a handshake away.

    Even a Geek Can Speak: Low-Tech Presentation Skills for High-Tech People

    Features:- :- In today's high-tech world, it's cool to be a geek. But it's not cool to talk like a geek. Even a Geek Can Speak shows anyone how to express complex ideas in ways that are simple, that connect with listeners, and that persuade.

    Focusing Your Message: One internet security executive won over non-technical business owners by focusing on the importance of internet security to the business world. Result: Listeners said - I'm buying that stock.

    Keeping it Simple: A software consultant steered clear of the technical details when pitching to a CEO and focused on three key points: saving money, security and competitiveness. Result: He won the business.

    Telling Stories: A telecommunications saleswoman spoke to a users' group and illustrated her points with stories, rather than dwelling too much in detail. Result: A jump in new orders.

    Not Looking Like a Geek: An internet executive learned to connect with his audience merely by energizing his voice. Result: He received praise unlike any he'd received before.

    Email Marketing Mastery: The Step-By-Step System for Building an Email List of Raving Fans Who Buy From You and Share Your Message

    Features:- :-

    Learn the Systems, Tools and Strategies I Used to Build an Email List of Over 10,000 Subscribers

    Are you using email marketing to effectively grow your business and increase your sales online?

    In Email Marketing Mastery, you'll discover:

    How to Build an Email List Even if No One Knows Who You Are

    Get complete step-by-step tutorials and instructions from beginning to end, including dozens of free training videos (no opt-in required!) included with Email Marketing Mastery.

    This book is perfect for beginners who need to learn the basics of email marketing and get started today, and for experienced and professional email marketers who want to take their knowledge and marketing systems to the next level.

    How to Choose the Best Autoresponder for Your Budget

    How do you know which autoresponder is the best for you? I've tested dozens of email marketing systems, and in this book I share only the best of the best, with advanced tips and strategies for maximizing your return while minimizing your investment.

    How to Increase Your Conversions and Become an Analytics Master

    Analytics are the key to any good email marketer's success. Without data, you'll never know whether what you're doing is working as well as it should be or not. Analytics is the key to constantly improving your marketing systems and growing your business. A tiny increase in conversions can supercharge your profits and income when you apply it across an entire email marketing campaign.

    How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Marketing and Web design

    In the past, if you wanted to create a state-of-the-art online marketing system with email marketing, squeeze pages, analytics, and more, you would have to pay a world-class designer to custom-code every single web page and function. Today, there are free and low-cost options to create every web page and email marketing system you need to succeed. And, best of all, you can do it all yourself with some simple software and a few minutes of work without having to wait for an expensive web designer to finally get things done.

    Grab your copy of Email Marketing Mastery to start using this powerful tool to grow your business.

    About the Author

    Tom Corson-Knowles is a blogger, speaker, marketing consultant, and the international best-selling author of more than 20 books including Destroy Your Distractions, Facebook for Business Owners, and The Kindle Publishing Bible. Tom has founded several successful businesses including TCK Publishing, an independent book publishing company that specializes in digital publishing and online marketing.

    Tom has taught thousands of employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers like you how to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

    Learn how to use email marketing to skyrocket your sales today. Scroll up and click the buy button now.

    The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World

    Features:- :- Harvey Mackay is a legend-and now he's back with the sum total of decades of sales know-how, teaching go-getters how to make the sale and hit the numbers, day in and day out.

    His advice is rooted in road-tested, real-world experiences and include new tips on the Web, LinkedIn and Facebook. As a lifelong student of the sales game, Mackay has spent decades collecting secrets, wisdom, and anecdotes. He features his Mackay Morals-life lessons such as:

    • Big shots are just little shots who kept shooting.
    • Helping someone up won't pull you down-and could very easily pull them to your side.
    • Be like the turtle: If he didn't stick his neck out, he wouldn't get anywhere at all.

    There is no one better to show you how to be a high-energy, determined, creative sales dynamo than Harvey Mackay.

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Three Steps to Yes: The Gentle Art of Getting Your Way

    Features:- :- “Three Steps to Yes shows you how to sell your ideas or yourself . . . a clear guide for instilling trust and respect.” —BookPage

    Everybody has to sell something sometimes. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, getting your message across requires selling yourself and your ideas in a way that guarantees a positive response, even from the most stubborn listener. Three Steps to Yes teaches you how to get your way without becoming a high-pressure salesman, without compromising your principles, and without hurting your personal relationships. Gene Bedell demonstrates the difference between having just good ideas and having your good ideas put into action. His three-step plan shows you how to:

    * Fulfill your personal needs as well as others’
    * Be credible and trustworthy
    * Communicate persuasively

    Three Steps to Yes isn’t a book of selling tricks. It’s a model for persuading your coworkers or your customers to do what you need them to do. Gene Bedell gives you a simple, ethical, and effective approach to getting your way and achieving your potential. You’ll learn to win people’s hearts as well as their minds.

    Full of helpful hints, invaluable tactics, and illuminating anecdotes, Three Steps to Yes is required reading for everyone from managers to mothers, bankers to business execs, and, yes, even salespeople.

    What They Don't Teach You In Business School: Real-World Sales And Service Skills You Need To Win And Wow Clients!


    Want to win more customers? Want to know what to say to clients and how to say it? Want your clients to LOVE your company and willingly refer you to others?

    This book will illustrate simple communication, sales, and customer service techniques that you can immediately implement in your business and in relationships with your clients. In this book, you'll learn “tried and true” tactics, not “pie in the sky” ideas that are so broad they leave you wondering what to do next.

    So you’ve already started a business, you’re incredibly talented with a creative skill, people keep telling you that your work is wonderful or that your business idea is great—but you can’t seem to get good customers and keep them. Maybe you get the client the first time, but they never come back to your business again, and no one is referring other people to you. Perhaps you’ve started a small company, but you have no business experience or training, and you have no idea how to sell, service, or communicate with customers.

    The tips in this book represent a lifetime of helpful hints and specific tactics used in the author's corporate sales career (and in her own small business) -- for over 25 years -- to communicate, sell, service, and satisfy clients of all kinds.

    Here are just a few things you'll learn in the book:

    Basic & Effective Communication Techniques
    How to Properly Set Client Expectations (and still achieve client satisfaction!)
    Questioning & Listening Techniques
    Tips to Resolve Customer Issues
    How to Handle the First Client Meeting in 10 Easy Steps
    How to Put Together a Contract
    How to Ask for and Get Positive Reviews from Clients

    Follow the advice in this book and you'll immediately make a positive change in your business by communicating more effectively, providing better service, and improving client relationships.

    What's stopping you from learning how to talk to your clients, how to present and sell to them, and how to give them first-rate service? These are the keys to success for any small business.

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    Selling Local Advertising: The Best Kept Insider Secrets To Create Local Advertising Sales, FAST!

    Features:- :- For Advertising Sales Reps Selling To Local Small Businesses Only.

    Stop Believing The Lies And Myths That Keep You From Being The Top Advertising Rep In Your City. Stop Listening To Gurus That Never Sold Anything In Their Life.

    Do you sell advertising to local small business owners? Selling Local Advertising is written specifically for advertising sales reps and their managers. Whether you sell direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, or other media, the rules are the same. Why? Because you are talking to the same customers: Small business owners that don't want to give you money.

    Know How Your Small Business Advertising Prospect Thinks. 
    Written by someone who sells advertising, but who has bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in local advertising, and has interviewed hundreds of small business owners...your customers.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    • Your prospects go into hiding when you call or visit.
    • You keep hearing that your ads aren't in the budget.
    • Business owners keep putting you off until "business picks up"
    • You keep hearing the same excuses as to why "Now" isn't a good time.
    • Clients keep complaining about price...price...price...
    • You keep hearing that advertising doesn't work anymore.
    That All Stops Now.

    Would you like to know what your prospects are thinking when you are talking to them?
    Written from the advertising buyer's point of view, Selling Local Advertising gives you everything you need to know to go from being a "pest" to a "Welcome business adviser"

    Put These Proven Real World Ideas To Work For You, And ...
    • Your advertising clients will be looking forward to your visits.
    • Your clients will be bragging to their business friends about what great results you got for them. The best referrals in the world, just waiting for your call. The complete system revealed. 
    • You can sell advertising to groups of advertising prospects, hanging on your every word. Every step is revealed in complete detail. The complete system that the author is using right now.
    Everything you read in this book is working, right now, for hundreds of advertising sales reps to multiply their sales. Why is this book not 300 pages? We took out everything that doesn't work.

    If you have been looking for the real deal. You want real methods that are tested, proven, and will work in any areas of the country. You have just discovered The Mother Load.

    Read fast, take notes, and hit the ground running....

    From The Author

    Claude Whitacre here. I'm just like you. I sell for a living. Have you ever heard that "selling is a numbers game"? Sure, so have I. But you care about getting this I wrote this book for you.

    The vast majority of books on selling are written by people who have never sold anything except books. I sell advertising to small business owners, just like you do. I've also bought lots of advertising for a retail store I own. I'll tell you the inside secrets of how to sell advertising by knowing how advertising buyers think. 

    It's all here. Order Now.

    The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering: 7 Rules every Sales Engineer should know - Field Guide

    Features:- :- When it comes to Software Demonstrations the strategy has been ‘do the standard demo’. This ineffective method wastes time and ruins your credibility.

    In The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering you will learn proven strategies to perform compelling and more effective demonstrations. Don’t settle for the standard demo!

    This field guide is a must for every Sales Engineer.

    Navigate 2.0: Selling the Way People Like to Buy

    Features:- :- NAVIGATE 2.0 presents a unique combination of empowering insights into how the human mind works, practical advice for understanding your natural selling style with a heavy dose of understanding the psychology of how people like to buy and how to adapt your natural selling style to their buying style.

    Storyshowing: How to Stand Out from the Storytellers

    Features:- :- Take your audience on a journey to leave a more lasting impact

    Storyshowing is an instruction manual for making connections. Storytelling has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of persuasion, motivation and inspiration, yet the disconnect remains — you're still only telling. To truly influence people, you need to go deeper than that — you need to show them your story. By inviting your audience in, you connect on a much deeper, more emotional level; you bypass the brain and connect at the root of what it means to be human, leaving a profound impact on their entire outlook. This book shows you how to transcend telling and start showing your story, using an easy-to-follow framework you can start applying today. Unearth your own experiences, and bring your vulnerabilities out into the light; share your emotions and forge a path to true communication. Use images, body language and gestures as tools to build that indelible connection; then and only then will people truly engage and transform their thinking.

    No matter your message, the impact lies in the delivery. This insightful guide equips you with the tools and skills you need to start communicating like never before.

    • Share more powerful stories using a simple 5-step method
    • Build confidence, influence others and make a deeper connection
    • Be more persuasive in presentations, pitches, calls and talks
    • Transform the way people think by inviting them inside your story

    The difference between telling and showing is like the difference between a lecture and a play. It's the difference between giving information and taking the audience on a journey. The difference between a brochure and a test drive. Storyshowing helps you level up your communication to leave a lasting, more profound impact.

    Be Bold and Win the Sale: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Boost Your Performance

    Features:- :-


    "Jeff Shore shows how to gain the essential confidence that is the first step to a great sales career." -- Neil Rackham, bestselling author of SPIN Selling

    "This book is loaded with great ideas to educate, inspire, and make you unstoppable in sales." -- Brian Tracy, bestselling author of Unlimited Sales Success

    Includes interviews with Daniel Pink, Larry Winget, Linda Richardson, and many others

    The most common challenge every sales professional must overcome is not indecisive customers, inferior products, or innovative competitors. It's the discomfort you feel when initiating calls, dealing with difficult customers, and asking for the sale. Sales expert Jeff Shore argues that boldness is required to embrace this discomfort and leverage it to land the sale. And it is a skill that can be learned. In this inspiring, humor-filled guide, he teaches you:

    • How to figure out exactly what inhibits you

    • Why you make certain decisions in moments of discomfort

    • How to train your brain to prepare for uncomfortable moments

    • How your customer's own discomforts affect his or her purchase decisions

    Featuring self-assessment tools, hands-on exercises, and case studies showing Shore's methods in action, Be Bold and Win the Sale is an indispensable resource for any sales professional.

    BrainScripts for Sales Success: 21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning New Customers

    Features:- :- QUESTION: Why do some salespeople close deals like crazy, and others usually only get doors closed in their faces? 

    For example...

    Salesman Joe routinely writes deals on homes worth over $3 million... while poor Bill bangs his head against the wall trying to sell $24 cell phones.

    Lindsay wins awards for moving the most $380,000 Rolls Royce Phantoms during the slow summer months... while poor Buffy got fired because she couldn't persuade more business owners to try her $79 a month coffee-delivery service.

    Fact is, these four salespeople have great personalities, firm handshakes and excellent prospecting and follow-up skills. They're dedicated... hard workers... and have families to support. But the difference in their performance is staggering. And it's reflected numerically in the last line of their respective bank statements. 

    Why do some salespeople earn big, fat, healthy commissions while others barely scrape by? 

    The "secret" is... psychology. Many of these high-earning "sales wizards" use consumer psychology. Powerful principles that influence people to buy. 

    And it doesn't matter what they sell--these principles work for every business. Plus, they're 100% legal, ethical, and powerful when used to promote quality products and services.

    BrainScripts takes you on a fascinating tour inside your prospects' minds and teaches you 21 powerful techniques of consumer psychology that really work. Plus, dozens of real-life scripts show you exactly how to incorporate them into your own sales presentations. 

    No matter what you sell--or how you sell it--the tested and proven ideas in this practical, fast-reading book will teach you...

    How to use the powerful emotion of fear to convince even the most stubborn prospects--Ethically motivate people to buy whatever you sell.

    How to make prospects personally identify with your products--It's like taking an x-ray of their brains before you ask for their money.

    How to borrow believability from others to enhance your own--Breaking sales records is easy when people believe what you say. Here's how.

    How to tailor your sales pitch for your prospects' stages of awareness--Eric loves your product... Lindsay never heard of it! Here's how to sell them both, in the quickest, easiest way. 

    How to crush your competition... before they know what hit them--These devilishly effective pre-emptive strikes leave them scratching their heads.

    How to change the way your prospects think about your product--You can actually shape how their brains calculate the value of your products. Result? Greater desire and more sales.

    How to make your prospects demonstrate your product inside their heads before they spend a penny to buy it--Do this, and the sale is 75% closed.

    How to use powerful speaking patterns that build a river of desire for any product or service--Amazingly effective way to talk that gets your prospects' buying juices flowing. If you didn't have their attention before, wait until you see how they respond now.

    How to smoke the competition with the power of "extreme specificity"--Chances are, none of your competitors are using this wickedly effective tactic... and they'll hate you for it. (But you'll love how it affects your bank account.)  

    What common mistakes to avoid... at all costs--Commit these sales blunders and you may as well stay in bed. (How many are you making right now?)

    What you should NEVER/ALWAYS do during any sales presentation--These tips will save you years of wasted effort.

    Expert guides, tips and strategies--All based not on hypothesis, conjecture or wishful thinking, but on tested and proven methods of consumer psychology.

    And much more.

    21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers: America's Top Earners Reveal the Keys to Sales Success

    Features:- :- In this sharp, invigorating read, Fortune 50 consultant Stephen Harvill discovers twenty-one common behaviors of top earners across seven major industries that set them apart. These are the secrets of the world’s best salespeople who rake in at least one million dollars a year.

    For over thirty years, Steve Harvill has helped successful sales teams do what they do better, smarter, more elegantly, and more imaginatively. As a consultant for some of the top companies in the world, including Apple, Pepsi, Samsung, and Wells Fargo, he aids in simplifying processes that have become unwieldy and making teams more effective.

    His work inspired him to ask the question: What exactly sets the top producers apart from their peers? After spending a year interviewing 175 sales superstars from seven different industries, he found twenty-one distinct behaviors of successful salespeople. Organized by these best practices and filled with hundreds more tips, stories, and takeaways, 21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers reveals how you can improve in every aspect of your job and rise to become one of the best.

    SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers

    Features:- :-

    Selling is tougher than ever before. Potential customers are under extreme pressure to do more with less money, less time, and fewer resources, and they're wary of anyone who tries to get them to buy or change anything. Under such extreme conditions, yesterday's sales strategies no longer work. No matter how great your offering, you face the daunting task of making yourself appear credible, relevant, and valuable.
    Now, internationally recognized sales strategist Jill Konrath shows how to overcome these obstacles to get more appointments, speed up decisions, and win sales with these short-fused, frazzled customers. Drawing on her years of selling experience, as well as the stories of other successful sellers, she offers four SNAP Rules:

    -Keep it Simple: When you make things easy and clear for your customers, they'll change from the status quo.
    -Be iNvaluable: You have to stand out by being the person your customers can't live without.
    -Always Align: To be relevant, make sure you're in synch with your customers' objectives, issues, and needs.
    -Raise Priorities: To maintain momentum, keep the most important decisions at the forefront of their mind.

    SNAP Selling is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide for any seller in today's increasingly frenzied environment.

    Money Phone: How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Six Figure Money-Making Marketing Machine and Close BIG Deals Quickly and Easily with Mobile Text and Video Marketing

    Features:- :- What is Money Phone and how will it change the way you do business less than 30 minutes from now?

    Because every business needs to get and close deals as quickly as possible but generally have these challenges...
    (how many of these sound like you?):

    They don’t:

    • have a list or database

    • know where to find high-quality, qualified prospects

    • have time

    • know how to pitch their products and services the right away

    • have good marketing

    • have an advertising budget

    • have a tech team

    • have automation tools


    • have limited resources and budgets

    • need to CLOSE DEALS NOW

    Money Phone is the solution for all of these challenges because with it and your smartphone, you can:

    • Start closing deals in as little as an hour from now

    • Gain access qualified leads IMMEDIATELY for FREE

    • Find the highest-quality, motivated prospects with money

    • The book includes step-by-step scripts you can adapt to any business

    • You don’t need a marketing or advertising budget

    • No time required to get set up

    • Nobody to hire

    • Nothing to automate (unless you want to)

    • And you can use this to close deals of any size - $500, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or even more

    Money Phone uses a combination of simple text messages, short 1 minute videos and easy-to-learn but advanced psychology (without using icky, annoying, salesy tactics) to access high-quality prospects, get their attention, engage with them, gain their trust and get them to say YES.

    The bottom line is if you can copy and paste, send a text message, take a picture or shoot a 1 minute video on your smartphone, Money Phone can be used to close deals, starting now.

    In fact, with the included free video training, you’ll see the EXACT strategies and get the EXACT scripts I’ve used to close $2,700, $7,700, $19,000 and $81,000 deals with text messages, short videos and my smartphone. If you don’t have a list, you’ll love this bonus because you can start getting and closing deals right away.

    Who am I and why should you listen to or trust me?

    I’ve been consulting, advising, building, growing and selling businesses since I was 16 years old. I’ve helped over 50,000 businesses over the course of 30 years who have purchased my products, coaching and consulting services and software tools.

    Over the course of my career, I’ve sold well over $50,000,000 worth of products, services, coaching, consulting and advice. I’ve also sold two of my businesses to publicly-traded companies.

    I think it’s reasonable to say I’ve witnessed and participated in a multitude of different ways to find, get and close lots of customers - but the way that excites me most is using mobile marketing with video and that’s what this book and companion video is all about.

    Everything I’m going to share with you in this book works face-to-face in person, at live events, conferences, trade shows, associations, in retail or online. The principles are all the same.

    FREE - $500 Bonus Training

    This book includes a step-by-step video training and copy-paste scripts you can use RIGHT NOW to find prospects and close 4,5 and 6-figure deals!

    No software, experience or list required!

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    Don't Sell Me, Tell Me: How to use storytelling to connect with the hearts and wallets of a hungry audience

    Features:- :-

    Do you want to stand out from a sea of competitors, and not just sound like everyone else? Do you want to attract more profitable customersautomatically?

    Are you struggling to create a memorable marketing message? Or are you tired of being the 'best kept secret' in your market?

    Business owners and entrepreneurs - you need to read Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me - as soon as possible! In this book you’ll learn how to use storytelling techniques to build trust with your ideal audience, engage hungry buyers and banish mediocre marketing forever.

    You cannot underestimate the power of a good story.

    Learn how to apply the fundamentals of storytelling to your business and you can uplift, inspire and connect to the hearts of your audience. You can move them to tears, to laughter, and most important, you can move them to action!

    Packed with advice you can put to use right away, you’ll learn how to keep your audience eager and ready to hear from you.

    What pragmatic and actionable tactics will you learn?

    • How to quickly communicate your unique value.
    • The secret to connecting with the emotions of your desired audience.
    • The foolproof method for standing apart from your competition.
    • The most common marketing mistakes even smart business owners make and how to avoid them.
    • The singular best way to create an authentic, consistent brand.

    Also the following insights:

    • The 4 critical elements you must have in place to keep your audience engaged.
    • Six different ways you can use stories in your business.
    • A step-by-step guide for finding your most powerful brand voice.
    • How to structure a story so that your audience feels compelled to listen.
    • PLUS, examples to jumpstart the process!

    Here’s what this book ISN’T: this isn’t about picking new colors, redesigning your logo or developing your website. This is about building a consistent, unique and authentic brand that attracts your most profitable customers.

    How will your business improve?

    • Follow a process only a few LEADERS in their markets have figured out
    • Get KNOWN for your unique value
    • Create content your audience LIKES and shares
    • Build - or rebuild - TRUST in your brand
    • Gather a loyal group of fans eager to BUY from you

    Implement these techniques and watch your profits skyrocket.

    Learn how to tell a better story and connect with a loyal audience by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

    Money On Demand: The 16 Fastest Ways to Becoming a Millionaire Online

    Features:- :-

    Now a #1 International Bestseller

    People who want a web-based business often end up with shattered dreams because they don’t know how to generate real wealth online. When you finish reading this book, you’ll have the keys to creating your own economy using webinars and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, and be able to help others achieve the same.

    You’ll discover:

  • The 16 ways to use webinars to finance your entrepreneurial lifestyle, allowing you to focus on the things you love.
  • How to build a million-dollar web business from scratch even if you don't have a product, mailing list or idea.
  • How we took random seminar attendees and helped them generate $2,000 - $22,000 in 90 minutes or less.
  • How to automate your entire sales process so you have more time to live your dream life.
  • Why you don't need to create a product before it actually sells, you can get paid first.
  • The easiest and fastest ways to get other people to promote your products and services online so you don't have to, and why you'll never have a lead generation or traffic generation problem.
  • Steven Essa spent 13 years as a professional musician before pursuing his goal of financial freedom by tapping into the power of the web, setting up and running automated webinar campaigns that generated over $120,000 in just 90 minutes

    He became financially free from over $1 million in debt by building a fully automated business that leaves him time to do whatever he wants. Originally from Greece, Corinna Essa worked in the television industry before she learned how to leverage the Internet to create her own economy. She now owns a multi-million dollar social marketing company, where 80% of the sales come from webinars.

    Today, Steven and Corinna travel around the world sharing their money-on-demand system with thousands of people. Their proven system has been responsible for generating over $50 million in sales for clients and their own businesses.

    How to Sell Anything to Anybody

    Features:- :- "Salesmen are made, not born. If I did it, you can do it."
    -- Joe Girard

    In his fifteen-year selling career, author Joe Girard sold 13,001 cars, a Guinness World Record. He didn't have a degree from an Ivy League school -- instead, he learned by being in the trenches every day that nothing replaces old-fashioned salesmanship. He insists that by building on basic principles of trust and hard work, anyone can do what he did.

    This bestselling classic has helped millions of readers meet their goals -- and you will too. Joe will show you how to make the final sale every time, using the techniques he has perfected in his record career. You too can:


    Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

    Features:- :-

    The definitive guide to cold calling success!

    For more than thirty years, Stephan Schiffman, America's #1 corporate sales trainer, has shown millions of salespeople how to close a deal. In this newest edition of Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), he'll show you why cold calling is still a central element of the sales cycle and where to find the best leads. Updated with new information on e-mail selling, refining voice-mail messages, and online networking, his time-tested advice includes valuable discussion points that you'll need to cover in order to effectively present your product or service and arrange a meeting. Schiffman teaches you how to use his proven strategies to:
    • Turn leads into prospects
    • Learn more about the client's needs
    • Convey the ability to meet the client's demands
    • Overcome common objections
    With Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), 7th Edition, you'll watch your performance soar as you beat the competition and score a meeting every time!

    Brand Is Destiny: The Ultimate Bottom Line

    Features:- :-

    Written for CEOs and entrepreneurs, this powerful book explains how and why a brand (not a product or technology) establishes your company’s purpose and direction — and is, therefore, its destiny and ultimate bottom line.

    CEOs and entrepreneurs will learn why:

    • Sears went from leader to loser

    • IBM's revenues shrank 19 quarters in a row

    • Apple's new spaceship HQ will kill its brand

    • Unions impede the success of value-based healthcare

    • Political correctness is a brand-killer

    • Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder

    • Trump almost lost the election

    • Super Bowl advertising is a total waste of money

    • Millennials are bad for business.

    Any chief executive who ignores or dismisses my advice in Brand Is Destiny will subject his or her company to a journey of aimless drifting and eventual crashing.

    Smart Pricing: How Google, Priceline, and Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation for Profitabilit (paperback)

    Features:- :-

    In Smart Pricing: How Google, Priceline and Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation for Profitability, Wharton professors and renowned pricing experts Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang draw on examples from high tech to low tech, from consumer markets to business markets, and from U.S. to abroad, to tell the stories of how innovative pricing strategies can help companies create and capture value as well as customers. They teach the pricing principles behind those innovative ideas and practices.


    Smart Pricing introduces many innovative approaches to pricing, as well as the research and insights that went into their creation. Filled with illustrative examples from the business world, readers will learn about restaurants where customers set the price, how Google and other high-tech firms have used pricing to remake whole industries, how executives in China successfully start and fight price wars to conquer new markets.


    Smart Pricing goes well beyond familiar approaches like cost-plus, buyer-based pricing, or competition-based pricing, and puts a wide variety of pricing mechanisms at your disposal. This book helps you understand them, choose them, and use them to win.


    Pricing with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table

    Features:- :- Bad pricing is a great way to destroy your company’s value, revenue, and profits. With ten simple rules, this book shows you how to deliver both healthy profit margins and robust revenue growth while kicking the dreaded discounting habit. The authors destroy the conventional wisdom that you have to trade margins for revenues and show you how to fully exploit the value your company offers customers. This is a proven plan for increasing sales without sacrificing profits.

    Team Code of Honor: The Secrets of Champions in Business and in Life (Rich Dad's Advisors (Paperback))

    Features:- :-

    Every great team, culture, society, religion or business that has endured time, adversity and challenge has always had one thing in common: a set of simple but powerful rules that govern the internal behaviors and expectations of that group. It is called The Code of Honor. We hear of these Codes when we think of things like The Ten Commandments, the Marine Corps or the Constitution.
    Yet if sales is the number one skill in business, number two has to be the ability to bring ordinary people together to build a championship team. This does not happen by chance or by the simple accumulation of talent. The Code is the core ingredient to creating winning organizations.

    The book is a step-by-step guide for any individual, group or company to actually create a Code of Honor specific to their team. The Rich Dad Poor Dad Advisor series was designed as a “how-to” series to empower individuals to succeed in the world of business and finance. “Team Code of Honor” is critical to this series because its processes bridge all facets of business, investment, entrepreneurship and even personal life. The book explains through graphic examples, stories and numerous case studies how a Code or set of rules is created, maintained, enforced and used for rapid and controlled growth of any entity.

    The book is designed as an operating manual for putting any business team together. It steps you all the way from properly choosing players, to creating the Code, to increasing performance and to winning. Each chapter gives the team specific assignments and examples so that by the time you have completed the book, your Code is in place and your team is operating at a true championship level.

    Star Brands: A Brand Manager's Guide to Build, Manage & Market Brands

    Features:- :-

    For anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of branding in an approachable way without poring over dense text or hiring an expensive consultant, Star Brands presents a unique model that offers structured guidance and professional tips for building, managing, and marketing any brand. Created by savvy brand manager Carolina Rogoll, the star brand model is a perfect intersection of solid marketing and management theory with an approachable, visually oriented design. The author teaches step-by-step how to assess a brand's unique challenge, how to define the brand's equity and target, how to craft a solid brand growth strategy, and how to measure success once the brand is in the marketplace. The book includes case studies from famous star brands as well as interviews with top business school professors, advertising agency leaders, and former CEOs. Topics covered include the star brand model; leaders behind star brands; brand assessment and goal setting; defining brand equity; selecting a brand target; insights, benefits, ideas; theory from the best marketing and managing resources; marketing strategy; how to build a marketing plan; and much more.

    The author combines her experience building brands at the front lines of a big multinational company with top-notch marketing and management theory. What results is an ideal primer for anyone seeking structured guidance on building a brand for a client, managing a brand, or even starting a brand for oneself.

    Heavy Hitter Sales Linguistics

    Features:- :- Heavy Hitter Sales Linguistics shows senior salespeople how to improve their sales success using nothing more than words and their voices. The book presents 101 practical solutions and proven tactics to build relationships with customers and persuade them to buy during sales calls. Heavy Hitter Sales Linguistics features unbeatable advice on selling based on the hard science of how people communicate and think, how we build rapport with each other, and how we use language.

    Conversations That Sell: Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count

    Features:- :- Today's buyers want more from sales professionals than a simple consultation...

    What they're hungry for are meaningful, collaborative conversations built on mutual value and trust, that result in a Win3 ...where they, the seller, and the organization, achieve a winning outcome. 

    "Conversations That Sell" introduces sales professionals to the collaborative conversation skills they need to capture the buyer's attention and secure business. 

    Based on the author's five-step sales system, What's in It for Them (WIIFT) - Wait, Initiate, Investigate, Facilitate, Then Consolidate - the book shows readers how to: 

    - Prepare for an effective sales call
    - Identify sales opportunities and the factors that drive buyers to act
    Adjust their approach to the type of buyer-Achievers, Commanders, Reflectors, and Expressers
    - Make conversations flow easily
    - Address problems, opportunities, wants, and needs
    Work through objections
    - Advance and close sales; and more. 

    Packed with valuable tools and examples, salespeople in all industries will discover how to increase their short- and long-term sales success by keeping the focus of every conversation where it belongs-on the buyer.

    Nuevas ventas. Simplificadas.: El manual esencial para el desarrollo de posibles y nuevos negocios (Spanish Edition)

    Features:- :- Porque en las ventas no existe nada que dure para siempre, necesitas nuevos clientes y nuevos negocios… todo el tiempo. Por mucho que realices negocios con clientes leales, la vida de tu negocio consiste en abrir cuentas nuevas constantemente. Tanto si eres representante de ventas, gerente de ventas o ejecutivo de servicios profesionales, se espera de ti que atraigas nuevos negocios, para lo que necesitarás una fórmula comprobada para la prospección, el desarrollo y cierre de tratos. Aquí encontrarás la respuesta.Aprenderás cómo:• Identificar una lista estratégica, limitada y realizable de prospectos reales• Bosquejar un «argumento de ventas» persuasivo y centrado en tu cliente• Perfeccionar las llamadas telefónicas proactivas para alcanzar reuniones cara a cara con más clientes potenciales• Tomar ventaja del correo electrónico, los mensajes de voz y las redes sociales• Superar, e incluso evitar, los reflejos de todo posible comprador contra los vendedores• Formar relaciones, porque la gente hace negocios con aquellos que les agradan y en quienes confían• Prepararte para una llamada de ventas exitosa y bien estructurada• Dejar de hacerle presentaciones a los clientes y comenzar a dialogar con ellos• Hacer tiempo en tu calendario para actividades de desarrollo de negocios• Y mucho másLleno de ejemplos y anécdotas, este libro logra un equilibrio entre una perspectiva franca, y muchas veces divertida, de los errores que cometen la mayor parte de los vendedores y los ejecutivos con un plan fácil de seguir para incrementar notablemente tu cantidad de nuevos clientes a partir de hoy.

    The Three Value Conversations: How to Create, Elevate, and Capture Customer Value at Every Stage of the Long-Lead Sale

    Features:- :-

    The three conversations B2B sale pros must have with customers to control every step of long lead buying cycle

    The Three Value Conversations provides the tools and methods you need to differentiate you and your solution from the competition, elevate value to the right decision maker, and maximize all sales opportunities across the entire long lead buying cycle.

    Based on extensive research, the authors’ program enables salespeople to articulate value in three essential conversations with the customer: the Differentiation Conversation (creating value), the Justification Conversation (elevating the value to the right level of decision maker), and the Maximization Conversation (capturing that value and maximizing the size of your opportunities).

    Dating the Gatekeeper: Successful Cold Calling Without Fear or Failure

    Features:- :- Tired of wasting nine out of ten cold calls because prospects are “happy” with their current situation?

    Does the fear of constant rejection keep you awake at night?

    Do you ever consider leaving your profession because you hate the stress of high pressure sales?

    If so, then Dating the Gatekeeper is for you. Bucking “conventional” sales wisdom, Tom Buxton offers unique and time-tested solutions to improve your sales performance without losing your morals or your mind. Discover:
    •Why selling based on price never works
    •How to make the office gatekeeper your staunchest ally
    •Secrets to building strong client relationships

    Only sociopaths enjoy the feeling of being rejected. For everyone else in sales who actually likes people, Dating the Gatekeeper proves that sales managers, sales professionals and good people can be relational and successful at the same time.

    The Sales Operations Handbook: A Primer on the Sales Operations Function

    Features:- :- Are you considering a career in sales operations?

    Perhaps you have just started such employment and are eager to know as much as possible?

    If that is the case, then this book is perfect for you. Sales Operations Handbook: A Primer on the Sales Operations Function, delivers the basics of sales operations for people just like you and is a ‘must read’ to help answer your questions.

    Inside these pages, you will find all the information you wanted, written in an easy-to-follow format and including:

    The role of sales operations
    Primary functions
    Secondary functions
    Sales tools
    And much more…

    There is also a handy case study at the end of the book, which examines a scenario that is common in this line of business, to help you better understand what you could encounter and how to find a solution.

    When it comes to sales operations you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. The competition is just too intense. That’s why you MUST read the Sales Operations Handbook now. It will make all the difference in your new career.

    UPDATE!!! Case Study updated on 7th October.

    Marketing Management, 3rd edn: A Relationship Approach

    Features:- :-

    Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach, Third Edition, takes the unique and innovative approach of linking relationship marketing to the traditional market planning models that are used by most marketers today. As globalisation progresses, the need for creating and maintaining off-line and on-line relationships  with the company’s customers, suppliers, stakeholders and personnel has become increasingly vital in today’s business environment.  

    Now in its third edition, this best-selling text bridges the gap between relationship marketing and traditional marketing, integrating this approach with the process of developing effective marketing plans. Drawing on a varied and extensive range of international examples, Hollensen demonstrates how companies such as Zalando, Spotify, Bosch and Hunter Boots make use of relationship marketing theory in order to gain competitive advantage.


    New to this edition:

    • Focus on hot topics such as customer value creation & value capture, experiential marketing, on-line business models, smartphone marketing and social media marketing, plus a chapter on corporate social responsibility, ensure coverage of the latest and most relevant issues in marketing management.
    • New case studies in every chapter plus video cases, available on the Companion Website at, and linked to each part of the book bring the subject matter vividly to life.
    • Striking colour design adds visual interest and helps to illustrate and emphasize key points and concepts.

    Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach is invaluable reading for undergraduates studying marketing management in their final year or at postgraduate level and to practitioners and those studying for professional qualifications in marketing management.


    About the author

    Svend Hollensen is Associate Professor of International Marketing at the University of Southern Denmark and has worked as a marketing consultant for several international companies and organisations. His other Pearson Education books include – among others – Global Marketing, Sixth Edition, also published in 2014.

    Insight Selling: How to sell value & differentiate your product with Insight Scenarios

    Features:- :- Selling value to B2B buyers today can feel like trying to stop a freight train that's hurtling towards the sales graveyard of commoditization and discounting. Today, an empowered buyer has done research, has a clear idea of his or her firm's needs, and how much the firm is willing to pay. This type of buyer does not want a salesperson to talk about features and deliver a series of open-ended questions that delivers no value. What this buyer wants is insight.

    But how does a salesperson deliver insight so that it challenges the customer's thinking without challenging the customer? That's the question that this book will answer.

    In Part One of this book, we will examine why "Insight Selling" will help you sell value and differentiate your product to empowered buyers.

    In Part Two, we will provide six reasons why Insight Scenarios™ trump verbal persuasion at delivering insight to your customers. These reasons are backed by solid research: eight neuroscience studies and 20 research footnotes. This research is then followed by social proof on how SAP, Microsoft & Oracle are doing it.

    Finally, in Part Three, we will show you how to create Insight Scenarios, so that you can not only arm your salespeople with insights, but so that you can also show them the most effective way to deliver them.

    Once you have created your own insight scenarios, your salespeople will be more effective in two ways:
    1) They will be able to deliver insights without upsetting the buyer, and;
    2) They will be able to let the customer take your product out for a virtual test drive, so customers will discover for themselves the unique value of your product.

    Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors: Transforming Financial Professionals through Practice Management

    Features:- :- The number one issue for financial professionals is capacity. What is the number one way to constantly build capacity in your financial services business? What blind spot is holding you back from achieving more? Does it seem there is never enough time to grow? It’s time for you to implement the missing practice management processes into your financial business so you can build your ideal business.

    Based on extensive financial industry practice management research, proven marketing strategies from Guerrilla Marketing legend Jay Conrad Levinson and over 27 years of unique financial industry experience, Grant Hicks has created simple yet easy to implement strategies for any financial professional to build and manage capacity in their practice.

    Research shows that a majority of financial professionals do not have detailed practice management processes including: a unique value proposition clearly articulated, a formal feedback system for clients, a clear definition of an ideal client and a process for attracting ideal clients. Learn strategies to build your ideal capacity, and increase your revenue by up to 33%, through unique practice management processes.

    Quickly learn how to:

    Identify and attract better ideal clients to manage your growth effectively

    Manage your time to achieve consistent double digit growth and manage capacity issues

    Gather more revenue and get more referrals by implementing proven processes

    Inspire clients to act quickly through articulating your ideal client experience and case studies

    Build key practice management processes to build ideal capacity such as feedback and your value proposition

    Save yourself valuable time. By implementing just one new process, you will be on the path to your ideal capacity and ultimately your ideal practice.

    International Marketing 4e

    Features:- :- Now in its fourth edition this successful introduction to international marketing has been thoroughly revised, updated and developed throughout to reflect the most recent developments in today’s dynamic business environment. Contemporary, engaging, and accessible, International Marketing is essential reading for the aspiring practitioner.

    The 1% Windfall: How Successful Companies Use Price to Profit and Grow

    Features:- :-

    Leading pricing expert Rafi Mohammed shows businesses how to reap a financial windfall and foster growth using the underutilized and often overlooked strategy of setting prices.

    The 1% Windfall reveals how modest incremental changes to an everyday business practice—pricing—can yield significant rewards. Illustrating the power of pricing, a study of the Global 1200 found that if companies raised prices by just 1%, their average operating profits would increase by 11%. Using a 1% increase in price, some companies would see even more growth in percentage of profit: Sears, 155%; McKesson, 100%; Tyson, 81%; Land O'Lakes, 58%; and Whirlpool, 35%.

    The good news is that better pricing is more than simply raising prices. Instead, the key is to offer customers a variety of pricing options. This strategy is win-win: profits to companies and choices for consumers.

    But how do executives and managers set the right price? Underpinned by sound empirical research and real-life anecdotes, The 1% Windfall addresses this fundamental question. This book offers guidelines that any company—whether a multinational conglomerate, a small business, or even a nonprofit—can follow to create a comprehensive pricing strategy for any product or service. In addition, these versatile techniques and tools provide solutions to avert a slump in a recession, offset the impact of inflation, or battle a new competitor.

    The result is a mind-opening, clear blueprint for com-panies to price for profit and growth.

    The Sales Boss: The Real Secret to Hiring, Training and Managing a Sales Team

    Features:- :- The step-by-step guide to a winning sales team

    The Sales Boss reveals the secrets to great sales management, and provides direct examples of how you can start being that manager today. The not-so-secret "secret" is that a winning sales team is made up of high performers—but many fail to realize that high performance must be collective. A single star cannot carry the entire team, and it's the sales manager's responsibility to build a team with the right balance of skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This book shows you how to find the exact people you need, bring them together, and empower them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. You'll learn what drives high performance, and how to avoid the things that disrupt it. You'll discover the missing pieces in your existing training, and learn how to invest in your team to win. You'll come away with more than a better understanding of great sales management—you'll have a concrete plan and an actionable list of steps to take starting right now.

    Your people are the drivers, but you're the operator. As a sales manager, it's up to you to give your team the skills and tools they need to achieve their potential and beyond. This book shows you how, and provides expert guidance for making it happen.

    • Delve into the psychology behind peak performance
    • Hire the right people at the right time for the right role
    • Train your team to consistently outperform competitors
    • Build and maintain the momentum of success to reach even higher

    Without sales, business doesn't happen. No mortgages paid, no college funds built, no retirement saved for, until the sales team brings in the revenue. If the sales team wins, the organization wins. Build your winning team with The Sales Boss, the real-world guide to great sales management.

    When Buyers Say No: Essential Strategies for Keeping a Sale Moving Forward

    Features:- :- This is a complete and practical guide which highlights the authors' new strategic approaches to selling when the buyer initially declines or is resistant on a sales opportunity. Hopkins and Katt explain that most sales reps take a traditional linear approach to selling, but that the trick in closing is in taking a more creative and circular approach. That's the key.

    It all starts with how the buyer initially says, "No." Too many sales reps don't pay close attention as to how that's presented. Hopkins and Katt point out that "no" may suggest all sorts of other options -- avenues that can eventually lead to the buyer actually saying yes.

    The authors introduce a novel concept called the Circle of Persuasion which offers sales reps a new approach in this potentially tricky process. Along the way, WHEN BUYERS SAY NO details prescriptive steps and even sample dialogues that will instruct and guide sales professionals on how to best cultivate buyer-seller relationships.

    There's particular emphasis on how to establish the kind of rapport that ultimately leads to a successful close.

    Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business

    Features:- :-


    Whether you're a seasoned merchant or retail newbie, Retail 101 is the guide you need to successfully manage, market, and grow your retail business, brick and mortar or online. From two of today's top retail thought leaders, Retail 101 serves both as a strategic planning guide and as a hands-on practical reference that answers your critical questions along the way.

    "The ultimate how-to guide for independent retailers. Each chapter addresses a vital ingredient for retail success, including helpful ideas, useful lists, and action guides." -- Ted Teele, Chief Executive Officer, SnapRetail

    "While small retailers may feel like an endangered species, those who read this practical guidebook to retail survival will come away confident that they have unique assets they can turn into sustainable profits." -- Molly Love Rogers, President and CEO of Internet Retailer

    "If you've ever felt alone or frustrated building your business, read this book today!" -- Joe Abraham, founder of BOSI Global, author of Entrepreneurial DNA

    Gerencia de ventas. Simplificada.: La verdad acerca de cómo conseguir resultados excepcionales de tu equipo de ventas (Spanish Edition)

    Features:- :- ¿Por qué los equipos de ventas no alcanzan sus metas? Todos los días hay compañías, tanto grandes como pequeñas, que acuden a consultores expertos como Mike Weinberg para encontrar la respuesta, y te sorprendería conocerla. Lo típico es que el problema no es por el equipo de ventas, sino por la manera en la cual es liderado. Con sus acciones y actitudes, los ejecutivos y los gerentes de ventas, sin saberlo, socavan su rendimiento.En este libro, Weinberg dice las cosas como son, exponiendo los problemas que invaden al equipo de ventas y los errores costosos que cometen incluso los gerentes de ventas mejor intencionados. La buena noticia es que con la asesoría correcta se pueden transformar los resultados. Este libro, con su mezcla de consejos prácticos y francos, e historias divertidas tomadas del campo de las ventas, te ayudará a:•Implementar un bosquejo sencillo para el liderazgo en las ventas•Fomentar una cultura de ventas sana y de alto rendimiento•Convocar a reuniones productivas•Crear un plan de compensación extraordinario•Situar a las personas adecuadas en las posiciones correctas•Entrenar para el éxito